shri krishna Karan Arjun battle part 1

fight between karan and arjun in mahabharat battle

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Author Amit Karn ( ago)
I dont know why people write or mention Arjun vs Karna....Where as its
clear that its Almighty GOD himself vs Human Karna

Author kloud ( ago)
karna was so great even krishna tried convincing him 2 time to come to the
pandavas sides. he knew he was fighting on the wrong side along with drona
bishma etc, its just that duty back in those days meant everything, but the
lesson is, you have a choice when it comes to good or bad, and neglecting
your duty for the sake of dharma leads no sin. karna fought on duroyhandan
side due to his loyalty and also thought it was a sin to abondon him so he
didnt go to the pandavas side.

Author MrWebcreater ( ago)
Karna Made Arjuna ran twice and other pandvas also on battlefield even
without his golden armor...karna also gave that to indra as indra came as
saint and begged for armor. No one in this world is as tolerant as Karna.

Author MrWebcreater ( ago)
Karna Was The Eldest bravest and Most Powerful Brother among 6 pandvas,
Karna is still known for his bravery, his duty. his modesty, and for
fulfill his promise and staying by frend until his death as promised to
duryodhan, duryodhan trapped him in his frendship and used his power for
himself, Karna is Best & better than arjuna at any level whether it is
humanity or Power or archery, & There were two more Better archer than
Arjuna, One is Guru Dronacharya who tought to arjuna 2nd One is Eklawya

Author Ash S ( ago)
Karna is the better warrior. Arjun however surrendered himself to God,
which put him in the greater position. To counter Karna, God took his
Kavach/Kundal, forced him to use Shakti on Ghatokach, and saved Arjun from
Nagasastr (Both weapons Indrajit used on Laxman to incapacitate him). God
even asked for Hanuman's help to protect Arjun. Don't forget the 3 curses
God gave Karna through Parasuram, Brahmin and BoomaDev. God clearly had to
put Karna at a disadvantage to 100% ensure Arjun's victory.

Author sunilbangar2 ( ago)
fuck arjun karna is 100 time better than arjuna , god of god indradev is
begger front of him

Author Rohit Gupta ( ago)
undoubtedly he was a great man. I respect him more comparatively Arjun.
After the fight Shri Krishana told Arjun to come down from the RATH before
he comes out from that. Arjun was surprised that S.Krishana steps out from
the Rath, it burnt and blast in thousand of pieces. It was because of the
whole power of S.Krishana that Arjun won that battle, else every body was
opposite was much better like Bhishan Pitamah, Eklavya, Karan, Duryodhan
himself in GADHA YUDH etc.etc. Namaskar to Lord Krishana

Author Rohit Gupta ( ago)
About Karaan I am a great fan of his. He was a great man, great yodha,
great DAANI, great man who fulfill his given promises. He was alone in the
whole fight but Arjun was under the blessings of Shri Krishana and Shri
Hanuman ji and he was having no curses of anybody. Opposite Karan was alone
and under the curse of his own teacher. Still if he wants he alone can
change the whole scenrio of Mahabharat but he also was aware that he is
fighting under wrong guy so that's why he has given his life.

Author Rohit Gupta ( ago)
Everything is right. But if we see the whole Mahabharat then we can see
very well that Pandav also fight while taking the help of lies etc under
the influence of Lord Krishana while saying that Kaurav did wrong this way,
so you do this way too. (this is my personal view). From where this fight
starts actually due to DRAUPADI while commenting on Duryodhan that "Aandhe
ka beta aandha" why then Yudhistra never send any APOLOGIES LETTER to
Dhritrashtra. continue...

Author rohit indalkar ( ago)
In maharbharata karna beat 4 pandavas 1 by 1 only Arjuna was remaining
beacuse lord krishna as ll as Maruti (hanuman) they are with the Arjuna &
in Chariote of arjuna.Later karna beat the Yudhishtira the king of pandava
at tht moment if karna kill the Yudhishtira then total battle was end,and
karna was win and Arjuna nothing to do anything but karna never do this
because he knows that pandvas are bro of his as reverse pandvas never know
this then wat he do karna is great Rohit Indalkar Baramati

Author rohit indalkar ( ago)
Rohit AS per the my research i saw shri krishna 3 and mahabharata 2 times
completely i also read the Mrutunjay Book who was written by the mr.shivaji
sawant and by the reading and watching these story i surely said that Karna
is much more better then Arjuna if Lord krishna is not with the arjuna then
its difficult to arjuna to beat Karna because karna already give his Body
armoour to Arjuna father Indra and thats why he loose else 10 arjuna was
not beat the karna thats a true fact .Karna great

Author Vector ( ago)
Bhishma knew in his heart that the Pandavas were righteous , and that he
stood as the greatest obstacle in their path to victory, so when they
visited Bhishma, he told them that if faced by an other gender that is a
gender which has both features of a male and female in battle he would
cease to fight and not lift weapons against her. the tenth day of battle -
Shikhandi accompanied Arjuna on the latter's chariot and they faced Bhishma
who put his bow and arrows down. pasted from wiki

Author Vector ( ago)
krishna was on the side of dharma so were the pandavs but karan was on the
other side

Author anaboliccock ( ago)
if not my mistake i think karna was lost only because he had 3 curses while
fighting with arjuna

Author rajan kumar ( ago)
your comment is half right...yes it is true arjun was unbeatable only
because of lord krishna's one episode, karna challenged arjun
to stop the "nagastra" if he had any equal power in his arsenal but arjun
was rescued by lord shri ending episodes lord krishna
personally said karna is better than arjun...

Author Playitalready ( ago)
...wait now i remember your replys. so Karn had to kill arjun son for
revenge, and i think maybe cause he was ordered to BUT did he not fail when
trying to beat him fairly? and i remember reading before karn spared bhim,
he was loosing badly and many of duryeodhan's brothers died trying to help
him. by the way i finished a rational, scientific and spiritual
understanding of key issues book and have some vids on my channel if you're
interested. not ALL mahabhart based, but very DHARMIC.

Author Playitalready ( ago)
how come i dont remember reading your replys b4. anyway; before the
sleeping gas in virat i read Arjun first drove Karan away and there were no
excuses at all in that fight. i heard different things of their fight in
panchal though-? ya i think the tv series mislead us into thinking Karn
fought and lost to arjun when he killed sindhu king? but KRISHNA hid the
Sun only to back off the cheaters ganging on arjun, not cause arjun could
not beat sindhu king right? how about Arjun's son beating karn?

Watch my animation on Krishna

Author arindam chatterjee ( ago)
@plaitalready...will take all day and Arjuna's vow will be incomplete, he
took the chariot round Drona thrice and entered the third level of the
vyuh(Shuchvyuh-needle point vyuh), where he was met with immense resistance
and that spent all the time which he had to kill Jayadrath. At that time
Krishna played the trick of hiding the sun which fooled Jayadrath, he came
out of the Vyuh and killed by Arjun.So Karna actually did not fight with
him much in this part of the battle..anymore questions:-)

Author arindam chatterjee ( ago) will learn that Drona and Karna were the only warriors
who were able to stop Arjuna. Seeing that Bheema came to Arjuna's aid and
devaited the combined strength by starting a fight with Karna. In that
fight even Bheema showed some remarkable archery, but later Karna made
bheema devoid of all his weapons, insulted him and let him go as per the
promise he made to KUNTI which was to leave all her sons alive but ARJUN.
Meanwhile, when Krishna realized that fighting Drona... (next)

Author arindam chatterjee ( ago)
@playitalready. My friend I am glad that you have shown some more interest
in the facts which seems to be apart from what was shown on TV. Let me
answer your first question. Yes, it was true Karna could not counter the
sleeping gas used by Arjun in the war at Matsya Desh as it was completely
unpredictable and Karna never expected a warrior like Arjun to make him
unconsious and avert the fight that way. And if we go back to the war of
mahabharat....(next comment)...

Author Playitalready ( ago)
@ericdellster say some more. like how come Karn didn't counter that
sleeping gas in that first war at the end of Arjun's exile? how did Arjun
avenge his sons death and cut through the entire army including Karn and
kill that Sindhu king? i think arjun was better archer but karna overall
better but Karn gave away his divine shields to Indra and got twiced curse
and fell into the wrong side and stuff.

Author arindam chatterjee ( ago)
Trust me if I am ever asked for a boon I will ask for power to go back in
time to study these great men. You will be amazed to know that Greeks are
actually KEKAYAS who migrated to a different part of the world after the
battle of Mahabharat, similarly there is a lot that you can get to know as
you study these epics....!!

Author arindam chatterjee ( ago)
Another fact was Karna was taught by Parashuram who was a teacher of Drona
himself. Arjun could never have been able to defeat Karna in a fair fight.
I am saying all this because for lat 3 years I have done a lot of research
on Mahabharat and all aspects of it and at this point of time I am
researching on the scientific aspect of Mahabharat, or the scientific
technology used at that time. Mahabharat is way deeper than what is written
in the books or shown on the television.

Author arindam chatterjee ( ago)
Now I will tell you why he possessed all these qualities. Draupadi in her
previous birth asked Shiva for a husband who will be the most righteous
man(Yudhisthir), strongest of all(Bheema), best Archer(Arjun), a man who
would never loose hope in any situation(Nakul) and most handsome of
all(Sahdev). But Shiva said that she cannot have all qualities in one
husband, so Draupadi got 5 hubbies but Karna was the only one who had all
qualities, in all the qualities he surpassed all the Pandavas.

Author arindam chatterjee ( ago)
Karna was better than any of the Pandav and even Bhima in duel as he knew a
trick in wrestling called as BAHUKANTAK which meant either submission if
the opponent or certain death. In one of the instances during their
childhood Bhima once bent an iron rod and noone in the whole gurukul was
able to set that right. Karna did that feat in front of Ashwathama, he
straightened the metal rod with one hand which left even BHIM mesmerised,
he was more beautiful and talented than any of the Pandav.

Author arindam chatterjee ( ago)
In Draupadi's Swayamvar, Arjun and Karna had to stop to fight as the arrows
and ammunition in Panchal kingdom finished and even in the battle of
Mahabharat Arjun was severely wounded by Karna and Krishna told Arjun that
Karna was anytime better than Arjun. It was only when his Chariot wheel got
stuck in earth, he was killed by Arjun, Karna played a part in killing
Abhimanyu because at the time of Draupadi's swayamvar Arjun brutally killed
Karna son SUDAMAN who was just 16 years of age.

Author arindam chatterjee ( ago)
no Mr. Pertinax2057, you are wrong that way. Karna was any day better and
anyway better than Arjun and this fact has been accounted for several times
in Mahabharat. Lets start from the beginning. In the initial competition
between Arjun and Karna, Karna did all the feats done by Arjun and even
surpassed it (ref. Mrityunjaya-Shivaji Sawant-must read). In the battle
where uttar was Arjuna's charioteer, Arjun made him unconscious using Mahua
flower seeds.

Author totallyperv ( ago)
Hey, I might not know much but Karna was one of the greatest warriors of
Bharatha Varsha. In Vyasa Mahabhaaratha, Vyasa acharya states that Karna is
Equal to Parashu rama, Bheesma. Sri Krishna, the supreme lord, had
approached him to convince, Yet, just for Dharma to prevail, he still
loses. Karna is given a high regard as a generous, righteous and pious
warrior, thats why we remember him even today. Lord Sri krishna says that
karna is superior to Arjuna.

Author Vikrant Bhora (1238 years ago)
karan was stronger than arjun......

Author Wax Web ( ago)
@1:08 - Ron Perlman clone! lol!

Author pertinax2057 (1000 years ago)
. Though it is true he might have killed arjun in Kurushektra, looking from
overall story in all, arjun is clearly better. Media and novelists have
contributed to current thought about karna. The story becomes tragic and
that way an interesting thought provoking story but sadly that story is not

Author pertinax2057 (1035 years ago)
It is true that if the lord did not help Arjuna in the end he might have
died. In the end Karna's loads of sins(like breaking abhimanyu's bow from
behind, cooperation in adharma like laq house and dice game, etc.) led him
to be killed by breaking the rules. Even before final duel, he had been
defeated by bhima and arjuna also and as always HE HAD FLED.

Author pertinax2057 (1051 year ago)
Guys. The mahabharat we hear from is mostly from serials or translations or
something like Bheeshma said Arjuna was better or Krishna said Karna was
better, etc. But if possible read the full true mahabharat. You will see
that Karna was actually defeated many times by Arjuna fair and square (with
Uttar as sarathi, Draupadi svayamvar). Also Chitrarath gandharva and Drupad
could not be conquered by Karna with Kauravas but this was accomplished by

Author Soepay Gautam ( ago)
Too much angers and insultings

Author Vamsi Krishna ( ago)
arjuna is greater warrior than karna. It is because of sympathy only people
beleive karna as greater warrior than arjuna. Arjuna defeated karna many

Author MichToJoshya ( ago)
@haldhara108 Arjun's father literary BEGS karna to give his kavach kundal.
haha! A victory that needed: -reducing his father(KING OF GODS) to become a
mere begger -cutting thumbs of archers who are better than him -and other
such bogus things. so yeah maybe (arjun + krishna + indra + drona ) >
karna. but that also means: arjun <<< karna remember that mathematical
inequality always.

Author MichToJoshya ( ago)
@haldhara108 MAN vs MAN, KARNA was more MANLY. he would have ownd arjun
anytime. Now when you bring other people in things become complicated. This
is not new, the unfortunate and incapable always run in pack, while the
supreme go alone. Wolves go in pack, EAGLE flies alone. And instead of
badmouthing one of the MOST legendary warriors, see the cowardliness of
arjuna who cuts off thumb of greatest archers via his master. he is a joke
on mankind,cause he uses deceit.

Author Sivathangavel Guhan ( ago)
karna and bheeshma,though they knew they will die,and were against this
fight ethically, they did it out of their sense of loyalty. Even though
karna could have switched sides,and easily gotten the crown,as he was the
eldest of all kauravas and pandavas, he chose not to. He still fought for
duryyodhan. Now thats a warrior and a brave man-And in contrast to what
some say,karna worshipped vishnu as well,and that was why he was blessed
with the vision of seeing vishnu's divine full form b4 death.

Author Sivathangavel Guhan ( ago)
@OneEvolution ....he will still fight by the kauravas out of the debt he
has incurred. When draupathi was stripped,yudhistra,being learned didnt say
a word. Reason:he had lost himself,and his belongings to duryyodhan. So he
is a debtor. That dosent mean he supports the stripping of draupathi or he
is in the evil side.-Thats the way things work. If you are aware of
dharma,duty and shastras,these people(bheeshma,karna) must fight for the
wrong side even though they despise it and will die.

Author Sivathangavel Guhan ( ago)
@OneEvolution the greatest man in the epic,is bheeshma. He took an oath of
celibacy for his father. Id he did not, duryyodhan and yudhistra cant even
claim the throne as it would rightfully go to bheeshma's descendents. Even
he stood by kauravs-its your duty-loyalty. Even karna knew that he was
going to lose. He even told krishna that when krishna came to persuade him.
He said that even if i can become the king(as he is eldest of both
kauravas,and pandavas) ,and defeat is certain,he will.....

Author Sivathangavel Guhan ( ago)
@haldhara108 loozer..go get ur facts vyasa mahabharat, sri
krishna himself said that karna s either equal or perhaps even superior to
karna.Another thing-there is a rule that once you are fighting in a
battle-you take an oath that you obey your supreme commander and your king.
Thats why he attacked abhimanyu's bow and broke it,killed his horses. He
did not kill abhimanyu,it was done by other kauravas and allies. Who the
hell are you to say sri krishna,incarnate of sri vishnu was wrong

Author darklord2314 ( ago)
@tempest070885 I beg to differ on this...Nitish was the perfect
Krishna...This guy always smirks like a fool to prove that he knows
all..Shri Krishna was known for his smartness and subtlety..Something
woefully lacking in this guy..But Nitish perfected all these qualities
through his sheer body language and exceptional acting..There is not a
single good actor in this serial...All are too loud over-actors...For me
the best Ram would be Arun Govil and the best Krishna would be Nitish

Author darklord2314 ( ago)
Arjun and Karna did not have any chat before Karna's death..Karna was busy
lifting his chariot wheel, when Arjun swiftly shot him from the back...In
an attempt to go into too much details these guys have messed up things..If
you wish to see the real Karna-Arjun fight, I think B.R. Chopra's
Mahabharat is the best option. Here I find the guy playing Krishna always
smirking like a fool. Shri Krishna was known for his smartness and
subtlety..Something Nitish Bharadwaj has portrayed beautifully...

Author saurabh sharma ( ago)
what a disgrace of the world's greatest epic and the original B.R Chopra's

Author Juglar Loco ( ago)
which moron is krishna?

Author SreeGopal Sharma ( ago)
mr diwakarsharma18, tumko devotional serials dekhne ki tameej nahin hai,
tere jaisa kala bhusand krishna banne layak nahin hai, saale, agar tujh
main jara si bhi insaniyat hai to abhi shri krishna ji ka kshma maang aur
bol jai shri krishna, krishna chutia nahin hai tu yeh comment pass karne
wala chutia aur mahachutia lag raha hai - ssss

Author diwakarsharma18 ( ago)
ye krishan ka role jisne play kiya h wo chutia sa lag rha h nitish bhardwaj
is the best

Author Hanuman ji ( ago)
can any body tell me the title of this verion of mahabharat even I looked
the BR CHOPRA version and i liked it very much but this version is great I
want buy this version on dvd

Author pizzalot ( ago)
If I were in Duryodhana's place , I would not give them the Pandavas an
inch or even a millimeter of land. Screw them Do we have a temple for him ?
I will have to build one .. for the Martyr. Krishna should not have messed
with them. Perhaps India will have been a glorious nation if not for this

Author Gyan Yoga ( ago)
@haldhara108 Agreed.

Author haldhara108 ( ago)
are u saying this from just the serial? you need to read scriptures
properly and understand dharma. stop being a rubber-stamped hindu.
understand your scriptures and then write. karna was involved in each and
every conspiracy by duryoadhana. please read mahabharata and bhagavad-gita
and understand this whole thing first.

Author adtimee ( ago)
I also agree with you

Author adtimee ( ago)
thanks for telling his name..but sad thing is that there is very little
detail on the internet regarding this great actor :(

Author adtimee ( ago)
Why dont you think that Arjun did the same also..whether it was Bhism Vaddh
or Karna Vaddh when he was not having the weapons in hand and was on the
ground not on his chariot. He is only famous because of krishna..Arjun
father was also coward (indra) when he came to ask for karan's Kawach and

Author haldhara108 ( ago)
oh c'mon, karana was great but not greater than arjuna. arjuna had the
fortune of having the lord of the universe's association. that alone made
him greater than any other warrior on kurukshetra. karana proved his
cowardness by taking part in "abhimanyu murder".

Author superdavidss ( ago)
The actor who plays Krishna is Sarvadaman D. Banerjee. Cheers!

Author Aryanthesexbomb ( ago)
BR Chopra's mahabharat was "ultimate"! Best special effects! All d
characters were well matched wid their roles. It was indeed an epic. .and
no comparison can be made b/w d two!

Author tempest070885 ( ago)
I have watched both BR Chopra's Mahabharat as well as this. I feel BRC did
a great job by presenting the story first. But this one by Ramanand Sagar
is worth appreciation as it is better in terms of special effects and is
eventually able to replace the established charectors from BRC's version.
Especially ...Shri Krishna...He has far out performed Nitish
Bharadwaj.(BRC's Krishna)..Before watching this I thought Nitish had done
the best job but compared to this...I feel he should be ranked 1.

Author dannyp206 ( ago)
Oh come on...give me a break...if Karan is more powerful than Arjun, then
what happened in the Virat war? Or was Arjun's win a fluke. Karan was known
to have retreated after being defeated at the hands of Arjun.

Author dannyp206 ( ago)
Who said that Arjun could no't have defeated Jarasandh in archery? Arjun
never got to fight with him b/c Jarasandh chose to fight with Bhim out of
the Bhim, Arjun & Krishna trio.

Author dannyp206 ( ago)
Karna had divine weapons too. his Nagastra and another deadly weapon that
he got from Indra (his one-time use weapon) which he used against
Ghatotkach. He even knew how to use Bhramastra. On the other hand Arjun had
Pashupath from Lord Shiva himself. He could have wiped out the entire
Kaurav army by using that only. But he chose to fight the war using
conventional arrows.

Author dannyp206 ( ago)
Why does everyone keep saying that Karan is more powerful than Arjun in
archery? It was proven time and again that Arjun was more powerfully in
archery. For example in the Virat war, Arjun faced off with 7 of the
greatest Maharathis. Didnt he single-handedly defeat every one of them
which included Karan? And Krishna wasnt there to protect Arjun.

Author protestcoin ( ago)
Jai Shri Krishna! Hindus - rise and unite to protect your glorious culture,
heritage, dharm. Be proud of who you are! Jai Shri Krishna! Jai Hind!

Author Satyam ( ago)
Actor's name is Arun Govil who plays krishna.

Author Sahil Budhpal ( ago)
ya karan was wit of mahabharat.... and hey any body will tell me plz the
name of this lord krishna .. hez done fabulous job...

Author Rawhide ( ago)
i liked the 1984 mahabharat better. this one is just a copy.

Author Yogesh Edke ( ago)
karan is great in this war.........

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