The Heavenly Feast

Heavenly Feast is a Trans-denominational movement, where people join hands and stand shoulder to shoulder to reap the end time harvest.The love of Christ reigns supreme in this powerful move of God which is attested by signs,wonders, miracles and healings.

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Author ritburs (5 years)
I was just thinking why these many comments exist. Poor guys you dont think
Jesus would look after our so called 'BELLY' also ? Well I have given money
to brothers like these as well. Yes but I hav no prob as God enriched my
income through that as well. What problem you have guys?? Mind ur own
spiritual life my sweeties.. Word of God is not to criticise ok??

Author mathew2007gmail (5 years)
I pity the people who run for relief to these wolves in sheep,s
clothing.These ravening wolves cheat people in the name of GOD bringing
dishonour to the GOD's name,misleadinga lot of people from heaven to
hell,with thier false teachings of craving for luxury and greediness of
worldy riches.They never preach Christ crucified but twist Jesus in a way
to please the masses,dilute the stringent teachings of the word,and then
lead a bandwagon to HELL.God will judge them one day

Author Travelfun4ever (6 years)
This is so alwsome we have a few churches in India like this , not so big,
Im so glad People are worshiping the the living God Jesus and also gtting
healed, if I ever get to go to india soon again Ill come and see your chuch

Author wellergen (5 years)
A suggestion to this fellow. Like Benny Hinn put on a coat and during the
service take the coat out and swing it at the believers and make them fall
on the ground flat.

Author ritburs (3 years)
Sorry it tells your ignorance of the aactual word. Lets begin with the word
you started. Those fake workers that you have mentioned are elaborated well
in the following passage which you have ignored conveniently I presume BBJ.
Those fake ones actually trying to take you away from Christ which HF
always preach in their meetings unlike your favourites do lik epreaching
David and Goliath. Also John says those ones do not accept Jesus Christ
which is irrevalant to your claim.

Author Jobi James (4 years)
god bless bro.tangu.he is really a mighty man of god.he teaches father god
,the son jesus and holy spirit in its complete form.i believe in jesus the
son and the holy spirit.i believe in the holy bible.bro.tangu he is
speaking and teaching from the word god,not traditional teachings like all
the other churches do.just before judging him-you please turn over the
bible and see whether he is talking for jesus or not.anyway the world finds
thousands of reasons against him.but it doesn't matters .

Author pravachakan (5 years)
police case okke kazhinjittu pore ee thamasha okke..............

Author rohith varghese (5 years)
very good. i expect more videos from heavenly feast team. thanks this is
very helpfull to viewers from all over the world.

Author jeemonthomas (5 years)
Dear These guys who fouls at Thangu Bro. donot know jesus christ at all.
Thagu Brother is one of the few pastors in the world who preaches the Word
(JESUS) in its complete form. In Jesus you will recieve the Sonship of God,
the Gift of Holy Spirit, Remission of Sins, Divine Healing, Happines,
Prosperity in Spirit, Mental, Physical and Finance etc. and He is one
Pastor who will make the church disciple to Lord Jesus christ and not
thangu Brother's disciples. Thank Jesus for his revelation !!

Author Benoy James (3 years)
@ritburs I guess you have never read this portion from the Word of God 1
John 4:1 -"Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits
to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out
into the world" Also check Acts 17:10 about the Bereans. Read Mat 7:22-24
which talks about "faith healers" and " miracle workers." I do believe that
Jesus still heals. I am talking most of what you see in these days are
fake. Money is their master

Author Biby Sam (3 years)
If you pray to God, He can heal anyone, thangu is not a GOD. Then do a
miracle for me please thangu pastor can readuce your TUMMY FAT while ur
doing your crusade. I will Believe you 4 ever. thangu can buy people to say
all these things, but you know brother thangu we all see each other in the
midst of God, your lie will reveal one day. you just watch out brother. you
should remember you also have family like a wife and kids. Don't fool

Author SIBITHOMAS100 (3 years)
we are watching everyday this makes lots of blessings in our
life,so i request all the people to watch everyday this programme.thanks

Author Nikhil Roy (3 years)
@sheenajohnin ne anadi number one fraud...... ninaku onnum varay paniii

Author wellergen (5 years)
'In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made
up...' (2 Peter2:3a, NIV).

Author Sreejith K,S (3 years)
@sheenajohnin, May god bless u?!.... Hey,grl pls ask jesus to give the holy
spirit without h:s you can't decide what is true/false. I'am saying
that,you might be a christian by outside BUT NOT INSIDE. And prediction
from me,Form this day to before 7 Months you are gonna know WHO IS

Author pravachakan (5 years)
jesus is alive... the invisible and the non-existent look very much alike,
isn't it? you have actually convinced people that there is an invisible man
living in the sky.

Author Jobi Tom Varughese (5 years)
Can you please go to the police station and ask whether there was any
police case against him... And then please comment here.. Its shame Mr. God
bless you..

Author sheenajohnin (4 years)
the biggest frauds of all pentacostal idiots.

Author Benoy James (3 years)
Have you ever read in the NT about Jesus entertaining people like this
after a healing? This has become a show now a days. In fact most of the
times Jesus told the people got healed to "not to say this to anyone." That
was His attitude. Today's so called "healers" wants the public testimony so
that they can get more people to their crusades and thus more money. Read
Mat 7:22 -24 when you get a chance. It talks about such kind of people.

Author Nikhil Roy (3 years)

Author pravachakan (5 years)
the curse of india is such men who play with the emotions of people and
claim they come from God. I pity such people who take advantage of the
vulnerable minds of the people. i will challenge you to show me in person
any claims that you have healed them. wher is that stupid doctor who claims
to ahve witnessed the miracle? has he been to medical college or is he a

Author Jose Varghese (1 year)
god bless bro.tangu.he is really a mighty man of god.he teaches father god
,the son jesus and holy spirit in its complete form.i believe in jesus the
son and the holy spirit

Author Jobi Tom Varughese (5 years)
My friend, he never say that he is the one who heal the is by the
power of holy spirit.. The same holy spirit will come to you if you believe
jesus is your lord and saviour.. Have you seen any miracles in any
traditional church meetings?? No,, right?? Its becoz they dont give freedom
for holyspirit to work,, Wherever people give freedom for holyspirit to
work, ther will be healing,, there will be liberty,,, The same jesus can
change your mind too.. Ask jesus..He will.he will bless you.

Author Davis Ts (1 year)

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