How To Do Cornrow Braids - Learn how to to this simple braiding technique.

Want to learn how to do cornrow braids? Look closely and watch my hands as they move.

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"Music by Don Taylor-Varrion Ltd. - © 2004-2012".

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Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
@LOCOTEINE Secure it with an elastic at the ends.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
@kadeemsanchez7 Just keep practicing. You'll get it.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
@Omodada Got it from Amazon but yeah Ebay is cool too.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
@TheArkan93km Just enough to grab.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
@zbreezy23 Just watch the video again and again. Move your hands like I
move mine and you'll get it.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
@alfalgebra Elastics are fine but depending on the texture of your hair it
might stay on it's own.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
@xenafer Long enough to grab properly.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
@ilalated Kind of. :)

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
@CyberDame Nope. When it looks bushy it's time to take them our and re-do.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
@shaybabygirl92 NEVER braid tight. That's no good and why so many black
people have no hairline.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
@mikacurt You can get them online at Amazon.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
@haitiplaya14 It's not supposed to hurt. Tell them to stop pulling so hard.
You'll lose your hairline.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
@MrDevil609 I'd seek professional help. They have skilled fingers and can
grab the shortest hair.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
@jawadalishe The minimum length is whatever you can handle.

Author Fa'a Otineru ( ago)
i was just wondering at the ending of my braids its loose could you tell me
what i'm doing wrong??? and how to fix it pls and ty!!!!

Author Michele G ( ago)
I am 28 and never new how to do this. I just learned in under 3 minutes
from your video. Thank you for making it simple. I'm excited I just want to
cornrom my whole head, my kids' hair and my husband

Author hempy11 ( ago)
tis video makes it alot easier to learn then other videos, nice =)

Author tyffy ( ago)
@nao1163 I think it would be fine if you used those small rubber bands and
just tied them up. Or you can use bobby pins or mini banana clips.

Author tyffy ( ago)
You should post more videos! This one is really helpful.

Author grace317 ( ago)
So essentially it's just like doing a lot of french braids? I always
thought the hair had to be frizzed with a perm first or something. Thanks
for this, I'm gonna try it!

Author Omodada ( ago)
Great job!! I just subscribed because of this and the flexirod tutorial
video :-D I have a question where did you get your mannequin from, and
would you recommend ebay? ( I really love to do hair but have no one to
practice on :-( )

Author Sonnel20 ( ago)
Thanks so much! Another great vid. You've def. got a new subbie. Please
keep making more braiding tutorials. Your braiding is so precise and easy
to follow even down to the camera shots...

Author Emanuel Franco ( ago)

Author VANILLAxQUEEN ( ago)
isnt cornrowing basically tiny french braids? Because I can french braid
but rowing poses difficulty for

Author Curtis Johnson ( ago)
Very Simple instructions and great visuals. I completed my first "row"
after watching this video

Author GewoonSiham ( ago)
Thank you, for the FIRST time i've braided my hair thanks to you!

Author rahsgurl ( ago)
WoW! Have looked at so many Vids on this and yours is the first to have
offered ANY enlightenment. Congrats on makimg a vid that does what it Now
we wont go broke paying someone to do this every two weeks. You saved us
MONEY! Thank-You.

Author Ghauste ( ago)
Well, I just might learn how to cornrow, after all. Great video.

Author alfalgebra ( ago)
in real hair, what do you tie it with?

Author SuɱtɧɩɳMstBAʋaɩℓaƄℓε ( ago)
ahh you go under not over. My mistake

Author DST2223 ( ago)

Author xmarycarmenx ( ago)
Hell yeah nice video. Now im wondering if ill be able to do this on my own
hair. i doubt it.

Author lissahxox ( ago)
@mirokupurple it does get thicker? lol

Author Oneda4 ( ago)
@shineystar1801 I KNOW HOW U FEEL ITS SO GOOD!

Author Oneda4 ( ago)
Wow that was really got it works

Author pajaji ( ago)
Easy to follow!

Author Jennifer Dayton ( ago)
this is such a gret video..thank so much forposting it..

Author xenafer ( ago)
I have a question. How long does the hair have to be to do this?

Author Instantkarmah ( ago)
aww man,ive been trying for ages,but i cant pull it off. ): how do i do it
on myself? i just want to be able to do the technique. for now. what side
of the head would be the easiest for me to start?

Author Ila Barker ( ago)
Is it like a regular french braid, but upside down?

Author CyberDame ( ago)
Do you put anything in the hair so it could stay put longer?

Author Thkmra ( ago) does..........

Author shaybabygirl92 ( ago)
or jus braid really tight

Author LouLee92 ( ago)
you just secure it with an elastic it will stay

Author j Al ( ago)
Hi, whats the minium length for cornrows.. My hairs are pretty short for
these I think. Mine are about 2 to 2.5 inches.

Author hygrass ( ago)
@mirokupurple it does

Author hygrass ( ago)
i love it!! thanks :D

Author mirokupurple ( ago)
i dont understand how the braid doesnt get thicker as you go down and add
more hair

Author DivaMonae ( ago)
Thanks so much for posting this! I watched a different video a couple of
years ago on how to do this and I just couldn't get it I
decided to try on my 2 girls after watching this video and they look great!
Thanks again!

Author khaled nemrawi ( ago)
my hair is abt 2-3 cm long (which is a big accompishment been bald all my
life) do u think i can do cornrows?

Author matawa08 ( ago)
Am very glad to have found this vd!!! Now am going to try make my own
hair!! Thanks amillion!!

Author Trevor Thespaghettifox ( ago)
ok so as you braid it back you pick up pieces from the back as you go and
what?, just gather it into one of the three pieces your working with? O.o

Author shycuteness ( ago)
tie it with a rubber band or put a barrett. if you dont the whole braid
will come out .

Author VxNx ( ago)
what if u wanna stop at the middle of the crown and have the rest of the
hair loose? how can i make the cornrows stay?

Author MyPreciousLyfe ( ago)
Wow, I actually learned how to cornrow my hair! I'm so surprised because I
watched my share of videos & just couldn't get it. But I learned from this
one! Thanks!!

Author MaatHeragain ( ago)
Wow!! Thanks..I always messed these up. Now I can do my daughters hair
without sending her to her Grandma...Its quite embarassing..lolThanks

Author CD CK ( ago)
This is a great video! Wanted to know when you are doing the braid like
everytime you pick up a new piece, that piece is the center piece right?
and when you pick up that center piece up it goes over the left piece or
right piece? i am going to start learnig to braid my own hair starting this
year. Its apart of my new years "goals". I don't make resolutions.

Author haitiplaya14 ( ago)
JUS looking hurts me i havethem too but DAMN IT HURTS SO MUCH

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
It is once you can see it clearly isn't it? You're welcome!

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
See the comment below.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
Good for you!

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
Long enough for you to work with. That length varies depending on who'd
doing it and their skill level.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
You're welcome.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
No, cornrows don't damage hair. Rough combing, brushing, lack of daily care
and chemical abuse damage hair.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
Thanks and good luck.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
Put on a shower cap and you'll be fine.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
You're welcome and good for can do it on yourself too. Just keep

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
Thanks and you're welcome.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
The best suggestion I can give you is to go slowly and each time you make a
pass with the hair, draw your fingers all the way to the ends to separate
the hair you're working with from the rest. It also helps to do the braids
with less hair until you get better. Smaller ones are always easier to do.

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
Thanks and you're welcome. :)

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
Thank you. Good luck!

Author Pojoga Andrei ( ago)
how long does your hair have to be to make decent row ?

Author Amber Amazes ( ago)
i want that doll, where'd you get it?

Author 0HDizzyMissLizzy ( ago)
Thanks so much! I can do it now :)

Author Jennifer Pena ( ago)
Doesn't cornrows damage your hair, well not damage, but you know when you
braid your hair really small, when you take it out it becomes all frizzy
and stuff, will that happen to cornrows or no?

Author najeed006 ( ago)
nice .. thnxz for the video .. i realy learn how to do carnrowz now ... n i
did on my sister .. :P i wanna do my self now... after practise.. :P thnxz
again ... :)

Author shineystar1801 ( ago)
KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW. Thanks so much!

Author Chelice Singleton ( ago)
Im really trying and I just cant seem to keep my fingers close to the scalp
enough to grab the hair and make it tight.. any suggestions?

Author MommyReporter ( ago)
I agree, this is the best tutorial on how to do cornrows that I have seen
so far... thanks so much for the clear and simple demo!!

Author hellohey000 ( ago)
I think that this is the best vid tut that I have seen so far thanks!!!
I'll try it

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
That is awesome! Good for you girl!

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
Thank you. :)

Author ladydeath979 ( ago)
My sister did it for the first time watching as she went along. and my hair
was done in 20 minutes!

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
Yay! Congrats! :)

Author J Olisa ( ago)
You are simply the best.

Author danalover90 ( ago)
i finally learned how 2 do it its awsome!!!!!!!!!!

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
You're welcome. Let me know how it turns out!

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
Sorry about that. I'm ambidextrous with some things. I'm glad you finally
got it!

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
Thank you!

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
Don't worry about'll get it. Just relax and keep trying. You WILL
catch it and once you do you'll laugh at how you're feeling now. :)

Author misspotential ( ago)
this is the best how to corn row video on youtube you can actually see

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
Thanks. I know what you mean and I'm gonna make a part 2 for this video
when I get back to "work" next week. Don't worry...I'll make sure you and
anyone who wants to learn how to cornrow "get's it" perfectly when I'm
through. :)

Author lameexcuse17 ( ago)
This is the best vid so far. But i need a view from your angle. I dont
understand how to hold the hair in my hands. my fingers cramp up when i
hold the hair. and im not sure if how exactly to add the hair. Should i be
adding it to the middle peice? or the side one then bring it to the middle.
I need like step by step SLOW instructions. with many diff angles to get
this. Cuz it looks easy when u do it then i try and my fingers dont know
where to go. Thanks!

Author J Carroll ( ago)
ill try that thanx

Author BlackBeautyTips ( ago)
Hi. Explain a little more when you say you keep losing the hair.

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