Carl Gustav Jung - Bollingen

Carl Gustav Jung - Bollingen

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Author R Schmu (3 months)
I love Jung, his ideas have brought much understanding to my life, but
there is something a bit weird about his Tower, and the fact that he barely
(in my experience so far) discusses social institution and power
structures. He seems to have been a both deeply radical and conservative
man at the same time. The Tower, and this, somehow seem connected in a bit
of a strange way to me. Anyone else?

Author David Paul Kirkpatrick (1 year)
Beautiful! and the music adds power.

Author JOSÉ RAIMUNDO GOMES (4 years)
Lindo vídeo. Estive nesta casa há muitos anos, quando Franz Jung, filho de
Carl Jung ainda era vivo. Ele foi muito gentil e me recebeu em Küsnacht.
Foi um momento especial na minha vida. José Raimundo Gomes. Rio de Janeiro.

Author JOSÉ RAIMUNDO GOMES (4 years)

Author Miriam Schwengber (3 years)
@joseraimundopsi Fiquei surpresa e encantada ao assistir este lindo vídeo,
pois li e reli "Memórias, sonhos e reflexões" e me encantei com a
simplicidade e com a sabedoria deste ser humano chamado Carl Gustav Young.A
sua autobiografia é tão interessante e, ao mesmo tempo, atraente porque
revela a vida e os pensamentos e a filosofia de vida de um homem culto, com
muita experiência no trato com os pacientes de sua época, nela revelando o
homem consciente de si mesmo, pensador e analista q.ele era.

Author megansspark (6 years)
beautiful video-- thanks

Author supergca (4 years)
Nice pics. Music stinks

Author soozmct (1 year)
Ah thanks, I wanted to know this piece. Thats a start. Merci

Author svascaroni (5 years)
thank you, Gianni Ferrio? an italian? never heard before,bye

Author asunasposibol (4 years)
C.G.Jung, Erinnerungen Träume Gedanken, in spanish, "Recuerdos, sueños,
pensamientos", or "Memories, dreams and thoughts". I recomend this book for
anyone who wants to understand slightly the meaning of this temple for Mr.
Jung. Thanks a lot for this video. Internet is amazing.

Author Harry Baggins (5 years)
Nice choice of music. It adds a haunting appeal to these wonderful views of
Jung's beloved towers at Bollingen.

Author Ziggurathss (4 years)
@jeydee1 well yes than i dont have much more to say. I think it maybe was
aour distany. tx

Author soozmct (1 year)
to anyone reading the comment by me below-- it reads funny sorry.
Pre-emptive text is a horrible thing, and my phone ruins comments if I'm
not alert enough. I really hate it. At the mercy of a machine-can't help
but think Jung also would not like being controlled thus-ha ! Anyway, meant
to say 'perfect music,thank you And for 'shaped but please read 'shape'.
Joy to all today. Bye

Author sergio rodriguez (1 year)
The music was for the film "l'isola misteriosa e il capitano Nemo" by
Gianni Ferrio, a composer of soundtracks, I think of the sixties and

Author jeydee1 (4 years)
@Ziggurathss I had the same privilege two months ago ... and must say that
I felt the same undescribable feeling :)

Author svascaroni (5 years)
either me, i'd like to know something about this beautiful music...

Author marcos andrade (6 years)
sil vous plaiz. Quel est le nom de cette musique?

Author TheTrusteeey (3 years)
I come from bollingen

Author soozmct (1 year)
Thank you. Yes perfection. Warms the cockles of my heart, because Jungs
life helps me still. I wish I could meet him and ask him- what each piece
and shaped but of that house meant to him, and what it did for him when he
added each piece. For I know added sections over about 30 or 40 years, in
accord with his psychic needs. This comforts and excites me anew time and

Author mrtv100 (6 years)
very nice place

Author ThePoltergueist (2 years)
sorry, no, u cant go inside, i was a friend of one grand grand son. but u
can be around and take some photos

Author Ziggurathss (5 years)
i once had the privilege ti be there in the castle with his granddaughter
Amazing and an indescribable experience..

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