Carl Gustav Jung - Bollingen

Carl Gustav Jung - Bollingen

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Author lim7lim ( ago)
anyone know when this footage was taken?

Author Alejandría | Podcast y Conferencias ( ago)
Podcast Sobre Carl Gustav Jung

Carl Gustav Jung y la Sombra en el Ser Humano

El Fenómeno de la Sincronicidad entre Cuerpo y alma.

La Simbología de los Arcanos, según Carl G.Jung

Los Arquetipos Humanos de Carl Gustav Jung

Los Sueños y la Muerte según Gustav Jung

Carl Gustav Jung y los Fenomenos Paranormales

Carl Gustav Jung | Sueños

Vida y Obra de Carl Gustav Jung

Psicología Junguiana

Author R Schmu ( ago)
I love Jung, his ideas have brought much understanding to my life, but
there is something a bit weird about his Tower, and the fact that he barely
(in my experience so far) discusses social institution and power
structures. He seems to have been a both deeply radical and conservative
man at the same time. The Tower, and this, somehow seem connected in a bit
of a strange way to me. Anyone else?

Author David Paul Kirkpatrick ( ago)
Beautiful! and the music adds power.

Author soozmct ( ago)
Ah thanks, I wanted to know this piece. Thats a start. Merci

Author soozmct ( ago)
to anyone reading the comment by me below-- it reads funny sorry.
Pre-emptive text is a horrible thing, and my phone ruins comments if I'm
not alert enough. I really hate it. At the mercy of a machine-can't help
but think Jung also would not like being controlled thus-ha ! Anyway, meant
to say 'perfect music,thank you And for 'shaped but please read 'shape'.
Joy to all today. Bye

Author soozmct ( ago)
Thank you. Yes perfection. Warms the cockles of my heart, because Jungs
life helps me still. I wish I could meet him and ask him- what each piece
and shaped but of that house meant to him, and what it did for him when he
added each piece. For I know added sections over about 30 or 40 years, in
accord with his psychic needs. This comforts and excites me anew time and

Author sergio rodriguez ( ago)
The music was for the film "l'isola misteriosa e il capitano Nemo" by
Gianni Ferrio, a composer of soundtracks, I think of the sixties and

Author ThePoltergueist ( ago)
sorry, no, u cant go inside, i was a friend of one grand grand son. but u
can be around and take some photos

Author TheTrusteeey ( ago)
I come from bollingen

Author Miriam Schwengber ( ago)
@joseraimundopsi Fiquei surpresa e encantada ao assistir este lindo vídeo,
pois li e reli "Memórias, sonhos e reflexões" e me encantei com a
simplicidade e com a sabedoria deste ser humano chamado Carl Gustav Young.A
sua autobiografia é tão interessante e, ao mesmo tempo, atraente porque
revela a vida e os pensamentos e a filosofia de vida de um homem culto, com
muita experiência no trato com os pacientes de sua época, nela revelando o
homem consciente de si mesmo, pensador e analista q.ele era.

Author Ziggurathss ( ago)
@jeydee1 well yes than i dont have much more to say. I think it maybe was
aour distany. tx


Lindo vídeo. Estive nesta casa há muitos anos, quando Franz Jung, filho de
Carl Jung ainda era vivo. Ele foi muito gentil e me recebeu em Küsnacht.
Foi um momento especial na minha vida. José Raimundo Gomes. Rio de Janeiro.

Author Listen ( ago)
C.G.Jung, Erinnerungen Träume Gedanken, in spanish, "Recuerdos, sueños,
pensamientos", or "Memories, dreams and thoughts". I recomend this book for
anyone who wants to understand slightly the meaning of this temple for Mr.
Jung. Thanks a lot for this video. Internet is amazing.

Author Ziggurathss ( ago)
i once had the privilege ti be there in the castle with his granddaughter
Amazing and an indescribable experience..

Author Harry Baggins ( ago)
Nice choice of music. It adds a haunting appeal to these wonderful views of
Jung's beloved towers at Bollingen.

Author svascaroni ( ago)
thank you, Gianni Ferrio? an italian? never heard before,bye

Author svascaroni ( ago)
either me, i'd like to know something about this beautiful music...

Author marcos andrade ( ago)
sil vous plaiz. Quel est le nom de cette musique?

Author megansspark ( ago)
beautiful video-- thanks

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