dog rape girl

dog raping a girl... icredible!!!

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Author The Most Interesting Video ( ago)
Странно, конечно, что они это поощряют...

Author Ratakonda Subramanyam ( ago)
Dog is a trining very vety bed and mistek 

Author The Schmackel ( ago)
Wait how did i got there i clicked on a linj and that happens... Wtf did my
friend just send me

Author pathfinder54321 ( ago)
What the dog raped was the the blanket, not the girl.

Author Creepypasta Anime ( ago)
34 million views? Really ppl?

Author Dennis B ( ago)
You Tube tries its best to keep me from here but here I am, Dark Internet.

Author larryisqueen AF ( ago)
My dog did that to my leg

Author RRKhan ( ago)
That is this....
A dog ,,,,woman
Astagfirulla ....

Author TheUninvitedVisitor ( ago)
The girl won the lottery, it's a very handsome dog

Author MikeDunn ( ago)
why are you idiots encouraging the dog? he's gonna do that to your guests
when you have people come to your home.

Author tria' trexx ( ago)
Anjing gila

Author uweakminded twit ( ago)
Jesus must be proud

Author Daezjaunay Leach ( ago)
Oh shit that's not your dog humping a girl

Author Junior McToddler ( ago)
That's how my mum got me

Author Cleopatra Love ( ago)
if the dog has that kind of thinking and to a girl im guessing the girl did
something with the dog before >.<

Author Nico ( ago) spammed my inbox so this video has more views.

Author Sara Costello ( ago)

Author Annoyed Cobra (1469 years ago)

Author cheeks11us ( ago)
fucking idiots retards, she should be raped for real...

Author njoki Waweri ( ago)
is not funny

Author Rogel Nebran ( ago)
Sipain ko aso nayan kung ako lang bastos! nakaka asar tingnan yong aso hijo
de puta

Author Antwon Brown (1383 years ago)
He wanted a blowjob

Author melissa mmorris ( ago)
i thought animals couldnt consent:P but here we are:P

Author RedThebigOne ( ago)
WTF? That BF/Husband is one muther fucken PIMP! "Fricken professional, only
been doing it a day?"
You let your dog try to fuck your GF/Wife and you do NOTHING BUT LAUGH AND
VIDEO IT? Dude, pimp your dog out for money? Brothers gotta make a living

Author Regords, Dolan ( ago)
He raped blanket.

Author smith jonson ( ago)
Its called humping and its not always sexual.

Its funny though!!

Author Ankur Tarafder ( ago)
fuck offffff

Author mingshentg ( ago)
nice dogggg

Author Muur Ian MU'hammad ALI ( ago)
Respecting animals and allowing them to be the true outdoor creatures that
they are naturally created to be is not a problem! It's just trying to make
a canine species the same and even above the human family is what I have a
problem with.

Don't compare people to dogs because it's no comparision. And stop sexually
abusing the canine or any animal species!

Doggie Brothels of Denmark(Euro sickness)! YUCK!

Author Joshua Lorenzo ( ago)
32 million views........and my friend is the one who gave this video's
adress to me
o____O Sick people

Author Ygn geisha ( ago)

Author Jay Jadhav ( ago)
Hiiiiii nice

Author Jay Jadhav ( ago)
Hiiiiii nice

Author Alix Kayy ( ago)
why would the guy be like good boy? ew

Author pa pt ( ago)
wet blanket

Author Sierra Anguianl ( ago)
That dog want it

Author chemerich ( ago)

Author Jess Hall ( ago)

Author Jess Hall ( ago)

Author gorgia nilo ( ago)
why dog is raping if am ready her lol

Author Lisa Jones ( ago)

Author Ted Bentley ( ago)
My wife was gang raped by a troupe of mime artists today.
They performed unspeakable acts on her.

Author mmWillie Mcdowell ( ago)
Lol hilarious

Author aviperez666 ( ago)
congrats, you now have dog cum on your blanket.

Author Asaduzzaman Kajal ( ago)
khanki kutta.

Author nemesis superhero ( ago)

Author Kenny Nretaes ( ago)
Dogs are sooo horney now

Author 1ReVolt11 ( ago)
How its made - coins to dog rape girl. The Hell?

Author Mimic Lord ( ago)

Author Norboy Malikov ( ago)

Author meneope ( ago)
amazing and he's cute on top - perfect gift for my gf!

Author Casey Hauck ( ago)

Author william olaaiga ( ago)
wtf, why am i watching this??

Author Endang Est ( ago)

Author P4ndaOnDrugz ( ago)
So if I rape you'r mom and believe that Jesus is my savior then it's okay?

Author ck187 ( ago)
How sick...

Author Ronald McDonald ( ago)
I like how the husband is enjoying it so much

Author 7beers ( ago)
If you would be the girl, then I would wish to be the dog.

Author Rob Higginbotham ( ago)

Author Gabyota OV ( ago)
that is CRAZY

Author RyuzakyEdu1 ( ago)
how did i get here?

Author DOMINILOCO ( ago)
you know she have sex with the dog

Author tone matthews ( ago)
would u let a dog hump you

Author Nahum77100 ( ago)
""CHRISTJESUS"'died for us...

Author Marwan Sineau ( ago)

Author Kim Dekleutere ( ago)
Today I grew my first pubic hair But my dog ate it :(

Author miguel navarro ( ago)
fuck in your face. hehehehehehehehehe

Author Andy Harglesis ( ago)
I hope she reported that dog to the pawlice for ruh-rape.

Author Ferret Person ( ago)
Get out of here you freak.

Author Utkarsh Gandhi ( ago)
I love it

Author Utkarsh Gandhi ( ago)
Let's do it, Dear @Kim

Author Digital Info ( ago)

Author Kim Dekleutere ( ago)
I wish I was that girl

Author Akira_san ( ago)
When the home animal gets no mate - it will try to have sex with its master!

Author ted nguyen ( ago)
the dog fucked him first though

well if dads not home?

Author Мр Рэй ( ago)

Author jet07son ( ago)
whata good

Author lesrach3 ( ago)
maybe but hes a really good friend

Author lesrach3 ( ago)
maybe but hes a really good friend

Author BajanAmerican415 ( ago)
Fuck you

Author BajanAmerican415 ( ago)
Your fuckin stupid you want a dog to rape you? You must be desperate for
some jelly bro?

Author BREEDER of FREAKS ( ago)
My wife left me for my dog, I feel betrayed

Author actuary33 ( ago)
Im old fashioned..I taught my dog to fetch..

Author Александр Домагаров ( ago)
Выеб он её чётко))))

Author TheBeastLordXXX ( ago)
Nipple slip of Sexy Girl - HOT

Author CindyHelpsShyGuys ( ago)
OMG this is so sexy.... I want that dog to rape me too!!

Author emanial nelsan ( ago)
halo dere ely maraski how are you let me know your interest in friendships
and love and fund OK,byby thus; ;--A.P, Narsapur

Author Ely Marasaki ( ago)
did you really train the dog? lol bravo!

Author deshaun crawford ( ago)

Author saxxi ( ago)
Pet therapy: you are doing it wrong.

Author मी बिनधास्त ( ago)
Fucking people....

Author Anthony Smith ( ago)
dry humping and recording, Eventually leads to letting your dog fuck your
wife on the real... way to go.... wow.. sick

Author sandesh poon ( ago)
hi jeney you can mmail me as

Author phan tyra ( ago)

Author pokemonrules6 ( ago)
oh yeah fuck the shit outta dat bitch

Author azman movie ( ago)

Author JabaaRADIO ( ago)
Honey dog in need of sex!

Author Jenny Candy ( ago)
Doggie Style all the Way :) ♥♥♥

Author hottiecakesmwah ( ago)
he over there getting her in da face wit his dick!

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