Call of Duty Modern Warfare with Ps3 Controller

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Windows 7 User:
Run it in compability mode for Windows Vista
(Rightclick - Properties - Compability - Check the box - select Windows Vista sp 2)

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 8:13
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Author death2allproduction (3 years)
I have a question, I set it up and the sensitivity is crazy and random. I
can't control it at all. And it seems very random, why is this?

Author Roshan Momand (2 years)
how did u got that button under start and select

Author ViktorSucks (4 years)
@aearlez I don't know... But it's not important ... Just change the
sensivity in Call of Duty till its like you want ;)

Author Blauwecannel (2 years)
can you view up and down cuz i didnt saw y doing that

Author ViktorSucks (2 years)
@ThePhenomenal1x yes it will work

Author ViktorSucks (3 years)
@sushi7270 You have to select in the home screen: "Playstation 2
(POV,joysticks)" Then click on "enable"

Author sk8snwmotox (1 year)
I clicked the xpadder download and i clck download and t sends me to some
other downlaod which is dumb, its ike a software converter

Author ViktorSucks (3 years)
@mw2hazzard Maybe deinstall motioninjoy completely (with the special
uninstaller). Then reinstall/start it with Admin permissions.

Author ViktorSucks (2 years)
@TheProjectNova6 1 is the triangle, the others are mousebuttons and other
keys of the keyboard

Author chazz lawrence (2 years)
@Laze444 bull shit ? lmao plz dont lie XD

Author sk8snwmotox (1 year)
i downloaded a different one and the setup is different, i clicked sticks ,
enable than i move the analog stick and say this is not a stick its an
analog stick, or something dumb like that. what do i do

Author ViktorSucks (2 years)

Author OscarTheGrouch (2 years)
Ok so good on you for showing people how to do this.........BUT WHY DON'T

Author ViktorSucks (2 years)
@SuperMrroshan It's the playstation home button.

Author silencer of dark. (2 years)
i can setup everything except the analog sticks. when i go to detect them
it comes up saying that it is a d-pad?

Author garyGERI97 (3 years)
i have same pc!

Author Barrett Thornton (1 year)
sensitivity is all screwed up

Author ThePhenomenal1x (2 years)
will this work on mw2 plz answer

Author KIRDEEF (2 years)

Author Yavuz Iz (2 years)
@ViktorSucks 1 is for?? and the otheres i cant c

Author Neur0n1 (2 years)
what is the name of this song? its fuckn epic.

Author jonathan6105 (3 years)

Author Braedon Szolomayer (2 years)
When I move an analoge stick, it presses the d-pad buttons, help me!

Author Rockstar1376 (3 years)
great vid. thanks heaps

Author Vane Ajta (2 years)
Works awesome! thank you. but I can't use the d-pad like killstreaks
grenades... why? help please

Author ViktorSucks (3 years)
@Pr0zNemesis Which one? The computer bild link or the original of the
manufractors site? -.- You know that senseless, don't you?

Author MW2XGAMEPLAYS (2 years)
ok everything is ok and i do it right...i load up mw2 and boom... i cant
move anything...anyone know why? im really confused right now....i just
wanna play with my friends is all

Author Darkstruth (2 years)
Nvm it was because of game booster :P

Author jbfehajnf (2 years)
i can't find this version of motioninjoy please help!

Author PTopSecret97PT (2 years)

Author Paolo Styliaou (2 years)
@ViktorSucks i cant play mw2 with motionjoy?

Author aearlez (4 years)
Dude, what did you set the mouse speed to in xpadder?

Author nockstle90 (3 years)
It works on modern warfare 2 too ???

Author chazz lawrence (2 years)
@Laze444 FUCK OFF!!! ile go torrets guy on you lmfao

Author ViktorSucks (2 years)
@LilMaYaNProduction Yes

Author zFunnyProductions (3 years)
how come it works on desktop but not in cod 4 please help

Author xXKMCoeXx (3 years)
@BigmanSDMF modernwarfare 2 is not compatible with gamepad. if thats what
you mean.

Author ViktorSucks (2 years)
@TheTboner42 same procedure

Author ViktorSucks (2 years)

Author LS4Q8Y (4 years)
i love the song , its from BORDERLANDS , great video : )

Author hoopz954 (3 years)
my anolog sticks dont work but everything else does how can u get them to

Author sushi7270 (3 years)
@ViktorSucks hey my analogs STILL dont work very frusturating

Author ViktorSucks (2 years)
@from3iichaos1 In the description: Windows 7 User: Run it in compability
mode for Windows Vista (Rightclick - Properties - Compability - Check the
box - select Windows Vista sp 2)

Author Darkstruth (2 years)
Hmmm the controller works fine on the desktop but when I go to programs it

Author taichisupportt (4 years)

Author lazygrids12 (3 years)
Why do I scope out when I shoot while scoped in with the sniper?

Author ViktorSucks (4 years)
You must select in MotionInJoy the Profile without motion sensor.

Author TabooMasterWatcher (2 years)
Thank You!

Author logan savoie (2 years)
same thing for me on mw2 it moves around too much and i wanna know how to
fix this problem.

Author ViktorSucks (3 years)
@RageOnlineGaming yes

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