Debra Messing Urges Americans to Resist | 28th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

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  • Debra Messing accepts GLAAD’s Excellence in Media Award at the 28th annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York City on May 6. Her speech included a powerful call to action: “I don’t want to stop and I know you won’t stop, either. Because at the end of the day, it’s our responsibility to look out for one another. It’s the American Way. So we RISE!”
    Andrew Rannells presented her with the award as the crowd gave her a standing ovation.

    The Excellence in Media Award is presented to media professionals who have made a significant difference in promoting LGTBQ acceptance.

    For more information about GLAAD's work, please visit,, and
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  • Dan Matrix Show
    Dan Matrix Show 4 hours ago

    Remind me not to buy any films with her in it.

  • MrScootmcg
    MrScootmcg 9 hours ago

    preachy bubble dwelling celebs, just fuck off.

  • john boss
    john boss 1 day ago


    ARMED DEFENSE 2 days ago

    so if she wants to make america gay i do hope she will be in a latex lesbian strap on fist fucking porno, i would watch it to support the film industry.

  • nuclearbugman
    nuclearbugman 2 days ago

    This bitch cheered on the violent shitheads at Berkeley who pepper sprayed a woman. Fuck her. Will and Grace was never funny anyway.

  • darlene alley
    darlene alley 2 days ago

    you are out of your mind.

  • Dave G
    Dave G 2 days ago

    PRATT ! No tits and no Brain.

  • Brian Trend
    Brian Trend 2 days ago

    libtards ZZZZ zzzzz  ZZZZzz ZZZzzzz self righteous aihead morons GO PRESIDENT TRUMP     RESPECT FROM A FREE INDEPENDENT UK

  • Enumclaw
    Enumclaw 3 days ago

    Its because of this kind of arrogant naivete that I left the left.

  • laura de vos
    laura de vos 3 days ago

    peeps, scholar does anyone see worse this one ?%laughing

  • Kace
    Kace 3 days ago

    I bet this person thinks cuba, venezla, lybia, rusia, iran, looks like skidrow.
    Actually there are no skidrows in those countries.

  • John Slack
    John Slack 4 days ago

    Looks like she should be at gas mark 7 for 40 mins with occasional basting.

  • DonSklz123
    DonSklz123 4 days ago

    She didn't age well...that used to be bae in American Pie...

  • Alexa
    Alexa 4 days ago

    her hair is terrible, wtf is that honestly like flat and greasy on top and fluffy and dry at the bottom

  • Leonard Rhodes
    Leonard Rhodes 4 days ago

    load ov bollox! debra messing u talk shit. like the rest ov you puppets.

  • Tony Brogan
    Tony Brogan 5 days ago

    So you are a Jew shame on you

  • Tony Brogan
    Tony Brogan 5 days ago

    Yes you are an actress. You changed the world REALLY. Trump hater.

  • shinyguru
    shinyguru 6 days ago

    Wow look how humble she is.

  • Artemis Arrow
    Artemis Arrow 6 days ago

    Don't break your arms patting yourself on the back Hollywood.

  • Nick Devlin
    Nick Devlin 6 days ago

    Mixing politics with collecting awards has to stop. The girl is a slapper

  • Jason Olson
    Jason Olson 8 days ago

    Pfft.. I guess this is how celebrities feel good about themselves. Attack people who are actually trying to make a difference, while they sit back and contribute nothing towards making things better. Just shut up already and collect your bloated paychecks and live in your fantasy world. News flash celebrities, most Americans live in the real world, struggle to pay bills, worry about crime, and don't have the time to worry about such trivial matters.

  • TheEndTimes
    TheEndTimes 8 days ago

    stupid kike needs to be gassed

  • Zborul Alb
    Zborul Alb 8 days ago

    Libtards at their best...

    BOBBY LEROUX 8 days ago

    Who the fuck is this?

  • sainsburyshopper
    sainsburyshopper 8 days ago

    Actors and actresses are people who play dressup and jump up and down in front of a camera for entertainment. Why people and the media put so much emphasis on their political opinions is beyond me. Just fuck off and make another movie, nobody gives a shit what you think about X or Y, know what I mean?

  • reddog694uk
    reddog694uk 8 days ago

    I'd love to mess with Ms Messing !!

  • Opus 0
    Opus 0 9 days ago

    fuck these stupid celebs!! Fucking airheads. Im sick of hearing about racism, LGBT, women etc. Im fucking sick of this bullshit

  • Topspeed350
    Topspeed350 9 days ago

    Who is she?

  • Ray Maverick
    Ray Maverick 9 days ago

    this overly feely liberal bullshit has to end, and I'm saying this as a classical liberal

  • Paul D
    Paul D 9 days ago

    Shut ur fat ass flat chested ass up and quite messing up your panties Debra BTW How do u get chubby and still stay flat chested??

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 10 days ago

    Debra your such an attention whore. I used to like you. Now your just a worn out rag. Stupid bitch.

  • John Bell
    John Bell 10 days ago

    Keep it up there will be enough hatred generated to cause action eventually .

  • Ramunas Jack
    Ramunas Jack 11 days ago

    stupid cow

  • Jeff Skinner
    Jeff Skinner 11 days ago

    Love u Debra! We support u no matter what the trolls say, thank u so much!! And guess what? We love u trolls too- to hate you people is just too easy, and the current trajectory of the downward spiral would just continue into total oblivion without someone stopping off the hate train. We will NOT self destruct as a nation !!

    REHMAN RØSES 11 days ago

    i liked her speech!

  • Scotty Doesn't Know
    Scotty Doesn't Know 11 days ago

    GLAAD: The voice for acceptance. [Unless you're not 100% on board with our political agenda. In that case, we will disown you.]

  • Bailey Burrows
    Bailey Burrows 11 days ago

    You can't choose when and when not to represent the public. You can't drink your wine in a fancy hot tub before preaching why we must call to action.

  • Darth Chop
    Darth Chop 12 days ago

    Why do these actors think the world cares about their opinion?

  • Mike Hicks
    Mike Hicks 12 days ago

    If North Korea decides to nuke California i would be ok with it...

  • Bill Adams
    Bill Adams 12 days ago

    we urge you to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  • 10001110101 ghost
    10001110101 ghost 12 days ago

    Eat shit lady! You and your homosexual agenda have an expiration date and will be disposed of with all the rest of the garbage that clutters this country. Tick Tock, Tick Tock!

    RIO BOW 13 days ago

    Resist Hollywood and its bullshit.

  • Jay West
    Jay West 13 days ago

    She's a fucking nutcase. I'm LGBT, but guess what, I voted for Trump. Sick of all this resist bullshit. Its not gonna do anything apart from force people to ostracize Hollywood.

  • HMSConduct
    HMSConduct 13 days ago

    (loads sniper)

  • Mister Turk Turkle
    Mister Turk Turkle 13 days ago

    dumb broad outta be imprisoned for treason

  • fish bord
    fish bord 14 days ago

    what in the fuck is she blabering about

  • Charles Pinsky
    Charles Pinsky 14 days ago

    I'm so happy people are waking up to these toxic morons in Hollywood.

  • Bro4Bro
    Bro4Bro 15 days ago


  • Dee Jones
    Dee Jones 16 days ago

    Celebrities please let Americans make their own decision, Go sing go act do what you do best. STOP it with all the crying, you people will be alright everyday joe's are the ones thats got to worry about paying the house and car note, taking care of our kids,
    puting food on the table, wondering if our jobs are going to be there tomorrow. If all you have to worry about is who's in office you have a pretty damn good life. Enjoy it but leave us alone.

  • Don Will
    Don Will 16 days ago

    We don't need the criminals called government to tell us who we can and can't associate with, we are all born with the freedom to associate with whoever we like or not.

  • Kristie Kiser
    Kristie Kiser 16 days ago

    Boy...those ROUNDS of applause are deafening. Sit down and shut up Debra. Go be an actress and ACT like someone else.

  • bluewhale18
    bluewhale18 16 days ago

    Hollywood are a bunch of weirdos

  • gw59102
    gw59102 16 days ago

    GO DEBRA!!! Get involved or STFU, people!!

  • Mark Mills
    Mark Mills 17 days ago

    Yeah, sure, send people out to get their heads bashed in and get a jail record and to destroy property for no reason. What a fake cause.

    ELWATCH01 17 days ago

    Glad to see Hollywood has learned so much from the 2016 election. If they just keep doing it we will eventually change our mind. Right?!?

  • Freddy Ishere
    Freddy Ishere 17 days ago

    This is why atheist hate feminists they ruining everything
    For this autistic mentally disabled retard go kill yourself

  • Alec Perdeau
    Alec Perdeau 17 days ago

    All that money and the only thing that they can do with their time is virtue signal. Seriously, how boring are the lives of these people is it that they have to get up on a stage and lecture us on how we should behave and act. Its so pathetic that they think normal working people actually care.
    Hey lady, I am a BROWN cis male. Does this mean I am exempt from your threat? Or does the fact that I am still straight and identify as a man count against me?

  • Jose Luis Rodriguez
    Jose Luis Rodriguez 17 days ago

    Keep it up Hollywood! You're really connected with the people... look that approval! Oh no, you're too busy Virtue signaling, sorry.

  • Alexander Tarango
    Alexander Tarango 17 days ago

    Let's get RID of Trump!!!! Someone fire him!!!!!

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers 17 days ago

    When will she demand that Keith Ellison deputy chairman of the DNC allow a gay marriage at his mosque?

  • 80s ROCK
    80s ROCK 18 days ago

    What an ugly Dress. Sick of these Hollywood types. Be nice if California and all its fags would sink into the ocean. Fuck off and die sickos!

  • leighgate2
    leighgate2 18 days ago

    RESIST THIS MORON! Another low-life liberal. I've listened to her and have come to the conclusion that Messing is an ignoramus. I truly hope people are not listening to this woman because she was on a sitcom? Good God, this country has really gone to the dogs.

  • Vader Did Nothing Wrong

    LMAO at these retards who think that if you criticize this filthy useless cunt, you must be a Trump supporter

  • mongoloid
    mongoloid 18 days ago

    just stop. enough already

  • Rose Petal
    Rose Petal 18 days ago

    These pussy hat preachers were led by a woman who supports the mutilation of little girls and women's genitals for the purpose of removing sexual pleasure and for the implementation of Sharia law in all 50 States.

  • Aiden Memes
    Aiden Memes 18 days ago

    "You are a toy" - Woody

  • A. Allen Renshaw Jr.

    All the precious little triggered Trump snowflakes; maybe you folks need to find your safe spaces? That's okay. He'll be impeached soon enough. 🖕🏼

  • spencerpwnage
    spencerpwnage 18 days ago

    What the fuck...

  • Some British Bird
    Some British Bird 18 days ago

    Celebs think us everyday working people who actually pull our weight in society, give a shit about their political opinions. No. You dont like Trump, fuck off to another part of the world. Or better yet. Have a breakdown and just end your pathetic, whiney self.

  • ster crush3
    ster crush3 18 days ago

    make america gay again. What, when the fuck was it gay? Fuck, theres 2 types of these people, Gay people, Then theres faggots, and gay people are cool and i know alot of gay people, but faggots are a cancer. Same thing with us black people, theres black people...then theres niggas, and niggas are a cancer

  • David Doerr
    David Doerr 18 days ago

    Wow I'm gay, so I'm gonna leave so nobody kills me.

  • David Doerr
    David Doerr 18 days ago

    Wow people are so mean.

  • Lacey Noel
    Lacey Noel 18 days ago

    She's amazing, Trump supporters need to find a new hobby.

  • Lungbutter
    Lungbutter 18 days ago

    resist the Rothschild Zionist brainwashing machine

  • Scramblieggs
    Scramblieggs 18 days ago

    Apparently all those rich entitled twats in the audience are targets, seems legit.

  • DeansGTAmemes
    DeansGTAmemes 18 days ago

    As a straight white guy im feeling pretty fucking marginalised these days...

  • Elisha Joshua
    Elisha Joshua 18 days ago

    I've seen gays who are republican so you are stereotyping

  • Jeanette Wells
    Jeanette Wells 18 days ago

    Messing isn't very smart. She mentions her upcoming "Will and Grace," and then insults the president and his daughter who half the nation voted for! Not very smart, Debra! I bet lots of them will avoid your show. I think I will.

  • Meisei M.
    Meisei M. 18 days ago

    Do all of trumps supporters just follow and watch videos that don't agree with his agenda? Don't you guys have cousins to inbreed with and confederate flags to put on your ford trucks??

  • PB&Jrunr
    PB&Jrunr 18 days ago

    I did it! I resisted watching the rest of this.

  • jim ewok
    jim ewok 18 days ago

    wow, in case you couldn't figure out why the democrats have lost the center … this video is it.

  • Cool Mango
    Cool Mango 18 days ago

    These people are so out of touch with reality

  • lloydy woydy
    lloydy woydy 18 days ago


  • Hugo Smith
    Hugo Smith 18 days ago

    Please keep doing this. Please. You're creating so many Trumps.
    👌👌👌 #MAGA and again and again and again and...

  • Alex Pupo
    Alex Pupo 18 days ago

    white pride world wide!!!

  • Sarah Ballog
    Sarah Ballog 18 days ago

    go fuck your selves you perverted freaks

  • werethless12
    werethless12 18 days ago

    Wait... Who is this and why should we care what she says? "unenlightened, straight, cisgender, white male" Oh.. She's one of the brainwashed people that are now more racist and sexist than the people they are talking about... But seriously though, who the fuck is Debra Messing?

  • Timothy Benton
    Timothy Benton 18 days ago

    The media should change the courts? No you liberal fruitcake, the media should have ZERO effect on the courts, the only thing that should effect them is the constitution.
    And the religious liberty did not give the right to discriminate, the fact is it freed the people of faith from being discriminated against by the left, trying to force them to compromise his belief.

  • Lee John Shaw
    Lee John Shaw 18 days ago

    look everyone.... A fool

  • jakob crljenkovic
    jakob crljenkovic 18 days ago

    Another obvious reminder why trump is in the White House

  • Joshua Sinclair Gaines

    Getting very tiered of this routine.

  • Ethan Cox
    Ethan Cox 18 days ago

    words are worth nothing, clueless bitch has no idea about anything. This is pure cringe, Hollywood is in a fucking bubble...

  • Sarantos Kolliniatis

    More Youtube propaganda...

  • The Incandescent One

    >Encourages people to commit treasonSJW: clapclapclap

  • Adyn Stone
    Adyn Stone 18 days ago

    the only resistance is the resistance against virtue signaling SJW far left people like you by normal good people that don't riot and threaten to blown up the white house when they get there ideas challenged

  • af dadE
    af dadE 18 days ago

    Awee this D list actress thinks she can outdo the stupidity of meryl streep.......

    And she succeeded.... congrats.

  • Golden Arms
    Golden Arms 18 days ago

    just here to say stfu Debra Messing. also that dress makes u look huuuuuuge!

  • ShinyObsessed
    ShinyObsessed 18 days ago

    lol @ all the trump supporters targeting her because she's an actress.

    Your orange president came from reality TV yo.

  • CrimsonSpectre
    CrimsonSpectre 18 days ago

    The Trump derangement is so sad here.

    All these people, with all their money..yet they're all poor and sad.

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