Sri Lankan Gonnu

sri lankan gonnu saha pimpiyo

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Author geezeweezebabypls ( ago)
Srilanka nevei yako. Srilankans in singapore doing brothel.

Author geezeweezebabypls ( ago)
Have u ever bn to Singapore? or first off all to Srilanka? skin
complexion??? what all the people in srilanka are Marble white or coal
black?? listen to the audio carefully.. ""Huth**"" is not spoken by no
other. This is the faith of most of our housemaids.!

Author sanka dushmantha perera ( ago)
This is a not a sri lankan,,

Author universal ( ago)
when i was in singapore, i saw sri lankan prostitutes most of the areas....
indians are also there... it is true... we can't hide the truth...

Author Dhanushka Gunasinghe ( ago)
This is not srilanka...Fake

Author killer cruise ( ago)
This is a fake video. These arent sri lankans!

Author Sudesh pissa ( ago)
prostitution is everywhere man!!!

Author Thilan Gamage ( ago)
yako keribuwo, me wage ewa net ekata danna epa ban, lankawe evun vitharada
gonnu, uba anith ratawala gonnu dakala nadda... anika me lankawe aya nemei
kiyala ubata penne nadda..uda balagena kela gahaganna epa yako

Author chamalka ( ago)
@koolchico have u ever been to Singapore ?? check for geylang lorong 18
without writing crap here. ul find atleast 10or more sinhalese prostitutes
at any given time.just dun write crap here without knowing the truth.

Author viduramd ( ago)
@airpower123 That is why as a sinhalese u can find very different
individuals from each other as a process of mixing up between the four
tribes. and they say migration date is 20,000 years.. well very recently in
sri lanka we discoverd a 30,000 year old human body which is a part of a
whole settlement..

Author viduramd ( ago)
@airpower123 i have come across this map u sent me before.. But dont know
which group in sri lanka they examined. Well.. what our written history
says is that Sinhalese are not one genetic group. we are a mixture of 4
tribes. One aryan group, Vijaya, and 3 sri lankan indigenious tribes,
yakka, Naga, deva... they united under the king Pandukabhaya and later to
be known as Sive-Hela (sive =4, hela = lankans meaning 4 sri lankan tribe)
later to become Sinhala..

Author globalmove ( ago)
we srilankan have the most decent women cmparing to others tak this shit

Author koolchico ( ago)
This is not sri Lanka,

Author viduramd ( ago)
@keribuwa Im living in singapore mate.... and ur not the only one who can
say.. But only you can bark... btw, whats your problem.. it is those girls
pussy they use, not ur mothers or not ur own ass.. And if ur not a
prostitute, it aint ur problem. HAHAHAHAHA.... but i think you are.
HAHAHAHA.. btw, whats ur price? :P :P

Author viduramd ( ago)
@offline4u dear, there are sinhalese you will not distinguish from a north
indian. For example, my gf. Their skin complections and eye colour. Nose,
eyes, everything.. You cant ignore the fact that Vijaya, was an aryan, just
like most of the north indians. And I agree that the majority of the
sihalese looks like south indian. However, there are a lot of sinhalese who
look just like north indians. its more like you cant draw a clean line.

Author MsAsiangirl89 ( ago)
-.-...all over the world I guess.But embarased to c this, cos it says
SRILANKAN all over it.. But however sinhalese ppl still have culture not
same like western, so m still proud. Not every Srilankan is like this same,

Author upul2009 ( ago)
yako lankawe ewun witharada mewa karanne .....geylang wala thai, indunisia,
china, ewun mokada karanne .....mewa dana ewun ge rate ewun hoda ewun
lankawe ewun thama chatar,,,,,,,

Author viduramd ( ago)
I am a sri lankan living in singapore. However, this shit is not 100%
true... there are some sri lankan prostitutes there. However, they are not
even 1% of the prostitutes from thailand, vietnam. philipines, russian,
indian and etc.. Most of the time, people think the indian ppl are sri
lankans and sri lakan are indian... anyway.. it is not a big deal..
compared to how many prostitutes are in sri lanka, this is nothing..

Author AshokBhatnagar007 ( ago)
Just like sinhala people to spread there ethical monstrosities around the
world.......especially in the U.K, U.A.E. and America

Author Miranja Sameera ( ago)
@randunukumara uba kiyana eka hari me vage vada valin lankava thavath nondi
venava. eth me video capture karala upload kale lankave aya neme. meka TV
program ekak. documentary. eyala visthara karanava Singapore vala inna
prostitute la ganai pimps la ganai.

Author shamison1980 ( ago)
aaaaa kiribuwa(paw malli)..... Thaama beriunaada karaganna.....

Author Cynthia Knight ( ago)
Some of these comments ought not to be published. They are written no doubt
by Sri Lankan's who have no regard for themselves so how can they even
begin to understand the severity of the message this video carries.

Author bobbydex1 ( ago)
Ela onna lankawe ganunge haba thathwaya

Author Jigifanz ( ago)
lol.. sinhalese are born sluts.... jus like yo mama....

Author kevin hill ( ago)
ha ha. LTTE what is that. never heard of that. where is it. too bad after
we raped tamil whores they all went to canada to get a taste of white
dicks. no wonder what english said about tamils. tamils are born slaves.

Author Jigifanz ( ago)
hehehehe.... this guy goes on bout 83, in 83 we fucked sinhalese in the
form of LTTE... hey i think u r an old mofo hus cock doesn even stand now,,
so keep yo wrinkled peanut to yo self.... :P

Author kevin hill ( ago)
ha ha. in 1983 we raped your moma. in IDP camps we rape their daughters who
were born in 1984. aren't we lucky. lol.

Author Jigifanz ( ago)
lol, that was back in 83, buh loadsa sinhala slags love the taste of ma
cock and cum, especially yo mother.. i think you are an old sinhala
ponnaya... hik hik

Author kevin hill ( ago)
lol. i might be your dad. so many tamil bitches got the taste of my dick
back in 1983. lol.

Author Jigifanz ( ago)
i told ya, kevin is from a prostitute family...

Author kevin hill ( ago)
lol. is that why all the tamil bitches dewell for sinhala dicks. lol.

Author kevin hill ( ago)
ha ha. don't forget how we raped and chop your women in to pieces in 1983.
ask your mom how manly we are. lol.

Author Jigifanz ( ago)
Sinhala ganiyo bendhama patta wesiyo ne kohomatath

Author Jigifanz ( ago)
Hehe.. Raping is not manly, it shows yo disability to fuck a gal with
permission... ponnA sinhalyas are only in prostitution... i think kevins
sister is a slut in kuwait or middle east...

Author kevin hill ( ago)
lol. that's why we rape tamil women. he he.

Author Jigifanz ( ago)
@kevinhillvictoria sinhala belliyo yana thenaka wesakamata bahinawa..
jaathiye job eka ne... ara nil pahata wesi sinhalen kehaganneka thotA
therenneda pako... you slags

Author kevin hill ( ago)
he he. oh don't get angry. ofcourse these are tamil refugee bitches. your
moma must be one of them now why not go and sell your

Author chamalka ( ago)
have u been to singapore moron ??? go to gaylang loron 18 and find the
bitches most of them are sinhalese .. and i dont have time for filthy
village brutes like you . .... i didnt insult your mom right ????? just
fuck off

Author kevin hill ( ago)
people who make these videos and comment on your profile are ltte suckers.
these are tamil bitches who sell their asses.

Author kevin hill ( ago)
thanx. which one is your moma.

Author kevin hill ( ago)
he he. i raped your whore tamil moma in 1983. tamil bitches are all filthy

Author kevin hill ( ago)
i'm the pimp who sell your whore moma. lol.

Author kevin hill ( ago)
he he. yeah must be your whore moma and sister. lol.

Author kevin hill ( ago)
he he. we raped tamil bitches in 1983. mmmm. tamil bitches are so horny.

Author kevin hill ( ago)
he he. i raped your whore tamil moma in 1983. tamil bitches are all filthy

Author kevin hill ( ago)
umbe vesa amma thami ei. he he. tamils are selling their ugly asses. lol.

Author kevin hill ( ago)
these are tamil whores.

Author tharu fdo ( ago)
goda denek ehema tamai.. ekath badapu gaanu.. untai oya amaruwa... wadagath
widiyata geewath wena ayath natuwa emei.. unwath kanne oya naki gaanu
tamai.. danna hindai kiyanne

Author chamalka ( ago)
pissuda do me kunu ganunta puke arinna .. umba wage gonek karoth thamai
ithin ..othana inna pimpiyo set eka thoge ayyala neda ...

Author Peelam Donkey ( ago)
Hari... Ehenam...Allala...Puke...Arapan !

Author chamalka ( ago)
un demala newe doo sinhala///

Author sajitha4usl ( ago)
These are not only sri lankan. If anyone has done to singapore they will
know how many indian prostitutes are there. I fail to understand how cqan
anyone say sri lankan sinhala buddhist in describing them? Obviously this
is done with other motives. BTW indian guys are involved in gay prostitute
racket in major way. So this is better than that! This looks like some
cheap way to hit back at sri lanka after the end of war!

Author Reaper7738 ( ago)
Wtf dude Lmao Prostitutes are lame ...... :S Why cant people find a girl
and hang on lmao. Wtf they pey people to get laid :D hahaha. Seriously
these bitches are lame lame lame. Ado lankave gannnunta giya kalak ;S ;o

Author LtteBuster ( ago)
Demala Sakkilli Gonnu !

Author jai7231032 ( ago)
not tamil sri lankan

Author ivory Lanka ( ago)
truth hurts .. this is real srilankans in singappor . ask any one living
there . only i can say . truth hurts .............

Author mpksri ( ago)
aiyoo aiyoo lankawa ina bari gayana oya

Author chathu001 ( ago)
so its only me who didnt know about this

Author chamalka ( ago)
thts very true...every sri lankan who live in singapore know that

Author chathu001 ( ago)
i cant believe this .

Author ATrueSriLankan ( ago)
Hmm they seem to be from sl, i'm afraid, cos i think u could hear a sinhala
word in 1.27- 1.30. You could hear the words "newei yako". But i don't know
whether they are prostitutes. Even if they are if someone is lame enough to
generalize sri lankans based on it, i would say we do not seek their
acceptance. Its and attack video, so what. We are a proud race of people
and our ancestors were kings who ruled over fertile land.

Author chathu001 ( ago)
how do u know if they are sl ??

Author shamison1980 ( ago)
haha mata hithenne meka keribuwatama wechcha wedak... hahaha paw ane
keribuwa ..hoooooo

Author thackshila ( ago)
this is NOT about sri lanka, its about singapoer u fools!!! pls remove

Author aludnar ( ago)
poor soul !

Author ivory Lanka ( ago)
lots of pimps here .... got angry with me . wht to do ???

Author ranbonzy ( ago)
So, keribuwa is actually a keriya. The clip is apparently a home vedio.
Even though it claims there is no sign of prostitution. Keribuwa seems to
play part of LTTE terrorist propoganda in tarnishing image of Sri Lankans.
Apart from barbaric acts of LTTE, many LTTE supporters arae doing crimes
world wide.

Author kbthi ( ago)
eththa thiththadha pakayo! sinhalayo bihivune sinhayata nevei. ballanta
kiya tho dhanne neththa

Author kbthi ( ago)
sinhaya ukala newei sinhalayo bihivune. ballo hukalai vijaya epadhune. meka
ape kule varadhdha machang

Author xear3d ( ago)
dude, this commentary is auto generated. u sing some voice gear right?
obviousely, this "keribuwa" got turned down by some pros in singapore, and
made this one up for consolation, am I right keribuwa? Well I see that u
have some intelligence and the ego upto it and I suggest u put ur resources
for the betterment towards someone.

Author ivory Lanka ( ago)
mewa mulu lokema dakinna one . ape unge lejja nethi weda .. mewata tada
wenne mewa karana pimpiyanta saha gonnunta hah haha

Author Randunu Kumara ( ago)
Mewa Video Karala net ekata upload karanne Mole Amaru Karayo.Mewayen
Lankawa Thawath Nondi Wenawa.

Author sharukhkhannnn ( ago)
0779623879 -dhanushka 0719091120 - rithu sri lankan gonnu call and bang

Author NuNu Perez ( ago)
it is not about whether it is in another country or not...or whether the
girl is lankan or not...the issue is the prostiution and child prostiution
is a huge problem all around the world..i also dont belive it is these
females' is not easy as one imagines...espacially when you are
living in a third world country...

Author ivory Lanka ( ago)
we know who you are mahiluck . you are on of the pimp for them . dont be
angry . admit who who are

Author Mahinda Wijesekara ( ago)
mother fucker you are showing some irrelevant pictures from some other
country to discredit Sri Lnaka. I am sure you a ponnaya.

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