What If Every Human Ever Born Came Back to Life Today?

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  • Geometry Dash Somebody
    Geometry Dash Somebody 56 minutes ago

    I don't want Albert Fish to come back to life D:

  • that one dude you know

    Hm. if that happened wouldn't a large portion die minutes later anyways? Soldiers killed in battle, people who were murdered etc. etc. Their wounds would be there still wouldn't they?

  • David Helfrich
    David Helfrich 10 hours ago

    Hitler and the Nazis would unite with North Korea and ISIS, and mabye even Donald trump. Hitler: Mr.Trump you join me and my allies I will give you 1 billion dollars. Donald trump: ok I'll do it for the money hehehehe

  • David Helfrich
    David Helfrich 10 hours ago

    Hitler would be great at the game world conquer...

  • David Helfrich
    David Helfrich 11 hours ago

    Our founding fathers would be furious at what the USA has become.... I would say re elect the previous presidents....

  • David Helfrich
    David Helfrich 11 hours ago

    The people from Pompeii would ask why we were stupid and built next to the volcano again.

  • David Helfrich
    David Helfrich 11 hours ago

    Wait a sec that means osama bin laden and Hitler's would come back, shit... nooooooooooo

  • BloodKills
    BloodKills 12 hours ago

    Actually the average life expectancy in Canada is around 80-85

  • Sandy Redcloud
    Sandy Redcloud 14 hours ago

    the Chinese sultion

  • A_Gamer 1
    A_Gamer 1 20 hours ago

    If there were more people we would start living on planets and I'm pretty sure no one wants to live on Uranus

  • Rafael Hernandez
    Rafael Hernandez 1 day ago

    *H I T L E R H A S J O I N E D T H E G A M E* im sorry i had to

  • Moonclaw The Warrior

    What would happen if you died at sea, space, or on mount everest? You would die again pretty quickly.

  • Miles Hayford
    Miles Hayford 1 day ago

    proof that cremation is the way to go. how many cemetery's are there?

    GAMINGwithLEO 1 day ago

    Then famous people would be Rich af

  • Sarah Campbell
    Sarah Campbell 1 day ago

    We need to do that thing where they grow meat in labs

  • Sarah Campbell
    Sarah Campbell 1 day ago

    Well... we could use the land currently used for cemeteries for housing

  • Frank Albarran
    Frank Albarran 1 day ago

    We could only do this if we copied their brain's information on a computer and put it in a cloned body.

  • CaioNV
    CaioNV 1 day ago

    but what if humanity was not kill?

  • Lejla Omerovic
    Lejla Omerovic 1 day ago

    That means Hitler would come back... No thank you!

  • Tahamiakas Gaming

    How do you know how many humans have ever existed ?

  • Brandon Martinez
    Brandon Martinez 1 day ago

    all good rappers like Pac would come back

  • Maatin Michael
    Maatin Michael 1 day ago


  • waffielz yolo
    waffielz yolo 1 day ago

    i would move to Alaska so fast

  • UltraCreeperGaming

    its israel not palastine

  • Carter Sharpnack
    Carter Sharpnack 1 day ago

    he says more than any other point in our history that means we are giving birth fast and we live long

  • Danny
    Danny 1 day ago

    Mind Blow.... fuck haha

  • WarriorsShotz
    WarriorsShotz 2 days ago

    There is 7.5 billion people on Earth. Not freaking 108 billion

  • Ivy A Nguyen
    Ivy A Nguyen 2 days ago

    How many humans could we support if every single resource were used 100% optimally? Like if nothing was put to waste, everyone ate & drank only exactly what was most optimal for themselves, etc.

  • Madball NY
    Madball NY 2 days ago

    3:52 it looks like is England because you speak about them in that moment, but actually it is the Royal Palace in Madrid (Spain)

  • GoldBallsOfSteel
    GoldBallsOfSteel 2 days ago

    "State of Palestine"? Fuck you, pretentious prick.

  • Pedri Randulfe Díez

    3:54 You said english arystocrazy and thats the royal palaca in Madrid ;v

  • Lime Crab
    Lime Crab 2 days ago

    Trump is going to need to make his wall higher

  • saaid king9
    saaid king9 2 days ago

    سوي ترجمة عربية

  • Renwick010
    Renwick010 2 days ago

    does this include abortions?

  • Atreus Martin
    Atreus Martin 2 days ago

    Thousands ? 😂 you mean 400,000 thousand dumbass.

  • Mistress Voldemort
    Mistress Voldemort 2 days ago

    Can't imagine how crowded would that be!!! 😨😨😨
    Even now I feel that my small city is too crowded.
    Agoraphobic like me would probably dead in an instant if this happened. 😅

  • Toco
    Toco 2 days ago

    *Kim Jong-Un got more people added to his army*

  • Arthur Thaete
    Arthur Thaete 2 days ago

    There are more testicles in the world than people

  • Arthur Thaete
    Arthur Thaete 2 days ago

    Stop having so many babies... ya I'm talking you Asia

  • Cheesy N Crackers
    Cheesy N Crackers 2 days ago

    I wanna write a book about a person who gets raised from the dead and spends the entire novel going through crazy adventures to head back home.

  • visjespiering
    visjespiering 2 days ago

    Ik everyone came back from the dead. We know That elvis Presley is alive for sure.

  • cine mejillas
    cine mejillas 2 days ago

    imagine all the prophet are back to life I think it will be a world of piece.... yes it will be a world of piece..why not if everyone will be reunited with all his ancestors...

  • cine mejillas
    cine mejillas 2 days ago

    I always have those questions that are asked in your videos I feel that I am lucky finding you where were you before ?

  • wolf wolf
    wolf wolf 2 days ago

    if every one human come back to life, most of the humans die because Hitler, Stalin and other evil peson will be alive

  • Achyut Bhattarai
    Achyut Bhattarai 3 days ago

    It's everyday bro with Disney channel flow

  • Cache Cole
    Cache Cole 3 days ago

    I van finally meet my idol! Adolf Hitler!

  • Njihjk Zero
    Njihjk Zero 3 days ago

    darn zombie immigrants starting a global apocalypse.

  • afterwards
    afterwards 3 days ago

    what if someone died like a few minutes before everyone came back to life??

  • Ian O'Shaughnessy
    Ian O'Shaughnessy 3 days ago

    that would mean tupac shakur would be back!!!

  • Zefram Cochrane
    Zefram Cochrane 3 days ago

    "If they all came back, they would likely be young".
    They'd all be fetuses.

  • Slow Progress
    Slow Progress 3 days ago

    What makes you think all humans alive today would survive this?

  • Fubuki 1217
    Fubuki 1217 3 days ago

    Our ancestors we'd be disappointed in how low we have become...

  • Rj Simas
    Rj Simas 3 days ago

    Elvis would come back and find thousands of impersonators.

  • Ferus2 Productions
    Ferus2 Productions 3 days ago

    Hitler will fix all the problems

  • Zain Khan
    Zain Khan 3 days ago

    What would happen if I die and my Widow Remarried and again I came to life?

  • Malcom Zuhair
    Malcom Zuhair 3 days ago

    judgment day

  • Malcom Zuhair
    Malcom Zuhair 3 days ago

    youm alqiama

  • Ryuly ooo
    Ryuly ooo 3 days ago

    yay I get to see my ancestors and my great grandmother

  • SS-Obergruppenführer John Smith

    Like everyone is wearing weird ass costumes some are like random ass shit put together.

  • Bassem Jaber
    Bassem Jaber 3 days ago

    islamic caliphate was the light age of human beings

  • limitedwarz
    limitedwarz 4 days ago

    So that means Jesus will be alive! ;)

  • A guy from Canada
    A guy from Canada 4 days ago

    Oh shit
    Its hitler

    He's alive

  • Emmalee W.
    Emmalee W. 4 days ago

    I've been on YouTube for 5 hours....how did I get here

  • Varun Gandhi
    Varun Gandhi 4 days ago

    25%> people will come back in buildings and hills and die of suffocation

  • Negnav123
    Negnav123 4 days ago

    Fuck of i dont want Hitler or Bin Laden back.

  • KuteKitty
    KuteKitty 4 days ago

    if you think about it, they would die from diseases as well...

  • .
    . 4 days ago

    What if every living organism came back to life? Even insects, bacteria and other organisms with huge populations and short lifespans.

  • Matthew Baka
    Matthew Baka 4 days ago

    Actually there'd be more women. Yes more men were adults but women were raised more negligently or even abandoned because men were preferred culturally . Sperm is 50% XX and 50% XY but XY zygotes are slightly more likely to be aborted by the female body.

    Interestingly the women would be older because lots of men died in battle or in other kinds of violence when young.

  • Alpacas Unite
    Alpacas Unite 4 days ago

    2pac teaching these new rappers how to rap

  • Eden Beck
    Eden Beck 4 days ago

    Moral of the video: Use a condom, god dammit!

  • Marshall Thompson
    Marshall Thompson 4 days ago

    3:24 looks like everyone is expected to live for 622 years lol

  • Michael R
    Michael R 4 days ago

    if all he dead people came back to life it means that jesus would live among us

  • Don't Read My Profile Picture

    What if reincarnations was real and this number like, halved?

    FIFAGAMER92 4 days ago

    Hitler joins ISIS...

  • yo its ryan md
    yo its ryan md 4 days ago

    Zombies basically right?

  • SiRobin
    SiRobin 4 days ago

    you will never know who i am BWAHAHAHAHAH

  • Samuel Callejo
    Samuel Callejo 4 days ago

    What if every video game character was spawned into the real world?

  • Samuel Callejo
    Samuel Callejo 4 days ago

    Then that means Stalin and Hitler are brought back to life

    I wonder what they'd think about all the memes on them

  • Makayla Rockne
    Makayla Rockne 5 days ago

    if this happens we need to make sure to keep George Washington and king George lll away from each other

    HOW TO SIMPLE 5 days ago

    jesus is a human too, right?

  • Makayla Rockne
    Makayla Rockne 5 days ago

    I just realized... Hitler would come back

  • 13StJimmy
    13StJimmy 5 days ago

    "We need a new plague" - Dwight Schrute

  • wassim bouchnak
    wassim bouchnak 5 days ago

    i think africa alone can feed more than 10 billion

  • Nika Zakaidze
    Nika Zakaidze 5 days ago

    Alexander Hamilton playing on the Hamilton musical

  • Amalia Bowman
    Amalia Bowman 5 days ago

    If this happens I would be able to meet my poppy

  • Bas Gorter
    Bas Gorter 5 days ago

    3:14 how does that work lol?

    DEDSEC MIAMI 5 days ago

    If this happened then I would definitely have to wait at GameStop at midnight to get the new cod game

  • W.P.O.D
    W.P.O.D 5 days ago

    the fuhrer comes back and nukes all the jews

  • ItsGigi
    ItsGigi 5 days ago

    what if someo died on an island that doesn't exist? or in a spot where a wall of a building is now?

  • Matt Obra
    Matt Obra 5 days ago

    All of our religion across the world will be fucked especially Christianity.

  • SFPatello
    SFPatello 5 days ago

    Jesus would immediately dissociate himself from the Church.

  • Carlos_mar1a
    Carlos_mar1a 5 days ago

    finally 400 years in prison makes since

  • Kronical _
    Kronical _ 5 days ago

    Is it me or is it so tempting to click on every real life lore video?

  • Antonis Anagenniménos

    Title has nothing to do with what this dick is dribbling.

  • Dragoteryx
    Dragoteryx 5 days ago

    Zombie apocalypse.

  • CaMeX
    CaMeX 5 days ago

    4:22 has a double heart <33

  • cool faces
    cool faces 5 days ago

    There were more humans on Earth 1 second ago that now lol

  • Fingers998
    Fingers998 5 days ago

    So I can play FIFA with the actual Jesus?

  • ahmed kailany
    ahmed kailany 5 days ago

    Fuck Israel

  • shawn dahl
    shawn dahl 5 days ago

    This makes me wonder, What is the current population of the dead today? Not some estimation but the bodies we can count. how close to the 100 billion do we come to?

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