Manava Polynesia- Competition Ahuroa

hura tahiti competition 2007 -- group slow dance category called the 'ahuroa'. we won 1st place!!! =] Read about Orange County's latest polynesian news:

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Author gemjuni2 (7 years)
This is very beautiful and I love that the girls are so into the dance and
beautiful singing it too! Very gracious and very smooth !! GREAT JOB gals !
I love it !

Author chivislh (7 years)
i love the song, i would like to have the lyric and the translation

Author rchs4me (5 years)
What city are you located in and do you have a website? Thank you!

Author Hazer Knowl (6 years)
wats tha name of dis song??blz

Author LurpyBoyz (3 years)
whats the song called?

Author supermaroch (4 years)
nice dance and a beautiful song too. what does the song mean? in
english.someone help me?

Author teriimataha ahuura (7 years)
Iaorana, very nice Ahuroa under the Sabrina Lauglhin's song called "Rui

Author FOBZVILLE28 (6 years)
hey you spelt maruru wrong its spelt mauruuru..

Author Corinne G (6 years)

Author Corinne G (7 years)
thank u for the nice comments! :) the song is called ruii hanahana.

Author il0vej0emama (6 years)
The Glorious Moon =)

Author Tayna McCane (1 year)
corrine is this a cook island song or a tahitian

Author Somekindabeautiful (7 years)
you guys did so good! <3 kanoa

Author SOLI2564 (6 years)
hey can u plese tell me the song you are dancing too.. Great job girls... :D

Author Mitch Asuncion (2 years)
Aww i remember this =) was fun performing with you guys! Miss those dayz..

Author Azahara Sahara (4 years)
Beautiful dance and song -a joy to watch, well done ladies

Author vaonlafo (6 years)
beautiful u guys did such a great job maruru

Author susana v (6 years)
hi wat cd can i get dis song from or wea can i download dis song from

Author Corinne G (6 years)
Rui Hanahana

Author maui318 (6 years)
You know why your the best because you aint skinny like that chick next to
you she look a hott mess! your awsome girl keep it up

Author Corinne G (6 years)
its called Rui Hanahana =]

Author wittylady39 (6 years)
very nice!! we want to do the dance on our christmas party on december 19
but i cant find the song at limewire! pls help me find it

Author Hazer Knowl (3 years)
whats the name of this song plz??

Author Tayna McCane (6 years)
shot corrine u looking good go hard

Author il0vej0emama (6 years)
Rui Hanahana, there's a version sung by Sabrina Laughlin

Author Maka Prosser (7 years)
beautiful...what song is this?

Author il0vej0emama (6 years)
I love Sabrina Laughlin's song Rori Rori =]

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