hanafuda cards (fortune telling)

Demonstrating a reading with Hanafuda / Hwatu cards, from Korea

Introduced to Korea by the Japanese, they are popularly used as a gambling game, and also fortune-telling cards.

The future can only be told for the individual who is handling the cards -- one cannot read the future for someone else with them. If someone else were to touch the cards while they are being delt, it spoils the reading, and the dealer must begin again, with a fresh shuffle and deal.

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Author sehrgut42 (11 months)
Where did you learn this method? I've not found it referenced anywhere

Author chuacasper (3 years)
i always get a chang pair lol

Author ParaGlitter (4 years)
No, these are traditional styled cards, but, all Hanafuda cards have some
similarities in their basic designs.

Author wezzery (4 years)
never heard of those before cool stuff

Author Sailor Saturn (2 years)
How .... O_O

Author Kreblink (4 years)
Ha ha ha, it's amazing how many people are being introduced to these cards
by the ones on club Nintendo.

Author chuacasper (3 years)
this also can call War of Flowers

Author ParaGlitter (4 years)
@Plentidar Never heard of "plentidar cards" I'll have to Google them

Author Nexmors (4 years)
I have a similar deck given to me by my father. Could you please tell me
the meanings of the cards or a website I can go to for fortune telling with
these unique cards.

Author AcidEntertainment (4 years)
Cool idea to show how to use the cards. Love your ring!

Author ParaGlitter (4 years)
@Kreblink Before video game technology, Nintendo was a hanafuda card company

Author Kenadit2 (4 years)
u suck

Author Christopher Hill (1 year)
this looks like a game of patience or "solitaire" in usa. In playing card
fortune telling playing patience/solitaire works in the same way. if the
solitaire/patience doesn't work out then the answer is a "no" but if you
complete the game then the answer is "yes" I Read playing cards, tarot, mah
jong, palms and crystal ball. this has been an interesting video. many
thanks x

Author TheSilas117 (2 years)
This is what happens when foreign devilry corrupts the younger generation.
God will have his vengeance. Rick Perry 2012.

Author Ruko Hanaji (3 years)
Interesting! A few months back I got a hwatu deck, and saw that the suits
had little words printed on them ("news,tidings" for pine, "travel" for
cherry, etc) and had no idea why. Now I'm going to have to give this a try.

Author Ericard Belmont (3 years)
not working.

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