Amazing Scissor to Death!

Great sexy scissor in this rare female ninja film.

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Author lovejudogirls (4 months)
wears them crazy girls at?

Author chicoisgod (4 years)
@scissorphilip cant think of any... nope no clips to the right or anything
that you would like

Author djamac360 (4 years)
What The HEll!

Author ctvpmike (2 years)
Think if her pussy have fangs.

Author Javier Erazo Rodriguez (2 years)
oooohh me vine

Author hiram hernandez (1 year)
me too

Author darkgodnaar (4 years)
excellent work. keep 'em coming guv.

Author dasMasturbieren (3 years)
Thats the way I'd like to die, between a girls sexy legs with a hard on.

Author biggin105 (4 years)
well i guess that about as weered as it ever getting 2 b on u tubes. was
that dude ok?? n e body no?

Author jerry rios (4 years)
what movie is this

Author Jr Johnbarn (1 year)
Its actually quite funny, lol.

Author fjvideo (4 years)
Oh no, not the bubbles!

Author tubumu (3 years)
Sexy women killing with their legs. Never gets old.

Mm.. Love it! I want to be choked like him ))

Author lisolangka (4 years)
@lutheranshadowpriest s h u t t h e f u c k u p a s s h o l e

Author TheDragon0287 (1 year)
I love how he goes all cross eyed when she stomps his

Author scissorphilip (4 years)
nice way to kill, jumping onto his shoulders, strangling him with her legs,
would be perfect if she put his face in her crotch and smothered him to
death, while squeezing his head between her thighs, would love to see more
woman kill like this, can anyone name other films that show women killing
like that.

Author neddyf00 (5 years)

Author Darth Fexx (4 years)
Which is the name of this movie?

Author kevdmorpheus2000 (5 years)
great clip. from what film is this ?

Author bos7oq (2 years)
i want die like that

Author chicoisgod (4 years)
omg this vid is amazing! total proof that yes! asians are fucking wierd

Author JumpstyleFanatic (4 years)

Author TheDragon0287 (1 year)
He should have used his tongue...

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