AKC Concord USA Flag OTF - Double Action Out the Front Knife

Out of the Front - Double Action
Full Auto Knife


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Author Exiled Exports LLC (5 years)
Carbon fiber on what? There really are not carbon fiber stilettos that use
real carbon fiber, it is an imitation. The only real carbon fiber is on a
custom made model, I have some listed in my store.

Author TOPTACO (3 years)
Just got the black tactical version. Good Blade

Author Exiled Exports LLC (5 years)
Other examples have round, square and diamond cross sections. The word
stiletto may sometimes be used in American English to refer to a
switchblade. Stiletto may also be used specifically for a knife exhibiting
the same triangular cross-section and hollow grind as a small sword.

Author Giovanni Corleone (1 year)
ok thx alot, but i have one last question, because i collect knife like
this (i'm thinking of buying one) i would like to have a good quality it made good?? or are the parts all wobbly and like that.... thx
for the info :D and keep up the vids:D

Author Exiled Exports LLC (5 years)
Tactical simply refers to a blade blade, black handle style.

Author Giovanni Corleone (1 year)
can the akc knife just go though paper?? or also other stuff?? my teacher
had one and his went of in his pocket as he was walking, and is went
thought his trousers, luckily he didn't hit his dick!! :O hahah

Author Exiled Exports LLC (4 years)
They are completely different styles one is a top mount trigger and the
other is a spine trigger, the internals are different as well with the lock
up design as well. Then it is a comparison of Taiwan vs Italy again but on
non similar items. Both are good quality

Author Exiled Exports LLC (1 year)
Better than Chinese crap. But do the math $65 to $80 depending on the
Italian model vs. $300 plus for USA made models. With price comes quality.

Author Exiled Exports LLC (1 year)
Jeans, no way it wouldn't go through, it would fire but not lock up and
then might cut the pants, light weight kaki shit or dress pants, yeah it
might go through but hard to believe it would lock up in the open position.
And going off is pretty hard to get the button to move that is why there
are no safeties on dual action, so must have been running or doing
something crazy for it to deploy the blade.

Author ALMYCorporations (5 years)
Looks pretty cool. Wouldnt use it for heavy duty use but i guess id buy it
to show it off.

Author Exiled Exports LLC (5 years)
It is possible depending on who you are.

Author busyhands94 (4 years)
that switchblade has a beautiful sounding click!

Author Iskateanything (5 years)
your going to make a fortune once I turn 18 =P

Author Exiled Exports LLC (4 years)
This is made in Italy, better is actually debatable, but they are different
designs so it is more of a question of style then quality.

Author Exiled Exports LLC (5 years)
A Stiletto is a type of knife blade. A stiletto is a short knife or dagger,
with a long slender blade of various designs. This dagger is primarily a
stabbing weapon, its narrow shape ending in a rigid pointed end allows it
to penetrate deeply. It is not suited for cutting, even with edged
examples. A typical early stiletto was a one piece cast metal handle and
blade, that was then hammer forged in a "V" groove anvil producing a
triangular blade cross section without any sharpened edges.

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