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  • amalia garcia
    amalia garcia 7 hours ago

    can you also use milk instead of water

  • Vanessa Zink
    Vanessa Zink 13 hours ago

    Is it bad that I, as a human, want to eat the peanut butter biscuits?

  • Legosteph Productions
    Legosteph Productions 19 hours ago

    My dogs name is cookie

  • Amarise Stearns
    Amarise Stearns 19 hours ago

    i celebrate my dogs birth day i think of my dogs as my kids i love em and they were born on my birth day to

  • Kelcie's World
    Kelcie's World 1 day ago

    thumbs up if ur watching in 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

  • Austria Pacheco
    Austria Pacheco 1 day ago

    Nor true Vickey S

  • NotImpossible
    NotImpossible 1 day ago

    My dog only eats meat... he has food allergies HELP

  • Mikaila Daviston
    Mikaila Daviston 1 day ago

    i wacth em to

  • Mikaila Daviston
    Mikaila Daviston 1 day ago


  • Brianna Sanchez
    Brianna Sanchez 1 day ago

    This is Sparkie 🐶 she needs an owner.
    Like: 2 friends
    Reply: Get to an animal shelter
    Subscribe: Gets an owner

  • suresh negi
    suresh negi 2 days ago

    Happy birthday

  • The Grand Gamer
    The Grand Gamer 3 days ago

    N. H n


  • Daisy Hall
    Daisy Hall 3 days ago


  • Savannah Howard
    Savannah Howard 3 days ago

    I watch her videos because I think the food she makes is really good I mean besides the dog food but I really liked the drinkable love potion I think it was very fun to make and I used the potion for part of my birthday party theme Harry Potter

  • kittenator
    kittenator 3 days ago

    4:30 for the diy cake

  • Ciao Em
    Ciao Em 4 days ago

    The dog cannot eat cheddar!!

  • tullabeee
    tullabeee 4 days ago

    This is Rover🐶
    Don't let him drown
    in the sea of comments.
    Good luck🍀🍀🍀

  • Dagny Krampitz
    Dagny Krampitz 5 days ago

    Rosanna I made 6 batches of the peanut butter treats my dogs absolutely LOVE them!!

  • Griselda Marin
    Griselda Marin 6 days ago

    This will help me to make my dog her birthday cake and some treats . today is 🐶🎁🛍🎉her birthday she's turning six months

  • D O G G O
    D O G G O 6 days ago

    Yay for me

  • david cruz
    david cruz 6 days ago

    Vicky I do that too

  • david cruz
    david cruz 6 days ago

    It looks like poop💩💩💩💩💩

  • Maria Elena Morales

    Cookie is adorable I love her

  • Bry Watson
    Bry Watson 6 days ago

    Today is my dogs 9th birthday! I love her I am going to make all of these!

  • Hannah Howard
    Hannah Howard 6 days ago

    btw I'm kelliannah Howard not Hannah my sises name is hannah

  • Hannah Howard
    Hannah Howard 6 days ago

    guys please believe me but September 12 2008 is when I was born so she made this video on my birthday! I turned 7 at the time now I'm 8 I'm almost 9

  • YouTubeLoving Girlz

    Thank you SOOO much! My dogs birthday is on my birthday! Now I know what cake I can make and other stuff! 😊😜

  • Unicorn_ Girl30
    Unicorn_ Girl30 7 days ago

    Cookie is super lucky to have Rosanna as an oner😜😂

  • Mrs Clifford
    Mrs Clifford 7 days ago

    Im going to look at dogs tomorrow, I cant wait!

  • Clifford Stevens
    Clifford Stevens 7 days ago

    sooooooo cute

  • Alexis Servin
    Alexis Servin 7 days ago

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY that is so cool .Your dogs have a good mom 😊💖

  • Im Fabooles
    Im Fabooles 8 days ago


  • Marianna Hernandez
    Marianna Hernandez 8 days ago

    my dogs b day passed it was on 15 of June she turn 2 and we forgot to make her feel special especially since she's a pug I feel so bad now😭😭😭😭😭

  • Im Fabooles
    Im Fabooles 8 days ago

    Happy birthday

  • meme trash
    meme trash 8 days ago

    it's my dogs 10th birthday! definitely gonna make a cake 💗

  • Candy Lau
    Candy Lau 8 days ago

    Can you make a tree treats

  • Amethyst Sparkles
    Amethyst Sparkles 8 days ago

    I don't even have dog yet I'm watching this👻

  • Felicia Pokemon
    Felicia Pokemon 8 days ago

    I like husky (but puppy)1 like for that people who like husky:D

  • Monette Williams
    Monette Williams 9 days ago

    tell me what kind of dogs you have I have a baby Chihuahua

  • Leni Loud
    Leni Loud 9 days ago

    It was SO NICE of Ro to do that to Cookie!

  • Jasmine Moore
    Jasmine Moore 9 days ago


  • Melrose Onyechi
    Melrose Onyechi 9 days ago


  • GoldenRBLX
    GoldenRBLX 10 days ago

    Replay 6:57. Did she burp???

  • 2006 Maria Rawecka
    2006 Maria Rawecka 10 days ago

    I love it on my YouTube channel I have a pupy week on which I do things only for my dog like DIY treats

  • 2006 Maria Rawecka
    2006 Maria Rawecka 10 days ago

    I love it on my YouTube channel I have a pupy week on which I do things only for my dog like DIY treats

  • silly unicorn
    silly unicorn 10 days ago

    my dogs name is also cookie

  • ROSEbud1234543
    ROSEbud1234543 11 days ago

    can you make cat food

  • Kim Castellanos
    Kim Castellanos 11 days ago

    Its so cute 😍

  • Barbara Joy Juday
    Barbara Joy Juday 11 days ago

    Happy birthday Cookie

  • Brian Gunderman
    Brian Gunderman 11 days ago

    do you have to use beef for the cake?

  • Даша Ефимова

    What I can use instead PB?

  • Alana Perez
    Alana Perez 11 days ago

    get it

  • Alana Perez
    Alana Perez 11 days ago

    Does cookie like cookies too

  • Liana Martinez
    Liana Martinez 11 days ago

    Does anyone know if she lives in Texas?? Or a different state???

  • Sonia Rivas
    Sonia Rivas 11 days ago


  • Kelissa Revilla
    Kelissa Revilla 11 days ago

    he love peanutbutter and banana why not make a cookie special for dog

  • The AAHB Show
    The AAHB Show 12 days ago

    Ro: I don't know about your dog but my dog
    Me: Ye my dogs LOVES chicken
    Ro: ice cubes!
    Me: yeh- oh wait, no

  • Kirina Von Moonlight

    can you make cat treats

  • melia design
    melia design 12 days ago


  • isaac rodirguez
    isaac rodirguez 12 days ago


  • McKenna Downs
    McKenna Downs 12 days ago

    Ro if you are putting a sticky liquid in a bowl spray it with a grease spray( pam ) or butter.

  • Aleya Carpio
    Aleya Carpio 12 days ago

    Ako ay american, pilipino, kaonteng french, at mostly parang canada

  • Aleya Carpio
    Aleya Carpio 12 days ago

    Bonjeur Cookie.

  • Skylar Kelly
    Skylar Kelly 13 days ago

    You are amazing bc I'm going to make that cake for my pet monkey he loves bananas and peanut butter

  • Melanie Hernandez
    Melanie Hernandez 13 days ago

    l loved them happy b day cookie l hope that you maded a wish😘 l also go bananas

  • Maritza Roque
    Maritza Roque 13 days ago

    Honesty I want those biscuits

  • Eduardo Solis
    Eduardo Solis 13 days ago

    I bought a puppy today!😅

  • universepanda 24
    universepanda 24 13 days ago

    i love how the dog just waited for their slice instead of trying to eat the other ones

  • Rupu Peu
    Rupu Peu 13 days ago

    happy birthday cookie.

  • YouTube is my life
    YouTube is my life 13 days ago

    Funny, today is my uncles birthday

  • Jessica Ruiz
    Jessica Ruiz 14 days ago

    I have a dog name cookie to !🐕🐶

  • lps sprinkles
    lps sprinkles 14 days ago

    Im going to make the cake for my dog. She's turning 11 on Friday (June 16) and we found out Saturday (June 10) That she has cancer and many other symptoms. This is common for her breed (she's a Yorkie mixed with bichon) and I feel like shes getting old and about ready to rest. She can't even go down the stairs very well. Her name is Zoey and i just want to do something special for her. She's been there since I was born and she's been my little puppy. I love her and thank you Ro for making this recipe. Im sure she will love it.

  • Shayla Campbell
    Shayla Campbell 14 days ago


  • Gamestyle 20
    Gamestyle 20 15 days ago

    I wanna be her dog.

  • Melanie'sCrybabySeeds

    So in the future i want a dog and a cat

  • Rila Karmila
    Rila Karmila 15 days ago

    Happy birthday 🎉 cookie ro my dog is same as you your treats are the perfect 👌 for my birthday 🎉 party too

    AINSLEY RUCHTI 15 days ago

    Thank you so much my dog loves them

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 16 days ago

    I wish cookie the happiest birthday ever!!!

  • NerdGaming02
    NerdGaming02 16 days ago

    Same with my dog she loves ice

  • Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Shiny Blue Ball

    I don't think these would work for my doggy unfortunately! Like for a chihuahua-yorkshire mixed puppy these would be impossible to munch on 😂😂😂, for example she is sooooo tiny that I have to wet the dry food with warm water for her to be able to chew it 😂😂😂

  • Crazy Cat Animates
    Crazy Cat Animates 16 days ago

    Me and Cookie share the same birthday 😀😀😀

  • Uma Van Mierlo
    Uma Van Mierlo 16 days ago

    is peanut butter good for dogs is it safe

  • Lula Laloka
    Lula Laloka 17 days ago

    Like is u are watching this on 2017

  • Lula Laloka
    Lula Laloka 17 days ago

    Most of this we humans can eat them right?

  • Taffy hope
    Taffy hope 17 days ago

    What can I use for my dog instead of honey?

  • christina mathiou
    christina mathiou 18 days ago

    this video is fantastik

  • toni knight
    toni knight 18 days ago

    ...what do you mean with woof woof

  • Fuzzycloud15
    Fuzzycloud15 18 days ago

    Happy b day Cookie!:)

  • Fuzzycloud15
    Fuzzycloud15 18 days ago


  • Cupcake's Life
    Cupcake's Life 19 days ago

    PLZ DO DIY CAT TREATS!!!!!!!!!!!PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!!!!

  • Rosa Morfin
    Rosa Morfin 19 days ago

    What Rmyes with fork? Feok get it fork foek

  • Kristen Sullivan
    Kristen Sullivan 19 days ago

    can you self eat it ??

  • Evelyn Ramirez
    Evelyn Ramirez 19 days ago

    Happy birthday cookie😊😊🐶🐶🐶😍😍😍😍😍

  • Cool Ender
    Cool Ender 20 days ago

    happy birthday cookie I love you

  • ch ch
    ch ch 20 days ago

    your french bulldog is so cute

  • Nixi's Shopkins
    Nixi's Shopkins 20 days ago

    ): i wish i have a dog i do but its not really ,y dog so ):

  • Kamila Chavez
    Kamila Chavez 20 days ago

    This was one day after my birthday

  • Evelina
    Evelina 21 day ago

    My rabbit is going to love this!!

    GOTCHA! Im not really going to make this to my rabbits😂❤️

  • Avery Gilliland
    Avery Gilliland 21 day ago

    Could you substitute the peanut butter for other things

  • Avery Gilliland
    Avery Gilliland 21 day ago

    I sat with my dog while watching this

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