How to Grow Blueberry Plants in a Container - Gurney's Video - In this video, Felix from Gurney's talks about blueberry plants and how to grow them in a container. You want to use a large container, such as a whiskey barrel. This Ka-Bluey blueberry plant is only 3 years old and produced 5 - 6 quarts of blueberries in its second year! If you only have a patio or if your soil type is too alkaline, growing your blueberry plant in a container is the way to go.

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Author ĦŏŔƦʘʀ ɕɧȀȠƝēȴ (7 months)
so the new blueberry you sold me this year should fruit this year awsome!!!

Author N.E.Arkansas Trash Trucks&Lottery (2 years)
@FlintMich Since they didn't answer you I will.I am not a professional but
if you leave that outside you should pack aroung the bottom of it with pine
mulch and maybe cover it with some kinda cloth when you get below zero.You
know kinda protect it all you can then you probably be ok my guess?

Author donnyab (1 year)
what the hell is a quart ?

Author FlintMich (3 years)
Would I have to drag the barrel inside during our brutal winters? or would
it survive the freeze ? I normally have to bring my potted plants in but I
can't see myself trying to get that big planter down my stairs....

Author wish2bAnonymous (1 year)
It's a unit of measurement.

Author swimbait1 (4 years)
If you don't mind, what was the soil mix you used for this plant? Thank

Author martysgarden (2 years)
I need to go to the nursery and buy one of these, the fruits are beautiful
and they are classed as a superfood.

Author SocialNews (2 years)
I cant seem to find a plant anywhere here where I live. But i will keep

Author coolsk83rjay (4 years)
how long for germination

Author Annahealthseeker (3 years)
@swimbait1 They use "Blueberry Success Mix" sold on their website.

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