Sam Harris Discusses His Ben Affleck Debate on Real Time with Bill Maher

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    Sam Harris joins Dave Rubin to discuss his appearance on 'Real Time with Bill Maher' where he and Ben Affleck debated the difference between Muslim people and the doctrine of Islam. This is part 1 of a Sam Harris interview with Dave Rubin about religion, politics, free speech and more.

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    Sam Harris
    Author & Neuroscientist
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  • sko ducks
    sko ducks 9 hours ago

    Ben legit did look really coked out...

  • K A
    K A 10 hours ago

    Dave is such a cunt

  • Sheik Husseain
    Sheik Husseain 1 day ago

    bin is an idiot

  • Jeff Gilbert
    Jeff Gilbert 2 days ago

    Two Genders (male,female) One Race (Human) Many Tribes (Japhethites, Semites and Hamites)
    Don't say nothing, Where do you think the term Anti-Semite came from?

  • BonzoBluegreen
    BonzoBluegreen 2 days ago

    Ben Afflek's underbite is bigger than his IQ. I'm not sure exactly that means. But I give his underbite a 10. So Ben must be pretty stupid.

  • Mathew Dye
    Mathew Dye 2 days ago

    Rubin is just a Sam Harris fanboy and blah blah bla blah

  • sal christy
    sal christy 3 days ago

    Haha ben has this set anger that he can't get out of cuz he's too stupid to listen. Its a combination of him wanting people to like him, and he's dopey!! And notice how he can't be real?? Like he doesn't know how to NOT act. He's too dopey to engage in a conversation so he goes to his "im a liberal no matter what" script and can't snap out of it!! He needs a propeller hat and a paddle ball!! And go get a manicure and a eyebrow wax you girly bitch of a man! I bet you can't change a lightbulb you pussy

  • Brakiri
    Brakiri 3 days ago

    I will never understand why people listen to Hollywood stars and take their opinions seriously. Most of them never finished high school, don't have a degree in anything interlectually challenging and have no clue about reality. Most are low educated people who don't have the time or inclination to educate themselves. So why listen to morons who don't know what they are saying for your own deliberations? Because they are famous? Not a good reason.

  • J Garvey
    J Garvey 3 days ago

    But but but ben had a great time in the middle east filming a movie in the lap of luxury. That made him a islam expert .

  • john doe
    john doe 5 days ago

    Endowed by our forefathers?! XD

  • SEADiablo
    SEADiablo 5 days ago

    Ben... uninformed fuckwittery.

  • Ray medamiedo
    Ray medamiedo 6 days ago

    Lol, I've also been tagged as racist and intolerant amongst my friends for talking abut Islam. Now they think I'm the guy who supports Trump and believes in conspiracies. Most of the people are living in an island of ignorance and will go nuts the moment you confront their belief system with facts.

  • TTV5
    TTV5 8 days ago

    And it all went downhill from there

  • Ahmed Anssaien
    Ahmed Anssaien 9 days ago

    Dave Rubin would make an excellent Joker.

  • drewby613
    drewby613 9 days ago

    Notice how Affleck can't let him talk. That's every argument with a progressive. That's why they never have debates--they're whole approach to argument is never letting their opponent finish a sentence. Debates have rules that prevent that--ergo, they don't debate.

  • Megiddo Cuachic
    Megiddo Cuachic 10 days ago

    Ben Affleck..what a joke..How dare that stupid, air-headed hack try to spar with Sam...If only he'd been on a panel against The Hitch..he would have fucking ripped his ass in 2.

  • Mortimer
    Mortimer 10 days ago

    Charlie Hebdo found out what happens when you satirise islam ..

  • Ethan Knight
    Ethan Knight 12 days ago

    Affleck debates like a stubborn 13 year old with no perspective. What a child.

  • heyshe21
    heyshe21 12 days ago

    new fan of sam harris!!! the guy is SUPER smart and makes so much freaking sense!!!

  • Killing in the Name
    Killing in the Name 13 days ago

    Ban Aflack should go to the Middle East & test out his theories on Islam. Example try drawing Mohammad or say Allah dammit or whatever & see what happens. He should also bring his wife & kids & make his wife wear a bikini.

  • j senor
    j senor 13 days ago

    have you been checked for jaundice

  • Matt Naslund
    Matt Naslund 15 days ago

    I think it's funny that he can belittle BA when he isn't around. On Mahr, BA was making good points. Yes, there are people who hate everything America stands for. They are called "extremists", not Muslim. Saying 90 percent of Muslims are anti America, is just wrong. The people with the loudest voices, over there, are extremists. A lot of Muslims just want to live their lives. You can have problems with their views on equal rights or LGBT issues, but it wasn't long ago white people did barbaric things to honor their God. Every religion has it's problems. But lumping everyone together, as a threat, is truly gross & disgusting.

  • jon fitzmaurice
    jon fitzmaurice 16 days ago

    Ben truly made a colossus cunt out of himself, I remember it vividly!
    It appeared to me at least, it wasn't so much he wasn't listening to what they were saying, he just lacked the headspace to adsorb it.

  • fhead jones
    fhead jones 16 days ago

    Good muslim/ bad person, bad muslim/good person?

  • FarminElectra
    FarminElectra 16 days ago

    Liberals deserve Ben Affleck to be their spokesman. They love the attention an "A lister"garners and care not for intellect.

  • Faris A
    Faris A 16 days ago

    Here's why Sam Harris is actually a bad philosopher and academic. He got his PhD studying CAT scans on the brain state of religious and non-relgious people. You can look it up. Evidently, all of his conclusions were proven false. Now that's actually not that bad for neuroscience. However, Sam's problem is that every part of his methodology was shoddy and he hasn't tried to improve any part of it. He has contributed nothing to the field in a decade. Now he mostly just uses "neuroscientist" as a label to give himself more authority.

    Harris never tries to engage in Literary texts, in an academic sense; he simply draws up stawman fallacies and claims them to be true.

    Any respecteble academic would probably tell you that Harris's a sharleton that has gone mainstream. He's lazy and even says it in his books: "Many of my critics fault me for not engaging more directly with the academic literature on moral philosophy ... [but] I am convinced that every appearance of terms like ‘metaethics,’ ‘deontology,’ ‘noncognitivism,’ ‘antirealism,’ ‘emotivism,’ etc. directly increases the amount of boredom in the universe".

    He is considered a bad philosopher because of his arguments and not because of the philosophical positions he espouses. There are many utilitarians, naturalists, realists, atheists, determinists, and so on, but they are distinguished from Sam Harris by their rigorous arguments and exploration of novel issues. You can Google reviews of Harris's books by prominent athiest philosophers such as Daniel Dennett, Simon Blackburn, and Kwame Anthony Appiah to get a sense of what professionals think of his work.

  • MysticHydra
    MysticHydra 17 days ago

    Steroids? Who are we kidding? He was on Cocaine for his Batman role, plain and simple.

  • jonnine
    jonnine 18 days ago

    Benny! Benny's the name! I'm gonna squash you, Quade! - Total Recall is a good film.
    Oh and Ben Affleck is silly. Sam, please have a shave before you end up looking the same as Abu Qatada or someone such as that...
    Resist islamism while you can.

  • Jorge lopez
    Jorge lopez 18 days ago

    Lol at Rubin referring to affleck as "somebody of that level." The man acts and gets paid for it , that's it. He's not some deep philosopher or thinker. He's gonna say what the fuck benefits his career and following this "islamaphobia" agenda is what fits . If anything actors and holly wood folks in general should be the last people you should listen to if you're on the fence about these issues . They will say and act in a way that benefits their careers. They're actors in movies and are fake in real life as well. Props to affleck and his acting ability but that's as far as my props go .

  • John Pleaseg
    John Pleaseg 18 days ago

    Well, we can all watch the clip from the Bill Maher show, so I do not see why is he bothering lying that obvious :)
    Notice how much he is afraid of being called racist, because he knows that there is not a chance to come out entirely clean afterwards. He knows what makes people tick. He has done quite a similar thing in the Bill Maher show against muslims. He stated (to Ben Affleck, whit whom he did not allegedly speak with his entire attention) that 78% of the british muslims where under the opinion, that the norwegian caricaturist should be prosecuted. Now, leave it like that and most people will extract different moral value of it from the adequate. The hint is that muslims are incompatible with western societies and that is not true. If 78% of the british muslims were to believe that some guy should be prosecuted for blasphemy... maybe they have a point and the lawyers should look into it. There are laws for blasphemy in many countries in the EU and in the UK in particular. So, he might have broken some, he might have not... Who follows the story? Nobody! And nobody sees that those people are actually seeking justice within the laws of western societies. Most people will unconsciously assume that this is some Sheria BS and leave it like that. it`s easier...

  • Jeffrey Hinkle
    Jeffrey Hinkle 19 days ago

    I like Harris and Rubin a lot, but they as Jews, along with many others who think sensibly, HAVE to address the role of their own people in creating this culture, both in policies of unrestricted immigration, chiefly in Europe, and in mystifyingly sucking off muslims at every opportunity, and creating whole swaths of white idiots who believe exactly the same and hate themselves with a passion.

  • R Mc
    R Mc 19 days ago

    Sam needs to take a few lessons in stridency from Hitchens.
    Christopher would've eviscerated Afflek.

  • Frank N. Stein
    Frank N. Stein 20 days ago

    Harris mopped the floor with Affleck here. And Affleck would be too dumb to even notice.

  • Last Panda
    Last Panda 21 day ago

    I watched that episode. It was AFLECK who couldn't get a word in. Not this filthy, prejudice P.O.S..

  • Freeride Forever
    Freeride Forever 22 days ago

    "At that level"? He's just an actor. One of those disgustingly overpaid & overexposed people that make completely meaningless & practically valueless contributions to society. A rich & famous dumbass is still a dumbass.

  • Jack671975
    Jack671975 22 days ago

    This sounds familiar.... Anti Semitic anyone.

  • Rochelle Felix
    Rochelle Felix 22 days ago

    Sam was speaking so calmly & trying to get his point across & this crazy Ben Affleck was on the attack. "That's racist. That's racist." Oh brother. He's on something.

  • William Peterson
    William Peterson 23 days ago

    While Islam is a religion of unspeakable violence please realize that the people are victims. No, I do not support allowing all a free pass, but I am concerned that many have been punished at home and then we should punish them as well?

  • Patheist TM
    Patheist TM 23 days ago

    I'm ashamed to say this but I actually thought Ben destroyed Sam during that debate when I saw the video as a Muslim. In retrospect I'm baffled at how completely polarized I've become as an ex Muslim when I rewatch the video and see just how utterly confused Ben was. Islam is such a powerful tool of indoctrination that it literally skews your perspective on certain debates even though the same things are being said.

  • Dr. Feelgood
    Dr. Feelgood 24 days ago

    the fact that Sam Harris knows what a meme is

  • joeashbubemma
    joeashbubemma 26 days ago

    Liberals should be proud, they spawned this SJW culture, now live with it. Liberal cannibalism is a beautiful thing,

  • V K
    V K 26 days ago

    "we our endowed by our cr.. uh our forefathers"

    Fucking idiot. Purposely says it wrong because he hates God.

  • mega smacky
    mega smacky 26 days ago

    One other point I'd make is Affleck, whether he really believes in his argument or not, is simply displaying his credentials as a member of the Hollywood liberal elite. I can't really blame him. If you're not sure what happens to people who defy liberal orthodoxy in that industry go ask Tim Allen, with a cancelled show and dim career prospects, how it worked out for him.

  • mega smacky
    mega smacky 26 days ago

    If Ben Affleck is like most big-time celebs he probably has no real opinion on the subject. An average person develops their whole persona and way of thinking over a period of time based on life experiences etc. A celebrity's persona, more often than not, is crafted. They're trained by publicists, assistants, media consultants to look, talk and act in a way carefully designed to put them in the best light possible and not incidentally, get them the best parts and the biggest payday. Ben Affleck isn't a regular person arguing passionately held beliefs, he's a brand.

  • Bat Shit Crazy
    Bat Shit Crazy 27 days ago

    I love how Sam makes a point and Ben, without even realizing it, immediately proves his point. What a dumb ass.

  • Bereans Aflame
    Bereans Aflame 28 days ago

    To criticize Islam is not racist. First of all, Islam is not a race - it is a religion/ideology. Second, I find it very disturbing how the inconsistent left will paint a broad brush against whites, Christians, and conservatives as racists, bigots, and supremacists, and inconsistently come to the defense of any "minority" when their ideals are criticized. Afleck is a great representation of the anti-intellectual left directly opposed to their own causes - i.e. freedom of speech; women's rights; freedom of religion; etc. Sam Harris, on the other hand, seems to be a champion of true liberalism, yet sadly is overshadowed by the mainstream left.

  • Build The Wall With Liberals

    The jackass also know as Ben Affleck insulted Harris three times in under a minute of him speaking. Very mature and tolerant of him.

  • DaveXRubicon
    DaveXRubicon 28 days ago

    My god Affleck is a complete buffoon

  • Vette Hogan
    Vette Hogan 28 days ago

    This is really sad to watch. You can tell Ben was 100% convinced using the words "Officially codified doctrine" was going to put the argument to rest. Using big words like that probably shuts down most of his Hollywood peers and to see him try to use that tactic on an actually intelligent person...I actually felt bad for him.

  • Ivan G.
    Ivan G. 29 days ago

    Ben Affleck demonstrates why actors should just act.

  • Panada Bear 78
    Panada Bear 78 1 month ago

    I thought Harris was a neuroscientist. What credentials does he have to
    claim himself an expert on religion or culture? Has he spent a lot of
    time living abroad in Muslim countries? Harris seems just like another
    arrogant, pretentious American who's spent no time abroad or really
    experiencing any other cultures first hand (just like Maher).

  • Jeremiah Minjarez
    Jeremiah Minjarez 1 month ago

    Props To Ben.

  • Narciso Margarito Humala Sulca

    Sam Gayrris is a joke, lol his books are for fucktards fulls of shit

  • Colonel Angus
    Colonel Angus 1 month ago

    Why don't we get this all out in the open. We in the West, who have Christian values, oppose Islamic values as espoused by the Koran and by Sharia law. Period. Exclamation point. I don't want you in my country. Yes. My country. Unless you conform to my values.

  • r4v3nh34rt
    r4v3nh34rt 1 month ago

    Faith in society renewed by seeing loads of people below anticipating my comments. Mr Ivory Tower is just an extreme example of people living in bubbles where their statements and ideas have no obvious ripercussions and are not subjected to critique. As soon as you get out of the bubble you start to feel the shame of saying something stupid, you get confronted with opposing views and you develop a sense of awareness and rationality. That, Ben never experienced... obviously. To call Sam Harris racist is dishonest and stupid . I have to say that although condescending... Sam did state the facts: people are gonna focus on the superficial aspect without thinking too hard about it. Therefore, to the moronic half of the audience, he deserves to be called a racist. Weak minded people are gross.

  • TheNewEmphinix
    TheNewEmphinix 1 month ago

    Imagine if it was Christopher Hitchens against Ben Affleck. Oh boy, Affleck would walk out throwing a temper tantrum. lmao

  • Jimbo1920
    Jimbo1920 1 month ago

    Affleck strikes me as someone who wants people to think he's smart and informed and therefore gets emotional and hostile when discussing a topic he knows little about in an effort to disguise the fact that he knows little about the topic being discussed. The sad part is this is behavior associated with teens, not adults. The guy really is a doofus.

  • somalisoulja87
    somalisoulja87 1 month ago

    Why does the media make non Muslims( Christian's, atheist, and zionists jews) the spokes people for Islam ?!!!!

  • real coatings
    real coatings 1 month ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha he was on steroids for batman

  • natskivna
    natskivna 1 month ago

    "Its very dispiriting because its almost guaranteed to convince half the audience that we're racist. Just using the word is enough for many people." ~ Sam Harris

    "Welcome to our world" ~ Conservative debaters

  • BosoxnationI972
    BosoxnationI972 1 month ago

    Ben is such a fucking cuck...

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 1 month ago

    No way Ben is qualified to play Batman; he showed the world his intellect is either average, or less than average...a sad story, for a well paid celebrity...that there, is an example of 'white privilege'. Example of 'black privilege'; Steve Harvey, racist, getting to host 'family feud', and his own talk show...

  • M. S.
    M. S. 1 month ago

    Ben's a grandson of a slave owning racist Mick. Makes sense.

  • TKJ5555
    TKJ5555 1 month ago

    I guess I wasn't aware Islam was a race 🤔

  • Liberal Hater
    Liberal Hater 1 month ago

    Who really gives a fuck about what Ben Affleck has to say about anything? He is a leftist imbecile!

  • Rook Talma
    Rook Talma 1 month ago

    I've always thought of Bill as a liberal so it's funny to hear him taut a belief I share as a more conservative leaning person

  • john doe
    john doe 1 month ago

    whenever someone thinks there's no smoke without fire have never tried rubbing two sticks together

  • Alex S
    Alex S 1 month ago

    A lister or not Affleck is ignorant, a drunk and should stay in fantasyland.

  • AT M
    AT M 1 month ago

    Your disgusting Sam, your racist bigot ass needs to get the fuck out! You overthrow and degrade the philosophical science of consciousness and now you've written a book about medication, get the fuck out of here you hypocritical fuck!

  • Grey Wizard
    Grey Wizard 1 month ago

    People like Ben Affleck have no RIGHTS to bring logic into any argument. What sort of world are we living in when someone has voiced an opinion on ISLAM without fact and somebody like Mr Affleck dosent follow suit. Thank God we now have a logical idiot like President TRUMP to show the world how one should think....

  • Nicolas Hergesheimer

    Lol he was basically like I was trying to talk to the dude that actually is involved in politics not this shmuck half-assed batman

  • Ustadh Ali Ataie
    Ustadh Ali Ataie 1 month ago

    I am a Muslim, and I agree with Sam here. It is unfair and lazy to conflate the criticism of an idea or belief with an act of racism. I hope that he offers the same defense to those who criticize aspects of Jewish culture and religion, rather than conflate Jewish ethnicity with those problematic aspects of its culture and religion, thus labeling the criticizer an "anti-Semite."

  • Lord Detrivore
    Lord Detrivore 1 month ago

    "Endowed by our forefathers" Nice try Ben!!!

  • Yeo Wool
    Yeo Wool 1 month ago

    I didn't know Ben was so stupid

  • Peachrocker
    Peachrocker 1 month ago

    was this relly the first episode?

  • Clare McHugh
    Clare McHugh 1 month ago

    Poor Ben , part of his brain is not functioning ( a bit cultish ) or perhaps he's just intellectually disingenuous. I don't know .

  • dopeydora81
    dopeydora81 1 month ago

    Looks like Ben needs to go visit
    Afghanistan or Indonesia.

  • Matt Odlum
    Matt Odlum 1 month ago

    Ben Affleck is only there to get more people to watch/click, he is an intellectual lightweight and should not be in the discussion. the other 2 bring up some valid points though, im not sure how accurate those polls are, alot of people may say that they believe these extremist views even thought they dont realy, in fear of retaliation.

  • jawlyjawl
    jawlyjawl 1 month ago

    Ben Affleck ladies and gentlemen, lets try our hardest not to listen to facts or even the argument in its entirety. Harris: "There is a significant portion of muslims that....." Ben: THAT BLOW UP PEOPLE AND FUCK GOATS?! YEA GREAT POINT SAM YOU RACIST DISGUSTING FUCk.

  • Frank Black
    Frank Black 1 month ago

    I'm always interested in what Sam Harris has to say, but he comes off like a pussy here talking about Affleck. The big movie star is on steroids and he didn't sit quietly with his juice box and listen to me.

  • Action Hero
    Action Hero 1 month ago

    Why would you clash a movie retard like Ben with scientists like Sam

  • Bipbop66
    Bipbop66 1 month ago

    Ben Affleck on steriods!.......hee-hee !

  • MrSparklez786
    MrSparklez786 1 month ago

    This sam Harris guy all sad because he had been simplified into a paragraph for Ben affleck. He simplified Islam into a single idea worth a paragraph as well. "Everyone conflates criticisms of Islam into bigotry". First, that is bigotry and generalization of critics in itself. Second, he is showing his element of hypocrisy by showing he is indignant that he was simplified into an idea himself. He even took a shot at affleck saying he took steroids since it was understood that the interview was "protected." Sam Harris thinks he's better than affleck because he believes he has the utmost education on religion, but affleck, regardless of that fact he might not have the best vocabulary, etc. did something more humane than anyone on that panel. Bill maher is another little child in himself. Maher said "it's not bigotry when we do it". The most despicable people in human history start out by believing themselves to be righteous in what they do. Uneducated white men talking about Islam as a single school of thought, completely ignoring the sectarian conflicts and politics in Middle East that lead to much of the violence they claim to be because of the faith itself. Harris tried to be a smart ass by saying Islam isn't a race therefore he isn't racist by being hateful and ignorant towards the faith. He is hiding behind his fancy words in his own perception of reality. Ultimately, this ignorance and all ignorance leads to fear. These white men are scared of what they know nothing about. Lmfao

  • Grimm Tale
    Grimm Tale 1 month ago

    Criticism of Islam = Racist. Hmmmm ... I don't know, but ... _gosh-golly-geee-whiz_ that sure sounds a lot like the generations upon generations, of being told ANY Criticism of Jews = Anti-Semitic.
    Want to know who controls you ...figure-out who you can never, ever, ever, ever, *NEVER* criticize.

  • HeliRy
    HeliRy 1 month ago

    Criticize Christianity, you're a sinner.
    Criticize Islam, you're Islamophobic.
    Criticize BLM, you're a racist.
    Criticize feminism, you're a sexist.
    Criticize Israel, you're antisemitic.
    Criticize Clinton, you're Alt-Right
    Criticize Trump, you're a Socialist

    Welcome to the _Age of Ad Hominem & Strawmen_.

  • DD
    DD 1 month ago

    Ben is definitely drunk....

  • Robert Honer
    Robert Honer 1 month ago

    I wonder if all those conservatives that are agreeing with Sam only because he is at odds with Ben Afflick and his position on Islam. I wonder if these same conservatives know that while he does not see Christianity or Judaism as a threat Sam Harris does believe that anybody that believes in god or is part of any major religion like Christianity, Judaism, Islam as a being a fool.

  • A Rogue Chihuahua
    A Rogue Chihuahua 1 month ago

    The left is full of low IQ knee jerkers. Just like the right. It's because people are stupid, and they make heroes of stupid people. Ben Affleck is apparently one of those heroes, and with Affleck being as unintelligent as he is, you must realize his fans are much dumber than even he is, which speaks of a mass of stupidity everywhere. Congratulations for living in a stupid world of low IQ people.

  • Sean Walsh
    Sean Walsh 1 month ago

    Ben created a strawman and argued against that not against Sam's real views

  • ayashee
    ayashee 1 month ago

    Funny how Sam Harris and Bill Maher are always pushing their Islamaphobic agenda, does their Jewish ancestry have anything to do with this...Hmmm! Secure the promise land no matter what the cost!!! The Greater Israel Project comming soon!

  • Jim joe Kelly
    Jim joe Kelly 1 month ago

    Christian bale is the real Batman and not this hack

  • Robert Honer
    Robert Honer 1 month ago

    Sam Harris is correct all religions are based on mythology and works of fiction, although he should not proselytize anybody for their religious beliefs including Christians, Jews or Muslims In America people have the freedom of religion and from religion and while I agree with Sam Harris that all religions are nonsense it is wrong to force our beliefs on others.

  • William L.
    William L. 1 month ago

    Ben Affleck is a brain-dead idiot.

  • mikeallan james
    mikeallan james 1 month ago

    The fork tongue of Harris lying again at 8.45 he states that "any special attention to Islam" is percieved to be racist and further mentions Glen Greenwald,this is yet another lie he is spreading around,there is almost no liberal or progressive of note saying that to criticise Islam is racist NOONE.Harris criticises Islam as uniquely dangerous and the "motherload" of bad ideas and that is a different point entirely.

  • mikeallan james
    mikeallan james 1 month ago

    What a couple of ultra smug fake intellectuals we have here.Especially Rubin what a repulsive slimy creature with his shit eating grin.

  • Arron Tolan
    Arron Tolan 1 month ago

    I've seen this a few times and Ben never comes across any better; arrogant, unctuous, knowledge-hating cunt.

  • Marina
    Marina 1 month ago

    I agree with Harris and Maher. I'm a progressive but I am also getting tired of other liberals and progressive calling anyone who disagrees with them "racist", "homophombes", "Islamophobes", etc. Grow up and try LISTENING once in a while.

  • Shahmir Sultan
    Shahmir Sultan 1 month ago

    Seemed to me as if Ben was the only one holding the jockey to a neutral position while others were acting similar to what they were pointing out as a point!

  • Noel Panzer
    Noel Panzer 1 month ago

    Sam Harris is not a racist, but it is sad that Batman has a better grasp on the subject.

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 1 month ago

    People like Harris give me hope for the American left. The shit they've been pulling over the past several months is honestly TERRIFYING. I've never seen such overwhelmingly fascistic behavior coming from people who supposedly champion the exact opposite. If anybody can help them understand what it is they've become and how far off course they have strayed, it's people like Harris. They are rapidly turning into everything they hate.

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