Filling Balloons with Hydrogen Gas and Exploding it

Balloons filled with hydrogen and methane rockets are both good ways of getting students interested in chemistry. This clip shows how to fill a balloon with hydrogen gas without expensive gas cylinders. Generate the hydrogen by the reaction between HCl and magnesium metal and fill the bottle by displacement.

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Author ChemPics (1 year)
The amount of dissolved oxygen is very small, (0.0003 mols approx) This
amount is very small and the hydrogen burns nicely and does not explode. To
add this tiny correction to this good demonstration would tend to
over-complicate the subject for the target audience. One can always take
things further, the art of teaching is making the work appropriate for the

Author Lasse Kärkkäinen (1 year)
You are also putting in some nitrogen (from tap water) and air (assuming
that your hydrogen wasn't pure to start with). Nitrogen of course doesn't
make much of a difference here but oxygen and hydrogen mixed inside the
balloon might make it more dangerous than pure hydrogen.

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