1,000,000 FREE IMVU CREDITS!!!

Title says it all ^.^

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Author o0Kim Castro0o ( ago)
Can you send me some credits? My account is frengifts

Author GuitarForLife ( ago)
who want to hack his account.xD

Author Nickgotgame ( ago)

Author Nickgotgame ( ago)
╭∩╮ FuFuFu

Author Kat Lockheart ( ago)
that is 13 seconds ill never get back

Author gap gop ( ago)
how did u get them idiot

Author Latifa Ahmed ( ago)
nothing is that XD

Author Latifa Ahmed ( ago)
omg it works ty opposite idoit think frist

Author Latifa Ahmed ( ago)
owe!!! ur ass could be with money not us

Author Francy Feal ( ago)
dont work

Author ♥caitlin♥ ( ago)
Does it hell

Author CLIQUE TRUKFIT ( ago)
THIS REALLY WORKS!! imvuhackgeneratorupdated2013{.­}weebly{.}com/

Author Lilianaron ( ago)
Fuck face 😡

Author Dope_ Nation ( ago)

Author Dope_ Nation ( ago)
the scam button work

Author Just A Simmer ( ago)
He's just showing off :P, like seriously he only showed us his credits and
didnt tell us how to get it...

Author Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wife Guy ( ago)
I don't understand this video. You clearly said 1,000,000 free imvu
credits. My question is in witch point or statement you mean by 1,000,000
FREE imvu credits. did you mean you got it for free. Cause this wasn't
anything of a help unless you tell us how you got it.

Author Deangelisa Davis ( ago)
uh how the hell are you helping us again?

Author ana paula ( ago)
vai a disgraçada mae que ti paril idiota

Author PewDiePieFanGeak ( ago)
howw ? o.o

Author caitlin Xuereb ( ago)
╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ Such an idiot ur a vip.. ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

Author Garraia Henderson ( ago)
lies he was vip so of course he got that he probile buy vip for a year and
got that much credits dummy!!

Author Mercii Ara. ( ago)

Author alma Lont ( ago)
dass it work ??

Author KarolisHDD I Karolis.Ž ( ago)

Author sierra savage ( ago)
Ll ii agree @sabina pena

Author Walter Kennedy ( ago)
this nigga think we crazzy

Author Walter Kennedy ( ago)

Author Ebba Pettersson ( ago)

Author RoCk-N-PaRtY ( ago)
fuck this guy

Author Tentacle Lights ( ago)
╭∩╮(︶w︶)╭∩╮ just sad

Author Fernanda Soria ( ago)

Author LegoFTW ( ago)

Author Yaneth Viideos ( ago)

Author Thao Le ( ago)
How? o-o

Author shaikh mukhtar ( ago)
u did not show anything sucks

Author Minnie Star Luvs xoxo ( ago)
It worked got alot of creds now TY TY TY Y TY

Author Darrion John ( ago)

Author Daniel White ( ago)
Gift me at KellinSleepingWS

Author Gabby Buckridge ( ago)
ar out I got a free IMVU credits code and it was valid! If you want one go
to imvucreditsgenerator↔ com - See more at:

Author raquel cavalcanti ( ago)
sim. e como ganha? o.O

Author sara pain ( ago)
you can kiss my ass..sir

Author Kimberly Bolds ( ago)
it don't work

Author Tasha Raymer ( ago)
I know you guys wont believe this but I just got a free IMVU credits code
and it was legit! I got it from imvucreditsgenerator{d●t}com

Author Lalaloopsylovers100 ( ago)
-dislikes- BITCH

Author Kfc Customer ( ago)
stop with this dislike atleast the unsubscribe button works

Author ArcticWolves rule ( ago)
OMFG! IT WORKS! :D The Dislike Button Works!! >:3

Author Aniyah Murray ( ago)
This doesn't help anything

Author Redd Karma ( ago)
Omg this works! The Dislike works!

Author nathan kent ( ago)
Show off -.-

Author Toyko Official ( ago)
I want to have it :( , dislike button !

Author Amr Elbaroudy ( ago)
sweet! I got this free IMVU credits code and it redeemed just fine! I got
it from imvucreditsgenerator☺ com

Author Nary Ngin ( ago)
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Author Video Dummy ( ago)

Author TR White ( ago)
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Author Stardoll Power ( ago)
dont use cheats work for the credits -.-

Author Anônyma :* Juuh ( ago)

Author JazmynBoo ( ago)
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Author lukas trier ( ago)
link ?

Author Damien Imvu ( ago)
doux! ce site m'a donné une IMVU libre Code crédits et c'était légitime! Si
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Author sabina pena ( ago)
it works! the dislike button works

Author marina esbeath ( ago)
So stupied

Author Fernando Lopez ( ago)
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Author Ashleigh Black ( ago)
Then get one?? xD

Author TheDcoleman123 ( ago)
Far out I got a IMVU credits code and it redeemed just fine!
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Author Carolina Andreas Angelito Montiel Gonzales ( ago)
Quiero tu avatar como consiguiste los. Creditos!

Author Paster ( ago)
ill steal yo shit

Author jessica espinosa ( ago)
WOW!!! Your just making this video to show off

Author Pedro Dias ( ago)
quem é brasil curti ai !!

Author Janice Chan ( ago)
they r NOT real CREDS!!! cause u dont show us how to really get it! >:C

Author DZgirl ( ago)
but HOW did you get 100,000 creds!!!

Author Alison connelly ( ago)

Author Kaitlyn New ( ago)
Fuck you .-.

Author Lina Lin ( ago)
This is cool! I got a free IMVU credits code and it worked! Awesomeness!!!!
Got it at imvucreditsgenerator► com -=

Author Lina Lin ( ago)
If you get the password email to me ! please .

Author Leonardo Saraiva ( ago)
n entendi nao escuto nada que ele disse

Author Kiane J ( ago)
can someone send me the password because my offers wont go through my email

Author Dylan Moore ( ago)

Author Elle .Princess ( ago)
Show off you probably stole your moms credit card to get that -.-

Author Lenaya Alexander ( ago)
u just wanted to show off your credits -_- u Sap

Author Lenaya Alexander ( ago)
ok and???

Author Marcio Oliveira ( ago)
Oque um giif num faz :DD

Author Tyiana J ( ago)

Author Lobito Rojas ( ago)
Que tonteria eso es con tarjeta de credi... sos una mierda

Author kayla5772 ( ago)
WTF! is all this Crap about! smfh

Author SerceYouTube ( ago)

Author Jackie Genesis ( ago)
hahaha is funny xD but... :C

Author marx shinz ( ago)

Author Aline Cristina ( ago)
Isso é legal! Eu só tenho um código livre créditos IMVU e foi válido! Se
você precisa de um código confira imvucreditsgenerator ★ com

Author Allan Pinto ( ago)
fuck esse video nub do caralho fuck

Author Janna Wooz ( ago)

Author muslim korin ( ago)
You got 1,000,000m cr and your avatar lookslike tht 0.o

Author Camara Mackey ( ago)
u never showed us how

Author samantha Taylor ( ago)
you cant show people how to get that much then you need some fucking help

Author Pan Fox ( ago)
how ? :D :D

Author Scoogiie spencer ( ago)
it a bug

Author patricia tree stump ( ago)
I hate you.

Author Jessica S. ( ago)
U show off at least give us the link to the damn hack

Author Jalon Felix ( ago)
ur a fucking retard

Author giovana alves ( ago)
que indiota,besta, e sem graça

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