How to Lil Yachty

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  • P.S. I actually learned to appreciate Lil Yachty's brand while making this.

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  • Imaginary Ambition
    Imaginary Ambition 8 days ago

    Have you ever lusted to become a famous and powerful rapper?
    A). Yes
    B). No
    C). Kind of, but not really

  • Josiah Smith
    Josiah Smith 8 hours ago

    Is this a fucking condom commercial because I see them everywhere

  • johnson3ify1
    johnson3ify1 13 hours ago

    deserves more subs

  • Dolan Duck
    Dolan Duck 14 hours ago

    hey mate what headphones were those

  • Please No Memes
    Please No Memes 17 hours ago

    omg the bell thing worked xd

  • thomas asselman
    thomas asselman 18 hours ago


  • Paul Mézin
    Paul Mézin 1 day ago


  • neo night
    neo night 1 day ago

    Did anyone notice the condom in the fridge

  • Ethan Logan
    Ethan Logan 1 day ago


  • Danger Geoff
    Danger Geoff 1 day ago

    Hey, sorry I'm late, our company has shit logistics. Is this the location for the order of Mom's spaghetti?

  • Frank Jenkins
    Frank Jenkins 1 day ago

    Dude, you gathered the boys and didn't crack a cold one? I'm disappointed.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 1 day ago

    C O L D L I K E A S P R I T E S O D A

  • Pro Boris
    Pro Boris 1 day ago

    Man you're the best thing that happened to me. Please make more videos like this about all the other rappers. You are genuinely funny. Thank you!

  • makie 1234
    makie 1234 1 day ago

    that shit funny af

  • Xen
    Xen 1 day ago

    What is this a Runescape quest?

  • Alexander Skillz
    Alexander Skillz 1 day ago

    Instructions not clear. Dick got stuck in toaster.

  • mus X bær
    mus X bær 1 day ago

    this is 'you suck at cooking' mixed with frankjavcee

  • Servay
    Servay 1 day ago

    wow this video will blow (like a cello) i tell you.

  • Bercu Zach
    Bercu Zach 2 days ago

    srsly,you're really tanlented and funny

  • TechRight
    TechRight 2 days ago

    good shit lol, this was genius af!!!😂😂😂Looking forward for more uploads.

  • Markolius
    Markolius 2 days ago

    Favorite part was sprouting the hair of fame. Glories

  • Zootz
    Zootz 2 days ago

    How to Alan Walker

  • Specter
    Specter 2 days ago

    Cassette broke you

  • Nicolas Albornoz
    Nicolas Albornoz 2 days ago

    how yo Oliver heldens plissss

  • Hype Midnight-
    Hype Midnight- 2 days ago

    This is great on so many different levels

  • Zybrin
    Zybrin 2 days ago

    I did this, now I'm a millionaire

    • Imaginary Ambition
      Imaginary Ambition 2 days ago

      It's a tried and true method, sadly I spent all my millions on ice

  • Trey Anderson
    Trey Anderson 2 days ago

    "starts with the hookline and tends to stay there...but sometimes you might need a verse"

  • Metecc
    Metecc 2 days ago

    +1 SUB

  • onion rings
    onion rings 2 days ago

    G R I L L O F A U T O T U N E FTW!!!!

  • Alexis Chang
    Alexis Chang 2 days ago

    your videos are always hilarious lmao

  • Nunuyo Beezwax
    Nunuyo Beezwax 2 days ago

    This channel is absolute gold. I'm never missing an upload from here.

  • Cyranek's Second Adopted Child

    How to Electro Swing

  • SkullX - Clash Royale

    Best channel so funny

  • NZAX
    NZAX 2 days ago

    you need more subs dude!!! like if you agree

  • Berto Diaz
    Berto Diaz 2 days ago

    play station?

  • chad brunswick, 13 year old genius

    nigga that nintendo dirty as fuck

  • RedShadow
    RedShadow 2 days ago

    This was a lot funnier than I expected haha nice work

  • Mezo
    Mezo 2 days ago

    nice, condom in the refrigerator. lol

  • MadGlop's Mind
    MadGlop's Mind 2 days ago

    holy shit an original deconstruction of an artist thats funny af.

  • Jack Tee
    Jack Tee 2 days ago

    1:12 I died when I saw the hi hat 😂👏👍

  • Sean Artiles
    Sean Artiles 2 days ago

    Hmmm I coulda sworn I saw a channel doing the same thing before....

  • diana
    diana 2 days ago

    it's like if john fassold and you suck at cooking had a lovechild

  • Thanis Murugathas
    Thanis Murugathas 2 days ago

    Condom in the fridge

  • Germa2k
    Germa2k 2 days ago


  • Acid Attack
    Acid Attack 2 days ago

    hands down best channel I have found, also why was there a condom in the fridge?

  • zpicy.
    zpicy. 3 days ago

    You can only sound like him if you get peanut butter stuck on the roof of your mouth o/

  • Sir Sinthetic
    Sir Sinthetic 3 days ago

    b that autotune out of key smh

  • Loch202
    Loch202 3 days ago

    you're like You Suck at Cooking but music instead

  • TheHolyMane
    TheHolyMane 3 days ago

    maybe you should rename your channel to How to You Suck At Cooking

  • chills
    chills 3 days ago

    Damn bro this video is good

  • Weedlegend level420

    What are you smoking?

  • Leo Doujiyuu
    Leo Doujiyuu 3 days ago


  • D3lirious
    D3lirious 3 days ago

    Sprite and cough syrup in the fridge, see what you did there xD

  • 2 SP33DY 4 U
    2 SP33DY 4 U 3 days ago

    Or Bitches Mainly Bitches

    PJX PJX 3 days ago

    next you shall do $uicideboy$

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 3 days ago

    should do how to Jake Paul lol

  • Manny Espinal
    Manny Espinal 3 days ago



  • Justin Freeman
    Justin Freeman 3 days ago

    You Suck at Cooking vibes

  • Kwon Royal
    Kwon Royal 3 days ago

    Condom in fridge.. check

  • elliot winn
    elliot winn 3 days ago

    sounded good

  • Zecret
    Zecret 3 days ago

    How to Lil Uzi

  • yung skinny boy
    yung skinny boy 3 days ago

    You're the best, honestly. Thank you

  • Panda S
    Panda S 3 days ago

    who else saw the magnum in the fridge

  • Dale Watson
    Dale Watson 3 days ago


  • DannewK
    DannewK 3 days ago

    lol ur vids are funny af boi

    • DannewK
      DannewK 3 days ago

      keep this shit up lmao i thought its another regular 5 min tutorial but u just put soo much effort in it bro thats so dope really appreciate it🔥

    • Imaginary Ambition
      Imaginary Ambition 3 days ago


  • Sqimmy Gamez
    Sqimmy Gamez 3 days ago

    why was there a condom next to the beets

  • rAUSTINm
    rAUSTINm 3 days ago

    please do how to Owl City next

  • onee
    onee 3 days ago

    Why would you keep your condoms in the fridge?

  • Carlos Sandoval
    Carlos Sandoval 3 days ago

    0:25 gotta keep em fresh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Veer M
    Veer M 4 days ago

    You Suck at Cooking, hip hop edition

  • Daniel Runebjörk
    Daniel Runebjörk 4 days ago

    Just me or is this a carbon copy of You Suck At Cooking?

    • Imaginary Ambition
      Imaginary Ambition 3 days ago

      Thanks for the feedback man it all means a lot.

    • Daniel Runebjörk
      Daniel Runebjörk 3 days ago

      Imaginary Ambition Did not expect a response! I obviously enjoy YSAC, so I might be biased, but I have a hard time viewing due to the similarities. Good luck with the channel, however it turns out.

    • Imaginary Ambition
      Imaginary Ambition 4 days ago

      Damn, this is legitimately one of my personal concerns as well. I was heavily inspired and influenced by his format but I'm trying to stray away from it as much as I can while keeping the 'first person tutorial' thing alive. All I can say is that in the future my style will continue to refine and tilt away from YSAC.

  • Joe Z
    Joe Z 4 days ago

    You might as well call this "You Suck At Music". Have no shame in ripping off the formula, just don't be a bullshitting thief.

  • Manuel Brea
    Manuel Brea 4 days ago

    How to pitbull

  • Emileen Chamomile
    Emileen Chamomile 4 days ago

    I love this so much omg

  • Amit Nagar
    Amit Nagar 4 days ago

    only 3 bois????

  • Amit Nagar
    Amit Nagar 4 days ago

    dude dat super nintendo nah nes

  • Zheru Zhong
    Zheru Zhong 4 days ago

    That 808 joke killed me

  • Persian Jesus
    Persian Jesus 4 days ago

    this sounded more like bladee

  • M'fedora
    M'fedora 4 days ago

    I'm getting you suck at cooking vibes.
    Think it's the puns

  • Brady Olsonn
    Brady Olsonn 4 days ago


  • Staylaughing
    Staylaughing 4 days ago

    i love this channel XD

  • Vlad Law
    Vlad Law 4 days ago

    How to Vaporwave

  • Mad Asian guy
    Mad Asian guy 4 days ago

    Is this minecraft?

  • Antonín Melenovský

    this is fucking good

  • lul lul
    lul lul 4 days ago

    00:23 Why is there a condom in the fridge lol 😂

  • Dj Hernández
    Dj Hernández 4 days ago

    sub if you like little yachty

  • Kai Duong
    Kai Duong 5 days ago

    You are "you suck at cooking" for music

  • The Songs
    The Songs 5 days ago

    lil boat

  • Weird Music Stuff
    Weird Music Stuff 5 days ago

    I didn't know John Fassold had a second channel.

  • Nile Williams
    Nile Williams 5 days ago

    Why tf he got a condom in the fridge

  • Jake Burgess
    Jake Burgess 5 days ago

    this reminds me of a quest in runescape....

    • Jake Burgess
      Jake Burgess 4 days ago

      Imaginary Ambition do it!

    • Imaginary Ambition
      Imaginary Ambition 4 days ago

      I was thinking of making a video very similar to that one quest: One small favor

    • Jake Burgess
      Jake Burgess 4 days ago

      haha any of them! the absurd steps which create absurd things... total runescape vibes!

    • Imaginary Ambition
      Imaginary Ambition 4 days ago

      Which one?

  • Homo Torpedo
    Homo Torpedo 5 days ago

    this is pretty bad tbhh

  • OcarinaSenpai
    OcarinaSenpai 5 days ago

    00:25 it was at this moment, I hit that like button

  • wafflanjunior00
    wafflanjunior00 5 days ago

    Well that was one of the weirdest videos I've ever laid my eyes upon...



    It was awesome, though! 10/10, would watch again! :D

  • Austin Mose
    Austin Mose 5 days ago

    OMG THE 808 JOKE

  • i løve my beans
    i løve my beans 5 days ago

    nirvana - smells like teen spirit [ice remix]

  • Eric Special K
    Eric Special K 5 days ago

    Oh god...what am i doing in the working time?!.....

  • Slootyboot
    Slootyboot 5 days ago

    Or bitches

  • Izzyisdevd TV
    Izzyisdevd TV 5 days ago

    Creative and original🙌🏽

    YUBEL Δ 5 days ago

    AMAZING SUBBBBB!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂❤

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