Gordon Ramsay Cannot Believe Italian Restaurant Has A Drive-Thru! | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Alex N
    Alex N 42 minutes ago

    *takes bite*
    "This is disgusting"
    *stuffs the rest in his mouth*

  • eternal fire
    eternal fire 1 hour ago

    in my place.. also theres fine dining restaurant with drive thru. they serve cold ice cream chili lava float. one of my favorite.

  • Dawson Retter
    Dawson Retter 6 hours ago

    He's getting pissed...

  • Mister Snow
    Mister Snow 11 hours ago

    3:10 looks like pidgeon poo

  • Dolan Dank
    Dolan Dank 15 hours ago

    I love how it blurs out the cars logo even though literally every American can tell that it's a Chevy

  • Vice 18k
    Vice 18k 17 hours ago

    I totally agree that the young head chef is an arrogant, annoying, piece of crap but Janelle just seems like she wants to start shit just to be the center of attention. Which is never good in a restaurant. I put most of the blame on the Chef, but the shame is definitely shared by the entire staff.

  • DyingHertz
    DyingHertz 19 hours ago

    they forgot his spoon im dying!!!

  • Otaku Queen
    Otaku Queen 20 hours ago

    he has a adorable accent when he with his kids😂😂😂

  • Tanisha Hudson RoyallyRooted

    I dont understand why the restaurant shows these conditions for everyone to see. I know they want Ramsey's help but....😷
    I guess its good for the consumer though!

  • Ada Marie
    Ada Marie 21 hour ago

    "this is not good"* keeps eating it* 😂😂😂

  • Cierra Townsend-Street

    A lot of the taquerias in my area have drive thrus. One will even serve you alcohol (with the lid taped down of course).

  • Krishna Gandhi
    Krishna Gandhi 1 day ago

    don't forget to take the top

  • Ishia Marquez
    Ishia Marquez 1 day ago


  • hantran pvper
    hantran pvper 1 day ago

    i need her name for research purposes

  • Platinum Rage
    Platinum Rage 1 day ago

    "Whered he go?"


  • The flash Cw facts

    He smells really good and then I love his accent

  • Elf Kyuhyun
    Elf Kyuhyun 1 day ago

    who's nino????

  • Undyne
    Undyne 1 day ago

    Julie is a complete moron. Need a reason your restaurant is failing, look in the mirror you ignorant whinging turd.

  • Kirk_Kirksman
    Kirk_Kirksman 1 day ago

    would Zaxby be the type restaurant to not have a drive thru??

  • Lj Ednoc
    Lj Ednoc 1 day ago


  • Nathaniel Diaz
    Nathaniel Diaz 1 day ago

    what episode

  • Sniper
    Sniper 1 day ago

    I like it how they blury the car brand when u can see it on the steering wheel i think its a chevrolet tahu

  • this channel is crap

    "janelle just chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill"

  • Casper Light
    Casper Light 1 day ago

    Oh Ninoooooo he diddnt .

  • Chris C.
    Chris C. 1 day ago


  • Crazy Hermine
    Crazy Hermine 1 day ago


  • Pandog
    Pandog 1 day ago

    That video thumbnail.
    Looks like Gordon is saying, "Bruh".

  • 山卄工匕モ S卄工ㄗ 山山山

    We're did he go? Me:inside . _.'

  • Will Sasso
    Will Sasso 2 days ago

    she can't take a fuckin order without acting like that but you stick a dick in front of her she be a pro....fuckin whore

  • Fernando Mascorro
    Fernando Mascorro 2 days ago


  • Rengwar Clash
    Rengwar Clash 2 days ago

    where was this happening ?

  • Seth Dean
    Seth Dean 2 days ago

    They're really playing into that Nino meme and its hilarious 😂😂

  • joek1989
    joek1989 2 days ago

    Can some one explain to me the Nino thing?

    • Heavy Duty
      Heavy Duty 2 days ago

      at the last seconds you can jear nino

  • Hamidah Mat Nor
    Hamidah Mat Nor 3 days ago

    u need to thank God for a food... other people very hard to find a food... please...let a good people rules this world again...

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera 3 days ago

    Kitchen Nightmares season:7 episode:9 You're welcome :)

  • tennessee is the best state

    We got a gas station that sells cig's through the drive thru . Aint that awesome y'all

    CLAUDETTE WINTERS 3 days ago

    everytime i watch these episodes i always wonder 😒 why the heck would you serve a high end chef a microwave,and normal meal 😓

  • Fernando García
    Fernando García 3 days ago

    In every single video, that "Ninoooooooo" at the end of the video, always, ALWAYS, makes me laugh. xD

  • Ozzy Mosley
    Ozzy Mosley 3 days ago

    Janelle is kinda QT.

  • Landon Nguyen
    Landon Nguyen 3 days ago

    That is food

  • Nick Ramos
    Nick Ramos 3 days ago

    At 2:29 you can clearly see that girl has the spoon right next to her on the table. And yet, she was like "you didn't hand it to me!" Does the mom need to like physically place it in her palm? Sorry girl, that one's on you

  • Dkel West
    Dkel West 3 days ago

    Janelly is adorable

  • Alex Castaneda
    Alex Castaneda 3 days ago

    they want the dick

  • 4_REAL TV
    4_REAL TV 3 days ago

    0:03 Mc Donald’s much

  • maya summers
    maya summers 3 days ago

    Lovin that truck Gordon.

  • Cannabis Consultant

    Panera Bread does the same thing lol

  • the life of Alex
    the life of Alex 3 days ago

    is it me or does Gordon look adorable in a hoodie

  • Scorpion King
    Scorpion King 4 days ago

    Did she just say that he smelled good

  • Juninah Sahat
    Juninah Sahat 4 days ago

    i think gordon use his curses instead of gas to cook his food

  • Elmo YT
    Elmo YT 4 days ago

    Lmao the description, "You'd think that they'd given him a spoon for his soup"

  • Dave Hoffman
    Dave Hoffman 4 days ago

    The only people I feel bad for are the employees that legitimately want to do a good job.

  • Menace Man
    Menace Man 4 days ago

    Holy shit. Why is the microwave so low?? They zap everything, and have to bend over all day

  • AriArt
    AriArt 4 days ago

    Anyone know where this is?

  • Ultron McQueen
    Ultron McQueen 4 days ago

    You can feed the everyone in Africa twice with all the food Gordon wastes

  • Emma Covrljian
    Emma Covrljian 4 days ago

    Did anyone hear the "ninoooo" at the very end?...

  • Mtn.dew90
    Mtn.dew90 4 days ago

    I know a pizza place near me that has good food and a drive through for pick-up orders

  • Sarah C Baker
    Sarah C Baker 4 days ago

    no restaurant should use a microwave to cook the food

  • Ramon Harris
    Ramon Harris 4 days ago

    0:15 - 0:23 That basically sums up college life

  • Nathan Goad
    Nathan Goad 4 days ago

    Ramsay the type of nigga to eat soup with a fork.

  • propoika14
    propoika14 4 days ago

    that microwave is dirtier than my mind

  • xXItsVladXx
    xXItsVladXx 5 days ago

    Lol they censored the car logo, it's a Chevy, so east to tell lol

  • Keldo 12
    Keldo 12 5 days ago

    whyd they show wolves?

  • Chao Gaming Channel

    Having chief ramsay is the last resolve? lol that means all your previous resolve failed i wonder what they are

  • Omar C
    Omar C 5 days ago

    Nasty asf

  • Mister Zinq
    Mister Zinq 5 days ago

    this soup looks insanly fucking good holy shit i want it

  • Heroicsplendid
    Heroicsplendid 5 days ago

    The girl with a red hair is hot.

  • DragonUltraMaster
    DragonUltraMaster 5 days ago

    Heh, where did he go? xD

  • Brian Wisse
    Brian Wisse 5 days ago

    Why does the first guy who talks look like the guy stuck at the end of the movie saw 6?

  • Clorox Bleach Drinks Me

    Did the girl say 'He smells really good'?

  • spooky scary skelebros

    that place seems fucking disgusting what kinda restraunt heats up food in a freakin' microwave not even fast food does that so no just eww

  • Austin Kim
    Austin Kim 5 days ago


    She must be fun at parties

  • Toxo 27
    Toxo 27 5 days ago

    She clearly wanted some of Gordon's raw cock

  • Bloopy
    Bloopy 5 days ago

    Should have chosen chef Mic instead.

  • Craftyfield
    Craftyfield 5 days ago

    She put all her money into a fucking toaster

  • The dawn is Your enemy

    this restraunt is now a jimmy johns. it got shut down

  • A Bbc
    A Bbc 5 days ago

    I get so satisfied watching these

  • Millisa
    Millisa 5 days ago

    "He smells good" WTF 😂 it's at 2:53

  • JannisDavidZwahlen Inc.

    At least he could fuck dat bitch.. xd

  • Ruben
    Ruben 5 days ago

    A not well defined tomato sauce, covered by a ton of slices of a mysterious fromage, in a microwave, with someone putting fingers in it.
    I can assure you that the frame at 0:24 is enough to give any Italian an heart attack.

  • NovaMan 350
    NovaMan 350 5 days ago

    The only people who can cook good Italian food, are Italians.

  • jesse barnes
    jesse barnes 5 days ago


  • Mystearicia
    Mystearicia 5 days ago

    That microwave looks like something exploded inside 🤢

  • the only one Mr Z
    the only one Mr Z 5 days ago

    pretty much an Olive Garden in the hood. they take FOOD STAMP.

  • Mr Clash
    Mr Clash 6 days ago

    that soup looks like the soup I threw up in

  • WhiteScarWolf
    WhiteScarWolf 6 days ago


  • Charizard Wingers
    Charizard Wingers 6 days ago


  • SonicChaocc
    SonicChaocc 6 days ago

    Who knew that Gordon would become one of those Youtubers who'd do "Food Reviews" in their car.

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams 6 days ago

    It's weird that there's a drive thru but why would he honk the horn?? chill

  • Michael Bradley
    Michael Bradley 6 days ago

    This restaurant is one of the 20% or so that actually survived after Gordon left.
    I figure the 80% that close just fell back into bad habits.

  • Oats TheOcelot
    Oats TheOcelot 6 days ago

    That killed me

  • Oats TheOcelot
    Oats TheOcelot 6 days ago

    I Don't Know How They Live With That Microwave

  • Tony Gunk
    Tony Gunk 6 days ago

    OMFG DID HE smile

  • DerpSlays
    DerpSlays 6 days ago

    He owned 2 Ferraris 3houses and a vacation home his business net worth is 160 million and his income is 54 million wow

  • Mauricio Hernandez
    Mauricio Hernandez 6 days ago

    It's chef mike he has been resurrected :D

  • casiokid92
    casiokid92 6 days ago

    As a certified chef myself. watching this make me wanna puke.

  • Creed Luvari
    Creed Luvari 6 days ago

    First mistake was hiring inside the family. And it all went down hill from there

  • Isaiah smith
    Isaiah smith 6 days ago

    In my town there's a resturaunt called avantis and if you call in you pick it up in a drive threw and they are very successful

  • Ding-Dong Dunnit
    Ding-Dong Dunnit 7 days ago

    I understand that they censored Ramsey's license plate, but the fucking emblem?!

  • charlie reed
    charlie reed 7 days ago

    right when he opened his cup I died🤣😂

  • Chloie Kwirant
    Chloie Kwirant 7 days ago

    "A drive-thru Italian restaurant... Wow."
    He's clearly never been to a Fazoli's.

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