Top 10 Unreleased Nintendo Switch Games!

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Author Kenny Powers ( ago)

Author Bryce Sabol ( ago)
It's called Sonic Forces not Project Sonic 2017.

Author Kepttru killer ( ago)
I feel like im the only one who will buy dragonball xenoverse 2 for the switch

Author _Potatoe_Otaku_ ( ago)

Author Mega Ng ( ago)
Splatoon 2 is suck
wow street fighter 2

Author Toon Linkie ( ago)
That clock keeps ticking like a metronome
My thoughts keep telling me to ...

Author Drew Gaming ( ago)
is it just me or is anyone else triggered/annoyed that when he mentioned and listed Sm4sh he didn't show The Real True Game he instead showed off the game modded to have different character(as skins) that aren't in the game unless you do mod it, making a false reality showing people that may not be familiar or never played it that it has all these character that aren't even in the game... Maybe just me, but why didn't you show the actual game...

Author Nate Kelly ( ago)
if pokemon it's going to be the first RPG for tv

Author Purple Luigi ( ago)
Street fighter 5 is GARBAGE compared to Street fighter 4 Capcom messed up big time.

Author Waris Ali ( ago)
To everyone slamming on Pat on the way he says "Mario."
Pat is Canadian, which means he has the accent. When they say the letter "o" it comes out thick.

Author Waris Ali ( ago)
Who else forgot that Pat was on this channel, and got so surprised when you heard his voice.

Author Cesar Hernanadez ( ago)
street fighter is awesome

Author Cesar Hernanadez ( ago)
shut the fuck up super nood

Author Cesar Hernanadez ( ago)
how dare u hate super smash bros the only reason y I don't like it it's because u suck at them

Author ThePurplePokebal ( ago)
You are not the biggest mario kart fan, I am

Author DFaceG Rebooted ( ago)
You need to do more research before making videos.

Author Bruno - SkyLord ( ago)
Super Smash 5 on the Nintendo Switch confirmed. #Brawlisbetter

Author GreenPigKing ( ago)
Where is arms? You put on skyrim and street fighter but no arms?

Author poketools ( ago)
The stupidest top 10 ever

Author Silver Swish ( ago)
I'm really triggered by the way he described nba2k18. First of all, he called it nba2k17. That's already out. Second, he didn't even explain anything about it, skipped my favorite game, and cussed it out. Disliked vid.

Author Crystalof Ice ( ago)
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 also unreleased

Author Steve Bruce ( ago)
7:51 GTA IV

Author BrucetheBatz07 ( ago)

Author chaserants ( ago)
just saying the most hype none released title is Pokemon by far if it's the main storyline title that is

Author lieutenant Joker ( ago)
Aren't you that COD zombies you tuber? you know thesmithplays? he says "rrrrrrr" the same way you do and you sound almost identical.

Author Life IsGood ( ago)
Every time someone says Super Merryoh instead of Mario I fucking cringe. Had to stop watching this video because of it.

Author toongamer ( ago)
It's a me super Merio

Author Yellow Magma ( ago)
smash 4 is bad ass on Wii U but sucks ass on the 3DS btw the switch doesn't have a normal controller for crying out loud it is a freaking gaming tablet so wtf are you talking about nintendo is back to a normal controller with the switch the Wii U gamepad is more normal than joycons which are really just upgraded wiimotes.

Author beeochg4 ( ago)
Dude how do u keep mispronouncing his name... It's pronounced "m-are-e-oh" not "marry-oh" shit mang, sorry but little things like that piss me off. You say love his games but you can't say his name correctly.

Author Dr_InfiniteRainbow ( ago)
5:04 sorry to burst your bubble, but GF hasn't made a third game since 4th gen, I doubt they'll do it here...

btw with the whole thing with you loving the N64 Smash and Gamecube, but *hating* the Wii and WiiU, I'm thoroughly *TRIGGERED*

Author Larry Koopa ( ago)
ACTUALLY... I am the biggest Mario Kart fan-boy there is! Lol😂

Author UglyFunnyMan1o1 ( ago)

Author Rasv ( ago)
top 10 games that are not even released

Author sam harris ( ago)
outro song?

Author GeometryDash DNA ( ago)
The way he says Mario. Maayrio

Author i dont know ( ago)
is it bad that i got breath of the wild for wii u?

Author EvolutionTuber 360 ( ago)
Who old is mario and why is he still so short

Author Red Ripple ( ago)
How does the WiiU throw you off on controllers, when Nintendo switch is just the smaller, more portable version of the WiiU?!?

Author Red Ripple ( ago)
Why is Splatoon 2 #10?!? It should be at #3-4, it was one of the best games of WiiU... if you've never played games like Splatoon, or Street fighter don't make comments about, do your damn research.

Author Mrbeast Beast no.2 ( ago)
It's acculy NBA 2k 18 and fefa 18 and madden 18 get it right

Author The Ender gamer 338 ( ago)

Author Morjiana Kalderash ( ago)
Please never say Mary-oh again....

Author TheSmithPlays ( ago)
why is it that the videos I fuck up on always do well for me XD

Author Mystery Gamer ( ago)
In an article for Gameinformer a couple months back, someone heavily involved in the creation of Sun and Moon said that they might make a new Pokémon game on their next console.

Author Esteban Sánchez ( ago)
This guy doesn't know what he's talking about clearly lol he says smash for wii u sucks and street fighter , oh and he's so excited for a port of a game

Author Josh Thompson ( ago)
Smash Wii U sucked? Fuck off

Author Aidencraft Gaming ( ago)
people: cool let's buy it!
me: portable skyrime!?!?

Author Lpot1201 ( ago)
big fire emblem fan, but your info is a bit off. Fire emblem Warriors is coming out sometimes in 2017 which is more like hyrule warriors (also is in the video). Fire Emblem for the switch (working title) which is supposedly more like the other fire emblem games is coming out in 2018.

Author Mulder & Scully ( ago)
Dude stop kissing so much fucking nintendo ass.

Author Zach anator Combs ( ago)
no I mentioned like it isn't new

Author Matt Quenette ( ago)
Marieo and pokemans

Author weston407 ( ago)
having two items is a big deal because they took the ability away in 8

Author weston407 ( ago)
"now that we're back to a relatively normal controller"

LOL have you ever actually played the n64 or held its controller? the wii u controller might have had a screen in the middle of it but it was way closer to a traditional controller than that of the 64

Author Vlad Poptelecan ( ago)

Author Tunklak ( ago)
"smash bros on the wii u was very bad", shut the fuck up.
the wii u gamepade have the same controllers.

Author Donovan Smith ( ago)
"zelta"? "maerio"? are you special? lol

Author Armando Quezada ( ago)
"Skyrim, the elder scrolls?" Don't you mean The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim? Your content is cringe. Also how can you state that you don't understand Street Fighter is still big? You're clearly living under a fucking rock cunt.

Author Some other Guy ( ago)
Wii and Wii U smash games suck because of the controller??? Then he says I know you can use the GameCube controllers but still? How does that make sense? Lol

Author Joey Quijada ( ago)
This list is a joke right?

Author ItookyourJello ( ago)
Something you might have missed is that the new Fire Emblem (FE: Warriors) is being developed in colaboration with Tecmo Koei. Its format looks a lot like Hyrule Warriors and Dynasty Warriors, thus it's probably gonna be a hack n' slash type of game instead of a strategical RPG. I still will enjoy it.

Author TheNintendoNinja ( ago)
I swear if Xenoblade Chronicles 2 isn't on this list...

Author louie beatz ( ago)
if they remake Pokémon blue or gold with new story

Author Richard Siekris ( ago)
Smash bro's on the WiiU is the best one hands down. GameCube a close 2nd. Brawl was terrible. I am hoping they stick with the WiiU version and bring that to the SWITCH and maybe SALT BAE some of that GAMECUBE style on it with some N64 levels. There you have the best Nintendo game ever made. THANKSkkbye

Author Pineapple YT ( ago)

Author Pineapple YT ( ago)
idk why im saying this but i luved tomodachi life on the 3ds and if they dont make tomodachi life 2 on the switch im going to check the gamestop trade in money notice its like 2 cents then throw ma switch down the stairs

Author Antonio Briceño ( ago)
pokemon for switch is Pokemon Stars, and it will be an enhanced version of sun/moon.

Author Slothman Slothy ( ago)
Pat if you don't like the wii and wii u for the controllers then there's this magical thing called a pro controller

Author Money The Gamer07 ( ago)
NBA 2 k 18 basketball on the go is gonna be Epic I'm buying it day one!!!!!!!!

Author Money The Gamer07 ( ago)
Great video just subbed I'm Enjoying My Switch!!!!!

Author Patweek ( ago)
what is the outro song???

Author MrBaconBoy ( ago)
Hey, did you know that you can plug a gamecube controller into both a Wii and a Wii U. Did you know that Mario Kart Deluxe is actually Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the same as the Wii U game but with slightly more content. Yeah, what a big Mario Kart fan.

Author Bawdude17 ( ago)
You probably haven't even played the Wii u

Author Cosmic_ gamer ( ago)
we all know zelda will still be the best game on the switch

Author Zach anator Combs ( ago)
mariokart 8 is already out for wii u

Author Legendary Link ( ago)
The Fire emblem footage looked like Zelda Hyrule Warriors, except that they have exchanged the characters

Author Joshua Tiwad ( ago)
Ok Mario himself says his own name like "Maw-Ree-Oh" ...
Please pronounce it right

Author Severo Ignus ( ago)
super MEHrio

Author Alle Alle ( ago)
The gamecube controller is compatible with Smash 4.....

Author Манвел Меліксетян ( ago)
Download (Android)
Snow brothers Nick and Tom:

Snow brothers Nick and Tom - help the brave snowmen rescue princesses kidnapped by villains. Select a hero and take him through dangerous levels full of monsters. In this Android game you will control one of the snowmen brothers. You are going to fight against strong enemies on the way and take the hero to the princess. The character is good at accurate throwing of snowballs which can destroy opponents. Make the hero jump on the platforms and avoid dangers. Use magic potions to power up the hero's abilities. Defeat mighty bosses and rescue the princess.

Game features:

2 funny characters
Many levels
Various upgrades
Simple system of controls

Author Rich Knight ( ago)
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is pretty much already on the Wii U. how could that be bigger than a BRAND NEW Mario?

Author Ricardo Feliz ( ago)
Is that a checkpoint at 8:00?

Author Icy Shadows ( ago)
Put mario kart above mario Odyssey! Genius!

Author Fusionspear ( ago)

Author Funky Games ( ago)
Why didn't u like smash 4 on wii u but are hyped for it on switch? the controls are the same. exept if u use the wii controller. Then ur fucked.

Author Squiddo Lilac ( ago)
Splatoon 2 Should've been atleast number 6, but it's their opinion.

Author Joshua Lavelle ( ago)
same games, different console. so fucking boring!

Author Nate Roe ( ago)
This is just...garbage. 😂 You can't say "unreleased" if they're also "undeveloped" or "undecided."

Author Victory Master ( ago)
Just noticed Wario Destroyed a BLUE MOTHERFUKING SHELL! game changer....

Author Esti / SE64 ( ago)
You mispelled NBA 2K18 as NBA 2K17..

Author DK64100 ( ago)
am i the only one who thinks he's retarded for saying sm4sh and brawl are bad.....

i agree with brawl, but sm4sh? you've gotta be trippin balls. and another thing does he not know that mk8 came out on the wii u and that the switch ver. is a port with new features and all the previous dlc. patt you're fired

Author Shotin FPSuser ( ago)
Child hood memories with Mario kart on the Wii. I still remember The Sounds...... I STILL REMEMBER.!

Author phoenixfirex ( ago)
It's pronounced MAR-RIO Not MAH-RIO!!!

Author Jadturentale- -taguelequipue ( ago)
sonic Project 2017 is now sonic forces

Author Pops 420 ( ago)
This guy is a straight up ratdog fag

Author Keet Buch ( ago)
says were back to a regular controller but its literaly just the gamepad, or 2 nunchucks. i like it though

Author ErracticTv ( ago)

Author Jaden Ross ( ago)
HOW is Mario kart 8 more hype then the new 3d Mario Mario kart 8 is just a port thith some new content it should be like number 10

Author Pipo Aguilera Z. ( ago)
Pokenn tournament? Is going To be on switch?

Author Luis Flores ( ago)
Mario kart 8 Deluxe is just $60 DLC

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