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Author Alonzo Montanez (1 month)
Stockton nortenos por vida ::

Author Apex Outlawz (16 days)
PURO NORTE :: 14 San Jo

Author kimberly Hamlin (2 months)

Author Mike Wilsey (1 month)

Author Christy Alley (3 months)
Lean like a norteno all day 114% not in the gang but I rep em tho

Author BiG RivaL (5 days)
Fuck Northcacas Killa 187 Puta's Puro SOUTHSIDE TRECE Taken Over

Author SHYBOY Loc (7 days)
Fuck this normierda shit. It's all about the SUR 13. 1 3s up yelling south

Author Berenice Medina (2 months)
This $hii B4ngin ::

Author MEELO 14 (2 months)
$Hawooo Fuck them $crap ass rats

Author Its Ablivex (11 days)
Fuck Chapetes. Pussy Ass Levas Smacking Jotos In Mouth And Don't Do Shit.
Bunch Of Chavals. 

Author Cerote Killa (1 month)
Fuck busters it's all about sureno 13: $$X3 chap killa bitch wannabee

Author Maria Yepez (7 months)
Yuuuupppp letz Go NoRTeÑoS X14

Author Bermuda Triangle (19 days)

Author Tonio Lopez (4 months)
You all are some Low Tier Maggot Pieces of Shit.

Fighting over colors and neighborhoods is for Faggot ass Scum bags

Author Alvino Hernandez (3 months)
Hay Eddie why don't u try that with a real Homie cause this Notre all day
long ene 

Author isaac aguirre (6 days)
Real NorthZide shit bros X4 :: Norte XIV 14 $K

Author Mike Wilsey (1 month)

Author 64untill the world blow (22 days)
Fuck all sewerrats 187 on a rattaa

Author bob marley (1 month)
I'm not in the Norteno but I'm down for my homies who are. I have much
pride and respect in the Nortenos. I do rep them 24/7 stay true or wind up
in a box. I'll be repping that XIV till the day I die. Much love to the
rest of the familia out there holding it down much love from the 707.

Author jose moreira (1 month)
Huh gay

Author Alvino Hernandez (3 months)
All u people speaking that shit bout fuck colors what u got this is our
family Notre u might have had it good or u hid all or life happy for u but
don't knock what we do cause u won't last in my shoes for an hour zip it or
sip it a dirt frosty ain't no good so have respect

Author timothy lopez (1 month)
Lean like norte Mafioso in Denver.... Young pup 14 fuk a
xcrapa......Xk.....nuzzNirth xide bitches.......

Author DIEGO OLIVAS (11 months)

Author set trippin (4 months)
Tf is this hahaha lame ass gumps 

Author Joey Smith (1 month)
Fuck them Scrap ass rats

Author Elizabeth Flores (9 months)
Homie Fuck the South Shit. Lean like A Scrap Get punched in the mouth
bitch! ::

Author Eddie Estrada (5 months)
I remember some buster tried bumbin this weak ass shit around me I sliced
his face like butter that foo remembers me ha 

Author Jae WestsideMobbin' (8 months)
1fozay yella North Side. ayee Its Norte nigga,

Author MarcusoldiesL4 (8 months)
Everyone who's claiming 14 13 12 69 whatever... Need to grow the fuck up.
This one is better than the orginal tho

Author Anthony Contreras (5 months)
Good stuff 

Author Hugo Santiago (6 months)
Run your mouth all you want if you don't like the song then fuck u some of
us do

Author Miguel Calderon (1 month)

Author jeramiah briceno (5 months)

Author Jorge Martinez (7 months)
TF Fr copied from I lean like a SUREÑO

Fuck norteños(NORCACAS) its all about the Big SUR X3

Author EseBe13Rifa (4 months)
gay ass song bitch puro X3
SB XIII fuck Nkorte puro Texas

Author Anthony Madrid (10 months)
Norteno Love!. Fuck Scrapz!. XIV All Day Everyday!...

Author Christy Alley (11 months)
14 all day lean like a scrappy get punched in the mouth ha 

Author Miguel Limon (6 months)
Fuck u fuckin $craps ur in this
$ong becuz it it better than ur$
Fucka smurf

Author angellocs831 (9 months)
Brown pride 

Author Oso Loc (9 months)

Author la criminal (9 months)
fuck nortenos puro sur trece putos fuck norte fuck 14 puro 13
kill a norteno but kill a sureno and your whole familia dies bitch 

Author Maria Yepez (7 months)
All yah niqqa need to zhut up x14 yup

Author Angelo chavez (8 months)
i just came to laugh at all you "gangsters" in the comments lol wack ass
faggots, fuck all your sets. you're all a bunch of cock riding homos.

Author tha kerst (8 months)
Flamed up every day

Author Vi$aBoyz559 (6 months)
Back at it Homeboy! NORTE GANG OFF TOPZ THIz shit still Slapz hard as fuck!
:: fuck scrapz $K! NORTE::

Author smamlh (8 months)
Lean like a norputo...more like bend over like one! Straight takin black
dick thru the ass straight to the brain. That's why you sound black! 

Author Omni Potent (8 months)
Chicago lokko side 13. Shits weak as fuckk Jo. Lame ass fuckk flakkey ass

Author Ruben Mendoza (9 months)
Fuckkk norte chingen a su madre pinches levas hah y puro pinche south
sidex3 putossss

Author Maria Yepez (7 months)
Hey wtf

Author Aaron Valdez (1 year)
Northano for life

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