Natsu and Lucy's First Kiss

Anime:Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima
Music: La Tortura (c) Shakira
Drawings (c) Twistedkorn from

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Author Sarah brasher ( ago)
LOL Juvia and grey

Author Sir Dazmen Smithx ( ago)
is that really what you do with your life go around on youtube vids acting
like you a person from a book geez get a life

Author lucy heartfilia ( ago)
i'm sexy

Author Vi Tran ( ago)
It's not even in the anime (of course)

Author Jessica McKay ( ago)
who the F is the chick at 0:27

Author The_Lazy_One1 soto ( ago)
What episode do lucy and natsu kiss i need to know T.T

Author Marrisa Reschman ( ago)
This is pathetic-_-

Author Mia Solorio ( ago)
I don't really know how this is mature content.....

Author Jack Huang ( ago)
at 0:15 i can see the light

Author MasterOflican ( ago)
this is real or fan made -.- xD

Author nero gant ( ago)
What about Ezra

Author indie281999 ( ago)
0:40 happy just watching

Author Lewis Gameng ( ago)

Author Dean Chan ( ago)
which episode??

Author ciarra patton ( ago)
lucy and natsu forever

Author Kayla Joy Lane ( ago)

Author Natsu Dragneel ( ago)

Author Panagiotis Sapouridis ( ago)
i know that 2 . also she has much more magic power than erza . awesome

Author jikook1e ( ago)
OMG YOU GUYS!!! hahah the movie premiered yesterday~!!!

Author Olivia Li ( ago)
0:20 i remember that episode! Virgo gave them clothes from the celestial
world, and gray's like " why are you guys wearing matching outfits???" ^O^

Author Vivian Cheng ( ago)
everybody wishes friend... but i heard the new Fairy Tail movie (premiering
on August 18th, 2012!!!) there's gonna be some romantic moments between
Natsu and Lucy! SPREAD THE WORD!!

Author storm pegasusx ( ago)
i WISH!!!!!!

Author Vinyl Scratch ( ago)
your not alone!! i think there the best couple in anime X3

Author BalloonsInSpace3 ( ago)
I like how in the end Lucy's face was like " . . . dafuq did I just do?".
Ok, I'll admit, there isn't much proof for NatsuxLucy. But so far, the most
popular Fairy Tail couple is NaLu. And there isn't much proof for
NatsuxLisanna, either. And if your dead friend suddenly comes back,
wouldn't you spend a lot more time with her? Natsu pretty much only says
"hi" to Lisanna. Basically, NaLu: ftw! Check the new movie poster, it's got
NaLu written all over it.

Author WaterMiracleStar ( ago)
I'm not saying that you're right or wrong but the promotional poster for
the Fairy Tail movie (coming august18th) is a picture of Natsu hugging Lucy
and Lucy is crying in his arms.

Author lee Constance ( ago)
To be frank I really like this couple of all time

Author greatgallade ( ago)
thank your c:

Author wrathsangel666 ( ago)
No it's fine! everyone's entitled to their own opinion :P

Author greatgallade ( ago)
natsu cares for lucy alot but as a friend not a girlfriend and i like them
im not going to lie but he likes lisanna alot more than anyone actually
maybe the other lucy and the other natsu get together but not eartland lucy
and natsu. i watched it over and over and saw no big hints to him and her.
but i saw more of lisanna and him sorry:/

Author greatgallade ( ago)
lucy and natsu in the other world may have gotten together basically

Author greatgallade ( ago)
there is no kiss scene and might not be one maybe in the other universe
natsu and lucy ashley get together because lucy likes to bully natsu and
she secretly like him but nastu screamed lisanna's name and had a full
blown heart for a tongue thats a hint and lucy gets jealous of it. bottom
line lucy in earthland world may like loki because of he blushes towards
him and natsu and lisanna might get together because he and she liked each
other since they were kids. lucy and natsu in the other world.

Author lee Constance ( ago)
somehow I agree with ya.....(although i did see that big-belly scene in the
book......lets just hope she does not occupy our already-super-tight
hospital beds!)LOL

Author Jo Perry ( ago)
They never kissed!! So far there is 136 episodes and 3 OVA's I watched them
all and there wasn't one kiss scene So guys, it's not true

Author Esmael Beydoun ( ago)
dafuq did I just watch?

Author BoomBear0909 ( ago)
I thought Lissana died

Author Massacre Panda ( ago)
@5o4whitney It's actually called GruVia lol

Author Victor T. Jr. ( ago)
didn't need to see juvia pregnant at all. although i have to admit with
gray always getting naked it could happen.

Author BeatOfFreedom ( ago)
Fajne te pary :3

Author Priscilla Chu ( ago)
Tell me

Author Priscilla Chu ( ago)
What episode is this?

Author Daniqua ( ago)
Thanks for telling me what you know, I'm going to read now! (I'm already on
chapter 7) :D

Author leyitah2 ( ago)
yep, its ongoing ^^ emm the anime is following the manga, i think (i don't
watch the anime) but there are fillers, for example the currect episodes of
FT are fillers ^^

Author Daniqua ( ago)
Is the manga still being written? And does the show follow the manga? Just
curious :P I will start reading Fairy Tail now, btw (:

Author leyitah2 ( ago)
well not, at least not yet. fairy tail isn't really about romance but there
are really niiice scenes between them that really satisfy the nalu fans ^^
i recommend it to u

Author Daniqua ( ago)
Do Natsu and Lucy get together in the manga?

Author Broken Heart Parade ( ago)
oh nvm XD

Author Broken Heart Parade ( ago)
what episode is this

Author minipaulinexd ( ago)
bien fait mais la photo de la fin est un peu pervers ... c'est les mecs qui
doivent être content xD

Author leyitah2 ( ago)
hahaha yep, but natsu x lissana was really exagerated in the anime compared
to the manga... i just hope that it will end natsu x lucy jejejje i love
that couple... and gray x lucy as well lol

Author cheatscalor ( ago)
When will Natsu give Lucy bonerz D:

Author wrathsangel666 ( ago)
oh come on! when Lissana and Natsu were little they raised Happy's egg?
when they talked about getting married? I think it's a perfectly justified
ship.... and it could still happen. not that i like LissanaxNatsu... I
still perfer Lucy and Natsu <3

Author leyitah2 ( ago)
i don't think that it looks like he is going to end up with lissana, i mean
seriously ever sicne she returned he's still all over lucy, i mean he is
always with her, when they are in the iland and he says to lucy that she
HAS to come with him to fight the bad guy, when they fight together, all
all those moments since they returned. seriously all of that just supports
nalu i don't even see a tiny little thing of natsu and lissana ^^

Author leyitah2 ( ago)
in the manga, in the new chapters u can really see looots of nalu moments ^^

Author leyitah2 ( ago)
err believe u, u r not the only one that likes lucy and natsu, they are one
of the most popular ^^ and yeah lucy is strong ^^

Author Stephanie Garcia ( ago)
Though its Fake, Very Very Nice!!;D
Natsu&Lucy!!♥,Natsu&Lucy!!♥,Natsu&Lucy!!♥,Natsu&Lucy!!♥ ;D

Author Stephanie Garcia ( ago)
Naaaaah,....i LOVE Natsu and Lucy too!♥;D

Author Stephanie Garcia ( ago)
NO- Loke LOVES Aries Natsu LOVES Lissana (too bad, i prefer He LOVED LUCY
instead!) but im all ♥NATSU&LUCY♥

Author inquisidorxP ( ago)
You accidently flagged a video that must've been flagged!

Author Lilopele ( ago)
Uhh... This video sort a ruined fairy tail for me. I didn't even know how I
got here..

Author wrathsangel666 (1866 years ago)
I love LucyxNatsu. Natsu looks like he might end up with Lissana, but he
never really shows romantic intrest in anyone.... but i think Lucy and
Natsu would be really cute together :]

Author IAmNickAndILol (279 years ago)
I used to think Lucy was weak. But then she used that astral barrage thing
to basically smash Angel to bits and that gave her a few badass points :3.

Author mharuka12 ( ago)
WTF,,, LET THE DIRECTOR know what happen next to them you asshole!!!!!!

Author 5o4whitney ( ago)
And Mira x Freed -w-"

Author 5o4whitney ( ago)
NaLu, Erza x Jellal, and JuvRay x3 <3

Author Heather R ( ago)
Why is Juvia pregnant for this?!

Author Misaki Chan ( ago)
what the o.o

Author AmorEterno93 ( ago)
It's so obvious NATSU and LUCY will end up together!! Lisanna is in the
past! It's not like she still likes Natsu after having been gone for 2
years?! Besides, Lucy seems to be in love with Natsu already and Natsu's
only a pervert to Lucy! NALU for ever!!!

Author WHYwontUacceptmyNAME ( ago)
=O really? i thought Natsu likes Lissana.. weren't they a family? Lissana
was the mother, Natsu was the father and Happy was the baby =D

Author Robert Hayden ( ago)
WTF did I just watch LOL face natsu and Lucy

Author WHYwontUacceptmyNAME ( ago)
what about lissana?

Author minoridanjiridaiski ( ago)

Author Niamh Riordan ( ago)
wtf is wrong with u

Author anne miklos sarvida ( ago)
natsu x lucy <3

Author anne miklos sarvida ( ago)
im with you :) yes, lucy is not weak and i can say shes strong too :'> i
love lucy and natsu together.

Author olalaal ( ago)
...Pregnant Juvia oh lol

Author TerritoryOfTori ( ago)
Am I the only one who likes lucy and natsu? O.o Hey, lucy's not weak! Well,
in the beginning of the series she seems weak ( I always thought she was
weak since her spirits did all the fighting) BUT she saved Loki from
dieing, showing how powerful she was, and if you read the manga, where she
is in the tournament she is really strong (until the other team cheats)
Lucy is actually really strong.

Author Longna Her ( ago)
i agree and i love fairy tail with all my heart

Author sushiboss24 ( ago)

Author dcdesman ( ago)
I flagged it on accident :o my bad. dummy.

Author dcdesman ( ago)
Noooo not Lucy idiot! Lisanna! idiot! Dummy! Stupid head! numb nuts!
retard! Weirdo! everything else that can possibly degrade you! loser.

Author joshua bernil ( ago)
i knoww right

Author Acualy Is (1092 years ago)

Author xanaxxx2011 ( ago)
I know!!! Lisanna and Natsu,Erza and Jellal (when good) and Gary and Juvia
(because all their powers work wonder together+ I really LOVE if they'd be
together) Lucy is WEAK soooooooooo........... Maybe her and ''the Lion''
Leo But Leo and Airise UH..........OKAY Lucy is FOREVER ALONE:)

Author lildevilboi7 ( ago)
there should be Natsu plus Lisanna were there any moments where you cried
when Natsu and Lucy were together? NO! did you cry when Natsu and Lisanna
reunited for the first time after they came back from Edolas? Hell Yeah you

Author mutilover314 ( ago)

Author mutilover314 ( ago)

Author Rachan Yuri ( ago)
I think Natsu is suited to Lisana....

Author Minami Shimada ( ago)
jeeeezus, the art for the kissing scene was absolute shit. good god.

Author bleachmafia226 ( ago)
Natsu was a kid back then. Besides, Loke likes Lucy. Lucy doesn't like HIM

Author bleachmafia226 ( ago)
I agree with everything except Natsux Lisanna. ugh. Natsu's with Lucy no
denying it

Author Nicole Doyle ( ago)
seriously -____- LOXLU IS SUCH A NICER PAIRING!!! *pauses to think* -if its
NaXLu... it will be Me~ x Lo- ^_^ YOU KNOW NATSU, I THINK YU AND LUCY ARE

Author MystoGan0795 ( ago)

Author catlover464 ( ago)
no he hasn't kissed her...yet.

Author KleinerKnuddelHase ( ago)
Are you stupid or something like that?? Lucy likes Natsu!! You didn't watch
all Fairy tail episodes right? So keep quiet!!

Author Nicanor Padilla ( ago)

Author Austin Hoke ( ago)
i will agree with that but i for 1 cannot see that happening if it did i do
not believe it would last very long. but anyhow like i have said its just
an anime most of the creator an authors of such don't really pay attention
to that kind of thing. the authors and creators in my opinion need to be a
little bit more realistic when it comes to the pairings and relationships
cuz most if not nearly all of them r completely messed up big time an
wouldnt work in the real world.

Author Chester ( ago)
i have to agree at times she can be dumb but she has more commen sense than
half of fairytail does

Author Austin Hoke ( ago)
umm okay 1st i would like to say that this anime is 1 of my favorites but
that is the problem it just a fucking anime its not realistic people. also
i would have to say i completely disagree with the whole Natzu and Luscy
relationship it just wouldnt work and i am speaking from the relationships
i have been in some like Natzu being with luscy would end very badly. no
offense to every1 that like hers but she is a fucking blonde DITZ or very
unintelligent and or retarded. i already know why men

Author Austin Hoke ( ago)
would love being with a blonde who is to stupid for her own good that is
why most of the males who claim to be fans of her character are completely
fucking retards and a bunch of womenizers who just would like to be with
some who has luscy's personality just so they can get a quick fuck then
throw the woman to the curb. i prefer women who can actually defend
themselves an r strong willed an r not afraid of anything. i like women who
have a personality like Erza Scarlet's now that is hot.

Author Beyblade TeamX ( ago)
no she just got sucked into edolas

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