Natsu and Lucy's First Kiss

Anime:Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima
Music: La Tortura (c) Shakira
Drawings (c) Twistedkorn from

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Runtime: 1:10
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Author Elly Hu (8 months)
Lucy and Natsu are mean't to be together. If you check ep 1, you may see
that the love spell on Lucy was broken because not Natsu interfered with
it, but because Lucy spotted the one true love. ( Notice how other girls
haven't noticed Natsu because he isn't the match for them.)

Author Christina 456 (11 months)
When did she come back? And Lucy and Natsu belong together in my eyes. They
are good together. Who cares if her magic is weaker she is still awsome

Author sketch'n'neek (9 months)
why is it always natsu.natsu does this natsu does that.just in case u do
not know i am not a fan of natsu.(my opinion)

Author Lucy Dragneel (6 months)
* blushes * eh why is this here 

Author Lucy Dragneel (6 months)
+natsu dragneel waiting time is up who do you like me or lisanna 

Author Courtney Johnson (1 year)
no lisanna died ....but came back and thats stupid besides Lucy and natsu
look better together anways i hate it how lisasnna came back tho it was so
sad when she "died"

Author Broken Heart Parade (2 years)
what episode is this

Author Esmael Beydoun (2 years)
dafuq did I just watch?

Author candycrave123 (3 years)
Natsu kinda reminds me of soul from soul eater in the pic at :28

Author gamerfun123 (3 years)
more like ice water

Author lucy heartfilia (1 year)
i'm sexy

Author BoomBear0909 (2 years)
I thought Lissana died

Author frans larsson (3 years)

Author Priscilla Chu (2 years)
What episode is this?

Author KleinerKnuddelHase (3 years)
Are you stupid or something like that?? Lucy likes Natsu!! You didn't watch
all Fairy tail episodes right? So keep quiet!!

Author xanaxxx2011 (3 years)
I know!!! Lisanna and Natsu,Erza and Jellal (when good) and Gary and Juvia
(because all their powers work wonder together+ I really LOVE if they'd be
together) Lucy is WEAK soooooooooo........... Maybe her and ''the Lion''
Leo But Leo and Airise UH..........OKAY Lucy is FOREVER ALONE:)

Author The1OpenMind (3 years)
LMFAO! Wtf did I just watch.....

Author sushiboss24 (3 years)

Author lee Constance (2 years)
somehow I agree with ya.....(although i did see that big-belly scene in the
book......lets just hope she does not occupy our already-super-tight
hospital beds!)LOL

Author Misaki Chan (3 years)
what the o.o

Author bleachmafia226 (3 years)
Natsu was a kid back then. Besides, Loke likes Lucy. Lucy doesn't like HIM

Author leyitah2 (2 years)
well not, at least not yet. fairy tail isn't really about romance but there
are really niiice scenes between them that really satisfy the nalu fans ^^
i recommend it to u

Author WaterMiracleStar (2 years)
I'm not saying that you're right or wrong but the promotional poster for
the Fairy Tail movie (coming august18th) is a picture of Natsu hugging Lucy
and Lucy is crying in his arms.

Author wrathsangel666 (2 years)
I love LucyxNatsu. Natsu looks like he might end up with Lissana, but he
never really shows romantic intrest in anyone.... but i think Lucy and
Natsu would be really cute together :]

Author MrTwardy87 (3 years)
No way ;F

Author Longna Her (3 years)
i agree and i love fairy tail with all my heart

Author Kabutomaru11 (3 years)
No Lucy likes Loke and Natsu likes Lissana

Author leyitah2 (2 years)
hahaha yep, but natsu x lissana was really exagerated in the anime compared
to the manga... i just hope that it will end natsu x lucy jejejje i love
that couple... and gray x lucy as well lol

Author Sir Dazmen Smithx (1 year)
is that really what you do with your life go around on youtube vids acting
like you a person from a book geez get a life

Author Priscilla Chu (2 years)
Tell me

Author Gilbert Beilschmidt (3 years)
fuck you natsu loves lissana not lucy you fucking perverted idiot

Author Dean Chan (2 years)
which episode??

Author evilprincess771 (3 years)
Natsu X Lucy :) they're so cute together ♥

Author leyitah2 (2 years)
i don't think that it looks like he is going to end up with lissana, i mean
seriously ever sicne she returned he's still all over lucy, i mean he is
always with her, when they are in the iland and he says to lucy that she
HAS to come with him to fight the bad guy, when they fight together, all
all those moments since they returned. seriously all of that just supports
nalu i don't even see a tiny little thing of natsu and lissana ^^

Author storm pegasusx (2 years)
i WISH!!!!!!

Author Minami Shimada (3 years)
jeeeezus, the art for the kissing scene was absolute shit. good god.

Author MystoGan0795 (3 years)

Author Jo Perry (2 years)
They never kissed!! So far there is 136 episodes and 3 OVA's I watched them
all and there wasn't one kiss scene So guys, it's not true

Author Vi Tran (1 year)
It's not even in the anime (of course)

Author Stephanie Garcia (2 years)
NO- Loke LOVES Aries Natsu LOVES Lissana (too bad, i prefer He LOVED LUCY
instead!) but im all ♥NATSU&LUCY♥

Author Mes mir (3 years)
isnt natsu going with lisanna? as far as i can point out they were together
when lisanna disapeard correct me if im wrong

Author Victor T. Jr. (2 years)
didn't need to see juvia pregnant at all. although i have to admit with
gray always getting naked it could happen.

Author anne miklos sarvida (3 years)
natsu x lucy <3

Author greatgallade (2 years)
thank your c:

Author brettwong2000 (3 years)
no. this is fanmade.

Author tsunakyoya2718 (3 years)
i wanna ask u a stupid question..........wat horoscope are u??

Author Daniqua (2 years)
Do Natsu and Lucy get together in the manga?

Author leyitah2 (2 years)
in the manga, in the new chapters u can really see looots of nalu moments ^^

Author nero gant (2 years)
What about Ezra

Author Niamh Riordan (3 years)
wtf is wrong with u

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