Top 5 iOS 11 Features!

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  • kishawn taylor
    kishawn taylor 2 hours ago

    if I love the screen recording😍😍😍😍

  • Khairul Azan
    Khairul Azan 4 hours ago

    Could you ask the Apple to put image of contacts in contact like android? It will be more beauty!! Completely sure

  • Adam Anderson
    Adam Anderson 8 hours ago

    ios 11 is pure garbage
    fuck apple

  • Jordon Leblanc
    Jordon Leblanc 12 hours ago

    Thinking about making a video about the updates for the iPad? I feel like that's an even more significant update IMO!

  • Jorge Bran
    Jorge Bran 13 hours ago

    Did anyone else’s Siri activate when he said “hey Siri”?

  • Bryant Park
    Bryant Park 15 hours ago

    I have to admit, iOS looks much better than Android, at least to me.

  • ImzVidsZ
    ImzVidsZ 19 hours ago

    I prefer the dots as the signal, not the bars

  • Chris Vanderwielen
    Chris Vanderwielen 19 hours ago

    Can you long press the wifi toggle and have it go straight into wifi settings? Same with Bluetooth. Idk why, but those are two crucial things for me when looking into a phone. And as far as I know Apple hasn't had that yet.

  • arjun sharma
    arjun sharma 20 hours ago

    iPhone 5s and above will get ios 11 update....iPod 6th generation to

  • The Nick
    The Nick 20 hours ago

    I want the Tesla app!

  • Vaibhav Prajapati
    Vaibhav Prajapati 22 hours ago

    #askmkbhd is increasing ram more important or optimizing more important? Where is user experience, it does not come with spec sheet is it?

  • Anastazia Hamilton
    Anastazia Hamilton 23 hours ago

    Love the cleaner look of the design and apps...however i feel like I have grown attached to the itunes/itunes store logo and app icon...the design change to the star hmmm 🤔

  • Dante Is someone
    Dante Is someone 23 hours ago

    I'm crying tears of joy

  • Juan David Redondo

    bridge every target recent pregnancy outstanding.

  • Sufiyaan Khan
    Sufiyaan Khan 1 day ago

    How do we get that theme for our iOS ??

    SANN CHHAILONG 1 day ago

    The blueprint wallpaper doesn't fit with my 4.7 inch iPhone 6s :(

  • Danny
    Danny 1 day ago

    Where did you get that background on the iPhone? I like that background.

  • Nitin Dusija
    Nitin Dusija 1 day ago

    What about Mobile data? Can this be added to the Control Centre?

  • Ponchi chand
    Ponchi chand 1 day ago

    really like the file browser

  • Yishnu Pramanik
    Yishnu Pramanik 2 days ago

    What should be best perfomance smartphone in Mid range with good battery life

  • jackster1212
    jackster1212 2 days ago

    Thanks, excellent review...

  • Hert Niks
    Hert Niks 2 days ago

    Am i the only one whose alarm in cc dont allow 3d touch?

  • Gede Darmawan
    Gede Darmawan 2 days ago

    control centre looks friendly now.

  • Marcos Arceo
    Marcos Arceo 2 days ago


  • Nathan Mastache
    Nathan Mastache 2 days ago

    how come i don't have ios 11;( maybe because i have the iphone 6s?

  • Best Aegyo
    Best Aegyo 2 days ago

    new ios 11 is so sexy

  • Nílah Herrera
    Nílah Herrera 2 days ago

    i'm looking forward to the control center and recording screen :)

  • Robert Ibanez
    Robert Ibanez 2 days ago

    so more Android features. I'm good with that

  • Shawnso151
    Shawnso151 2 days ago

    Hey siri.... So it's always listening.... Don't speak out your credit card info when that phone is nearby

  • JojoGang
    JojoGang 2 days ago

    👻 😉

  • Ranveer Patra
    Ranveer Patra 2 days ago


  • MLGcargamer9000 And Trick shotter

    I have a iPad Air and a MacBook Air and a iPod touch 4th gen I'm upgrading from iPad Air to iPad Pro

  • Gerardo Gomez
    Gerardo Gomez 3 days ago

    Bruh wheres my update my phone hit me wit that "you're up to date" smh

  • svp tutorials
    svp tutorials 3 days ago

    Is ios11 beta available for iphone 6s?

  • Raphaela Barros
    Raphaela Barros 3 days ago

    I love your videos!!! Good job!

  • iRob Chris
    iRob Chris 3 days ago

    how did you activated siri with just hey siri without being plugged in??????

  • Gabriel Alonso
    Gabriel Alonso 3 days ago

    Is it good enough to use on a daily basis?

  • Fahmeed Rokon
    Fahmeed Rokon 3 days ago

    Does the control center have cellular data toggle yet?

  • Josh Bradley
    Josh Bradley 3 days ago

    estate reform celebrity lay explosion.

  • NIK
    NIK 3 days ago


  • Dong Lal
    Dong Lal 3 days ago

    you have many phones please give me iPhone using iOS 11.

  • Tessa Mulder
    Tessa Mulder 3 days ago

    picture really looks like handsomestyle .

  • preethamreddy sreepathi

    Wen this update available in Canada

    SANN CHHAILONG 3 days ago

    i really like your iphone wallpaper

  • Su Zaire
    Su Zaire 3 days ago

    I like your intro music

  • atif kupe
    atif kupe 3 days ago

    Hey marques tell me frm where i can download those wallpaper u have on ua phne.

  • RobbyCC99
    RobbyCC99 3 days ago

    Nice! Good video. You always produce good content in my opinion! Keep up the good work!

  • Flamenco Clothing
    Flamenco Clothing 3 days ago

    ... we talkin about fonts n shit 😂😂

  • Peter Leung
    Peter Leung 3 days ago

    Personal hotspot on control centre; finally!!!

  • Made for Tech OFFICIAL

    can I have that wallpaper for Android

  • faust richards
    faust richards 3 days ago

    hi what background paper are you using??

  • Todor Maxx
    Todor Maxx 3 days ago

    Well, seems that iOS slowly becoming android with this... wtf

  • Juan Two Three
    Juan Two Three 3 days ago

    Wallpapwr is so beautiful

  • Ricardo C. Chavez
    Ricardo C. Chavez 3 days ago

    Definitely the screen recording option, but so much to look forward to!

  • KingOf TheCreepers
    KingOf TheCreepers 4 days ago

    2:42 First of all, that's not even the weather, it is translating to "What time is it?" incorrectly. It should be, "Que hora es?" And he asked "How's the weather going?"

  • Raffouw9
    Raffouw9 4 days ago

    My iPhone 4 is still using iOS 7.1.2 . U can donate ur iPhone to me at: ............................. thx

  • rafaqat johar
    rafaqat johar 4 days ago

    Don’t install ios 11 its soo soo slow

  • Guille Barfer
    Guille Barfer 4 days ago

    Hey Siri, how do I say "How's the weather?" in German? The same DetroitBORG asked Siri btw...

  • Shashank A
    Shashank A 4 days ago

    please can u give me a link for the wallpaper on the phone that is soo cool

  • CryBaby Cruz
    CryBaby Cruz 4 days ago

    Also in notes you can...scan documents! fucking dope.

    A KARTHIK 4 days ago

    idk why I am watching it on a nexus 5 . I don't have an iPhone...

    DRWXP 4 days ago

    What about the file browser?

  • El Pato
    El Pato 4 days ago

    Anyone noticed the incorrect spanish translation??

    • hansford
      hansford 3 days ago

      El Pato No, it is actually right.

  • Nicholas Garcia
    Nicholas Garcia 4 days ago

    You had me at "wink wink".... my nigga 😏👍

  • Bernardo Binda
    Bernardo Binda 4 days ago

    Does the music app still suck dick? yeah? yeah :/

  • Shaquille Valdez
    Shaquille Valdez 4 days ago

    That screenshot feature... is Apple copying Xiaomi?

  • Frank Fuhrmeister
    Frank Fuhrmeister 4 days ago

    "HEEeeeeeywutizUPGUISE! LMNOP here."

  • Michael MESSI
    Michael MESSI 4 days ago

    Snapchat part tho

  • Jay
    Jay 4 days ago

    The Files app you mentioned sounds misleading when say "files on your device". It's a re-branded iCloud drive. It is files stored in the cloud and not your device. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm just curious about that.

  • gerry neil
    gerry neil 4 days ago

    What we need is clean all tabs with one button ....

  • Dalvin Camacho
    Dalvin Camacho 4 days ago

    Coming from an android device I've been waiting for the screenshot feature for years. Is a no brainer. When I take a screenshot is because I need to shared it right way, having to go to the gallery to do so is such a waste of time.

  • joseph rivera
    joseph rivera 5 days ago

    Looks gross

  • Adnane Berrada
    Adnane Berrada 5 days ago

    wink wink 😉😉

  • Erick Lopez
    Erick Lopez 5 days ago

    ඊයා මේව යකො androidවල මාසෙන් මාසෙට එන update වල තියන ඒවනෙ

  • Frog Holding Machine Gun

    I just hope there's a new design for the music app.

  • Anil Kinikar
    Anil Kinikar 5 days ago

    Is there improvement in shitty battery life of iPhone in general.

  • meenu chawla
    meenu chawla 5 days ago

    Toooo much bugs😖😖😖😖

  • Freddie Cunningham
    Freddie Cunningham 5 days ago

    E-mail mad formation working prevent tennis

  • Den Otaku
    Den Otaku 5 days ago

    the screen recording is gonna get so exploited in snap chat till it's fixed haha

  • Den Otaku
    Den Otaku 5 days ago

    you know I actually like this iOS for once and I'm a android fanboy

  • clouds5
    clouds5 5 days ago

    That control center looks like a mess (very subjective of course but it looks very random and unorganized to my eyes). And I'm guessing no way to rearrange the buttons? Yes, it's cool that apple finally has a better way to quickly change some settings and it let's you chose which settings are important to you. But that was a standard feature for years with other mobile operating systems. No company will ever get praise from me for finally giving in and acknowlede that features that others are implementing already are very useful.
    Disclaimer: I'm not a fanboy of anything - I actually never owned two phones from the same company.

  • LeagueOfNations94
    LeagueOfNations94 5 days ago

    Please share your wallpaper

  • snipewa4
    snipewa4 5 days ago

    Classic apple "update"

  • Edy Leon
    Edy Leon 5 days ago

    it got the spanish translation wrong lol

  • Animesh GUPTA
    Animesh GUPTA 5 days ago

    WINK wink ;)

  • Nudelauflauf
    Nudelauflauf 5 days ago

    Das Wetter ist schön!

  • Caleb Taylor
    Caleb Taylor 5 days ago

    it's still worse Than Android I don't get why iPhones won't run android

  • Winter Android/ios
    Winter Android/ios 5 days ago

    another jailbreak imitation? btw apple employed jailbreak/tweak dev i think

  • Pulkit Kumar
    Pulkit Kumar 5 days ago

    But will it work on iPhone 4 -_-

  • 6alalsaud
    6alalsaud 5 days ago

    Wink wink

  • Brian Cornea
    Brian Cornea 5 days ago

    Where can I download that wallpaper?

    • Brian Cornea
      Brian Cornea 5 days ago

      nevermind I answered my own question..

  • JacobMcGee
    JacobMcGee 5 days ago

    Bro... What is that background behind your apps? I need that!!!

  • MrVenghour
    MrVenghour 5 days ago

    i know im not the only one that is just obessed with this Guy

  • victory asokomeh
    victory asokomeh 5 days ago

    wink* wink*

  • Rahul Harsh
    Rahul Harsh 5 days ago

    What's screen recording ?

  • Anmol Sharma
    Anmol Sharma 6 days ago

    make a vedio on android

  • Casey Jackson
    Casey Jackson 6 days ago

    5:45 😂😂

  • Killa8 Bc
    Killa8 Bc 6 days ago

    Lol every iOS update is just basically adding jailbreak tweaks to system, nothing more.

  • John Williams
    John Williams 6 days ago

    Keep up the great work

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