Marvin Hagler vs Roberto Duran Rounds 14-15

"Marvelous" faces "Manos de piedra"

1983-11-10. Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

WBC middleweight title
WBA middleweight title
IBF middleweight title

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Author John Stots (2 months)
That's the lead singer out of Hot Chocolate.

Author 39LEGOTO (1 month)
No mas, maricon ni parece latino que se rajo con Leonard. Fue bueno pero no
grande como los sudacas o centrocacas dicen. Puro odio hacia Mexico como

Author jc morales (5 months)
Aburrida. Pinche. Pelea. Vale. Verga. Como. Es. Que. Le. Decian. Mano. De.
Piedra. Si no tenia. Pegada. 

Author Benito Urtiaga (4 months)

Author Benito Urtiaga (4 months)

Author Dreams Wheels (1 day)

Author James Mcaulay (4 months)
Duran was my idol is those days,but the more that i see this fight i see
that Marvin won this by a long shot.

Author thad g (6 months)
Hagler's punches had no "bad intentions" on his punches in this fight. He
boxed Duran (a blown up lightweight) and fought John Mugabi, Tommy Hearns,
and Tony Sibson toe-to-toe. Go figure. 

Author Tavs96 (10 months)
What would happen if Hagler was a LightWeight at 135?

Author Clogg (3 years)
This was a "good loss" for Duran... No one expected him to win and he gave
a good account of himself, showed a lot of the defensive brilliance that
was such a key to his greatness as a fighter... but make no mistake, he
LOST. Marvin clearly won the fight. Anyone scoring this for Duran does not
understand boxing and has no idea how to score a fight. The best you could
do for Roberto is give him 6 rounds

Author Rundm3p (1 year)
A Durán le robaron una de sus peleas con camacho, eso está clarito!

Author Tony Lobo (3 years)
@elcalamarense la verdad es que Monzón fue irrepetible, cuando me refiero a
que para mi es el mejor latino, ten en cuenta que un boxeador pequeño de
estatura, Duran mide 1.71, ha sido campeón desde el ligero hasta el medio
en cuatro pesos distintos, eso está al alcance de pocos. Saludos desde
España amigo

Author Rundm3p (3 years)
@Wamz1978 Specialists said he would of win if it was a 12 rounds fight ...

Author TheLatinoAssassin480 (3 years)
@fadethetrade Duran may not be fastest but that certainly does not make him
any less greater than Mike Tyson and plus Duran had a far better
resume,athleticism and skills than Tyson but then a again it's like
comparing apples and oranges both of these boxers are great at THEIR OWN
WEIGHT but Tyson in his prime even had some downsides such as struggling
against tall less skilled fighters such as Bonecrusher Smith and Tony
Tucker. Like I said you shouldn't compare these two and...

Author Caesar Soze (3 years)
@fadethetrade very beatable because he fought the best of his time, plus he
always was the smaller of the figthers.

Author Rundm3p (1 year)
Te falta conocimiento de quien es durán amigo. Duran es de los peleadores
mas versatiles y tiene de las mejores defensas del boxeo, fue campeon en 5
pesos distintos y paso por encima la categoria jr welter porque no le
intereso, hubiese facilmente sido campeon en 6 divisiones distintas, chaves
solo en 3, no hay comparación, solo en mexico tienen el DESCARO de comparar
a duran con ese boxeador chavez.

Author SovereignFOTL (1 year)
Duran was a LW who climbed two divisions to beat SRL, he was the oldest and
smallest of the fab four and past his prime, he'd already dominated the
world for a decade while the other three had done nothing, imagine Hagler
moving up to CW or HW, he never did, then Duran put a bit too much weight
on b/c of all the feats he was attending in his honour and was just that
little bit slower and missing just that extra stamina of these younger
fittier hungrier men yet still mixing it w them

Author alkolicho (3 years)
@vfr090 Esa "misma estrategia, guardia, juego de piernas y combinaciones"
lo llevaron a estar 33 años en el boxeo y ganar cuatro titulos mundiales.
Es muy raro el pugil que cambia radiclamente su estilo de pelea. Ante
camacho en la primera pelea ya tenia 46 años contra 35 de camacho y la
verdad es que fue un vulgar robo a favor de Camacho.

Author ChecktheScreen (2 years)
You`re right, I was thinking about Julio Caesar Chavez and Pernell
Whitaker. Chavez was a great fighter, but in my opinion Duran was better.
Now that I think about it; I meant that last comment for all Chavez fans,
but i digress. PEACE

Author fadethetrade (3 years)
@alkolicho No,duran lacked the ability to be faster then crafty boxers.The
way duran lost and was outfinessed by leonard and viruet sort of outpointed
him in 10 rounds.I was in the collaseum and saw it live on the ali/frazier
manilla fight on the big screen.Duran was totallly outboxed and that was
75.Tyson between 86-88 barely lost 2 rounds in ANY fight including 8 title
defenses before his 22 nd birthday.No one comes close to tyson in that
short frame,not even duran.sorry.

Author Rspene smit (3 years)
I watched every fight possible back during this period or Hagler & Duran at
their best and Duran beyond his best, I truly believe Hagler, gave Duran
way too much respect in this fight, Hagler believed he could beat Duran
without embarrassing him and destroying him, Hagler absolutely hated Hearns
and showed it in that fight, if he had gone after Duran the way he did
hearns, it would have been the same result, early ko of Duran, this fight
was all respect for Duran by Hagler, too much so.

Author JCGCINC (3 years)
@MrLukedanger Boxing iq.

Author fadethetrade (3 years)
@alkolicho tyson from 87-88 was unbeatable,ali,lewis,holmes,holy and
foreman would have lost to THAT tyson of that short period.Tyson was as
elusive and as fast as ali,as strong as foreman and had the stamina in that
2 yr period of holmes.he would have slipped lewis jabs,ko foreman as Lyle
should haveand would have beaten any year ali as frazier did in 1971 to
ali.That was the best fighter pound for pound in history but it only lasted
about 2 yrs.mutilating a still capable holmes was astonishing

Author Rundm3p (3 years)
‘’Después del combate yo me fui para mi casa y él para el hospital’’ –
Roberto Durán, sobre su derrota ante Marvin Hagler

Author alkolicho (2 years)
Bueno, cada pugil tiene sus limitaciones: el Duran que peleo a sus inicios
no es el mismo que entreno Brown y Arcel a partir de su pelea contra
Kobayashi, donde Duran ya habia pulido su defensa. Boxeadores limitados y
unidimensionales si eran Chavez, Hatton, y Gatti que solo iban hacia
adelante y tambien perdian cuando les tocaba salir contra tipos rapidos
como De la Hoya, Pacquiao o Mayweather

Author JCGCINC (3 years)
Hopkins would have schooled Hagler.

Author Rundm3p (1 year)
Duran was a natural lightweight my friend!!

Author KC0462 (3 years)
natural light weight against a natural middle weight and he still took him
the distance!!!!!!!!!!

Author vfr090 (2 years)
Tienes razón cada pugil tiene sus limitaciones pero algunos se quedan asi
sin evolucionar y pierden 16 peleas peleando igual...asi era Duran, quiza
si se hubiera retirado a tiempo como lo hizo de la Hoya. Y Chavez tan
unidimensional como tu lo consideras logro lo que Duran no pudo hacer nunca
y en dos peleas de campeonato...ganarle a Hector Camacho y Camacho le gano
a Sugar Ray Leonard asi que saca tus cuentas. Estamos hablando de
peleadores que tienen mi respeto. Saludos.

Author osamabad (2 years)
Whitaker? You must have him mistaken with Chavez.

Author Dave Smith (3 years)
@TESALONIAN don't be ridiculous. Duran was great because he was DURAN. His
blood had nothing to do with it. It's just BLOOD for crying out loud and to
suggest his greatness was down to this is retarded beyond belief; a slight
on Duran himself actually because you're atributing his talent to something
else. Besides his mother was Panamanian so doesn't her blood count? Oh,
right, she was a women so obviously not.

Author fagiu (2 years)
He never fought Whitaker

Author xxx you (3 years)

Author alkolicho (2 years)
If you have taken a career Duran maintained and well managed by its
promoters and managers as is the case with Canelo or put it online 43
unknown fighters like Chavez, Duran would you say was invincible and that
was the best? Even in its heyday, Duran always had its limitations, and so
fight against the best, to Chavez gave him many online butes to inflate
your record and so Chavez looks like "invincible"

Author sherrod3879 (3 years)

Author Eleazar D. Castillo (3 years)
@TonyLoboHook para mi es duran despues monson despues el caballrero de el
ring alexis arguello

Author alkolicho (2 years)
The what do You think about Chavez-Laporte and Chavez Lockridge... was
almost the same case!!

Author Rundm3p (1 year)
VFR90, Durán es mucho mejor que camacho y chavez juntos. Camacho le ganó a
un sugar ray leonard anciano, Durán le ganó a Sugar ray leonard en su
prime, en su mejor momento de la carrera de sugar y OJO subió dos
categorías para enfrentarlo, luego durán fue campeón en 154 y 160
(medianos) cosa que chaves JAMAS podría haber hecho y en efecto ni lo
intentó, Durán pudo logralro por su devastadora pegada, sino mira lo que
hagler , sugar, dicen sobre durán, que simplemente es el mejor boxeador.

Author Clarissa Davis (1 year)
la verdad con todo respeto no creo que Chavez hubiese durado una pelea con
la mitad de los que peleo Duran, y no digo que no era bueno, solo digo que
las peleas de la epoca de de Duran si eran verdaeras peleas y se fajaban
con lo mejor y no solo por dinero era mas que todo con amor al boxeo, no
como se hace en la actualidad que se crean una victorias con bultos y luego
se vencden por dinero. Duran es y sera el mejor Latino en la historia del

Author fadethetrade (2 years)
Then came leonard and benitez.Why not believe viruet outpointed him in the
fight I saw live.I can judge a fight as well as the next person? I loved
duran but facts are facts,ali was my hero and he lost that fight to Jimmy
Young by decision as well as the three norton fights,in my opinion nad I
was at yankee stadium for their third fight.Ali never beat norton on my
cards in three fights but he was a better fighter then norton,

Author onlyjoetee (4 years)
@ghns1133 Duran was a better fighter than Leonard,but Leonard was a better
boxer than Duran,that was the basic difference between them,the boxer
usually beats the fighter..

Author carmodifire (3 years)
A testament to Hearn's punching power- if duran lasted this long against
hagler, then Hearn's power is just crazy.

Author johnwcreasy1 (1 year)
diehard DURAN, yeah he went toe to toe with the best at the time,but he
lost to em all as well.remember that part

Author fadethetrade (2 years)
you can't say he won it comfortably,not the 75 fight.That's an inaccurate judge had it 5-4-1 for duran and these judges were duran
nuthuggers,Imagine an objective judge,easily could have been 5-4-1- for
viruet!thats not a comfortable win.

Author lenyn rojas rojas (4 years)
lo que no hizo leonard fajarse con hagler lo hizo duran...

Author Max Nellis (3 years)
Duran sure did lose and lose he did ! but he came to fight and you have to
respect that, Duran is a legend in the boxing world and gained alot of
respect from hagler for it - Unlike Leaonard who is a big girls blouse had
to wait to fight hagler when he was way past his peak... but the greatest
thing of all was to watch leonard carry on fighting other boxers after the
split points win over hagler (refusing a re match) and getting battered by
the likes of camacho and ended up as a stepping stone

Author ajbalagtas (3 years)
@onlyjoetee lol dont mind onlyjoetee, he doesnt know shit about boxing.

Author pennywise1682 (3 years)
@JCGCINC lol, duran i don´t know, but hagler would destroy hopkins!

Author fagiu (1 year)
Naa, two completely different fights And Dundee was Ray's trainer, not the
most unbiased guy around when it comes to Duran-Leonard

Author guru har narayan khalsa (4 years)
hopkins is a joke. hes nothing compared to the boxers of this era.

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