Milo Yiannopoulos Interview | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Added:  4 months ago
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    The controversial senior editor of Brietbart News and author of the upcoming book, "Dangerous," joins Bill Maher to discuss free speech and his reputation as an internet troll.

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  • Video CategoriesFilm & Animation
  • Runtime: 11:6
  • Tags for this video:  Milo Yiannopoulos  Breitbart News  Dangerous  Leah Remini  A&E  Scientology and the Aftermath  Jack Kingston  Republican  Georgia  Malcolm Nance  Larry Wilmore (Comedian)  

Comments: 14 118

  • Dion St. Michael
    Dion St. Michael 5 hours ago

    I love his take on humour. For bringing people together, not driving them apart.

  • Dion St. Michael
    Dion St. Michael 5 hours ago

    God, I love the guy! Even if you don't agree with him, on simply a human level if politics or social justice issues were never brought up you must admit he's a charming person.

  • Nhlpro14
    Nhlpro14 6 hours ago

    I love milo but he talks so fucking fast during interviews and doesn't really let other people talk

  • Suvir Sinha
    Suvir Sinha 6 hours ago

    I don't hate him or anything, but he seems kind of annoying.

  • Reactnd
    Reactnd 12 hours ago

    First time I've seen bill nervous. Milo is VERY sharp.

  • Codama
    Codama 1 day ago

    "We'll do it again!"

    sure ya will Bill, sure ya will

  • 12345balla12345
    12345balla12345 1 day ago

    I hate that speaking the truth is considered "controversial." Here in "The land of Free."
    It seems Bill Maher was just squirming to get the crowd back on his side, like at the end when he tells him to get off the trump train then he doesn't let Milo respond, because he wanted to get in the last word to seem like he was winning the argument.
    On these leftist tv shows it seems all you have to do is say something bad about Trump in order to get the crowd to cheer.

  • Ryan McLaughlin
    Ryan McLaughlin 1 day ago

    Milo is such a moron.

  • Deplorably Candid
    Deplorably Candid 2 days ago

    The audience are like performing seals - clapping and making noise on cue (which always follows whatever Bill smugly says.)

  • DoomFinger511
    DoomFinger511 2 days ago

    This is the beauty of free speech. Everyone is so afraid of the danger. When responsible people express their opposing views all it does is enlighten everyone else. There's nothing wrong with picking a side as long as you don't try to forcefully stop others from choosing the opposite side.

  • The Wild Goose
    The Wild Goose 3 days ago

    Damn he has balls

  • Freakin' Boba Fett
    Freakin' Boba Fett 3 days ago

    Bill: "what's your opinion on this topic?"
    Milo:*states opinion that Bill disagrees with*
    Bill: Well let's not talk about that...

  • L Burgess
    L Burgess 4 days ago

    I love me some MILO!!!!

  • Gavyn !
    Gavyn ! 4 days ago

    What a beautiful fag

  • Barry Sanders III
    Barry Sanders III 5 days ago

    If I ever went on Bill Mahers show, I'd have to grab his nose before I left😂

  • Covfefe Kun
    Covfefe Kun 5 days ago

    I love Milo!

  • JT Brah
    JT Brah 5 days ago

    I am a hetero alpha male, but would probably turn gay for Milo...

  • blackreaper
    blackreaper 6 days ago

    bill Maher is a fucking idiot and a smug pos

  • iCriscolo
    iCriscolo 6 days ago

    When you end the debate before both contestants are finished discussing....

    jk I know its publicity and youre the only liberal with a screwed on head nowadays

  • The CWater
    The CWater 6 days ago

    Who is the guest Bill or Milo ?

  • The CWater
    The CWater 6 days ago

    Milo is highly intellectual but I only agree with him on Feminism

  • Dyl_PK
    Dyl_PK 6 days ago

    What's the fucking deal with you "free speech" fags.. Fucking cancer. We're free enough!

    here comes the butthurt..

  • HerpaDerp
    HerpaDerp 6 days ago

    So many people gave Bill shit for interviewing Milo, but when CNBC did it? Perfectly acceptable.

  • Jeremy Hyde
    Jeremy Hyde 7 days ago

    Hey guys, laughter is a stress response. People laugh at terrible things because subconsciously they realize there is something inherently wrong with what was presented.

    A thing doesn't have to be terrible to still create a lopsided reality and elicit laughter, but it is common.

    AND THEN he says, "When I had a twitter it was the funniest thing in America; it was fabulous." Directly out of Trump's handbook for bullshit salesmanship; confidence man in training.

    This person is NOTHING but an actor playing for conservative leaning America. No wonder he thinks Trump is "fabulous".

  • Ben Clarke
    Ben Clarke 7 days ago

    I love both of them

  • Jacob
    Jacob 8 days ago

    Milo got a shit deal... I wish they had more time so they could actually talk

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee 8 days ago

    That Milo guy is gay.

  • Jan Hojer
    Jan Hojer 8 days ago

    Don't thing Milo has ever won a debate and brought forth a point worth noting. The man is boring.

  • AmirGTR
    AmirGTR 8 days ago

    Bill needs to have Milo on his show again!

  • The higher ups The higher ups

    Milo the child rapist.

  • zedzcage1
    zedzcage1 9 days ago

    Nice Pearl necklace Milo. No shower backstage?

  • CMDR 6LyGoOs3
    CMDR 6LyGoOs3 9 days ago

    Holy shit every time Milo was going to share his point of view, Maher used distractions to dodge them.....

  • Alan Crome
    Alan Crome 9 days ago

    You have no idea how wide eyed I got, daddy is 32!? This man looks like a solid 25 wow he ages well :o

  • Walter
    Walter 9 days ago

    Damn, he's so likeable.

  • RoadRunner
    RoadRunner 9 days ago

    Acts so false. Even gay people are rolling their eyes at this piece of garbage of a human being.
    He acts gayer than he is, just so he can get away with being an absolute asshole to everyone's basic intelligence, and is praised by the public.
    What the fuck has happened to humanity.

  • Kendall D
    Kendall D 10 days ago

    Catholicism..... kill me

  • Aryn Maiava
    Aryn Maiava 10 days ago

    Everyone is on the trump train now. whether we like it or not. whether we live in america or not.

  • L LL
    L LL 10 days ago

    Maher is sooo outgunned

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson 10 days ago

    Milo should get his own show!!

  • Brown Town
    Brown Town 10 days ago

    So when Bill Maher calls someone a fag it's no big deal but when he says the n-word everybody freaks out

  • Mach75
    Mach75 10 days ago

    I think this Milo guy is taking this gimick to get attention. Now on that note I'm conservative. I just think he is a flamboyant fag who wants attention. Which is the case with a lot in their lot.

  • Ivorian Prince Yves Sekou

    He's so hard to talk to

  • Bos B
    Bos B 11 days ago

    Hail Ceasar, God bless America, Allahu Akbar.
    Milo needs to get defeated in a few minutes or less by me, Ibrica Begic
    the founder of the Democratic Cultural Socialist ideology. For example,
    America is not the greatest nation in the world FOR SURE and Europeans
    are not culturally superior compared to Middle Easterners and certain
    types of Asians. I still stand for America and am a proud European, as
    well but I cannot sit there and listen to bullshitters popping off like
    nobody is about to check them.Milo uses anti Islamic propaganda and that
    is an indicator that you are bullshitter, as well. Milo said that
    Democratic Capitalism is the most successful wealth distribution system
    in the world because that is Democratic Socialism instead. Milo said
    that Westerners get privileges unprecedented in the world but those
    privileges can easily be matched by non Western nations such as Turkey,
    Japan, Egypt, Russia, etc. Milo the dumb weakling said that Americans do
    not kill each other over political disputes but they have been killing
    each mercilessly over political disputes and many other disputes for
    ages, dummies. Looks like Milo got disciplined and corrected here quite

  • Josue Camarillo
    Josue Camarillo 11 days ago

    Coward move at the end there to say that stuff about Trump and not give Milo the opportunity to respond.

  • Video What
    Video What 12 days ago

    Did Bill actually think he refuses to hire gays? Fucking shit that one went right past him. Either that or he was trying to virtue signal the hell out of that very obvious joke.

  • Hello There
    Hello There 12 days ago

    Liberals use genjis deflect skill in every conversation.

  • Mikychocolate
    Mikychocolate 12 days ago

    Two control freaks try to control each other

  • Mrsalty101
    Mrsalty101 13 days ago

    Maher lost when he said "i love amy schumer.

  • !!!A!!!
    !!!A!!! 13 days ago

    And yes, even white gays have white privilege

  • !!!A!!!
    !!!A!!! 13 days ago

    Perfect example of how gay people can be just as bigoted, trashy and racist as the rest of them. Which is why for Gay Pride I often do not feel proud at all. We are very different people. Some gays voted for Trump

  • Jush
    Jush 13 days ago

    Honestly, get Shapiro on, if you dare heheheheh

  • James Morgan
    James Morgan 13 days ago

    wth Maher...u didn't give him time to talk!! You stole the show, no one gives a crap about you! #MILO

  • David Todd
    David Todd 13 days ago

    What a waste of time for Milo... Give the man a proper debate.

  • Jace Carsonne
    Jace Carsonne 14 days ago

    This appeared to be semi-civil throughout, but Maher was out for blood, and Milo schooled the fuck out of him. BRILL.

  • Jace Carsonne
    Jace Carsonne 14 days ago

    This appeared to be semi-civil throughout, but Maher was out for blood, and Milo schooled the fuck out of him. BRILL.

  • Eric D. Sewell
    Eric D. Sewell 14 days ago

    This shit was hilarious! I say give Milo the reins to Real Time when Bill Maher retires/gets bored with the gig.

  • Marceline B
    Marceline B 14 days ago

    Milo is a god

  • Jarom Pack
    Jarom Pack 14 days ago

    Why does Maher never let anybody finish a thought?

  • Joshua The Science god

    I feel like bill was scared to debate lol he kept getting loud and cutting him off. lol

  • Mar Esc
    Mar Esc 14 days ago

    Bill Maher totally was intimidated by milo! Kept interrupting him, and changed the topic right away knowing that he would lose that debate lol

  • Vince McMahon
    Vince McMahon 14 days ago

    And now Bill the cuck Maher is just as villified by the media, because he said a fucking word.
    I just love it.

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 14 days ago

    This dude is back to his old job of sucking dick in bathrooms for coke

  • NeedsMorewORK
    NeedsMorewORK 15 days ago

    Oh my god this is killing me XD
    I'd pay real money to have these two debate endlessly.

  • JoMammaSmurf
    JoMammaSmurf 15 days ago


  • faiz abbas
    faiz abbas 15 days ago

    Bill maher will insult someone until he threatened you get fired

  • Fertility Queen
    Fertility Queen 15 days ago

    is it just me, or does he seem the type to be able to turn a straight man gay!

  • богатырь Росси́я

    I just lost alot of respect for Bill maher. Fuck this liberal piece of shit. Another sell out.

  • Dr. Strangelove
    Dr. Strangelove 15 days ago

    I wonder how Bill feels after his "I'm a house nigga" comment about what Milo is saying.. I know Bill went relatively anti-PC for a leftist, but his apology and berating on that following episode.. I wish Milo was apart of that group.

  • Swolemean99
    Swolemean99 15 days ago

    Get Ben Shapiro or Steven Crowder. I dare you.

  • Chance Vance
    Chance Vance 15 days ago

    That was a huge cunt move by Maher at the end.

  • leO Koolas
    leO Koolas 15 days ago

    "I'm a little wrong"

  • Megan
    Megan 15 days ago

    Wtf Bill Mayer is so fucking annoying

  • Megan
    Megan 15 days ago

    He is so cute...

  • Fifty 1 Fifty
    Fifty 1 Fifty 15 days ago

    Alt-Right=Gay Republican. The Irony.

  • Jon B
    Jon B 15 days ago

    If Milo was going after conservatives, the left would praise and adore him.

  • Mr. BrownBisons
    Mr. BrownBisons 15 days ago

    Can we all just fucking appreciate how civil this discussion was

  • Random User
    Random User 15 days ago

    Milo wins

  • Thomas Tuck
    Thomas Tuck 15 days ago

    i liked his old not as gay self

  • Mr Munchies
    Mr Munchies 16 days ago

    Milo's pretty boring tbh

  • Clarence Dass
    Clarence Dass 16 days ago

    It's ok for people to have their say and have free speech and live their lives; but only if it's in line with what Bill thinks. BUT it doesn't matter because he's so far gone that in his head it's everyone one else who is crazy.

  • Teratoma
    Teratoma 16 days ago

    Donald is the epitome of free speech.

  • Ren Rivera
    Ren Rivera 16 days ago

    omg who is this flaming twitchy trash pile?

  • XxXxxmlgnoscoperXx Lol get pranked.

    Milo's facial expressions remind me of a middle school girl.

  • YoutanPoluo
    YoutanPoluo 16 days ago

    From the thumbnail I thought this video was Chris Pine with makeup on perhaps promoting Wonder Woman. Am I the only one that sees this resemblance?

  • Alexandra Fitzgerald


  • Sai Bliss
    Sai Bliss 16 days ago

    Christ they are both so annoying

  • Sam Jansingh
    Sam Jansingh 16 days ago

    I ship it

  • Pooja kaur
    Pooja kaur 16 days ago

    He's a car crash of a man, it's sad really :/

  • Michael Keating
    Michael Keating 16 days ago

    Bill said nigger

  • YoungComment Gee
    YoungComment Gee 17 days ago

    Fuck Bill.

  • Liam Findlay
    Liam Findlay 17 days ago

    He never even let the man speak, so much for free speech..

  • Zach Rollins
    Zach Rollins 17 days ago

    Ben Shapiro would shut this fool down!! Bring him on Bill !

  • fridge_party
    fridge_party 17 days ago

    2:34 well... hypocrit

  • sofia ruiz
    sofia ruiz 17 days ago

    This is so boring, three minutes into the video and nothing. They just interrupting each other.

  • davidpar2
    davidpar2 17 days ago

    This was actually an enjoyable interview. Maher got nowhere (as was to be expected) with his leftist agenda and at times even sounded somewhat reasonable

  • CluelessSKB
    CluelessSKB 17 days ago

    Im surprised how respectful they were to each other

  • MyLittleInferno
    MyLittleInferno 17 days ago

    Thank you for saying it!

  • Heimlich Bandersnatch

    So unfunny for such an otherwise typical kike.

  • StutteringCrisVlogs
    StutteringCrisVlogs 18 days ago

    milo took control the moment he sat down!

  • John-Paul Hunt
    John-Paul Hunt 18 days ago

    Burn at the stake Nero.

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