Akhi Alamgir in a Live show


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Author Shafaet Islam (2 years)
Is this real! LOOL!

Author MohammadiBegum (5 years)
This is disgusting. We must respect each other. It was a LIVE talk show.
Beleive it could have been avoided by applying some technique.

Author masterCm (6 years)

Author adamhabibtx (4 years)
scumbag U.

Author tehjeeb (6 years)
how stupid was that man??strange.....

Author Habib Haque (11 months)
tor ato laga kaaaa?

Author abdurrahim007 (4 years)
if we ask you a question-are we expected or even authorised to stick our
nose into your personal affairs?think about that...

Author Mithu Ramim (3 years)

Author steve77ca (5 years)
hahahhaahah this is soo funny

Author shamunrocks (6 years)
Oh cmon assholes y blame bangalis dis happens all through out da world but
all other live shows have delay machines on dere phones so dat if somebody
says something explicit dey can hear it b4 its broadcasted on live tv,it
was stupid of rtv to host a live show wid out one de shudve predicted dis

Author crisnols (6 years)
what rubel did is really ....(which i nvr support)...but the Host said,
mean....what she wanna say...we r uncultured??? she simply insulted the
whole nation...where as, rubel did only to Akhi Alamgir...I think wat the
Host did was simply far more than wat Rubel did.....she dnt ve any right to
make such kind of adverse comments...she should say sorry for that to the

Author stylenlooks kiobostha (4 years)
@cic00565 rastae tor moto magi thakte pare!

Author applesapples94 (11 months)
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Really Funny

Author GeorgeLopezFann (5 years)
yeha man

Author Habib Haque (11 months)

Author Habib Haque (11 months)
i support.

Author BD Red Rose (4 years)
chi ara ato bad

Author Habib Haque (11 months)
so funny.......ha....ha...ha......

Author horny0donkey0 (3 years)
wait what did he say?????????

Author Tauhidur Rahman (5 years)
ami shei rubel :D

Author MrFuckistani13 (3 years)

Author shrane98 (5 years)
Rubel is a son of Dhaka Tanbazar whore; one day a red dog slept with Rubel
mother and Rubel mother got pregnant and gave birth Bloody Rubel. That is
why Rubel doesn't know how to behave nicely:). I think these bloody Rubel
is showing the world that Bangladeshi people are uncivilized.

Author Ehtesham Rabby (6 years)
den y did u watch da vdo???

Author Tawhid Hassan (5 years)
khanki magir maire lagai

Author crisnols (6 years)
it cnt be a defence by sayin who could be present in that place...the fact
is she made adverse comment about US, about Bangali Nation...she could
insult that person, who'd stop her but y to whole nation??? We r not like
Rubel...i think either u r not a Bangali or a NRB or jumping to leave BD,
just get fuck of our country and dnt introduce urself as a Bangali...JUST

Author amarbanglagaan (6 years)

Author Habib Haque (11 months)
well dine , good job.

Author Asif Ahsan (6 years)
resalat bhai akdom thik kotha koisen...

Author theman113 (6 years)
f u u fuken ass hole... u have no fuken lyf... wat kind of idiotic message
was tat.. u got no fuken self respect.. go f**** ur mom .. u ssss

Author omar khan (5 years)
Oi rubel khankir pola. U like to get fuck by ass I think so..Well I got big

Author akbar hossain (4 years)
psycho person

Author Habib Haque (11 months)
no matter for her , she use to anal....

Author hakkotharmoncho (6 years)
That guy is a son of a dog or a bitch. Why the shit is applied with
Bengalis? What others have to do because of the deeds of some shitty mouth?
The reactions of the presenter and the guest were not smart,rather too
soft. And, I wana doubt that this was not real.

Author kashem66 (3 years)
how stupide the rubal ...

Author Female22Dhaka (4 years)
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Author kaja mortuj (1 year)
what a jakass...

Author RIZU 55 (3 years)
i hate ruble, you must respect Akhi becoz she is respect woman.

Author Ali Haider (2 years)
bangali culture opomaner culture. whats wrong with the girl. She should be
sorry about saying that...

Author shrane98 (5 years)
Rubel is a son of Dhaka Tanbazar whore; one day a red dog fucked Rubel
mother and Rubel mother got pregnant and gave birth Bloody Rubel. That is
why Rubel doesn't know how to behave nicely:). I think these bloody Rubel
is showing the world that Bangladeshi people are uncivilized.

Author doghartdon (3 years)
apner futki toleh gond apne futki martesen?

Author Mahadi Hasan (4 years)
@3joker6 tui kon road er magir putki dia jonmaisosh???

Author webmonitor08 (4 years)
The guy who abused Akhi on live TV is an inhuman beast, Bangladesh and his
mother are ashamed of giving birth such a filthy creature.The guy who
uploaded this video is also helping to spread this dirt against his
Bangladeshi sister.

Author kanizahmed (6 years)
Just coz they were wearing western outfit.... u were ashamed of them?? You
really must be proud of the caller.... I am ashamed to see that people like
the caller (and their praisers)exist in our culture... you should be
ashamed of the action, and not the reaction!

Author Sajjad Hussain (5 years)
This is a shame for Bengali culture. Whoever did it, should say sorry
publicly. This is intolerable. This video clip should be removed from

Author lambofgod5664 (6 years)
hahahahahahhahahahahaahahahahahahahah heheheheheeheheheheh ki r bolbo

Author Faisal Maksud (4 years)
Aysob jinis upload na koray valo

Author Mahmudur Rahman (2 years)
brother ami RUBEL KE GALI deway (Jobida96) name er bhoddornok amake bishes
upodesh diye dilo free, ki kori bolen, era to akhi alamgir er shoe kali
korar o joggota rakhe na.

Author Anjaan1971 (6 years)
I don't think so she was wrong 100% when she said about the whole nation. I
think Bengali I mean Bangladeshi's need to be more educated and mature and
light Civilization

Author Ruhul Amin (3 years)
@horny0donkey0 Putki... apnar putki onek gondho... apni ki putki martisen?

Author Brajonnz (6 years)
hey guyzzz...u ppl are way too serious...dis happens all through out da
whole world so nothing to be upset about really..beside it was

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