0111 Band - emergency call (new song) - persian / iranian music video

Best persian band,the most talented Rap/R&B band in iran,hatman bebinid!!!

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Author jaafar ghezelbash ( ago)
یادش بخیر

Author ‫مهدی ق.شی‬‎ ( ago)

Author marc keyruz ( ago)
هی خاطرها همش خاطرست بسیار زیبا

Author mostafa mansori ( ago)
سخته برام که پر از کینه شم ...

Author Dooby Doo ( ago)
میای پیش من موهات افشون باشه. عالی آقا عالی

Author firoozs1 ( ago)
listening to this music at least two time in the day <3<3<3

Author firoozs1 ( ago)
rapperton kheili ghashang mikhoneh

Author daringdarius ( ago)
mashallah, kheli mamnoon as een ke upload kardi. <3

Author mohsenhosini ( ago)
vay man ashege 0111 hastam

Author lucifer9243 ( ago)
I've never paid for mp3 in my entire life just google it

Author p3rsian immortals ( ago)

Author Homa YounMOH ( ago)
bestttttttt song for everrrrrrrrrrrrrr !! :'(

Author raisops ( ago)
I am from Pakistan and this is 1st time im listening Iranian Pop is good but i cant understand language..

Author am8o2 ( ago)
de best song evaaaaaaaaaaa by 0111

Author AFearOfFallingUnder ( ago)
wow, this song is so good (most of their songs are) Is there anywhere I can
buy/download this song? I would love to have this in my mp3 :-D

Author setareh jeegar ( ago)
Kheili kheiiiiiiiiiiiiili ziba ast, vaghean mamnoon azatoon

Author Paak Pak ( ago)
bad nabud

Author Arian ( ago)
ghabeli nadasht doste aziz. thanks for watching!

Author HaJa ( ago)
kheyli ghashange:X mersi aghaye uploader:-*

Author JigareTehroon ( ago)
i loveeeee thisss songgggggg...

Author akhjoon3 ( ago)
Awesome. love these guys. Behet migam keh faghat maleh man bash, vase
parvaz 2ta bale man bash.

Author Arian ( ago)
i totaly agree with you, 0111 is one of the best in iran at the moment,
thanks for your comment!

Author Arian ( ago)
yeh me 2, 1 of the best, thanks for your comment aziz!

Author Parisa Noori ( ago)
i luuuuuuuvvvvv dis song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author teresa211 (1291 year ago)
in ahang cheli ghasschange man ashkano cheli doos daram

Author monajigar ( ago)
love you

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