Review Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation

I am wearing:

Face- Sephora primer, MAC fast response, Neutrogena Healthy Skin, Costal scents camo med, Clinique #2, Origins Muti Grain, Chanel BU, Cargo Cable Beach

Eyes- UDPP, MAC Print and Soft brown and Grain, Teddy Liner, Cover Girl Line Exact

Eyebrows- Revlon colorstay Med Brown

Lips- Pandora Hope Gloss

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*I purchased the items in this video!

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Author Arianna Michelle ( ago)
What color is ur nars?

Author Yumistation ( ago)
How did it work?? I have oily skin :D I wanna know :3

Author xherprincessx ( ago)
My neutrogena was 10 something. I just bought it and read alot of reviews
and im excited to try it i hope this is perfect for my oily skin (=

Author Ivy Lively ( ago)
moisturize before you apply foundation so it doesnt look dry/cracked :D

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
the only way to make ten darker is to mix in a darker foundation with it.

Author The1984Freak ( ago)
I bought this in 10 classic ivory and it was too light for me! :O I
normally just wear this as a concealer under my eyes but right now i
applied it all over my face and realized it was too light and i also
realized if you look really closely, the foundation cracked a little! Is it
because I didn't wash my face? Also what can I do to make the foundation

Author Kimberly Sanchez ( ago)
I went to go buy the Neutrogena foundation and I personally didn't like it
maybe because it was a little too dark on my skin but I watched this video
so maybe I'll go back and buy a lighter color and see if I like it more(:

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@avejessi79 I am guessing here- I havet worn mac in years- I would say a 25

Author avejessi79 ( ago)
nice video thank you..may I ask you what shade are you in Mac?

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@ZanessaandJoenessa I would go to the store and try to match it though the
bottle as close as you can

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@sadiareese no

Author XtinaLucia ( ago)
doesnt break me out either. i have oily skin

Author Shelly Saelee ( ago)
I love this foundation, I do have oily skin and it does not break me out!

Author pocahantazx13 ( ago)
this made me break outt for somereason and my skin is pimplefree

Author NinjaPrincessYuka ( ago)
@Lisasz09 thanks you ^^ i actually went n brought this one =] I like it,
but ill wait n see if it gonna break me out or not lol thanks you again ^^

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@NinjaPrincessYuka I would try this one the skin clearing is very drying

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@NinjaPrincessYuka I would try this one the skin clearing is very drying

Author NinjaPrincessYuka ( ago)
would this foundation work for combination skin? my skin more dry then oily
though so im not sure if i should give this one a try or try the
skin-clearing one =P I was afraid that both of them gonna break me out ^^"

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@StarieSara yes it was to drying and looked cakey on me

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@babydoll467789 no it can break them out

Author Uyen Trinh ( ago)
Would you recommend this product for oily skin people ? Please respond. In
desperate help

Author TheCMS333 ( ago)
What color would I be in this if I'm Nc20 in mac or a little lighter ?

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@DogsRule765 I think so but I am not 100% sure

Author PinkBlushing (870 years ago)
@Lisasz09 okayy, thanks for the information :)

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@PinkBlushing I dont know their colors very well- so I am not sure how that
would work for you- best to check it out in person first

Author PinkBlushing ( ago)
@Lisasz09 its not a big deal if it doesnt have a pump and im not prone to
breakouts, so i think im gonna give it a try :) do you think Honey Beige
would be good color (im pretty yellow and NC30-NC35 in summer)?

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@PinkBlushing yes I am combo skin- although after a few days it started to
break me out. It does not have a pump! :o(

Author PinkBlushing ( ago)
could this be a summer foundation for normal/combo skin? and does it have a
pump or do you have to pour the product out?

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@likearecordbaby931 I apply it w fingers then buff it in w a buffer brush.
yes Fix powder works well with it

Author chetzalicious ( ago)
thanks for the review! i just looked up the NARS sheer glow foundation
names and realized they're all names of places!!! the one you have, Punjab
(pun-jahb), is a state in India.. that's where i'm from! :)

Author iitshannahyo ( ago)
lol the sheer glow is for dry skin LOL

Author Ale Ramirez ( ago)
@carlyjaye123 hey i have acne prone skin and big pores lol.. have u have
any problems wit this product?? i really want to get it.. i cant be wasting
money on mac and nars anymore IM A COLLEGE STUDENT :( lol but please get
back at me :)

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@ForeverHeartMe I have combo skin it depends what skin type you have

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@12345678908735 sorry I dont know their color line well enough! :o(

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@11nahyt any powder you like- mine changes each time i use it

Author Tori Vincent ( ago)
ikr! i just wanted to try a different foundation i think revlon colorstay
is better.....the neutrogena one doesnt have that great of coverage

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@mebeluvined for drugstore loreal true match!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@blahblahblah22990 differnt not really better

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@firstbb24 revlon colorstay for a drugstore optin of MUFE matte velevet
plus for a high end one

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@freecartomancy it is an eye cream to reduce puffiness

Author ThePinkChilli ( ago)
That's a great review Lisa. Thanks for this :)

Author Tori Vincent ( ago)
would you say it is better than revlon colorstay

Author Hui Yi Reggie Chua ( ago)
@Sccrluvachick you can try Revlon Colorstay (comb/oily skin) for matte
foundation :)

Author BluexEyedxGirlx3 ( ago)
It broke me out too unfortunatley, I loved the look it gave! but then i'm
not too disappointed because it really had no coverage for my light acne.

Author StarryEyed13 ( ago)
my god i bought nars sheer glow for 55 in canada!! but it broke me out! Now
i'm hoping to try this and hoping it works out better :)

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@janiekendle I have not tried it- I dont buy Stila very often! Sorry!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@Sccrluvachick it is not matte- it has a sheen to it!

Author Sccrluvachick ( ago)
Does this keep oily skin matte?? I am trying to find a matte foundation!!!!

Author Loraine ( ago)
Yes! so glad to hear that NARS is yellow based, so gonna get it. I'm tired
of foundations making my face look pink/red.

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@twiheart17 It lasts on me over 8 hours! It can transfer when it gets hot
(and it depends on what setting powder you use) it was around 412 USD- but
it depends on where you buy it!

Author Alycats17 ( ago)
how long does it last (hours), is it transfer resistant, and how much is
it? plz answer:)

Author Farhana Nilam ( ago)
Hai Lisa,were r u no see long time miss u I recently got neutrigena
foundation I really like it and rimmel lipstick super stuff I really love
itttttttt , hope to see u soon

Author JJar18 ( ago)
@Lisasz09 that used to be the deal with me too, but i started putting a
drop or two (teeny) of my clinique dramatically different gel thing and
it's really doing it for me :) going on day 5 and it's still going strong.
But thanks for answering :)

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@JJar18 I use it but only for a day or 2 at a time! No more or I will break

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@beautylover15 it was the neutrogena! :o(

Author JJar18 ( ago)
ok so i think i commented on this vid like... a long time ago lol but i
just came back from ulta cause they had a buy 2 for 16 dollars, and i was
just wondering what you thought about this foundation... you know after a
while... i know i noticed that my skin dried out after a day or so of using
it toolike you had mentioned but i put it on today- and of course i haven't
worn it for a couple days and it looked really good. have you still used
this or found a better way to make it work...?

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@twiheart17 no it is very easy to blend!

Author Reshme ( ago)
im still not sure though, nutrogena products had a bad effect on me. i
usually try mabeline,carmindy,bareminerals, etc.. it worked for me. i
wanted to try nutrgena but i was afraid cause i have acne sometimes [people
only see the acne if i dont wear makeup.] so i just went for carmindy

Author Alycats17 ( ago)
does it dry fast once its on your face and your blending it? plz answer,

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@freaklingg if it does yoiu should not use it every day- you should take a
day off every so often!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@Zonglicious no it does not!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@iloverainbow42 I have oily skin so it will react different with dry skin!
Good Luck!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@23Crysti the spf in products powder or liquid cause the white cast- make
sure to use products with no spf for photos

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@angelweengz1 I am not sure- sorry!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@beautyrush1214 this a liot more!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@twilightmileyxo this is a great thin founadtion! a TM might break you out!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@anna63rubio I love it but after 3 days I break out from it- so I only use
it one day here or there. try their oil free one!

Author twilightmileyxo ( ago)
I am 15 and I am trying to decided if I should get this tinted moisturizer?
I have pimples here&there so i don't want a thick,clogging liquid
foundation..but I want coverage...any ideaas?

Author 23Crysti ( ago)
Is the Neutrogena foundation good for taking pictures?( wedding pictures)
Does it have that white cast effect? If so can you recommend a good
drugstore and/or high end foundation that wont

Author angelweengz1 ( ago)
Do u know if the lightest color in neutragena is lighter color than the
revlon colorstay? Thanks!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@iloverainbow42 I would say I got a good 6 hours!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@iloverainbow42 I like the neutrogena because the revlon looks cakey

Author Annabel Iglesias ( ago)
i want to try this foundation but neutrogena products break me out too!
*sigh* we'll see..

Author danger mouse ( ago)
I bought this on a whim a couple months ago...and I love it. It makes my
skin soooo soft and I feel it mouisturizes my skin. It is not in my daily
habit to wear foundation, until I bought this. I use it everyday, because
it makes my skin feel so nice!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@prettypinkpeeps I would suggest MAC Studio Fix powder or the MSF natural
or Origins Multi Grain powder! :o)

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@prettypinkpeeps most times I didnt set it- sometimes I use a mineral
powder to set it! :o)

Author Ji An ( ago)
@treece23 I have yellow undertone. Revlon colorstay Buff is a bit too light
and sand beige is too beige and dark. I mix #40 and #60 of Neutrogena. #40
is ok but I need a bit more gold tone. So depending on your undertone, you
might try #20 or 30. Good luck!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@Awsomeness1997 yes I can wear it for 1-2 days at the most but anything
mroe and I break out! But I want to use it up and I love the finish!

Author Panghoua Vang ( ago)
In my opinion, if you have oily skin this isnt the best foundation for you.
but for dry skin its perfect! :) My experience in this foundation.

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@luvyotina no I did not find it clogging!

Author luvyotina ( ago)
Does the foundation clog pores? j/w

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@treece23 Sorry I dont know their shades well enought to color match you- I
just went in and guessed! Sorry!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@cinemaroll no I dont have any issues with NARS

Author cinemaroll ( ago)
Awww... it broke you out? :( Does Nars do that too? Can you do an updated
foundation video please? :)

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@sims2lady008 I did too- i had to stop using it which is a shame I loved
it! :o(

Author sims2lady008 ( ago)
Ive been breaking out more often when i used this product, could it be the
product or...?

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@KermitKat1722 I have not problem with it around my eyes but I still add
concealer, I dont see it settling in fine lines- but I use a primer first
that helps with that, it doesnt look cakey on me, I find ti stays very well
though the day!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@ji94552 The Sheer is made for dry skin but most people with oily skin love
it- neutrogena is the same! I am not sure I think Sardun has tried it and
reviews it and she has dry skin!

Author Ji An ( ago)
I thought NARS Sheer Glow was for normal to dry skin and Sheer Matte was
for oily to combo skin. So then is Neutrogena Heathly Skin for dry skin?
Has anyone with very dry skin tried this product?

Author mia maka ( ago)
hey i have some questions about the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation . 1.
is it goos under the eye? i have bad undereye circles 2. does it settle in
fines lines? 3. is it at all cakey? 4. does it look natural and perfect
thruought the entire day? thanks!

Author pghmommyshops ( ago)
I love this bought the color in tan for the skin looks

Author Chiyo .Nana ( ago)
omg! I bought the sheer glow based on your review and I bought this one
based on your review and I LOVE THIS SO MUCH flawless beautiful coverage
and the color match is SOOO much better then the sheer glow.

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@GiselTY it is great coverage- everyone skin is differnt so be careful!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@acgonzalez09 either with my fingers or with a Sigma SS197 (F80) brush!

Author Amber Gonzalez ( ago)
I was wonderin how you apply this foundation?

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@rbluisyahoo I would test it out buying ti somewhere you can return it just
in case- since some people have broken out from it!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@CntryCutie94 I dont have good luck with Clinique foundations- I am ok with
their powders, but not their foundations- sorry!

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@CandyLemonKiss I am 60! :o)

Author Lisasz09 ( ago)
@joejonaslover4ever96 from what people are saying it isnt sold in Canada!
:o( I love my sheseido- still my fav!

Author HTR HS ( ago)
I'm not srue if this is the one that's breaking me out. It isn't oil-free.
Ugh... I'm getting red dots one side of my cheek! this doesn't control oil
though.. It makes me so oily!

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