Review Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation

I am wearing:

Face- Sephora primer, MAC fast response, Neutrogena Healthy Skin, Costal scents camo med, Clinique #2, Origins Muti Grain, Chanel BU, Cargo Cable Beach

Eyes- UDPP, MAC Print and Soft brown and Grain, Teddy Liner, Cover Girl Line Exact

Eyebrows- Revlon colorstay Med Brown

Lips- Pandora Hope Gloss

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*I purchased the items in this video!

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Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@KermitKat1722 I have not problem with it around my eyes but I still add
concealer, I dont see it settling in fine lines- but I use a primer first
that helps with that, it doesnt look cakey on me, I find ti stays very well
though the day!

Author Farhana Nilam (4 years)
Hai Lisa,were r u no see long time miss u I recently got neutrigena
foundation I really like it and rimmel lipstick super stuff I really love
itttttttt , hope to see u soon

Author XtinaLucia (3 years)
doesnt break me out either. i have oily skin

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@11nahyt any powder you like- mine changes each time i use it

Author awkwardgrapefruit (4 years)
@sardun1 I did! Thanks for the help.

Author Sccrluvachick (4 years)
Does this keep oily skin matte?? I am trying to find a matte foundation!!!!

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@freaklingg if it does yoiu should not use it every day- you should take a
day off every so often!

Author ellomellowify (4 years)
do you like this product better than Revlon Colorstay foundation? I'm
debating between the two :)

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@beautylover15 it was the neutrogena! :o(

Author StarryEyed13 (4 years)
my god i bought nars sheer glow for 55 in canada!! but it broke me out! Now
i'm hoping to try this and hoping it works out better :)

Author sims2lady008 (4 years)
Ive been breaking out more often when i used this product, could it be the
product or...?

Author JJar18 (4 years)
@Lisasz09 that used to be the deal with me too, but i started putting a
drop or two (teeny) of my clinique dramatically different gel thing and
it's really doing it for me :) going on day 5 and it's still going strong.
But thanks for answering :)

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@cinemaroll no I dont have any issues with NARS

Author JJar18 (4 years)
ok so i think i commented on this vid like... a long time ago lol but i
just came back from ulta cause they had a buy 2 for 16 dollars, and i was
just wondering what you thought about this foundation... you know after a
while... i know i noticed that my skin dried out after a day or so of using
it toolike you had mentioned but i put it on today- and of course i haven't
worn it for a couple days and it looked really good. have you still used
this or found a better way to make it work...?

Author xherprincessx (2 years)
My neutrogena was 10 something. I just bought it and read alot of reviews
and im excited to try it i hope this is perfect for my oily skin (=

Author Lisasz09 (3 years)
@avejessi79 I am guessing here- I havet worn mac in years- I would say a 25

Author firstbb24 (4 years)
Hi this good for dry skin?

Author Amber Sandoval (4 years)
I was wonderin how you apply this foundation?

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@acarolc27 I really like teh origins multi grain or the mac prep and prime
powder! i have heardof people contacting NARS and they send them a pump! :o)

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@Sccrluvachick it is not matte- it has a sheen to it!

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@Swboy93 glad you love it to! I either use origins multi grain or I dont
use powder at all! :o)

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@anna63rubio I love it but after 3 days I break out from it- so I only use
it one day here or there. try their oil free one!

Author sabby R (4 years)
i wish they did the neutrogena makeup line in the UK :(

Author NinjaPrincessYuka (3 years)
would this foundation work for combination skin? my skin more dry then oily
though so im not sure if i should give this one a try or try the
skin-clearing one =P I was afraid that both of them gonna break me out ^^"

Author Tori Vincent (4 years)
would you say it is better than revlon colorstay

Author girlnextdoor0921 (4 years)
@madametamtam go to ebay hun, they have some

Author SmileySwimmer365 (4 years)
Does this neutrogena foundation make u break out?

Author BluexEyedxGirlx3 (4 years)
It broke me out too unfortunatley, I loved the look it gave! but then i'm
not too disappointed because it really had no coverage for my light acne.

Author ThePinkChilli (4 years)
That's a great review Lisa. Thanks for this :)

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@iloverainbow42 I would say I got a good 6 hours!

Author CntryCutie94 (4 years)
Hey. Thank you so much for making this video. I just went to a new
dermatologist yesterday (I have bad acne) and she talked REALLY bad about
Clinique. She recommended I use this Neutrogena makeup instead. But I
REALLY love Clinique. Like, A LOT. I've fallen asleep in Clinique makeup
before and I've woken up and my fave was a lot clearer. I noticed it says
you have Clinique on too. How does this Neutrogena makeup compare to

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@prettypinkpeeps most times I didnt set it- sometimes I use a mineral
powder to set it! :o)

Author Christie H (4 years)
thanks, i might get it! :)

Author Lisasz09 (3 years)
@sadiareese no

Author Lisasz09 (3 years)
@PinkBlushing I dont know their colors very well- so I am not sure how that
would work for you- best to check it out in person first

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@ji94552 The Sheer is made for dry skin but most people with oily skin love
it- neutrogena is the same! I am not sure I think Sardun has tried it and
reviews it and she has dry skin!

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@angelweengz1 I am not sure- sorry!

Author copnite12342 (4 years)
im still not sure though, nutrogena products had a bad effect on me. i
usually try mabeline,carmindy,bareminerals, etc.. it worked for me. i
wanted to try nutrgena but i was afraid cause i have acne sometimes [people
only see the acne if i dont wear makeup.] so i just went for carmindy

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@CandyLemonKiss I am 60! :o)

Author pghmommyshops (4 years)
I love this bought the color in tan for the skin looks

Author Iris H (4 years)
I'm not srue if this is the one that's breaking me out. It isn't oil-free.
Ugh... I'm getting red dots one side of my cheek! this doesn't control oil
though.. It makes me so oily!

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@Zonglicious no it does not!

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@acgonzalez09 either with my fingers or with a Sigma SS197 (F80) brush!

Author chetzalicious (4 years)
thanks for the review! i just looked up the NARS sheer glow foundation
names and realized they're all names of places!!! the one you have, Punjab
(pun-jahb), is a state in India.. that's where i'm from! :)

Author Ji An (4 years)
I thought NARS Sheer Glow was for normal to dry skin and Sheer Matte was
for oily to combo skin. So then is Neutrogena Heathly Skin for dry skin?
Has anyone with very dry skin tried this product?

Author Shelly Saelee (3 years)
I love this foundation, I do have oily skin and it does not break me out!

Author WulfRush (3 years)
u kinda remind me of deena from jersey shore :P

Author Lisasz09 (4 years)
@GiselTY it is great coverage- everyone skin is differnt so be careful!

Author joejonaslover4ever96 (4 years)
where would I find this? I live in Canada and I have never seen it in Wal
Mart. Do you still like your Shesido foundation better? thanks, you are

Author leifangana (4 years)
the newest neutrogena foundation is actually alot better than the
neutrogena healthy foundation it last longer,not so wet but creamy also
best for an oily face since i have the issue but i think you should get it
its awesome

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