Hottest L Word Moments~~Lesbian MV~~season 1

No copyright infrindgement intended!! This is the hottest moments out of The L Word's Season 1!!! I will be adding all the hottest moments up to season 6 so stay tuned!! :) Enjoy!!

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Author Blonde FemLez (2 months)
Very sexy and great song. Women are so much more sensual then men.

Author Shirley C. Brennan (7 months)
Lesbian Collection, Unlimited Access. Adult Only: BABETONIGHT c0m

Author Mehmet SERİF (2 years)

Author Flutezmusic (3 years)
The show is over =( unfortunately. And any straight dudes watching this..
/shiver -creepy

Author ixGENERALxi1 (2 years)
2:17 what the name movie??

Author lisa campbell (2 years)
i think dating girls are romatic . what matters in life that pepople are
happy............ and everything smile

Author Laura Nevarez (1 year)
Lol babe.

Author dantonrasta (2 years)

Author southernbee10 (3 years)
@GoLonga2 From personal experience I can tell man can do for a
woman what we do for each other.They don't need or want a man to jump in.

Author Klaudia Turkiewicz (3 years)
Awesome! ;*

Author zuperzapify (3 years)
aaargh.... too good...

Author ixGENERALxi1 (2 years)
oh .sorry it's 2:17

Author Iwan Rowlands (3 years)
WTF i go through my history and this comes up and loads like it. WTF has my
sister been doing.

Author Lillyan69 (2 years)
Jenny is gross

Author Judit Weegar (1 year)
Tina and Beth has the BEST sex scenes ever!!

Author MyCrystalice (3 years)
@Wynn95 IKR

Author B Leb (3 years)
straight girl and this turns me on :S

Author Vitória Alysson (2 years)
@soilaneta Vem pra minha casa e eu te mostro o que é HOT!!!!!!! XP

Author Miriam Beatriz Correa (2 years)

Author Leah W (3 years)
I wonder how many straight guys watched this.. :L

Author lisa campbell (2 years)
i am 29 i dont mind dating girls that 19 to 35 mature and know waht they
are doing in life. so if you all want to personal hit me up ask me and i
will sent you personal message and give you my ful l name. let me know
anyone is instersted and aslo looking for pen pals and see where we go or
whatver smile hope everyone day is going good.. sorry if there errors in my
spellig i was typeing so fast forgive me smile

Author humanbeing100% (3 years)
The L Word started many things in the history of lgbt . The world changed
after it released . Have to write books to discuss about , here space not
enough (joke) . One of the books : Intimacy of women ? (my English so poor
can't express well), OMG , all kisses details . Thanks , the memory gives
me strength and lifted up my spirit .

Author Manuela Espinho (2 years)
Hey sue... Why dont u shut up. You people and those stupid rules. Get a
life and be happy And leave others life.

Author mio akiyama (2 years) XD

Author mickeyestrelles100 (2 years)
ohhhh.... I see hi there how are you? :) just wanna make friends with you :D

Author colliric (2 years)
@Ossamaharchi ok

Author Ruby MoonWolf (2 years)
Even though the l word has ended THE L WORD FOREVER Its something that
everyone can relate to.

Author horrorfanatics23 (2 years)
Candace step off bitch lol

Author KittieSasha (1 year)

Author MpOfficial (3 years)
Sharmen <3

Author MyCrystalice (3 years)
@Wynn95 wait why ami even watching this....byeeee

Author AliciaMaricia (3 years)
Marina!!! :D

Author Wynn95 (2 years)
@TheVickyy666 where do you live? ;)

Author Joseley Torres (2 years)
Stupid Candance _

Author Vitória Alysson (2 years)
@Wynn95 Brasil... XD

Author Coral McClure (2 years)
i have a large vagina.

Author arkenzy-apple (2 years)

Author Lanadel rey (3 years)
i used to be straight but watching all these tv shows just made me bi- ;)

Author MsPaneendra (2 years)

Author 飛馬座 X (2 years)
Wow Jenny and Shane had the most sex on the show , i mean with different

Author Rachel Mitchell (2 years)
Why can't my life be more like this, where is my Shane?

Author sue1982ful (2 years)
I bet my ass u know why all girls can't be lesbian, first of all its'
against God's law, sexual intercourse is meant to perform between a man and
a woman, not between two girls or two man, if u see ursel lusting for a
person who is the same sex as u , get some help , I mean seek for God's
support, Im sure he will certainly help ok

Author such wow (2 years)
@Wynn95 yea, me neither. :P

Author POONES WARAO (2 years)

Author Hakeem Raghib (1 year)

Author bluetooth333123 (3 years)
@MyCrystalice Because the L word is a sensual work of art that everyone,
gay or straight, should be able to enjoy? ;)

Author Wynn95 (3 years)
Oops I guess I'm a bi now. ;)

Author Vitória Alysson (2 years)
@soilaneta I'm just playing with you...

Author kyla hall (1 year)
omfg wat the f**k did i just watch oops

Author MsBrohomo (2 years)
SAme... Hw old r u??

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