1986 Honda XL600R Carb Service

Today I'm doin' some carb repair on this '86 XL600R, gonna see if I can get this rig runnin' after sittin' up since 1993!
Thanks for watchin'!

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Author joseph bodden ( ago)
on the removal of the airbox, three screws on the air box cover, and I
found another bolt on the right hand low side holding the airbox as well,
making a +1 to your count. That being said you have done the best job so
far, other videos presume that saying abracadabra will get the carbs out...
but then mine is a 1987

Author Adrienne Demers ( ago)
hi d-ray love the video but my carbs are still leaking from the vent tub on
the side of the left carb any ideals what that could cause that thanks

Author Lewis Martin ( ago)
thanks d ray, can you tell me where i can get this exact kit from, I'm in
the uk and have problems getting this kind of thing.thanks paul

Author Frank Mallory ( ago)
THANK you, great run-thru!

Author joseph bodden ( ago)
very nicely done, but a suggestion - especially when showing small parts
and 'nooks and crannies' watch out for your hand shadow - good light brings
out detail that gets concealed with shadow.

Author Kunda Fén ( ago)
I have problem with my xl . If engine is cold i must started engine without
choke before engine can t start . If i switch on choke when engine is
running engine go off . When engine is hot and i choke switch on engine go
to high rpm . sry my English is bad .

Author Aa Bb ( ago)
great vid. i think i may have bowls on the wrong sides as my choke is no

Author Darroll Morehouse ( ago)
What an awesome video, Thank you!

Author kurtis bardin ( ago)
Crank case ventilation canister don't have 1 is that bad?

Author boulderblake ( ago)
First off there are 3 bolts on the airbox. One is under the battery. Yours
never had one it looks like. Another thing is this was a total bitch
getting the carb out. I have an 87 and followed this video and it was hard
getting the carb out without tweaking the inflow air rubber thingy. I'll
have to seal those again before I put the carb back on. Wish me luck!!

Author boulderblake ( ago)
Any Idea's why this bike runs like it is vapor locking when it gets hot
outside?? It happens bout the time the second carb kicks in? 

Author Jon Valle ( ago)
D-Ray, big thanks for the video. I have the same bike D-ray is tuning up
in this clip. Here is a tip: Follow D-rays advice on loosening up the air
box, on a 1986 it will scoot back about an inch. Fully remove the air box
manifold pipe clamps . The air box rubber manifolds are quite flexible and
without the clamps on can be wedged fully out of the way. Once they are out
of the path of the carburetor follow the exit path D-ray uses in this clip
and you will slide her right through.

Author Jonathan Mcdonald ( ago)
I have a 1987 xl250 dual carburetor, and I believe it's similar to the
xl600...I'm not sure how where the hoses go, and where they connect. Is
there a video for that somewhere, because I can't find it. Thanks. 

Author R Johnson ( ago)
Great, easy to understand videos. I own the 1986 XL600R and take it to the
high altitudes of Colorado. I bought it from a person that had it re-jetted
for that area and I would like to see a video on how to change the jets in
the carbs for 600 feet altitude. I have done this on some other bikes in
the past and would like to know the tricks you can pass on for this bike.

Author TyCurrdog020 ( ago)
D-Ray i need some help. i did what you showed on my 86, it only runs on
full choke but idles. dies if i let off and dies if i give it throttle. ive
been told that the problem is most likely the pilot jet(s). got any ideas?

Author Zuma Dale ( ago)
Mine had 3 BOLTS on the airbox... one on the right side you didn't
mention... by the battery box area... also pulled the battery for more
working room.

Author Zuma Dale ( ago)
Just pulled the carb off my 86 xl600r ... what a pain in the ass getting it
out of the hole! I took the manifold spacers off the engine side to give
me more room... but obviously you can leave it on? Also the left airbox
snorkle that connects to the carb... had to pull that out also to get
enough room to get the carb out... D-Ray... can you do this without
removing all that stuff I seemed to have to remove???

Thanks Dale

Author Hainline Family ( ago)
So i have a similar bike. I am all of a sudden having a leak in the carbs
with gas. What is the common problem and how would you fix it? I really
dont want to pay for it and would rather learn myself! Thanks!

Author Ron Woudenberg ( ago)
Great I am not afraid to pull those suckers and give them the
attention that is needed. Thanks again!

Author Garrett Seaton ( ago)
I have a 1985 xl250r and some times when I start the bike or have been
going past half throttle the idle speed spikes when I'm sitting stopped
with the clutch in or in neutral.

Author johnny cage ( ago)
Thanks for are great!
Greets from germany!

Author Doug Barth ( ago)
Thanks for your help, I have a 1984 that appears to have carb issues so I'm
hoping your video helps me out to go through the carbs! Thanks

Author amf4399 ( ago)
I learned something new. It seems the 83 duel carbs are different the 86
carbs. I have everything back together and came across this video and
thought I would double check my work. In the video I noticed something I
don't remember doing which was the "low speed mixture screw". It wasn't
even in my manual which covered years from '79-'90. Tore everything back
out and discovered that I don't have one. I few more beers and I was ok.
Its how you learn. I would love a video on how to install and adj the
throttle cables. Its , for some reason , a real bitch for me. haven't
gotten it right yet. The carb bowls on the 83 are different also, they are
identical. Thanks D-Ray your videos have been a lot of help. 2 years and I
almost have it back together.

Author Mat Brown ( ago)
Hey D-Ray. I have the exact same 1986 XL600r bike. The carbs i believe were
tuned to my home town. I recently moved over the mountains where the
elevation was alot higher. It seems to be okay but the idle is low now. I
rode up a fire road that was a aditional 6000 ft. yesterday and the bike
stalled and i couldnt start it til i coasted to the bottom. I have never
tuned carbs before but i understand how they work. Is it possible to adjust
them without taking everything apart? Thanks- Mat

Author HDCinemaPro ( ago)
Hey D-Ray, again. Thanks for posting good vids about our thumpers. I just
did a carb rehab as you describe here but seem to have too many vacuum
tubes. No diagrams anywhere??? I know it's a rookie mistake. Bike has been
sitting for years. Can you help?

Author Michael Bolt ( ago)
D Ray, I am working on a 1986 XL600r. Used this video to help me rebuild
the right carb. The left carb is brand new as I had to replace it because
the tabs that linked the carb together were broke. Still have a serious
problem with the bike hicupping and stalling. Do you have any idea what
would cause that? Thanks again for your videos. They have helped me
tremendously on this bike.

Author Will Power ( ago)
Big thanks Mr D Ray! Saved me a bundle hauling this thing to the dealer!

Author Jacob Mayfield ( ago)
Humble, I have the same bike and same problem. Did the carb service fix
this problem?

Author defenestrationize ( ago)
I just want to say D ray that your videos are fantastic, your instructions
are really clear and you really know how to edit. I watched a few of the
other videos you made just because they're enjoyable to watch. I have an
XR650L now and if you did a video on one of those that'd be very cool
there's a few things about the bike that my clymer doesn't in depth enough.
I think you could make full videos about tear downs as opposed to books
like clymer that'd be the greatest thing since valve springs.

Author D-Ray Smith ( ago)
I havent worked on an '83 in a long time but if I remember right the low
speed circut should be on the left carb, the right carb has only a main
jet. if so, the mixture screw should be on the left side.

Author Farmer Chris ( ago)
Hey DRay! Awesome videos. Thanks! Any chance you have a video of how to
replace a head gasket for the same bike / an XL 500R? That would be

Author James Linfor ( ago)
Where can i find the carb rebuild kit

Author Luca Maria Mercurio ( ago)
A good work, I'll keep your tutorial in mind since I have one of those
bikes (the LM version) and, someday, I should try to clean those carb. Just
for curiosity, have you sold the bike or are you using it for fun in the
fields? P.s. I appreciate your patience in explaining slowly while filming
the procedure, since I'm not very familiar with Arkansas accent: not with
any US accent, in fact :)

Author erik schouten ( ago)
Thank, i found the problem thanks your video

Author D-Ray Smith ( ago)
There are 2 studs that are mounted on the seat base near the rear of the
seat. They go thru the frame and rear fender. Look under the rear fender
toward the front of it, you will see 2 6mm nuts. You will also need to
remove the side covers and the strap that goes over the seat. Hope this

Author mat brown ( ago)
hey, i have the same bike. how do you remove the seat on this bike? i cant
figure it out.

Author jj vwguy ( ago)
Nice video your very good of explaining how it work's. My 1987 xr600r wont
start without pulling it with somthing.Then somtimes it wont start just hit
an when I pull choke cable it die's I have no idea what is wrong I have had
it to everyone in WV! An spent countless dollar's everything seems to be
right plugs etc. an when it runs It runs great but heaven forbid you turn
it off. better have a truck or something to pull it with. Any ideas on what
I should try?

Author Daren Handy (859 years ago)
Great Video and detail - Sure would like to know if anyone just sells the
bowl gaskets as that is the only issue I have on my 87 XL600r.

Author moparmanpete ( ago)
Ok, thank you

Author D-Ray Smith ( ago)
The only way to get that little o-ring from Honda is to get a carb gasket
set (16010-MG2-305), Suzuki offers that o-ring seperately, (13295-26E00)

Author moparmanpete ( ago)
Did you replace the rubber washer on the low speed mixture screw and if so
where did you find it please. Thanks Pete

Author ksmons ( ago)
Great video. The boots are hard to find, any tips on where to get them, or
repair the cracked ones I have?

Author D-Ray Smith ( ago)
The bystarter (choke) wont work. Other than that, it will run just fine

Author NW Adventure Rider ( ago)
If you had the bowls backwards what would it do?

Author Jeramie Beebe ( ago)
DRay, great video, wish I had looked this up yesterday before I pulled my
carb's off the very same bike. Where can I get one of those fuel mixture
screws? I broke mine and cant find an OEM replacement!

Author GSBruce53 ( ago)
Your XL600R videos are great, DRay. The production quality and information
conveyance is as good or better than instructional videos for other bikes
I've paid money for. I'm freshening up my original-owner 1983 XL600R and
these are way valuable to me. I'd like to see the electrical system work
video. Thanks.

Author Ned944 ( ago)
Great video,very informative and well worth watching as I did this job this
afternoon. Just rebuilt my XL600R - hopefully roadtest tomorrow ! Thanks
once again.

Author Tynlinz ( ago)
Sweet maybe you can put my 400ex in your video for "how to do a top end
rebuild" that would be awesome. Talk at ya later

Author D-Ray Smith ( ago)
You will need to replace the mixture screw to be able to get the idle
mixture right. Thanks for watchin'!

Author D-Ray Smith ( ago)
Thanks bro!

Author D-Ray Smith ( ago)
Thanks for watchin', yes I do work for th' public, I am about to officially
open for buisness soon. Have a goodun'!

Author skjos96 ( ago)
Awsome... I did this job on my 1985 XL250, you make removing the carb look
easy. Even with the aix box backed off it is a real pain.

Author KFLY67 ( ago)
Hey DRay I was cleaning my carbs and pulled out the smaller low speed
mixture screw to clean the tip and it was so old it just snap right off,can
i just turn it in closer?

Author Ticky66MN ( ago)
That looked like it kicked easily for a 600cc bike. You do a great job
recording, editing and explaining in your videos. Thanks DRay!

Author farmboy30117 ( ago)
Good job! I'm surprised you got it running so easily.

Author W1WEASEL ( ago)
Awesome work and vid. Very cool carb.

Author Tom Cote ( ago)
cool man !

Author bitto65 ( ago)
It's runnin pretty good considerin how long it's been sittin and the fact
you have only done some basic carb work on it. Well done mate, look forward
to the next installment. Cheers n regards

Author Tynlinz ( ago)
Your vids are awesome. I'm from central arkansas. You work on stuff for the
public or just friends and relatives? My 400ex could really use a top end
rebuild! Lol I like your thoroughness

Author hysonly ( ago)
Your good D-Ray..see ya next time :)

Author D-Ray Smith ( ago)
Thanks! more to come.....

Author D-Ray Smith ( ago)
Wanda says I "live" out there now! lol! Thanks bro.

Author D-Ray Smith ( ago)
NOT!!!!! lol!

Author Ironheart Fabrication ( ago)
One more A+ video! Standing by for the next segment...

Author D-Ray Smith ( ago)
Naw, it did'nt smoke a bit, I was a lil suprised myself!

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