JUSTICE LEAGUE NEW Trailer #3 (2017) Batman Superman Superhero Movie HD

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  • CONZ 808
    CONZ 808 13 hours ago

    did he "chuuhooo!!..?" I can dig it..

  • Beatlearl M
    Beatlearl M 17 hours ago

    Because Hollywood has wussiefied Superman he has hardly any of the indestructible abilities or powers he had doing the Silver Age of comics,if they go back to him being invincible like in the old days he can destroy any and all other super heroes at will,and no one in Marvel's universe can't and won't stand a chance against him.I'm a Batman guy but everyone with a brain knows Clark Kent is DC's number one stud.

  • nathan Summers
    nathan Summers 17 hours ago

    Bof du avengers sauce dc quoi

  • Jared McKenzie
    Jared McKenzie 1 day ago

    Why's Warmachine in this movie

    NEURO PUNK 1 day ago

    é tanta dcpicão que nem sei

  • Cordelius Pumpernickel

    if wonder woman was good then this will be

  • Izul Dexter
    Izul Dexter 2 days ago

    where is the real hero in dc???? superman we need u

  • HarryPukangkang
    HarryPukangkang 2 days ago

    Batman and Wonder Woman will be romantically involved through out the DC movies.

    CONEJITO BIEN FEON 2 days ago


  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 2 days ago

    I hate you beacuse you do not know anything about super heroes 😠₩₩₩₩@

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 2 days ago

    es el tráiler 2 NO sabes nada de Super heroes APRENDE

  • Bryan Villegas
    Bryan Villegas 3 days ago

    Is super man gonna be in this movie

  • dan warren
    dan warren 4 days ago

    maybe at last minute like Logan was in Apocalypse

  • rookie tiwaree
    rookie tiwaree 4 days ago

    I don't fuck with DC no more, as long as Znyder still there I just can't

  • Call me Endless
    Call me Endless 4 days ago

    Well they're gonna fight darkseid

  • Skywalker
    Skywalker 5 days ago

    Ugh I forgot stupid Amber Heard was in this movie

  • Erik Zakharyan
    Erik Zakharyan 5 days ago

    what's ur power? I'm rich😂👌

  • 이하늘
    이하늘 5 days ago

    batman say.. last two...
    who are the last two??

  • Elmer Martinez
    Elmer Martinez 5 days ago

    i can already tell this shit is gonna be a bunch of movies mashed into one like BVS smh. If they make a trailer wit superman thts just gonna be some bullsht, just like they showed the monster in the trailer from BVS, they shoulda kept the monster a secret nd it probably wouldve been better

  • Grady Chant
    Grady Chant 5 days ago

    its that want beetle superhero 1:33

  • brian her
    brian her 5 days ago

    where is superman?? should he be in this movies to or are they're just gonna fuck it up like all the other movies that they do..

  • CheekyFingerGaming
    CheekyFingerGaming 6 days ago

    Is superman gonna be in this film?

    GAMEPLAYBOX 6 days ago

    there is superman in movie?!!!!

  • jika zie
    jika zie 6 days ago

    I think this film will be have darkseid

  • Finalman26 THA BULLZ

    well cant wait for the beyonce britney spears jokes like in dr strange

  • Finalman26 THA BULLZ

    flash is going to ruin this movie for me...i loved bvsS..This is going to be like the avenger movies..:(..More childish jokes for the kids sakes

    8T2OFFICIAL 6 days ago

    Superman is dead. Man I'd love to see Harley Quinn cameo and cat woman. DC possibly lies are endless

    8T2OFFICIAL 6 days ago

    DC is starting to take over Marvel

  • Aanand pal
    Aanand pal 7 days ago

    My fav Hero Superman...

  • Eugene
    Eugene 7 days ago

    Ant Man is better

  • Titus Yusinyu
    Titus Yusinyu 7 days ago

    I'm already bored and confused

  • The LEgenD
    The LEgenD 7 days ago

    Looks stupid, they need to bring more serious plot not just smash and bash type of stuff.

  • Spartan11117777
    Spartan11117777 7 days ago

    "They said the Age of Heroes would never come again."
    "It has too...Who else is gonna compete with Marvel?"

    Doctor Manhattan at 2:53. :P :)

  • x Teenage x
    x Teenage x 7 days ago

    Eh I'll pass.

  • francisco Orejuela
    francisco Orejuela 7 days ago

    GAL GADOT 3:03 ❤

  • klappy lappy loppy
    klappy lappy loppy 8 days ago

    well..... no superman here...😯

  • David Maclean
    David Maclean 8 days ago

    DC blows compared to Marvel. If these clowns had half a brain they would have done character development films for each character like Marvel did so the build up to their unity would have been greatly anticipated.

  • john gregor
    john gregor 8 days ago

    Superman w black cap f yeah

  • Wamphyri bloodsucker

    title is Batman Superman Superhero Movie HD
    but no Superman in this trailer

  • Josh Pickney
    Josh Pickney 9 days ago

    only good thing about this movie is wonder woman oh my lord shes so hot

  • Kevin Kidd
    Kevin Kidd 9 days ago

    where is Superman??

  • John Chaney
    John Chaney 10 days ago

    What idiot killed superman who's brilliant idea was that and how are they gonna bring him back

  • joan Alonso
    joan Alonso 10 days ago

    this movie is so terrible that instead of 2 parts is now only 1 😂😂😂😂😉

  • anthony mcgrath
    anthony mcgrath 10 days ago

    10 pls be good
    20 goto 10

  • Enrique Pizans R Romero

    aquiestoi triodecobardes

  • prashant Ramesh
    prashant Ramesh 10 days ago

    I miss superman :(

  • Mojo Reanimated
    Mojo Reanimated 10 days ago


  • Mojo Reanimated
    Mojo Reanimated 10 days ago

    They've really fucked it for me with superman. The death of superman story seems like it was about two movies too early. Plus in dc's movie-verse. They haven't even allowed Superman to get going yet. All we have seen from superman so far is some bullshit. Someone at the top really doesn't like Superman. So they can stick their movie up their holes.

  • YourFriendBat
    YourFriendBat 11 days ago

    0:34 Lois?!

  • Keron Mitch
    Keron Mitch 11 days ago

    shitty movie

  • Misterio Dark
    Misterio Dark 11 days ago

    name song is


    look like playstation game,what the fuck is this

  • Joe150 ish
    Joe150 ish 11 days ago

    Looks like a bomb:(

  • AnomalyINC
    AnomalyINC 11 days ago

    I thought Cyborg was a Teen Titan.

  • Jimmy Hong
    Jimmy Hong 11 days ago

    The music.. I like the songs but.. just doesn't fit in with the the movie IMO.

  • Raging Trollers
    Raging Trollers 12 days ago

    2:54 Barry and Henry Allen?

  • Asia Di Gregorio
    Asia Di Gregorio 12 days ago

    0:37 le amazzoni!!!!!!

  • Arif Ali
    Arif Ali 12 days ago


  • Daniel Gutierrez
    Daniel Gutierrez 12 days ago

    Why is cyborg in the film ?

  • Bablu Meena
    Bablu Meena 12 days ago

    Where is Superman?

  • Member Berry
    Member Berry 12 days ago

    I can hear the rotten tomatoes "critic" retards crying already

  • Brett Vinton
    Brett Vinton 12 days ago

    Tim Ruiz I was talking about Superman once he comes back.
    I also think they'll obviously gel as a team when u c the trailer, the team will be speechless once they c Superman.

  • Ryan Deffley
    Ryan Deffley 12 days ago

    It always just seems like Supes gets the short end of the stick. He's supposed to the hero that the JL is centered around. Yet they already played the Doomsday card. It'd be so much better if Supes was leading the JL charge instead of Batman. That he learned he can't do it all alone, and that working with other heroes is even better, etc..

  • naser bajramov
    naser bajramov 12 days ago

    ruzna si ne valja to

  • Karen Aguayo
    Karen Aguayo 12 days ago

    That's true we need superman in the movie not at the end of the movie

  • yandia ayu risma
    yandia ayu risma 12 days ago

    what is your super power again??

    i am rich..

    very well said master wayne..
    rich is congenital super power in this milenial age..

  • Jaxon W
    Jaxon W 12 days ago

    i'm working on a martian manhunter game in ue4 however i need someone for the modelling/animations side anyone good with unreal engine?

    • Jaxon W
      Jaxon W 11 days ago

      don't even have to be good in unreal i just need some models /animations

    • Jaxon W
      Jaxon W 12 days ago

      really you can mak the models in anything

  • Ajay Ghale
    Ajay Ghale 13 days ago

    I really thought they would join comic con trailer and trailer 1 and call it Trailer#3 but fucking noob just splitted the trailer 1 and played the second half at the begining

  • aditya sharma
    aditya sharma 13 days ago

    What is your super power..?
    M Rich..😎🍺

  • Alexis Hortence
    Alexis Hortence 13 days ago

    I heard superman isnt in this movie. how the Fuck is it justice league without superman. Hollywood sucks.

  • Patrick Mwakitwange
    Patrick Mwakitwange 13 days ago

    fuck aqua man... where is superman???????

  • chaoshallnotfall
    chaoshallnotfall 13 days ago

    2008 called, it wants its cyan and orange back.

  • Dionne Smith
    Dionne Smith 13 days ago

    Where's Superman?!

  • Captmickeyd
    Captmickeyd 13 days ago

    Did they change Alfred again?

  • Caseytify
    Caseytify 13 days ago

    They made Aquaman look interesting. Well done!

    Letting Ben Affleck play the Batman as a smartass. Another gold star.

    Doing a remake of the Avengers movie (get together a bunch of super-powered people to battle an alien invasion), not so great. Hoping they overcome that. The character interaction I've seen in the trailers looks promising.


    Batman : What's your mom's name?
    Aquaman : AquaMartha
    Batman : Welcome to the Justice league!

  • MUsicas musicas
    MUsicas musicas 13 days ago

    Where is superman?

  • Garrido Imóveis brvideoimovel

    muito bom !!!

  • carlos arnaldo
    carlos arnaldo 14 days ago

    This is The Best! The avengers Boring

  • Dexter White
    Dexter White 14 days ago

    J.L. is gonna suck. WB just doesnt learn its lesson when it comes to Hack Snyder. They just keep shoving him down the audiences throat.

  • Cookie Thunderstorm
    Cookie Thunderstorm 14 days ago

    I wanna see league of assasins from arrow vs justice league

  • Gibson Giesecke
    Gibson Giesecke 14 days ago


  • .m.
    .m. 14 days ago

    Why can't DC make a decent superhero movie

  • Familyguy Familyguy
    Familyguy Familyguy 14 days ago

    Change batman custome plss...

  • Forgotten Syrup
    Forgotten Syrup 14 days ago

    Suicide sqaud chapter 2

  • Forgotten Syrup
    Forgotten Syrup 14 days ago

    Waiting for this unimaginably shit series to FUCKING END.

  • Kevin McClintock
    Kevin McClintock 15 days ago

    I just want more Wonder Woman movies. Fuck all the others.

  • Jessi Baet
    Jessi Baet 15 days ago

    woah did venom overtook superman too & nice excuse for iron man..

  • Lineker !
    Lineker ! 15 days ago


  • ultimatezaro
    ultimatezaro 15 days ago

    i hope superman in the movie

  • LordAugastus
    LordAugastus 16 days ago

    Atm look sooo good.

    MOUSTACHE57 16 days ago

    hero's footsteps

  • Jason Rix
    Jason Rix 16 days ago

    I'm glad joss weedon is directing this now. Zack is a really shitty director

  • solomon calham
    solomon calham 16 days ago

    I cant believe this the whole I never reveal my secrete identity batman just revealed his secrete identity to flash then he should probably be walking around in the batman costume saying I am Bruce Wayne and my super power is that I am rich

  • seekr34
    seekr34 17 days ago

    hard to think of the League without Superman

  • Antonio S
    Antonio S 17 days ago

    At least Wonder Women is a great Movie

  • Legion DC
    Legion DC 17 days ago

    Why is this coming 4th quarter 2017??

  • R.D Bergman
    R.D Bergman 17 days ago

    This movie looks dumb as f ck.. Except for WW.. she's such a bad ass..

  • Furious Magpie
    Furious Magpie 17 days ago

    Looks crap.

  • Luis Muñoz
    Luis Muñoz 17 days ago

    wheres superman?

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