Top 5 Cinco De Mayo Myths

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  • Top 5 Cinco De Mayo Myths // Subscribe: // CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! // It's a celebration of Mexican Culture like no other - but how much of what we know about it is actually true? In this episode of top 5 myths, we're asking questions like; Is it the day of Mexico independence? Are Sombreros the traditional dress? Is Tequila the drink of choice for this fiesta? Should tacos be served at your party? Is Cinco de Mayo celebrated throughout Mexico? And more. We're looking to dispel some of the misconceptions that are based on on stereotypes and ignorance, so that you don't end up embarrassing yourself.

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  • Dave All
    Dave All 6 days ago

    Myth #6: Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday. It's actually an American holiday.

  • Bruno Martinez
    Bruno Martinez 12 days ago

    That was a very well done, historically accurate, culturally sensitive setting the record straight about Cinco de Mayo.  Truth of Cinco de Mayo is that it's greatest champions in the U.S. are and have been Beer Distilleries.  The beginning of May is smack in the middle of a stretch of a no man's land of holidays to celebrate, therefore use a holiday no one knows anything about and start pumping the print ads, billboards, radio and television commercials, then watch people use it as an excuse to get wasted in a holiday desert.  I have heard, though it is probably just a rumor, that a U.S. Beer Distillery executive was vacationing in Guadalajara around Cinco de Mayo, there was a decent sized festival going on and he asked around, boom a new beer holiday!  Again fantastic piece.

  • Moé Ramirez
    Moé Ramirez 14 days ago

    "Mexican American" listen to that asshole! We're all American, any country in the continent of America is an American.

  • Rodolfo Chavez
    Rodolfo Chavez 15 days ago

    0:10 zincouuu dii Meaioooo hahahaha

  • Alex Re
    Alex Re 16 days ago

    I couldn't agree more with this list, this myths is the reason I don't celebrate the american version of "5 de mayo". they just mimic the tradition, this goes for all races Americans, Mexicans , blacks.

  • Mason Noble
    Mason Noble 18 days ago

    2:03 the Canadians are offended?? jajajajajajja

  • alvaro flores
    alvaro flores 18 days ago

    chalupas are not mexican

  • Juan Carlos Barbosa
    Juan Carlos Barbosa 19 days ago

    Just to point, outside Puebla, only elemental and junior high school close doors as a holiday. Banks, commerces and everything else works as normal and only some government offices close doors this day.

    • Juan Carlos Barbosa
      Juan Carlos Barbosa 18 days ago

      Another fun fact, this battle prevented French Army to take Puebla that was finally taken a year later. This gave an impact in the American Civil War because if Mexico was took in 1862, France would be able to help the Confederates in the American Civil War bringing troops from Mexico, at the time they took Mexico City the war at the tide of turning things for the Union.

  • Andre Luis
    Andre Luis 19 days ago

    1:49 "Appropriating Mexican culture" for wearing hats?
    what's this? Buzzfeed? i wanna puke on high pressure.

  • Mariano Fuentes Talavera

    i am mexican and I dont find offensive the "cultural apropiation" of the "sombreros" but I do find stupid that many people actually think we still use them. also i dont think any mexican even care about it.

  • J S
    J S 19 days ago

    Who else stopped watching after the first myth just to be able to correct people when they say it's Mexican Independence Day?

  • Jhonatan Asriel  Pérez León

    Wtf Mexicans celebrate the independence on September 15th

    COMIC FIRUKO 19 days ago

    Top 10 Signs showing that WatchMojo.Com is running out of Ideas

  • Fresco.g
    Fresco.g 19 days ago

    As a Mexican visiting the US, I was surprised to even hear about that festivity there. I only heard it on history class before. I can't deny those margaritas though.

  • Sprite Smith
    Sprite Smith 19 days ago


  • PowPow X
    PowPow X 19 days ago

    i am mexican and next cinco de mayo drink and eat what ever the fuck you want, who cares if its not the "traditional choice"

  • Will Fitton
    Will Fitton 20 days ago

    I love hearing Americans try to pronounce spanish words

  • Lord Popo
    Lord Popo 20 days ago

    Y'all are racists.

  • TheNinjaDC
    TheNinjaDC 20 days ago

    My main connection to Cinco De Mayo is my Puerto Rican friends making fun of it.

  • Chris Gigante
    Chris Gigante 20 days ago

    Everybody so afraid of wearing a sombrero on May 5 but where's leprechaun outfits on St. Patrick's Day. I'm offended by The cultural misappropriation of Native American headgear used by the LGBTQ Community in the YMCA video😝. That community needs some sensitivity training. Absolutely shameful.

  • Maxssjbros
    Maxssjbros 20 days ago

    Mexicans don't celebrate cinco de mayo

  • michael mcknight
    michael mcknight 20 days ago

    I turned out at the word appropriate.

  • Lisa Sandoval
    Lisa Sandoval 20 days ago


  • cool 1 armor guy
    cool 1 armor guy 20 days ago

    useless holiday

  • sergio delgado
    sergio delgado 20 days ago

    damn I'm laughing at these guys trying to spell Spanish words XD also the agua fresca is horchata i dont know what agua fresca is unless you mean pure water :v

  • EXOtic Love
    EXOtic Love 20 days ago

    Always Mexico, never other latin american countries. smh.

  • Kalimuri
    Kalimuri 20 days ago

    Straight up it's just an excuse more Americans to throw a Mexican themed party much like Saint Patrick's Day. Neither holiday does the average person seem to have any clue what it's really about it but it sells so commercial business embrace it.

  • Yoto Wall
    Yoto Wall 20 days ago

    Can someone please tell me what was the background instrumental song they used for this video.

  • dan ma
    dan ma 20 days ago

    Mexico win the war we don't speak french, cinco de mayo was de begin, en Puebla ended abril 2 1867 when de mex army with Poririo Diaz expuls de french imperie of Puebla and that was de begin of the end of europeans, and America is a continent ffs gringos.

  • Mazu Mazu
    Mazu Mazu 20 days ago

    This comment section is just bashing white people lmao.

  • torta122
    torta122 20 days ago

    Mexicans don't give a crap about cultural appropriation. Los llorones, the cry babies are the chicanos, and they are not even Mexican. This is bulls/+.

  • Michelle Le
    Michelle Le 20 days ago

    ¡Chinga la pared! :3

  • cfbcfbcfbcfb99
    cfbcfbcfbcfb99 20 days ago

    saludos mexicanos. desde el rio de la plata. que onda por alla arriba. como hacen para aguantar a trompeta?

  • Yayo Elías Girón
    Yayo Elías Girón 20 days ago

    Que pinche puta madre, carajo. ¿En serio esta wea se celebra en Estados Unidos? yo ni la celebro, y eso que soy mexicano. Te amo, Watchmojo :3

  • SCORCHER55 _
    SCORCHER55 _ 20 days ago

    Top ten stupidest watch mojo lists

  • Appleberry Smith
    Appleberry Smith 20 days ago

    It's actually revenge of the 5th.

  • Brandon Marcial
    Brandon Marcial 20 days ago

    Dear white people
    If I'm allowed to be Irish on Saint Patricks you are allowed to be Mexican on Cinco De Mayo. Nobody gets triggered and all offended.


  • Jack's Son
    Jack's Son 20 days ago

    Fun fact: they don't even celebrate Cinco De mayo in Mexico. It's just celebrated here to poke a finger on the eye of white American culture.

  • Roberto Emilio Carranza Montiel

    cstpm me puse bien triggered cuando dijeron el mito 5 >:c

  • Avocadog the Great
    Avocadog the Great 20 days ago


  • James R Kieliszewski

    What the heck. Ok; watch mojo thinks all they're veiwers are racist whites. Watch mojo has turned full SJW just like BuzzFeed

  • AlejandraT
    AlejandraT 20 days ago

    Just like Christmas and St. Patrick's day in the US, Cinco de Mayo is just to sell shit

  • TheJosh9150
    TheJosh9150 20 days ago

    No era penal.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 20 days ago

    You forgot the biggest myth...

    The Holocaust

  • Karina Velasquez
    Karina Velasquez 20 days ago

    ↗ Mejor den LIKE nuestro video para la clase de Química🙏😂 POR FAVOR!!!🙌💜

  • WHATWHAT willis
    WHATWHAT willis 20 days ago

    I'm Mexican and gringos just want to get drunk in the most stupid way laughing of our culture. Not surprise for me. VIVA MEXICO, CABRONES

    FORCEFULBURRITO 20 days ago

    Americans have a long way to celebrate,San Patrics,5 de Mayo and 4 of July 😅

  • Gifted180 :3
    Gifted180 :3 20 days ago

    Thank you man I tell my friends this stuff and there like: no it's about adults getting drunk on alcohol and acting Mexican. Wth

  • Ugly Ass Mofo
    Ugly Ass Mofo 20 days ago

    Only white people talk about this cultural appropriation shit, put on this sombrero guey

  • David T.
    David T. 20 days ago

    I read on Instagram that some girl said Cinco de Mayo was a white people day and not a Mexican day 😂

  • addycatstar
    addycatstar 20 days ago

    Why is an English guy trying to teach us about a Mexican-American holiday? Buzz out. Most Mexicans don't really give a shit. They like a reason to drink and celebrate just as much as the white people do.

  • hflores91
    hflores91 21 day ago

    Can people stop wearing Mexican clothing for cinco de mayo... this fucktards don't even know what it's about

  • real mc asshole
    real mc asshole 21 day ago

    by defeat do you mean slicing their leaders heads off while we wave good bye to a small boat of frenchies escaping?

  • stacy coontz
    stacy coontz 21 day ago


    CHOC-NUT INOCENCI 21 day ago

    Why don't you just let us celebrate the way we want. You're not my parent so stop telling us how to do things.

  • Chase Collins
    Chase Collins 21 day ago

    I'll celebrate it al I fuckin want don't try to stop me bitch ass cock ass bitch ass

  • Ricardo Peri
    Ricardo Peri 21 day ago

    And still, people will believe we eat tacos and drink everyday :-(

  • Em Sully
    Em Sully 21 day ago

    this video is annoying. everything he said made me screech, "no sHIT". Tacos aren't the #1 meal of choice??? WHAAAT NO FUCKING WAY WOW I WOULDNT HAVE EVER GUESSED.🙄

  • David Morralis
    David Morralis 21 day ago

    It's like americans celebrating the battle of Yorktown...

  • G D
    G D 21 day ago

    parody it if you want to, sombreros are cool

  • riptorn
    riptorn 21 day ago

    How were the French successful in their campaign? we drove them out. Mexico drove a lot of people out that are hidden in history like the Austrians and the US Army like three times.

  • Fox7seven
    Fox7seven 21 day ago


  • Bill Nye Fake Science Guy

    Build That Wall !!!

    EXOTIC BUTTERS 21 day ago

    the only reason I came here was to see if there facts are accurate and if they even did some fucking research!

  • Wu
    Wu 21 day ago

    The best taco bowls tho lmao

  • ronald james
    ronald james 21 day ago

    If youre black white asian or whatever if you wanna wear A sombrero in cinco de mayo go ahead you ain't disrespecting nobody. celebrate the culture just have fun. Take a shot a selfie and smile .

  • Cristian G.
    Cristian G. 21 day ago

    we need a wall

  • Caius Martius Coriolanus

    I wonder what they do for the 4th of July in Mexico. Whatever it is, I'm sure it involves carefully respecting the culture of their northern neighbors.

  • Idgaf about drake night

    Agua Fresca is either horchata or aroz con leche

  • Radioactive Panda
    Radioactive Panda 21 day ago

    Cinco de Mayo is just an excuse to sell people shit.

  • Lekoj Gozir
    Lekoj Gozir 21 day ago

    Mexican dishes

  • Rafael Y.G
    Rafael Y.G 21 day ago

    it should be called cinco de gringo

  • Thomas Barrett
    Thomas Barrett 21 day ago

    They r just stereotypes not myths

  • Dull Fiction
    Dull Fiction 21 day ago

    cinco de cuatro

  • Krishna Bhanji
    Krishna Bhanji 21 day ago

    lol "Pooh-ebla"

  • Cory Ferris
    Cory Ferris 21 day ago

    another liberal group telling white people they can't celebrate other ethnicities as well as our own.

  • MrHogslice
    MrHogslice 21 day ago

    For Cinco de Mayo I went to a food truck festival. I ate tacos filled with Korean cogi barbecue beef, Kim che, curried chicken on rice, crepes, fried potatoes and waffles covered in Nutella. It was a night of indulgence and diversity, just like any other Friday night in America.

  • OriginalSponge
    OriginalSponge 21 day ago


  • RaYmOnDrOiD
    RaYmOnDrOiD 21 day ago

    ¿Quién puso la apropiación cultural en mi ensalada de cinco de mayo?

  • nunez1313
    nunez1313 21 day ago

    im mexican and i really couldn't give a fuck how you celebrate cinco de mayo so dont tell me how i should and shouldn't celebrate it.

  • Arun T
    Arun T 21 day ago

    Do Top 10 anime betrayals next

  • Exsecrabilis
    Exsecrabilis 21 day ago

    [05072017:0312] <--

  • XxDjDavidxX
    XxDjDavidxX 21 day ago

    Dangit I thought it was Menudo

  • Radical Rat Gaming
    Radical Rat Gaming 21 day ago

    Screw you watchmojo you greedy jews

  • dio gutz
    dio gutz 21 day ago

    Cinco de Mayo was stared by Chicanos/Mexican-Americans to celebrate their Mexican culture. They did it with respect that's why they did't pick Mex Indie Day.

  • DiMenaF
    DiMenaF 21 day ago

    Cinco de Mayo is pronounced Majo where the jo sounds as in John

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  • Birdsaretropical
    Birdsaretropical 21 day ago

    The only thing my schools does of Cino De Mayo is give out churros during lunch

  • top stuff
    top stuff 21 day ago

    Mexicans berly ever celebrate Cinco De Mayo. We don't care how you celebrate it or who celebrates it. We really don't care. You don't have to always think we are going to get offended or anything we wont.

  • Ninja4hire
    Ninja4hire 21 day ago

    If they build the wall does that mean we can no longer celebrate Cinco de mayo (will it be outlawed) ?

  • Bigg
    Bigg 21 day ago

    don't tell people how to celebrate shit. just do your job and stick to the dates and facts.


    Gringo trying to pronounce some Mexican words

  • Majestic Fangirl .
    Majestic Fangirl . 21 day ago

    i don't understand while people celebrate it. mexicans don't celebrate.

  • PhaseSkater
    PhaseSkater 21 day ago

    Dude talking in the video can't even pronounce " Puebla " correctly. He's probably never even been. What a loser.

  • Jesus Vidal
    Jesus Vidal 21 day ago

    I'm from Puebla but still don't celebrate it😂😂

  • H Dee
    H Dee 21 day ago

    It's amazing that actual Mexicans aren't insulted, but Americans are insulted by other Americans for them. I'm so tired of this! They talk about privilege and appropriations and kids are actually starting to think this mess is real.

  • PhaseSkater
    PhaseSkater 21 day ago

    Chupa chupa chupa

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