Solfeggio 528 Hz Emerald Heart Ascendance

528Hz Emerald Heart Ascendance

Music By Source Vibrations
Video Artist: Rhea
A Collaboration of Love and Sound

Full length audio version is available here:

This track is a theta delta brainwave
entrainment program set to the solfeggio LOVE
frequency 528Hz corresponding to emerald on
the electromagnetic spectrum. This track aids
in the activation of the higher heart of Divine
Love, creating powerful resonant field peace
and compassion.

Please use stereo headphones.
_()_ _()_ _()_

Music by Source Vibrations, thank you Source Vibrations for healing the planet with music. _()_ _()_ _()_ _\|/_

Know ye not that thee are the temple of the LIving God?
_()_ _()_ _()_With Love, Rhea and Asa

All music tracks are original and the sole property of Source Vibrations. If you would like to use our audio programs for any reason, please feel free to contact us at:
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Author Raef R2ef Gamer ( ago)

Author zaeleaphoria ( ago)
wow big thank-you's BIG BIG

Author Sean Walker ( ago)
lets heal the planet with harmonics. play it constantly and will change
your environment and love to others without them even knowing it. vibration
is everything

Author Ahimsa Porter Sumchai MD ( ago)
This is gorgeous. Make it longer!

Author Darshan Bafna ( ago)
it was so nice wish it was longer

Author Multisteini Johns ( ago)
To short?

Author UjioSatashi ( ago)
oh i like this 

Author Dimas Nevskiy ( ago)
muy bello!

Author remi solo ( ago)
ღ","(◠‿◠)" ,˜”*°•ღ•°*”˜ ˙·٠•●♥*♫•* ♫♪ 

Author scarywitch13 ( ago)
Why does this sound so crazy?

Author floeps ( ago)
sorry klopt wel.

Author floeps ( ago)
dit is ijna een terts hoger dan 528. wel mooi maar geen 528

Author Galactica Via ( ago)
.. . 

Author Galactica Via ( ago)
Ever since I ran into this certain right rare frequency, my heart has felt
a dramatic increase in its vibration ten fold.

Author tampon stadt ( ago)
thank you

Author Bluew0lfie ( ago)
This is odd to me, I know why I was watching it, just because I'm watching
it and enjoying it doesn't mean I agree with the ideology of oneness.. I
don't have to in order for it to affect me, unless you were just suggesting
I ask myself regardless of that, in which case I wonder why you suggested
it in the first place :p

Author davehshs ( ago)
If it disturbs you, you might learn something by asking yourself why you
are watching. (This is a question for yourself. I don't need an answer --
you do.)

Author Isabel (1615 years ago)
so nice

Author Mark Allen Channel ( ago)
very nice

Author Ketú Cãt ( ago)
Quiet the contrary from my experience :)

Author Bluew0lfie ( ago)
Not all of us listening to this are seeking "Oneness" or "the light" for
that matter. Frankly all of this "one" crap is a bit disturbing. 

Author Ametrine Moon ( ago)
I <3 this and thank you and namaste

Author fantomas ( ago)
Do not listen to this when you are high..a friendly advice

Author Aerosincedaysago ( ago)
Thaknk you for the beautiful music and art.Really appreciate!

Author lightloveabundance ( ago)
Thank you! Much Love, Appreciation and All Blessings! <3

Author AlvaroToTy ( ago)
Trudno cokolwiek powiedzić na temat wpływu dzięku na ludzi

Author PerleHH ( ago) much for posting this!

Author Translations4Wisdom ( ago)
I love this channel! what an amazing work! thank you for sharing.

Author comatosevessel ( ago)
@redeem72 Hahahah! I should start walking around saying that to people.

Author comatosevessel ( ago)
My body is now tingling.

Author Helden nebleH ( ago)
i dont know weather to trip balls watching he video or to relax and enjoy
it :O

Author ururuty ( ago)
send some love to our planet, please;)

Author stayl1971 ( ago)
I jus t recently learned about these frequencies and I have to say that as
soon as I started listening to this one I immediately felt my 4th chakra
open up like it's never opened before. What a great experience!

Author TheLadyindigo87 ( ago)
When listening to this try saying these words trust me they because its my
first time and feeling better already. Im Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank
You, I Love You. Practice saying these words everyday over and over. Its
very cleansing. This is called the Ho'oponopono process.

Author dgreatcentralsunkid (527 years ago)
:) Thank U Beautiful HeartMind~Soul~ I Love All of Your Videos~Oneness Love
Light Supreme Happiness Infinite~

Author Luis Alberto Rosales ( ago)
Es mágico y poderoso

Author Hidden Heiroglypics ( ago)
This i think is by far the best 528 imo, I was passively listening playing
some warcraft 3 and stopped and listened and it's quite beautiful felt my
whole body shake and now im seeing in frequency vision lol. 

Author pearlexport32 ( ago)
this ia sooo relaxing and my kitty cats ears are perked up!!!

Author kazie22 ( ago)
@Heidcast infinite love and light flows through our veins now and forever!
wow i really dont remember even making this comment!i must have been really
blissed out when i made that comment happens to me alot so its not
too unusual...the divine in me bows to the divine in you 

Author Heidcast ( ago)
@kazie22 namaste 

Author YTKeeps AskingforName ( ago)
@Isellsoap thanks for the tip

Author DopeDivinity ( ago)
Thanks for this.... the visuals are SUperAstonishing as well.

Author Dennis Kautz ( ago)
I applaud what you are trying to do and recommend looking into 432
frequency and the research done by Jamie Buturff. Namaste

Author SerfdumbFall ( ago)
@dontrachfski Im curious, what do you mean disturbing ? 

Author CeeCee B ( ago)
Great listening...I love the chimes and crystal bowl sounds...The green
spirial gets me a little dizzy ;o

Author cactustree505 ( ago)
@isellsoap1 thanks

Author gnabl ( ago)
Cuantas personas en este mundo podran comprender que el amor es verde y no
rojo como se le ha marcado.

Author hakujinjin ( ago)
I'm the 59,000th viewer. What do I win?

Author don trachefski ( ago)
Tonight I listened to a number of Solfeggio Harmonics... I find the sounds
very diturbing and the connotations, eg. love, liberation, healing,
etc...etc... frequencies even more disturbing. ITS ONLY MY OPINION being a
musician myself, but I really do love the art visuals. Just because someone
says its good for you? may be the opposite. Anyway what do I care!!! its
your mind and body your messing with OR why not stick your finger in a
Power Socket and get the full Hz frequencies (new life Hz)

Author RicoK7 ( ago)

Author ideagirlconsulting ( ago)
love meditating refreshing the mind

Author Sacred Serpent ( ago)
this is the best frequency ive heard so far.

Author steve ridell ( ago)
This Vibration is My SPIRITUAL LOveR,a Thousand Thank You's.

Author kazie22 ( ago)
i am so thankful for all of you who are listening to this...expanding your
consciousness and being aware of the oneness in the light, and seeking the
path of enlightenment! I celebrate your awakening!!!!!!!!!

Author mrbojangles487 ( ago)
nice, dude.

Author Palfor ( ago)
@YhaoKhan just pay attention to it.

Author phillip gilliam ( ago)
my brain feels as though it is vibrating...

Author YhaoKhan ( ago)
Is there a particular method to use these such as meditation or does simply
listening work?

Author Amy van ( ago)
Thank you ^_^

Author Willemo Talmaro ( ago)
well...i feel refreashed by listening to this

Author Markus Smith ( ago)
As to how freq. became known to affects. I do know initially with
light/sound machines (which you should really get one!!) They began by
taking advanced meditators who could put themselves into trance or out of
body states and recorded their brainwaves frequencies. Then they replicated
those frequencies with the sound machines and brainwave entrainment or FFR
(Frequency Following Response) then gets your brain to do it too. May be
similar with other freq. or by trial/error or channeled.

Author acidbath32 ( ago)
supposedly it heals dna through prolonged use and even changes molecules of
water, and love is said to be the source of creation

Author OneMove33 ( ago)
Youll have to do some research, think it goes back to ancient esoteric
knowledge. related to the fibonnacci sequence and the chakras in our body,
this one bein related to our 4th chakra the heart chakra.

Author hhhstar ( ago)
How do you know this frequency is love? Was it picked randomly and we have
to imagine it love or is there proof it is a love frequency?

Author Greeny McGreenovich ( ago)
I like it but just as I was getting into it it stopped :(

Author littleleafmystic ( ago)
Allow yourself to say a big no and a big yes and see what happens when you
open to the possibilities. I have been working with these frequencies for
years and I can assure you that Complete Trance-formation is possible. I
appreciate your question. With Love, Devorah Rhea

Author Beatnuk ( ago)
Yes they do. Even more so when you allow it to be real.

Author Vᴀɴɢᴜᴀʀᴅ ( ago)

Author madtairam ( ago)
do these frequencies really work?

Author diggdog528 ( ago)
You just made my day with this wonderful frequency! thanks!

Author Julian D ( ago)
Wow, that was a great experience. Thank you

Author pontepolentepontepi ( ago)
As always you posted a Beautiful video. Grazie :-))

Author butterflyring ( ago)
wow... very nice! thank yoU!

Author Shakti Lila ( ago)
Beautiful !

Author Mystic Dandelion ( ago)
Thanks 4 posting beautiful videos

Author delicatefrenzy ( ago)
thank you!

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