Nonsensical Saints Row The Third w/Sp00n Ep.64 - The Trouble With Clones DLC Begins

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Author Iam BAck ( ago)
09:15 BE JB IN SAINT ROW: 3 #JustinBiebervevo

Author PokerFace ( ago)
100% this gaaaame!

Author Dj Coonstar ( ago)

Author Taylor “Timey Wimey” Hubbell ( ago)
6:55 Well, every rule of fashion that has ever existed have now been broken
by those outfits. XD

Author Mr. Troll ( ago)
The Ganstas in Space DLC sucked. the main story was better.

Author El Bandito ( ago)
hey its franklin the moneymaker

Author Ryan Lanio ( ago)
He did.

Author Ryan Lanio ( ago)
I missed Ginger Powder 2.0.

Author Sam Farnon ( ago)

Author TurnUpMyAudio ( ago)

Author GHOTI_ ( ago)
May just be me, but this DLC seems like it was just a test with the
superpowers to see the fans reactions, as the devs did say that SR4 was in
development before the release of SR3, (not the DLC's, the game itself).

Author Ghost303ful ( ago)
this diablo 3 ad is getting anoying

Author FireHeadBob123 ( ago)
@mubemzh yeah you go that right AND! check this game is really damn

Author legokid371 ( ago)
no shit dude

Author StealthBlade98 ( ago)
this dlc is probably my favorite

Author Sarah Long ( ago)
I got saints row 4 and gat is back

Author fluffy cookies dunked in milk ( ago)
he did

Author fluffy cookies dunked in milk ( ago)
he did

Author Bill Cipher ( ago)
You spoke of the future. Ginger Powder has been reborn! Also,since I don't
want to comment twice, SAINTS ROW IV COMES OUT TOMORROW!!!!!

Author Dylan Wiley ( ago)
spoons the pimp XD

Author Mollie Mcveigh ( ago)
aishas death happend in the 2nd game

Author BoringMan ( ago)
you to play Saints Row 4 because it has a spoon head

Author Jaden Bridge ( ago)
You could use the apoca fist?!

Author hawk_14 ( ago)
no hes funny that way

Author hawk_14 ( ago)
فآرس كحفآرس كحفآرس كحفآرس كحفآرس كحفآرس كحفآرس كحفآرس كحفآرس كحفآرس كحفآرس
كحفآرس كحفآرس كحفآرس كح

Author ShamSham ( ago)
they probably will, he said saints 3 was his faivorite series, i dont know
about spoon.

Author dthurman21 ( ago)
he will

Author gwtnddt9497 ( ago)
Racist against pierce

Author Miko Raatikainen ( ago)
Play sr4 it has a f#&%ing dupstep gun

Author KiwiUniverse ( ago)
"Right up Ginger Powder's ally" I seriously thought he was going to say
"Right up Ginger Powder's butt" (Sorry, don't want to swear, even if on the

Author Gavin Dehal ( ago)
um uberhaxornova are you going to get the next saint row game saint row 4 i
heard it was really good

Author legokid371 ( ago)
if nova gets it ( he should )

Author enrique sanchez ( ago)
ginger powder will be reborn in saints row 4

Author Alex B ( ago)
then milatary

Author Aston Martin ( ago)
Ginger powder dont like pants

Author Joshua Payne ( ago)
Put on some pants, for Pete's sake.

Author ShxChxxRxxxs ( ago)
put on some pants dude

Author lemuel408 ( ago)
I like the fuck you from spoon

Author Cheow Sky ( ago)
Hahahah, yeah!

Author kirk nigell Segales ( ago)
Im #1 fan of nova and sp00n!

Author Der Grammar Nazi ( ago)
i exactly paused at 10:21 and when I did, i saw Nova's c**ch stuck in the
News stand :P

Author Blandcap ( ago)
Saints Row is the only time I've ever constantly gone to a clothing excited
to buy shit I'm not even gonna wear.

Author TheForceGamers ( ago)
wrong aisa was killed in the second game

Author mrryantheeditor ( ago)
This may be a late REPLY(So late)It was Jyunichi

Author Calob Adams ( ago)
No love for a brutha nova?

Author MrMrjangle ( ago)
Maybe he likes to say it like braw, are you going change the way he says it

Author Cole Thomas ( ago)
who else remembers "cool guyas dont look at explosions"

Author The Gaming Chimp ( ago)
It Was The second

Author enrique sanchez ( ago)
pierce pierce PIERCE GET THE **** IN THE CAR!

Author samofire1 ( ago)
nova i think you should play vampire masquerade bloodlines on steam

Author michael moran ( ago)
you said it like braw it is said bra

Author MrSonic ( ago)
Hey i saw a trollface at 0:61

Author MrSonic ( ago)
Hes i saw a trollface at 0:61

Author Alec Frazier ( ago)
I wanna go to this shop in real life! :)

Author WaLl On?!?! ( ago)
Ginger is getting worst to worst

Author Robert Shelton ( ago)
Get the raptor mod it is epic.

Author GreenGamer38 ( ago)
Aisha died in the second game they faked her death in the first

Author Arucelover ( ago)
who knows that unless bro-ny is ok

Author MrVideogame26 ( ago)
Well your picture is derpy hooves so i expect that

Author Giantsfan981 ( ago)
I miss the feeling of when the intro place, it used to make me feel excited
for the episode, now it's just nothing :(

Author Giantsfan981 ( ago)

Author famvanduijn ( ago)
Play sanit 2

Author famvanduijn ( ago)
play aaint row 2

Author Good Bye ( ago)
Finally I've been looking for this episode ;D

Author Chiron Galarza ( ago)
nova why u no quiet when the game is saying something?!?!?!

Author Nate G ( ago)
i know but maybe if i tell him that he will go back in time and not do it

Author superjubblies ( ago)
All you do when you comment on episodes of this series is talk trash -__-

Author brownofthebrown ( ago)
John Abruzzi

Author Nate G ( ago)
i like how he had the sonic boom but said he was stuck nova y u so dumb

Author Tyler Bartlett ( ago)
Nova's voice at 1:03 to 1:13 literally made me nearly cry with laughter
lol,love this series,wish SRTT would do more DLC so they'll play this
again!! :p

Author FrenchyMusicGuy ( ago)
Is it just me or the nerd in the game sounds just like the nerd in Robot
Chicken lol..

Author The Great and Sexay ASuperFly ( ago)
Through the whole begining I was laughing sp hard I choked on my pizza. Now
I know never to eat while watching nova

Author ThurnisHaIey ( ago)
play is game on ps3 and be my name is killtime61111

Author TONYROCKZ818 ( ago)
Peirce was actually pretty cool in this game.

Author Mr. Sloth ( ago)
i actually clicked that....

Author jack quinn ( ago)
Aisha fake died in saints row 1 then realy died in se2

Author jack quinn ( ago)
he (jimmy) has a lisp!

Author TheCrossbolt ( ago)
12:43 that happend to me with shaundi

Author Ryan Joseph ( ago)
This is perfect. Right up Ginger Powder's 'alley'.

Author anthony pennucci (1346 years ago)
But that's ALL of it! :P

Author Asiia Jeanette ( ago)
Obviously My Prayers Werent Answered

Author Asiia Jeanette ( ago)
Durinq The Process Of Nova Chanqinq His Attire ii Was Prayinq , ' Dear God
Please Allow Nova To Finally Put Pants On For The Viewers Health And Well
Beinq , '

Author dumleist ( ago)

Author Ryder Wheeler ( ago)
Aishas "death" was from the first game. She had u get explosives in her
car, and drive her to the recording studio the Vice kings run. Car blows
up. VKs think she's dead.

Author Chriss Hess ( ago)
6:52 look who you want :D

Author Asshole ( ago)
I fucking laughted!

Author HellsAngel157 ( ago)
not always spelled that way

Author TrollGasmm ( ago)

Author Kenn Nguyen ( ago)
1:04 - 1:06 lol

Author nick fair ( ago)

Author itsdianaah ( ago)

Author GhostKiller987 ( ago)
macho man randy savage

Author SonyTheHedgehog8 ( ago)
I was screaming ''USE THE FUCKING APOCO FISTS!'' when he got ''stuck'' -_-

Author eliza acevedo ( ago)
Wat dlc is the empire stuff from

Author Alex Gabriella ( ago)
he is

Author ScaryWithaSmile ( ago)

Author Isaac Garcia ( ago)
Nova should have his own game ya kno

Author Herp Derp (960 years ago)
This Episode Should Have Been Called the Rise Of the Thongs

Author Herp Derp (1406 years ago)
Oohh Man I Know Right :D

Author kankuro6666 (1803 years ago)
14:40 wat

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