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Author Taylor F. Hubbell (5 months)
6:55 Well, every rule of fashion that has ever existed have now been broken
by those outfits. XD

Author gamingconsoles (1 year)
The Ganstas in Space DLC sucked. the main story was better.

Author hitmanrespawnarmy (3 years)
fat man butt cheeks noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Author Jack David (2 years)
i know but maybe if i tell him that he will go back in time and not do it

Author hahasmurf21 (2 years)

Author The Great and Sexay ASuperFly (2 years)
Through the whole begining I was laughing sp hard I choked on my pizza. Now
I know never to eat while watching nova

Author Mollie Mcveigh (1 year)
aishas death happend in the 2nd game

Author Minecraftzxoz (3 years)
They Did. It was Episode 63. Did you even watch the playthrough?

Author TheCrossbolt (2 years)
12:43 that happend to me with shaundi

Author Allen Sharpe (2 years)
it's in the last one Nova

Author Gavin Dehal (1 year)
um uberhaxornova are you going to get the next saint row game saint row 4 i
heard it was really good

Author FrenchyMusicGuy (2 years)
Is it just me or the nerd in the game sounds just like the nerd in Robot
Chicken lol..

Author enrique sanchez (2 years)
pierce pierce PIERCE GET THE **** IN THE CAR!

Author clackers16 (2 years)
its like this game,was MADE FOR YOU,nova

Author samofire1 (2 years)
nova i think you should play vampire masquerade bloodlines on steam

Author hudsons908 (2 years)
Nice video

Author ChipzPopzCerealz Gaming (2 years)
This game looks cool

Author Herp Derp (2 years)
This Episode Should Have Been Called the Rise Of the Thongs

Author Cole Thomas (2 years)
who else remembers "cool guyas dont look at explosions"

Author xXFrozenYogurtismXx (2 years)
1:04 - 1:06 lol

Author El Bandito (1 year)
hey its franklin the moneymaker

Author Rainbow Slushie (1 year)
he did

Author pizzasoldeir2 (3 years)
@UberHaxorNova 2nd game james

Author ChaosSinfulRose (3 years)
Yeah, you'd wouldn't be able to follow it just be playing this game, but
the first two give insight on this. Even more so evident in Saints Row 2.

Author eric garcia (2 years)
from second

Author Giantsfan981 (2 years)
I miss the feeling of when the intro place, it used to make me feel excited
for the episode, now it's just nothing :(

Author Herp Derp (2 years)
Oohh Man I Know Right :D

Author Tristan Blanchard (2 years)
dude, get the fucking game!ITS FUCKING FUN!

Author mogorisempai (3 years)
The three colors you picked for the socks are the same colors for the
pansexual flag. Though I'd let you know :)

Author GiveMeBananasNow (3 years)

Author dthurman21 (1 year)
he will

Author GiveMeBananasNow (3 years)
If Ginger Powder were to get deleted or die I would cry He my fav character
of all time :D

Author Blandcap (2 years)
Saints Row is the only time I've ever constantly gone to a clothing excited
to buy shit I'm not even gonna wear.

Author BinTBDiscJokee (3 years)
don't you mean 00:00 to 15:09?

Author TheForceGamers (2 years)
wrong aisa was killed in the second game

Author Asshole (2 years)
I fucking laughted!

Author eliza acevedo (2 years)
Wat dlc is the empire stuff from

Author GINGER POWDER (3 years)
I LOVE MY NEW OUTFIT but its to tight

Author lemuel408 (2 years)
I like the fuck you from spoon

Author MegaBitHead (3 years)
all i heard was eww!

Author TheGhostKiller987 (2 years)
macho man randy savage

Author famvanduijn (2 years)
play aaint row 2

Author Calob Adams (2 years)
No love for a brutha nova?

Author Robert Shelton (2 years)
Get the raptor mod it is epic.

Author Joshua Payne (1 year)
Put on some pants, for Pete's sake.

Author NemesisPrototype (2 years)
On Steam, there's a demo for 2 days. Time to screw around. :D

Author Tyler Bartlett (2 years)
Nova's voice at 1:03 to 1:13 literally made me nearly cry with laughter
lol,love this series,wish SRTT would do more DLC so they'll play this
again!! :p

Author SonyTheHedgehog8 (2 years)
I was screaming ''USE THE FUCKING APOCO FISTS!'' when he got ''stuck'' -_-

Author pancakeboy607 (2 years)
sounded like you said nova should show and stab his 'little jhonny'

Author fogle curry (2 years)

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