Try Not To Laugh or Grin - Funny Vines Animals Compilation

Brand new weekly Try Not To Laugh Challenge compilation of March 2017 featuring the funniest animal & pet clips, bloopers, fails, reactions and moments caught on tape.

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Runtime: 11:15
Comments: 1470

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Author ThatUndertale Girl ( ago)
5:28 herobrine pug

Author MOLLY BROWN ( ago)
This video make me want to have the following pet :
-more Little piggs

Author Krystal Welch ( ago)

Author NL_neok ( ago)
ite NOT funny

Author Chiara Zeppa ( ago)
Is that a fox?!

I loved the dog barking at the turtle

Author Duru Acul ( ago)

Author Joseph Edjan ( ago)
the thumbnail wasnt funny

Author Ana Gonzalez ( ago)


Author Dragon Da Silva ( ago)
These aren't funny though....

Author bro nado ( ago)
a question for everybody

ya like jazz?

Author MinecraftPlayer_ ( ago)
Can't you guys stop with James Baxter and that girl at 7:12? It's annoying

Author Ara Arrollado ( ago)
100% i lost

Author Carla Rankin ( ago)
the thumbnail wasnt funny who agrees with me?

Author Funkey Monkey ( ago)
Omg so many baby birds with no feathers yet

Author skysym ( ago)
4:25 I would have named that bird Stevie griffin

Author fan club ( ago)
What breed is that dog at 9:10?

Author Renesamaye Johns ( ago)
4:25 wtf😂😂😂😂

Author Denis Daily ( ago)
on 3:00 eow

Author Denis Daily ( ago)
on 0:50 CUTE! <3 !

Author life real ( ago)
I want a baby durk!!!!!

Author iTz TiessjeH ( ago)
fok jou it's no funy in the aziel

Author The Rainbow Gymnast ( ago)
2:07 LMAO 😂

Author Jill Sweet ( ago)

Author Valando V ( ago)
4:26 omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Sycho ( ago)

Author Anthony Voorhees ( ago)
Who would watch this

Author Anthony Voorhees ( ago)
This is so dumb

Author Anthony Voorhees ( ago)
Stupid horse

Author Lemongrab ( ago)

Author yuri40100 ( ago)
5:49 Same scene in The Mask movie xD

Author meme tit ( ago)
Nice, Rahn

Author gmikoner ( ago)

Author Brady Miller ( ago)
the parrot in the shower is funny haha

Author Monika Wolfe ( ago)

Author Kristęn ( ago)
I should be sleeping

Author potato0518 AJ ( ago)
6:45 i couldn't tell if that was a dog, or a fox

Author Doge :3 ( ago)
I want the NARWHAL singing along to the PPAP song to GO AWAY!

Author Jourdan Baumgartner ( ago)
i laughed so hard

Author The Piggy Gamer ( ago)

Author волчица lps 2 0 0 6 ( ago)
4:52 собака- улыбака smile dog

Author волчица lps 2 0 0 6 ( ago)
0:25 с таким помощником в одиночку можно выиграть всех

Author Lucy Morgan ( ago)
Why does everyone have a fox for a pet

Author Brighid Doll ( ago)
Yeah, the fact that the fox had a collar and all and was alright with being handled is cool, but if you want a pet fox, I highly recommend just getting a dog or a cat. A fox is a wild. animal. not some house pet! They require a lot of work and dedication, and in most areas a special permit is required to have one. Dogs and cats have been domesticated over several 1,000s of years, while the owning a fox trend is starting just now to be popular. The ONLY instances should you own these beautiful but dangerous creatures is if there is some reason the animal can't go back to the wild and you file for permits and an exotic pet owner class, or if you'e an experienced animal handler and for some reason a fox cannot go back to it's natural state. You should NEVER buy a fox cub to have as a pet from pet stores. They're wild animals, and please, let them live out there lives in the wild where they belong. Good day to you.

Author Flame wolf 568 ( ago)
Who would laugh at this it's shit

Author UltimateVisionStudios ( ago)
I love foxes

Author YouTubeMasterCorp. ( ago)
I like the fox!

Author Fun Factory ( ago)
neues video auf meinem kanal / versuche nicht zu lachen

Author lindarctica ( ago)
foxes are not pets... why do people do this??

Author Jaylin Jackson ( ago)

Author neltharion29 ( ago)
en rel minuto 5:42 jahajaha

Author Branchler ( ago)
uploaders who don't include the source of the thumbnail go to a special place in Hell.

Author Amie Gislason ( ago)
Nice, Ron.

Author Eliza Bankova ( ago)
6:17 James Baxter the horse!!!

Author DavidREX ( ago)
3:58 the best climber in the world WTF

Author david gomez ( ago)
6:05 - Jaaaameees baxter, anyone?

Author Tahlia Sandberg ( ago)
My dog died with a chip bag on his head

Author Sketchy Skeptic ( ago)
4:06 What... why? I feel kind of sorry for it... :P ...

Author Karina Acosta ( ago)

Author Alyssa Wintertalon ( ago)
this is funny my friend and I were watching and we were laughing SOOO hard!

Author thnememes ( ago)
6:15 jaaaames baxter

Author Zoe Cruz ( ago)
Muy raro😱😱😱😱😱

Author DerMelonenKuchen ( ago)
"Nice, Ron!"
"I SNEEZED! Oh, I'm not allowed to sneeze?!"

Fucking lost it haha

Author Galaxy Wolf Yt ( ago)
Omg These anaimals r Delirious xD

Author Gessica Tomazini ( ago)
4:27 what fuck

Author Lexie Brothers ( ago)
Rhea and Juniper :D

Author Natalie Potter ( ago)
... Why does that bird have no feathers...?

Author Misaki ( ago)
7:12 whoa!! 😂😂

Author Shadow Dragon ( ago)
I never knew how creepy a baby parrot looked.......

Author Hope Minor ( ago)
1:28 lmao

Author Victoria Listenberger ( ago)
_this is so funny!_

Author Georgia Green ( ago)
Its so sad to see foxes being domesticated, they're wild animals!

Author danni mccudden ( ago)
i failed miserably

Author Roelof Oost ( ago)
7:35 Who the fuck laughs when their dog is eating stuff out of a humans hand?

Author jeffinillinois ( ago)
1:35 guy deserves it for using a Mac.

Author Jade Thomas ( ago)
There was a literal fox. Drinking Starbucks.

Author TalonStar100 ( ago)
Nice Ron

Author Mel On ( ago)
10:37 Your dog needs to have hit butt juices emptied, dogs rub their assholes on things when it's built up. Best have a vet do it, it usually doesnt go well for DIY attempters.

Author Grace D. ( ago)
This video made me want a fox

Author Banning Kid BRONCOS 38 ( ago)
what do like dogs or cats if u like dogs go to subcribe plz and if u like cat then give me thumbs up

Author Ian TDL ( ago)
4:25 doe!

Author dunetiger ( ago)
6:05 Jaaames Baxterrrrr

Author serena pokemon ( ago)

Author wil t ( ago)
i love cat😍😍😍😍😍

Author D K9 ( ago)
4:24 ew wtf

Author Вика Белова ( ago)
poor mother cat <:D

Author 08 Dumahia Royal Wolf 80 ( ago)
I love Pets!!!!! 😘

Author Him a zhao ( ago)

Author Chariti Miller ( ago)
boy: this weekend I discovered-
*dog jumps at boy*
boy: AHH

Author Lauren Tillapaugh ( ago)
I just want to know why the bird had no feathers and was running around like a fucking alien.

Author Marco Bertinelli ( ago)
7.12 si vedono le mutandeeeeeeeee

Author Zeynep duru Aytekin ( ago)
Öne la

Author Ashton Marriner ( ago)
vines is dead stop the vine vids
u fag

Author alan torres ( ago)
wait, is a fox?

Author Benjamin Thai ( ago)
I think 9:27 was a crab

Author Nico Di Angelo ( ago)
4:26 *I W A N T O N E*

Author Lily Schenck ( ago)
When you realize how lonely you are without a pet...

Author Noelle Fritz ( ago)
God damn it Ron

Author Grecy Aguirre ( ago)

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