Charter Schools: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Charter schools are privately run, publicly funded, and irregularly regulated. John Oliver explores why they aren’t at all like pizzerias.

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Lisa BurkeLisa Burke (1 hour ago)
There are a lot of people dumping on charter schools after watching a video that showcased a couple dozen out of literally hundreds that suck. All universities, public and private are saddling over 60% of their respective student bodies in life altering debt and yet you or someone you know has a kid cramming for SATs to get in line for an overpriced degree.
Not every charter school is doing a great job, clearly, but you can find just as many examples as showcased here showing the benefits of charters. I worked for one and for the past 5 years the school has outranked all neighboring public schools in testing, reading comprehension, and math. There's a waiting list.
Not everyone is out to make bank, just like you can find universities (albeit far fewer proportionately) that put students and faculty above admins. John Oliver picks a few schools in Florida and Ohio to piss on, but there are many in NY and elsewhere that are doing amazing jobs and turning out bright kids more capable than their PS counterparts.
The greatest benefit of a charter is giving the public the opportunity (because we are the land of opportunity, remember) the chance to provide a better education for their children when the default public option isn't an option. Yes, some will fail, in which case go to the the lesser of two evils--public school--but some will thrive as shining examples of what the future of American education can be. 
If every school modelled themselves after the best of charter schools, America's international education ranking would improve dramatically.

Human BeingHuman Being (18 hours ago)
I was taken from my real mother, she had something done to her nose, and my foster parents I believe molested us on camera. But they never lost their nose. Considering what snakes and wasps do to our minds, I think they can even make their slaves molest each other.

Human BeingHuman Being (18 hours ago)
I have a few comments on this piece. First of all, kids should not be watching computer screens all day, considering what they do to our minds. Second of all, victims of child abuse are having marks put on their face and those doing that are reversing the blame on victims. I think initially they started attacking rapists and pedophiles and started marking them, and then they retaliated on anyone who was a victim and witness by doing the same to us. I have had attacks made on me by things that are obviously missing their nose and I think they're accused of pedophilia, but like I said, I think victims are having the same thing done to them, victimizing us twice. We are rape victims who they are now trying to call rapists.

Chrisjay96Chrisjay96 (19 hours ago)
Dicks out for Harambee

Ana CorralesAna Corrales (2 days ago)
N n n n n n n n n

rozenblaadje129rozenblaadje129 (3 days ago)
3:38 What does they other one say? You can't fuck me up like this

Mary Ellen WMary Ellen W (4 days ago)
I went to a charter schools

relix7373relix7373 (4 days ago)
As a former student from chicago public schools with a lot of friends in charters I can say that by and large the anti-charter propaganda here is fomented by the teacher's union and idiotic far left groups. The teacher's because they want to get paid even more than their already exorbitant contracts afford, and the far left groups because they're too stupid and dogmatic to see otherwise.

Charters are affordable (something Chicago and Illinois desperately need). They provide a decent if not equal or sometimes superior level of education to kids who by and large aren't going to use it anyways. Most public schools in areas which require charters are unattended, underachieving shitholes sucking cash, everyone is better off without them. And finally they actually recognize two of the most important truths about the grand education and economic lies that have been told the last twenty years: 1. not everyone needs an education to have a successful life and 2. education is not an end all, be all panacea to poverty, inequality and every other issue you decide to arbitrarily link it to. Charters choose to offer kids job training and try to motivate them into finding work, what little there is to go around frequently.

The reason poor people stay poor on the South side isn't because of lack of education, it's because of a lack of jobs. The south side is twice as large as the north with half as many people, because there are miles of empty lots and burnt out buildings with nothing happening economically outside gangbanging. Giving a kid a high school diploma by teaching her algebra and biology does nothing to change the fact that there are no jobs for her where she lives, certainly not good paying ones.

Even worse, this goes beyond high school, affirmative action has twisted everyone into believing college is an even better solution and now we send the chosen few amongst disadvantaged groups to colleges, minorities who frequently were already fairly well off or just plain smarter than their peers. This leaves the bulk of those disadvantaged still in the hole though. Sure you can argue this will flatten out over decades but why wait that long. No progress is made and everyone feels good: dumb.

Angie GutierrezAngie Gutierrez (4 days ago)

Jared ThibodauxJared Thibodaux (5 days ago)
Need I point out the countless failures of public schools? I went to them and I can tell you that they are tragic, I learned more at home then I ever did in class and when a fellow student attacked me with a knife the school did NOTHING about it despite many witnesses and a police report. I dropped out and got my GED the day I turned 17 scoring well above those who stayed in. So I would argue that there are just as many horror stories about our public education system if not more.

RawkitsnipahRawkitsnipah (5 days ago)
In Ohio, we call them pizza shops. I've never heard of them referred to as anything else seriously here.

Jack SofalotJack Sofalot (6 days ago)

Andrew JensenAndrew Jensen (6 days ago)
Charter schools will pave the way forward. What is effectively for profit schooling will lead a lot of job creation in For Profit Prisons! Trump thinks of everything.

Julian SlonimJulian Slonim (7 days ago)
Free market!? you called charter school "Free Market"!?

Andrew JensenAndrew Jensen (7 days ago)
For profit is obviously the secret to fixing public education, just look at the performance of For Profit Universities! Hop on board for a publicly funded Trump University! Teaching Creationism instead of Biology is the way to dig our way out of the STEM cesspool in which we find ourselves.

Dan SDan S (7 days ago)
7:50 Wasn't that a thing in Community?

Steffen NelsonSteffen Nelson (8 days ago)
we say pizza shop in the midwest by the way

thecocksaysmoothecocksaysmoo (9 days ago)
hate. charter. schools.

Animated gifAnimated gif (11 days ago)
Charter school: Rich parent's dream to keep their children away from diversity.

Chancellor BanemarckChancellor Banemarck (12 days ago)
Rest in peace Harambe

Naomi NekomimiNaomi Nekomimi (13 days ago)
He mentioned the steak sandwich at 9:00 or so. I'm not familiar with Pennsylvanian "delicacies". Was he talking about a philly cheese steak? I've never heard of them using cheese wiz, though I've never had one FROM philly so I could be just unaware.

Biggie CheeseBiggie Cheese (14 days ago)
10:47 Lisa Ann

Tolga PolturgeistTolga Polturgeist (15 days ago)
That harambe reference and I lost all my respect for John Oliver.

Gary JeffersGary Jeffers (16 days ago)
I've had a change of heart regarding my tolerance for charter schools in light of Betsy Devos becoming the secretary of education. First of all, how can anyone making a statement that public education is a dead end ever be taken seriously in this position? Devos has an agenda and it is to fatten her wallet at the expense of us all. She's a rich b*tch and thinks she has the only solution. That solution does not include trying to make our public schools better! She destroyed the public school system in Michigan and now this ignorant president is dead set on letting her do the same to every school in the nation. Drumpf is a fraud and Devos is a fraudess. The fact that congress has rubber stamped every person Drumpf has nominated should give us all pause given their views regarding the agency they lead. Americans should cry out loudly against the kind of systematic destruction of government agencies being perpetrated by this administration. Our president is more ignorant of the function of government than most of the people watching videos on YouTube!

Naughty NaughtersonNaughty Naughterson (17 days ago)
Wow. That fucking Harambe meme. Unexpected.

pop5678eyepop5678eye (18 days ago)
Politicians are quick to praise things that they don't understand, never examined, but sound like a silver-bullet solution, even if there no actual evidence to support that...

Benjamin LafeverBenjamin Lafever (18 days ago)
more Pepperoni = better Schools

Emmy GEmmy G (19 days ago)
Do not group PA in with Philly. Pittsburgh is nothing like that.

Frank StephensFrank Stephens (19 days ago)

arthurjeremypearsonarthurjeremypearson (15 days ago)
So, charter schools abandon children.

The government doesn't.

AnarchyAlchemistAnarchyAlchemist (19 days ago)
Did anyone else think of the Head Pixie in Fairly Odd Parents when they saw the guy at 12:26, he looks and sounds exactly like him!

RabbotRabbot (19 days ago)
Bill Cosby is innocent.

Widdekuu91Widdekuu91 (20 days ago)
I worked in an afterschool daycare that was a bar at night and the rules for the daycare were allright, we had to clean up everything after work and close everything, but from time to time, we found shattered glasses that they'd dropped/wiped under the couch, which is where the children's toys were stored.
And after one of the kids had a glasssplinter in her hand, because she'd "pinched the diamond from the floor', they changed the rules and made it better.
Also, I've gone to a nightclub that was located in a school before, to be honest, I was 14 and it wasn't that great.

johnfaber100johnfaber100 (20 days ago)
Anyone else noticed how the words "this joke has not aged well" have often been in proximity of "Bill Cosby"?

awesome__person1awesome__person1 (21 day ago)
i was horrified by the harambe references for about 0.1 seconds, until i saw the date

deutschesmaedchendeutschesmaedchen (22 days ago)
"He that keeps the law happy is he"-the "law" refers to the Torah, not to civil law.

BuzzFeedBeigeBuzzFeedBeige (25 days ago)
Do not kill.

Jack LeoneJack Leone (25 days ago)
When your states getting ripped a new one and all you can do is agree cause it's bad🙃🙃

Amy E NelsonAmy E Nelson (25 days ago)
You're the best John Oliver! Chart Schools seem really flawed! I had a different experience, 15 years ago. My charter school, attended sophomore and junior year, typically had only 30 kids on campus though hundreds were enrolled. Campus was mostly an office, a few class rooms and a gym at a once elementary school. I had pe, extra curricular activities, went to community college, started a home cleaning business and independently completed book work that was then checked by my curricular advisor (one of my current mentors!). Glad my gig was empowering, wish the same for kids in chart schools these days!

MrMajinjonMrMajinjon (26 days ago)
not for nothing but he did say from the outset that this would basically be cherry picked data. you could cherry pick data on public schools and get simular issues.

Rob AnstineRob Anstine (26 days ago)
Proverbs says I can spend taxpayer money because Jesus.

animalia555animalia555 (26 days ago)
119 out of how many? Percentages matter

QuetteshQuettesh (27 days ago)
You should rename the show to: "You are lucky if you don't live here!"

strawberryfieldsforeverstrawberryfieldsforever (27 days ago)
treating a necessity like education as if it is a business is terrible; imagine if a private company was tasked with building roads.

MewmieMewmie (27 days ago)
The pizzeria by my house is literally named "the pizza shoppe"

Eliot EverdeenEliot Everdeen (27 days ago)
I used to go to a charter school and I loved it. I went there for all of elementary and middle school. The biggest problem my school had was that it kept changing principals, they didn't get enough money, and we had some really crap teachers, although we also had some really good ones. For me, charter school was a good choice, and I think that in a lot of cases it is. I realize that charter schools can be awful, that they seem to be a drain on society, but as a charter school kid, I can tell you that they are so much better than the current public schools. I think that instead of focusing on how good or bad charter schools are, we should fix the public education system so we don't need them. If public schools were run like charter schools, albeit with better policies, our country would be much better off. I know some of you will disagree with me, but this is my opinion as a charter school kid.

Weeaboo JonesWeeaboo Jones (27 days ago)
This is the video that made me decide to go back to public school
and I fucking hate public schools. They're terrible, but the last public school I went to wasn't a money laundering scheme that didn't even make their own curriculums.

T_alsomeGamesT_alsomeGames (28 days ago)
My brother and sister and I went to public schools. I didnt like them much.

edit: But they wernt that bad!

20hillcy20hillcy (28 days ago)
I have attended charter schools and have to say that they are profoundly better in most states, just because a many fail does not mean that the idea is not worth supporting. In Milwaukee city the top schools are charter and the same for Denver.  These are just two examples in which I have experience with and I am sure that there are many more.  If you have ever visited a public school board meeting you may understand why charter schools are such an appealing option.

Gregoron BlackbaneGregoron Blackbane (29 days ago)
Please tell me I'm not the only one flabbergasted by that incestuous threesome joke.

Eric BearEric Bear (29 days ago)
I live in Ohio, and one of the reasons Planned Parenthood was defunded by Governor Kasich was because they were caught Illegally selling aborted baby parts to the illegal organ market. You conveniently left out that important detail.

arthurjeremypearsonarthurjeremypearson (15 days ago)
No, not really. Read snopes. No convictions. Mostly speculation.

brooklyn jbbrooklyn jb (1 month ago)
Wait what is hey ya about lol

Anime GirlAnime Girl (1 month ago)
Surprisingly enough, when you make things like education and healthcare for-profit it sucks.

Gaspar PeraltaGaspar Peralta (1 month ago)
''Education is first last and always a business'' sure it ain't a social right or something important for people

Jason DaleJason Dale (1 month ago)
screw off john, cheese steaks are delicious

markdaskmarkdask (1 month ago)
The US is undergoing the same death as the Roman, and many other empires. When a system deprives its own children it is in its death throwes. Rampant capitalism in the US is comparable with what led to the French revolution - when greed overtook morals. Lets just hope the US does not chuck all its nukes outa the pram before 'Muricans finally accept the 21st century. And let's end this idea that Religion works on a for profit basis - it is what has brought the US to this abysmal state.

Olivia BOlivia B (1 month ago)
John Kasich would make the best math problems (all of his outrageous food comments)

Jimin HyungJimin Hyung (1 month ago)
I go to a charter school

Mi・ミシェル・미셸 D.Mi・ミシェル・미셸 D. (1 month ago)
I'm sure Betsy will clean this mess up. :s

Aaron KlapheckAaron Klapheck (1 month ago)
Found this to be very one-sided. Charter schools can be bad in some areas but look at some of the worst performing public schools and it is shocking what public schools get away with. Most charter schools out perform their public school counterparts. Many in charter schools, like me, were flat out rejected from public school due to mental retardation and we still wind up out performing kids in public school. Charter schools get a fraction of the funding public schools do, take the reject seconds public schools leave behind, and still outperform the public schools. Don't understand how this can even be discussed without showing how much more successful charter schools are than public schools. Bad charter schools are closed down, bad public schools get more money and continue f&%*ing up kids. Charter schools can can get away with shafting kids for a few years before getting shut down, public schools shaft them forever. One system is obviously better than another.

arthurjeremypearsonarthurjeremypearson (15 days ago)
__"take the reject seconds public schools leave behind, and still outperform the public schools."__

citation please.

Rui TeixeiraRui Teixeira (1 month ago)
I'm a public schoolers thru and thru

Hive AtlasHive Atlas (1 month ago)
Charter schools soak up the budget and make it harder low income areas to get good education. I hate them. I used to be for them, but then I studied with an honors college in college. There, a lot of students tuition, whether honors college or not, went to funding honors college events, and even to making a building just for the honors college students. There was a classist divide. The honors college students also took much better classes. Their general ed was completely different. This might make sense because its 'honors'. But I strongly believe that EVERY student should have the opportunity to have good education. It shouldn't be a classist divide. This is the same problem with charter schools.

Steven Moses SaldivarSteven Moses Saldivar (1 month ago)
Don't talk about Pizza John C. you asshole. Your a piece of shit.

AK40 KXVINAK40 KXVIN (1 month ago)
Fuck charter schools

marc nunleymarc nunley (1 month ago)
its weird to see your local news on here

Steele LeaveySteele Leavey (1 month ago)

MS. LillieMS. Lillie (1 month ago)
11:18 that bitch is better than trump

MS. LillieMS. Lillie (1 month ago)
omg Florida why

Ryan ElliottRyan Elliott (1 month ago)
I normally don't like Oliver's political commentary; but he can be so goddamn funny when he talks about stuff like this

Daniel OrtonDaniel Orton (1 month ago)
The principal and her son (head of the science division) were cook meth in the science lab at my charter school.

ChaoticFrost1ChaoticFrost1 (1 month ago)
I went to a charter school for middle and high school. As a product of that system, I watched countless friends drop out before tenth grade including myself and didn't actually learn anything. My last year of middle school my social studies teacher just let us play Risk every single day stating it was " increasing our world knowledge"...We need to regulate charter schools better. Like many others, my principal also "plead guilty to using school funds".

Harpy HaikuHarpy Haiku (1 month ago)
Charter schools don't work very well, yes the teachers can be nice but the higher up staff aren't so friendly here in texas, they shiver at the threat of TEA but still treat both staff and students like babies, teachers get low pay, kids get bad food, heck I've even known some students who gave the teachers money to get them food on their lunch break. I mean yea school food is bad but imagine regular public school food but expired and stale.
And as nice as the teachers are, the REASON why charter schools prosper in grades is because the work given to them is so easy it's like 2 grade levels below worth of work than the actual grade you're in.

EverythingFloEverythingFlo (1 month ago)
How to get to Florida: Throw yourself in a trashcan filled with lava

EverythingFloEverythingFlo (1 month ago)
this is actually a pretty good show

Cab00vCab00v (1 month ago)

La Cage à SaadLa Cage à Saad (1 month ago)
As a french prick I knew it was fucked at the very moment John said "Funded by the taxpayers but run privately" How the fuck is that even imaginable ?

darwincitydarwincity (1 month ago)
Eh, the first grand-scale experiment with those schools was made in Sweden in the 1990's, with a mix of charter/voucher schools. Increased PISA scores on the short term, and then progressively regressed with the times. However, the Swedish state got to spend less on education at the primary and secondary level, and was able to cut taxes.

dgman smiledgman smile (1 month ago)
charter school close... but if they were a bad public school they would not go out of business and keep on providing bad education

RaimerRaimer (1 month ago)
It's true. That is the motto on Nevada state license plates

Les NagyLes Nagy (2 months ago)
Crazy State of affairs

psychokitty444psychokitty444 (2 months ago)
I attended a charter school and I'm tremendously proud of my time there, but thank you for this.

James DeWeesJames DeWees (2 months ago)
My charter school is complete bullshit, I hate going to it

Tonii LudwigTonii Ludwig (2 months ago)
wow Americas school system is fucked up...

The Order of ChaosThe Order of Chaos (1 month ago)
Have you talked to Americans?

Harrison RutledgeHarrison Rutledge (2 months ago)
Fuck Charter Schools. The USA is fucked. Enjoy people lol.

Hybrid SpektarHybrid Spektar (2 months ago)
Then just send your kid to a public school.

Sebastian VillagomezSebastian Villagomez (2 months ago)
This is the first video I've seen Pitbull without glasses... weird

FrostFrost (2 months ago)
Putting profit ahead of quality is a growing problem for American consumers.

Piat PiatPiat Piat (2 months ago)
love one another and John Oliver

Piat PiatPiat Piat (2 months ago)
we're better than this

Piat PiatPiat Piat (2 months ago)
we should not mock each other. tearing down someone else reflects the insecurity of one's self

Jordthelord1Jordthelord1 (1 month ago)
What are you talking about?

Jordan PedersenJordan Pedersen (2 months ago)
I spent my 8th and 9th grade years at an arts charter school in Toledo, OH. It was a good experience, but they focused far too much on the arts and failed to teach students the important skills they needed in college or outside of school. I had to in home teach some college age friends the basics of writing a proper essay because the arts school failed to do so while even the failing public schools could manage to teach such. (May I emphasize this was a failure of the curriculum not of the teachers- they were some of the best teachers I had in middle and high school.)

Claire ZimmermanClaire Zimmerman (2 months ago)
"It's a little hard to hear the man who just defunded Planned Parenthood talk about the importance of choice." DEAD

C XC X (2 months ago)
I go to a A charter school and I just search every single question it is online it is on quiz let and brainly Least to say I will graduate thanks to Google

MsHeatherBusbyMsHeatherBusby (2 months ago)
John Oliver, really? the threesome joke with the children? Nice job taking a representation of being a good mom and putting your children before any personal gain OUT OF CONTEXT, and turning it into something repulsive. Your speaking about education while doing something that us teachers despise - taking information out of context for your own personal gain. You're an idiot.

Shotgun MattShotgun Matt (2 months ago)
Really good segment. I didn't know about this until now. I graduated from a charter school but only because I was getting pushed by my recruiter to do so. All the other days I didn't even fucking show. Charter schools are pretty Shitty, no one cares in them...

Abe RdzAbe Rdz (2 months ago)
Very impressive. People think they get a choice. What crap they don't pay attention to.

isaiah veirsisaiah veirs (2 months ago)
did you just shit on papajohn? papas in the house brah gtfo jk luv you jon. fuck everyone else though you monsters.

Finn BreunerFinn Breuner (2 months ago)
But I go to a charter school in Nevada... don't leave me hanging like this!

Anna KristelovaAnna Kristelova (2 months ago)
I think this man could make me believe that the earth is flat.Dont you??

Asaph NjorogeAsaph Njoroge (2 months ago)
Actually, Harambee is not at all misspelled. Whereas the joke refers to the Cincinati Zoo and Botanical Gardens gorilla whose name was Harambe, Harambee is a Swahili word whose meaning translates into "coming together", or literally, "all pull together". IMHO, it shows poor taste misrepresenting the meaning of the word and by extension misinforming the audience for the express purpose of making a punchline out of their misconduct, as deserved as the dis may be. Love the show though...

Reno BaileyReno Bailey (2 months ago)
I have friends that go to charter schools and they are way behind our public schools it's sad

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