Youtube Poop: The Twisted Sex Games of Duke Onkled

He's a monster. An absolute monster.

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Author Ege Baysal ( ago)

Author Sam Diamond ( ago)
Just the title alone is fucking gold.

Author brego lingo ( ago)
That laughter at the end gets me every time

Author Butt Secks ( ago)
Hyrule must be the most fucked up place ever. 

Author Red Pyramid ( ago)
0:28 save me mariOAH
i fucking loled xD

Author SamVision ( ago)
Duke Onkled is the King's cousin.

Author John ( ago)
HOE-ly shit.

Author Itotallymadethisup ( ago)
Mah hri OH

Author enker26 ( ago)
You'd think by the time Mario and Luigi found the King's letter Duke Onkled
would've had his way with him.

Author LMTR14 ( ago)
hahaha great

Author IsuckGamer ( ago)
"Go away Duke Onkled, I don't want you to fuck me", for some reason this
seems to be the funniest mix yet!

Author Roadwarior2 ( ago)

Author MikeDavins ( ago)
Gotta wonder how much Fari is getting paid for this.

Author Federico Read ( ago)
i thought it was tukomplit

Author tterminator100 ( ago)
Shit on duke onkled. Yes my leige.

Author Reiki151 ( ago)

Author Neat ( ago)
It's pretty funny that even duke onkled calls luigi gay!

Author jigglykirby ( ago)
My computer froze at 0:23. I was forced to watch Duke Onkled say
"butt-butt-butt" for 5 minutes while waiting for it to work again. Fuck you
Duke Onkled. >_<

Author Meenah Ampora ( ago)
Die at the end

Author Gregory2590 ( ago)
I started laughing at "hi duke onkled"

Author SuperMarkerComicBro ( ago)
Giving the King AIDS is illegal, you know.

Author mrm64 ( ago)
@Mike209000 lol THATS what got me laughing!! lol!!

Author 2FunnyVersionIV ( ago)
Save me, Ma ree OAH! Save me, Lu we gee! Duke Onkled is going to give me

Author 135twilight ( ago)
Save me Ma-ru-OAH! Save me lu-wee-gee

Author The Ugly Barnacle ( ago)
"Don't hurt me gay la-wee-gee!" LOL

Author Ismael Moncada ( ago)

Author C.J. O'Dell ( ago)
Save me Mah-reo-oh. Save me Lu-wee-gee. Duke Onkled is going to give me

Author TBoneTony ( ago)
awesome, the way you eddit the voices makes it almost look like they really
said it.

Author theninjamandude ( ago)
HAHAHAHAMEMEMEMEME what the hell? best part.

Author theninjamandude ( ago)
shit on duke onkled!

Author JKF 201625 ( ago)
I find it funny how Duke Onkled himself never says anything about raping
The King. Maybe Gwonam just jumped to conclusions. For all we know, Duke
might just have a stuttering problem.

Author JKF 201625 ( ago)
@assburgers95 Yes, he did say that.

Author Assburgers The Manwich ( ago)
is just me or duke onkled, when face to face with mario and luigi said
"don't hurt me gay looweegee"?

Author Assburgers The Manwich ( ago)
assuming to what gwonam just said at the end of the video, i have to die

Author Sidney600GH ( ago)

Author Aaron Rayner ( ago)
I think I saw semen dripping from Duke Onkled's hand in the end. Not sure,
though, maybe it was a quality issue.

Author Shera Wizard ( ago)
Save me mariOH Save me LuiGEE XD

Author TheRealThugnificent ( ago)

Author Alec Eisenbison ( ago)
I think this is the first time the king has ever said "Mario" and "Luigi"

Author Reofive ( ago)
Save meee Mah-Wii-OAH! Save meee L-Wii-GEE! Duke Onkled is going to give me

Author Mix ( ago)
save me, mah-wii-OAH! xD

Author Mandy Levine ( ago)
3 people must GOTTA HELL!

Author Mandy Levine ( ago)

Author Eveon10 ( ago)
lol HOOOLY shit. love how he says that

Author Amber ( ago)
I was out of breath laughing when Duke Onkled was saying fap fap fap at

Author UncleWerowolf ( ago)
Hi Duke Onkled.

Author Frizzurd ( ago)
the King is okay with having sex with Duke Onkled as long hes on top

Author Milk Tea ( ago)
You get a Like for Lu-ii-GEE

Author noitcurtsnocnacnuD ( ago)
Luigi's reputation precedes him

Author Mike Foxclaw ( ago)

Author xSathya96x ( ago)
Hmmm... Fuck you Duke Onkled

Author Paladin Colt ( ago)

Author Steve J ( ago)
Please, your omnipotence! Have mercy! -Fuck you, Duke Onkled.

Author sprack94 ( ago)
Duke Onkled is going to give me AIDS!!! woah....

Author mermaid-cadaver ( ago)
"Save me, MariOAH! Save me, Lu-wee-GEE!"

Author FatManRedemption ( ago)
This is absolutely fantastic.

Author Teraprinny ( ago)

Author hypoallo3 ( ago)
it's funny how in all his poops, the king is always verbally abusing duke

Author WeaselKing1000 ( ago)
@CastingOutTheSelf They're mood rings, clearly :)

Author WeaselKing1000 ( ago)
Hmmm, from the early part of the vid it seems Duke Onkled's perversions
revolve around ham and butter...listen closely

Author xSathya96x ( ago)
Have mercy! Hmmmm... Fuck you Duke Onklet

Author CastingOutTheSelf ( ago)
Wow, Duke Onkled's rings change color. That's ballin'

Author ShakeITyEA ( ago)
Shit on Duke Onkled!! -Yes my liege! Dai.

Author WinterSStorm ( ago)
Whenever something unfortunate happens to Duke Onkled, the King and Zelda
always laugh their asses off. Sadists.

Author panteradeth ( ago)
"Dont hurt me gay luigi!" "GO TO HELL!"

Author Hellitron ( ago)
4000 view^^

Author LordManda2 ( ago)
No.... but LUIGI is! :D

Author RyuGoomba ( ago)

Author horaciosi ( ago)
save me, lu-we-gee

Author horaciosi ( ago)
save me, lu-wee-gee

Author a skeleton ( ago)

Author Redemption89 ( ago)
-reply to redarmy652 We gotta get rid of Duke Onkled!

Author Fatman1893 ( ago)
How did the king get a message out so fast? LOL

Author Trogdorwillrise ( ago)
Save me, Muh-ree-OAH!

Author olafbenedetti ( ago)
HOE-ly ship! this is epic!

Author Omdullla ( ago)
die =)

Author Janis Todlebens ( ago)
fuck you duke onkled

Author Alec Jones ( ago)
Save me Mario, Save me Luigi, Duke Onkled is going to give me AIDS!

Author Gug Horia ( ago)

Author BigBadDaddy0 ( ago)
HOE-ly shit !!! omg i think i watched this like 20 times

Author BigBadDaddy0 ( ago)

Author TastelessOne ( ago)
Please don't hurt me Gay Luigi! Go ta hell!

Author crazynighthawk ( ago)
Gay Luigi!

Author Marshall Garvey ( ago)
Short but sweet. Loved the editing.

Author crownedfox ( ago)
nice editing

Author Jon Suida ( ago)

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