Youtube Poop: The Twisted Sex Games of Duke Onkled

He's a monster. An absolute monster.

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Author Red Pyramid (4 months)
0:28 save me mariOAH
i fucking loled xD

Author Butt Secks (2 months)
Hyrule must be the most fucked up place ever. 

Author Corinthian404 (4 years)
you'd think that, if Gwonam knew already that the King was going to be
buttfucked by Duke Onkled, he'd do something about it instead of just sit

Author theninjamandude (3 years)
HAHAHAHAMEMEMEMEME what the hell? best part.

Author Eveon10 (3 years)
lol HOOOLY shit. love how he says that

Author islandude55 (4 years)
Save me, Mah-ree-OAH!

Author horaciosi (4 years)
save me, lu-wee-gee

Author Itotallymadethisup (1 year)
Mah hri OH

Author Teraprinny (4 years)

Author hypoallo3 (4 years)
it's funny how in all his poops, the king is always verbally abusing duke

Author olfi500 (4 years)
HOU-ly ship!

Author WeaselKing1000 (4 years)
@CastingOutTheSelf They're mood rings, clearly :)

Author 2FunnyVersionIV (3 years)
Save me, Ma ree OAH! Save me, Lu we gee! Duke Onkled is going to give me

Author mrm64 (2 years)
@Mike209000 lol THATS what got me laughing!! lol!!

Author Reiki151 (2 years)

Author CastingOutTheSelf (4 years)
Wow, Duke Onkled's rings change color. That's ballin'

Author MahBoi57 (4 years)

Author noitcurtsnocnacnuD (4 years)
Luigi's reputation precedes him

Author BigBadDaddy0 (4 years)
HOE-ly shit !!! omg i think i watched this like 20 times

Author wowijustcrapped (4 years)
Do all of your vids end in th king laughing? XD

Author WeaselKing1000 (4 years)
Hmmm, from the early part of the vid it seems Duke Onkled's perversions
revolve around ham and butter...listen closely

Author Aaron Rayner (3 years)
I think I saw semen dripping from Duke Onkled's hand in the end. Not sure,
though, maybe it was a quality issue.

Author Milk Tea (3 years)
You get a Like for Lu-ii-GEE

Author DukeOnkIed (4 years)
I'm a monster. An absolute monster.

Author Ismael Moncada (3 years)

Author assburgers95 (3 years)
is just me or duke onkled, when face to face with mario and luigi said
"don't hurt me gay looweegee"?

Author Grocku (4 years)

Author Fatman1893 (4 years)
How did the king get a message out so fast? LOL

Author xSathya96x (4 years)
Hmmm... Fuck you Duke Onkled

Author Viken (3 years)
save me, mah-wii-OAH! xD

Author crownedfox (5 years)
nice editing

Author redarmy652 (4 years)
Save me Mario, Save me Luigi, Duke Onkled is going to give me AIDS!

Author IsuckGamer (2 years)
"Go away Duke Onkled, I don't want you to fuck me", for some reason this
seems to be the funniest mix yet!

Author Lazermuffin (4 years)
Shit On Duke Onkled! Yes my liege!

Author Neat (2 years)
It's pretty funny that even duke onkled calls luigi gay!

Author 2FunnyVersionIII (4 years)
King: Go away Duke Onkled, I don't want you to fuck me. Duke Onkled: But
but but but but but but... King: Save me!

Author sprack94 (4 years)
Duke Onkled is going to give me AIDS!!! woah....

Author RyuGoomba (4 years)

Author Frizzurd (3 years)
the King is okay with having sex with Duke Onkled as long hes on top

Author Roadwarior2 (2 years)

Author 135twilight (3 years)
Save me Ma-ru-OAH! Save me lu-wee-gee

Author Man Monocle (2 years)
The King shits on a lot of people's faces these days.

Author flamesdemon19 (3 years)
@Theab1995 looking at the rate bar,it looks like they are fucked by the rst
328 people. XD LMAO

Author SuperMarkerComicBro (2 years)
Giving the King AIDS is illegal, you know.

Author MarkyJoe1990 (1 year)
1:08 You missed a perfectly good opportunity to add pooping noises
somewhere around here. =(

Author Mandy Levine (3 years)
3 people must GOTTA HELL!

Author LightMichiru (4 years)
HOly shit!!! xD

Author The Ugly Barnacle (3 years)
"Don't hurt me gay la-wee-gee!" LOL

Author TheCovenantProgress (2 years)
"We ain't afraid of no Duke Onkled!"

Author Osama0for0president (5 years)
wuz tight...!

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