The Belko Experiment - Movie Review

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  • Stefen Lopez
    Stefen Lopez 13 hours ago

    This movie touched on the governments control on us.

    AYO VICK 1 day ago

    greatest movie of all times

  • yodaddy82 daddy
    yodaddy82 daddy 3 days ago

    Dude tone it down. And nobody needs you to tell us the plot.

  • Chase McCaskill
    Chase McCaskill 4 days ago


  • Kali Maki
    Kali Maki 4 days ago

    The ending made me hate the whole movie

  • Jady Zhang
    Jady Zhang 4 days ago

    The whole time I was watching I kept thinking "just play dead!!!!"

  • Prospero Cobbler
    Prospero Cobbler 4 days ago

    Yeah- they pretty much coped out with the whole angle on the COO and his buddy being ex "special forces" and then making them the bad guys.

  • Prospero Cobbler
    Prospero Cobbler 4 days ago

    Yeah- after the "They" killed the first 4 people just to show they were not bluffing- I think the group would have collectively told "them" to go fuck themselves and not turned on each other. That one character was like "They are going to kill us all anyway"- which makes total sense- "They" are not going to let anyone live through something like that- and everyone would know that. No- they would have gone out with some heart and dignity and defiance.

  • Ben Cunningham
    Ben Cunningham 4 days ago

    The new hired girl shouldn't have died. She played a major component in the movie; not sure why she would die with a shot to the head.

  • Angela Ziegler
    Angela Ziegler 5 days ago

    Yooo he's talking about the new girl lol she went through so much shit and it was just pointless showing her story because she was just killed off wasn't even a honor worthy death

  • Remy Beast
    Remy Beast 6 days ago

    This movie fucking sucked. I'm sick off rip off films like this. Glad I didn't pay to watch it.

  • Benjamin Woo
    Benjamin Woo 6 days ago

    This movie is shit.

  • Punguin
    Punguin 6 days ago

    I really feel bad for that one guy who didn't go to work who's head exploded and nobody knew what happened.

  • Dorian Ruiz
    Dorian Ruiz 8 days ago

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  • Mijo Cee
    Mijo Cee 9 days ago

    The intense in this movie is great! Its just that i wanted to know more the reason of their experiment.

  • Benedikt Dobiess
    Benedikt Dobiess 11 days ago

    I just thought the movie was fucked up😂

  • Akhil Raj
    Akhil Raj 11 days ago

    the movie was more realistic, and this want it something else

  • Dirty Plumbus
    Dirty Plumbus 13 days ago

    this movie was gold go watch it

  • Ymt 26
    Ymt 26 13 days ago

    When the dicks were trying to break in the place where the guns are kept the lead actor shoots the gas pipe. my question: Isnt that supposed to explode?

  • Brett Holcroft
    Brett Holcroft 14 days ago

    Thank you for the hard work you put in this and every video you make. Less than three. lol

  • Jayyee A.S.
    Jayyee A.S. 14 days ago

    this movie wasnt the best and there were some issues but it wasnt bad I enjoyed it tho

  • V I N Y L
    V I N Y L 18 days ago

    okay where can I watch this movie

  • EloiseBean
    EloiseBean 29 days ago

    should have been on redbox

  • Ox King14
    Ox King14 1 month ago

    saw this while I was stoned trippy af

    THEGAMINGBEVAR 1 month ago

    I thought It was pretty good

  • THE Disney Nerd
    THE Disney Nerd 1 month ago

    Circle was this done way better.

  • Alicante
    Alicante 1 month ago

    In a situation like this, well any stressful situation, the people, rather than listen to the psychopathic CEO, they should establish the most intelligent person in the group and defer to his/her thoughts. It could be perhaps a scientist, engineer or even somebody who has studied philosophy and at least let some calm thinking on the subject rather than all the crazy running around panicking.

    For instance, the cell phone signals were blocked but not the radio waves - there was a possibility there.

    It just turned into a Lord of the Flies situation with people unable to work together. I think the current situation with the Trump administration and so many Americans being unable to compromise is indicative of this.

  • Eeveelution Girl
    Eeveelution Girl 1 month ago

    So its a less cool Danganronpa?

  • Cannibal713
    Cannibal713 1 month ago

    I just watched this film and was compelled to keep others from wasting time or money in this flop. The film has no plot, and just barely has a premise (and that ripped off of Battle Royale). This film is just terrible. Do yourself a favor and skip this flick.

  • Zoreo Zoishiki
    Zoreo Zoishiki 1 month ago

    Honestly I loved the film tbh but maybe that's because I love gore

  • SheepTime - Cubing
    SheepTime - Cubing 1 month ago

    "just look away, look away"

  • Robert Ahearn
    Robert Ahearn 2 months ago

    So that's it, huh? We're some kind of Belmont Experiment?

  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis 2 months ago

    I have to say the Belko Experiment is one of the worst movies 2017. This movie is pure garbage with no redeeming value. It's a kill or be killed, and then there were none ripoff that is too cruel to be considered any good. James Gunn really needs to consider finding another job other than being a screenwriter. Do yourself a favor and miss out on this travesty. 1/10

  • Daisy Raey
    Daisy Raey 2 months ago

    The plot of this movie is just an american version of house of 9 except the people come to the building voluntarily, and there's more people and they're in a work setting. Overall it seems to be the same movie.

  • Exonyx Designz
    Exonyx Designz 2 months ago

    I thought it was...eeeeh. I mean the ending was a total let down to me. I was expecting it to have some mind blowing reason for this revealed, but it didn't, or atleast I missed it because I was too let down. The head explosives was kinda cool..

  • Brian Lingard
    Brian Lingard 2 months ago

    But does this movie contain a sufficient amount of penis pumps?

  • tim stevenson
    tim stevenson 2 months ago

    Great premise , but a Cabin In Woods approach woulda played better

  • Sickandtired
    Sickandtired 2 months ago

    felt like i was watching a film projectcat school extremely predictable hated the characters, plot armor and unrealistic

  • Daniel Drandarov
    Daniel Drandarov 2 months ago

    The Belkooo EEExperimeent full movie here =>

  • Al Michael Jr.
    Al Michael Jr. 2 months ago

    Great review without spoiling the movie!!

  • Petrina Rodriguez
    Petrina Rodriguez 2 months ago

    He sounded just like the dude that was talking about the water 😂😂😂

  • Shawn Myer
    Shawn Myer 2 months ago

    Hah. I love 'it's a better time if you're drunk.' as a ranking. Some movies are just destined to be that.

  • William Flanagan
    William Flanagan 2 months ago

    I just hated the main character he should have died so many times.

  • M Clarke
    M Clarke 2 months ago

    Jeremy if you want ot watch a good social experiment movie go see circle on netflix

  • jerry00034
    jerry00034 2 months ago

    The Belko Experiment is basically a Danganronpa live action movie

  • I VoidParadox I
    I VoidParadox I 2 months ago

    Sooooo this is Dangan Ronpa but... less good?

  • nohitinolife
    nohitinolife 2 months ago

    Danganronpa did it first!

    • Dazzap
      Dazzap 1 month ago

      nohitinolife Well

      Battle Royale


  • Asher Notheis
    Asher Notheis 2 months ago

    All it takes is one bad day. That's how far everyone is from where I am just one bad day.

  • Elias Johnson
    Elias Johnson 2 months ago

    I'm still confused on how an average joe killed a secret service agent in hand to hand combat with a fucking TAPE HOLDER… like really??? Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Greg Hernandez
    Greg Hernandez 2 months ago

    not true.... I was drunk, going into this movie. Didn't Help

  • NovaBlazerZX
    NovaBlazerZX 2 months ago

    i had a good time, but is really just an average popcorn flick imo. had some laughs here and there.

    on the bad side, it was a bit cheesy, some of the cast were just horribly over acting. pacing is nice, but the characters are not interesting at all.

  • Angel Canales
    Angel Canales 2 months ago

    this movie was trash

  • Nicholas Mears
    Nicholas Mears 2 months ago

    Good and bloody, but hopelessly unoriginal.

  • Vanossgaming Lmg
    Vanossgaming Lmg 2 months ago

    The belko experiment was a great movie fuck you

  • Alex Totherocket
    Alex Totherocket 2 months ago

    just watch The Experiment instead

  • Los Ronin *
    Los Ronin * 2 months ago

    I thought it was really good. with some pretty good acting

    ANIME WITH ATTITUDE 2 months ago


  • Gregory Hammond
    Gregory Hammond 2 months ago

    i watched it today and i thought it was great

  • LostTrainofThoughts
    LostTrainofThoughts 2 months ago

    Saw it yesterday, I completely agree about the one arc that got killed in the end, very disappointing.

  • Tori Frost
    Tori Frost 3 months ago

    So basically its a purge in a building, ok.

  • Phantom Psychic ᴛʜᴇ sᴜᴘᴇʀsᴛᴀʀ

    I'll just play Danganronpa. Or read Battle Royale... Or WATCH Battle Royale.

  • Juan Molina
    Juan Molina 3 months ago

    It ain't no battle royale though

  • Marshall Biss
    Marshall Biss 3 months ago

    After watching the trailer it looks like a really shitty Battle Royale.

  • nraz9
    nraz9 3 months ago

    The main character's girlfriend was so hot

  • rmath176
    rmath176 3 months ago

    Belko Experiment = american version of Battle Royale...

  • Toxicity // うた
    Toxicity // うた 3 months ago

    man sounds a whole lot like danganronpa hmmm

  • lioneaglegriffin
    lioneaglegriffin 3 months ago

    I laughed quite a bit but not because there were funny lines. I found the violence the most ridiculous and amusing. It was Kick ass, the office and hunger games.

  • Ramon Yepez
    Ramon Yepez 3 months ago

    Review Moonlight Jeremy!

  • Shiya S
    Shiya S 3 months ago

    It kinda sounds like Battle Royale, but in an office.

  • Phantasm Dusk
    Phantasm Dusk 3 months ago

    I watched it and when it was over I though it was fantastic. But the longer I spent thinking about it the more felt less and less positive about it. I could not figure out why because I couldn't think of anything wrong about it only to realize there was nothing praise worthy either. It felt like I was presented with work that was only half done, I could see great potential but was left thinking "so what?" The Belko Experiment is a lot like a soda that has a good flavor while you are drinking it but once you stop the experience quickly goes away.

  • Arpaktico
    Arpaktico 3 months ago

    i think people are trying to force more on this than what is there. its a gorefest. characters' personalities, i think, are a fairly accurate depiction of how people would be in that situation. the insane, the scared, the rational, it covers a lot of the spectrum. the acting was good, there were no parts that dragged on, and the writing was good too. i liked how characters that looked like they would make it ultimately died, it adds to the tenseness of it, if thats a word. an interesting take of human nature, but ultimately just a gorefest. the ending leaves you wondering too, which is alway good

  • Awesome7870
    Awesome7870 3 months ago

    Battle Royale meets The Office.

  • Phil Dog
    Phil Dog 3 months ago

    Just skip this movie and go watch Battle Royal on Netflix. Same premise, but with children instead of full grown adults. Also, much better writing, and an actual interesting message about how adults resent children. There's reason it's a modern classic.

  • IncorporatedOps
    IncorporatedOps 3 months ago

    So that's it? We're some kind of....overused meme?

  • That Guy on the Left
    That Guy on the Left 3 months ago

    Review silence.

  • Sebastian Rodriguez
    Sebastian Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Say what you must, but personally, I found this movie quite brutal.

  • Steve Chaput
    Steve Chaput 3 months ago

    The trailer made it look exactly as you describe.  Guess they couldn't decide exactly what their target audience wanted, so they just went low ball.  A good film could be made with this premise and better actors probably.

  • Tim Walden
    Tim Walden 3 months ago

    This experiment was a failure.

  • JetFrostGaming
    JetFrostGaming 3 months ago

    Fun Fact. This is STOLEN from Dangan Ropa.

  • commen pearson
    commen pearson 3 months ago

    just seen it yesterday

  • Tim Loss
    Tim Loss 3 months ago

    I liked it better when it was called Cube

  • ɮoʊnċɛ օʄʄ
    ɮoʊnċɛ օʄʄ 3 months ago

    They should've made it as an animated movie [high budget animation] instead of this shit.

  • 27dollars -Progressive Speech

    sounds a little like "Circle" a movie on Netflix where 50 people are locked in an Alien ship in a circle where they have to decide which ONE person lives. I liked that movie as it delves into a lot of social as well as survival issues.

  • Fuzzy Puppet
    Fuzzy Puppet 3 months ago

    Jeremy has a way with words!

  • Michael Rios
    Michael Rios 3 months ago

    I thought this was an excellent description, saw the movie to and was pretty dissappinted.

  • Nad Kudo
    Nad Kudo 3 months ago

    dude... don't you think it's time to update the rating? you look like a baby lol

  • dpk sm
    dpk sm 3 months ago

    Review iron fist

  • A. Ruiz
    A. Ruiz 3 months ago

    Who the hell let a company or organization allowed to commit this fucked up kind of experiment, without the government or fbi shutting it down.

    • Oscar Gamezman
      Oscar Gamezman 3 months ago

      A. Ruiz The Colombian Government that's who.

  • lol ok bro
    lol ok bro 3 months ago

    I'm a musical theatre fan and John Gallagher Jr. is in this so I'll probably like it.

  • Xavier Johnson
    Xavier Johnson 3 months ago

    I feel like I've seen an anime with the same premise... idk though. Anyone else know?

  • John Byerly
    John Byerly 3 months ago

    where is your breath of the wild review??

  • Kenan Hodzic
    Kenan Hodzic 3 months ago

    review of iron fist?

  • Shirtlessclown
    Shirtlessclown 3 months ago

    Am I the only person who thought this was a really good movie? Good pacing, good acting for the most part, good music, good idea, great directing, good gore.

    • Stefen Lopez
      Stefen Lopez 13 hours ago

      Shirtlessclown Oh hell no this movie was great

    • Pretty Boy Floyd
      Pretty Boy Floyd 3 days ago

      diznuts1234 Same I loved the overall vibe of this movie. It really makes you think after watching it. I watched this review cuz i needed some closure lol

    • diznuts1234
      diznuts1234 3 months ago

      Shirtlessclown nope I thought it was great I love movies like this one I think the dude thought way to fucking hard about this movie

  • Ethan Moreau
    Ethan Moreau 3 months ago

    Went and saw the movie. It was pretty intense. However that spanish chick that was trying to hide it out died suddenly towards the end. That was the most pointless death ever in cinematic history.... You just wasted our time showing a character who had most of screen time , to die suddenly like that... So pointless

  • Lö
     3 months ago

    review westworld ? please ???

  • stephfalcon
    stephfalcon 3 months ago

    Can you review A Cure for wellness?
    I wanna see you tear that shit apart.

  • Kevin Hilliard
    Kevin Hilliard 3 months ago

    40 people had to did if not 80 in the end if no one is killed only 20 will survive

  • BrainJam
    BrainJam 3 months ago

    Wait, what? I have just realized that Jeremy has no "verified" logo. I don't know if it's important or what. But i thought a channel with Jeremy's caliber would have one.

  • FuckOffToby
    FuckOffToby 3 months ago

    It has my interest as a Redbox rental.

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