Watch the Glickenhaus SCG003C race car take on the Nürburgring

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  • sevach
    sevach 5 days ago

    Is Jethro racing this year?

  • DriftundergroundBR
    DriftundergroundBR 9 days ago

    Holly shit,this guy have carbon fiber ballsss

  • Novaldex
    Novaldex 9 days ago

    That guy just PLOWS through traffic, jeez.

  • RockPaperScissors
    RockPaperScissors 11 days ago

    Not bad.

  • 000Haze
    000Haze 12 days ago


  • JgHaverty
    JgHaverty 13 days ago

    I dont know whats more impressive.... the driving skills, the car... or that god damn mirror holding on for dear life haha

  • Ranjan Bhat
    Ranjan Bhat 13 days ago

    4:01 the way he holds the line! mind blown!

  • Анатолий Инкин

    Somebody can explane why this prototype (facticalli - aerodynamics etc.) take part in same class with bmw m6, amg gt(serial "tuning" cars)?, germany no more produce prototypes such clk gtr

  • Aonix -
    Aonix - 13 days ago

    Three questions:
    1. If this is a qualifying session, then why are there other classes on the track?
    2. Why was the camera placed in such an awful postion?
    3. What didnt they show a full lap?

  • James Glickenhaus.
    James Glickenhaus. 14 days ago


  • DJSteenkampMusic
    DJSteenkampMusic 14 days ago


  • enzoferrarimendoza
    enzoferrarimendoza 14 days ago

    What lap time did this monster get?

  • Lucas
    Lucas 14 days ago

    Man the down force on that thing is ludicrous. Incredible piece of engineering, and an incredible driver behind the wheel at that.

    BTW, can anyone tell me what the top buttons on either side of the wheel do? Seems like he presses them fairly often. Indicators?

  • Gangreen167
    Gangreen167 15 days ago


  • Trey Quattro
    Trey Quattro 15 days ago

    hopefully no rain this year!

  • Trey Quattro
    Trey Quattro 15 days ago

    motherflip! That was fast. I've never seen Schwedenkreuz come up that fast before, and not a hint of a bump. Have they smoothed it out?

    • Trey Quattro
      Trey Quattro 15 days ago

      oh, no, I heard it on second viewing but it went by so quick it was easily missed!

  • nelsonsubaru
    nelsonsubaru 15 days ago

    At 2:50... I know that corner well. Wow.

    OD DOCE 15 days ago


    would have loved to see these in driveclub

  • msbtennis
    msbtennis 15 days ago


  • Thomas Mason
    Thomas Mason 15 days ago

    That was incredible. And terrifying. Incredibly terrifying.

  • ER VanWagner
    ER VanWagner 15 days ago

    Are you bringing anything to Greenwich this year?

  • n9athan
    n9athan 15 days ago

    Probably the most drama free, planted lap of the ring I've seen. Insane

  • Bob Last
    Bob Last 15 days ago

    seams like a slow steering ratio of a car with that kinda steering wheel

  • mithritades
    mithritades 15 days ago

    Well composed car and that driver worth his weight in gold

  • Kevin Carter
    Kevin Carter 15 days ago

    You have to really trust the drivers in the slower classes.

  • Alan attack
    Alan attack 15 days ago

    Thats insane as fuck...awesome though

  • fan2lexus
    fan2lexus 15 days ago

    Things happens so fast that we have the impression to play at the game Wipeout. ^^ This car is so unreal ! *0*

  • Mish View
    Mish View 15 days ago

    some amazing corner speed !!!!

  • ayowser01
    ayowser01 15 days ago

    That is some unreal speed! I watched it the whole way thru and was mesmerized.

  • McLarenHonda
    McLarenHonda 15 days ago

    That car is planted, no steering input corrections at all. He just turns the wheel and it obeys, fast but boring to watch lol

    • Smoke Screen
      Smoke Screen 14 days ago

      Were we watching the same lap? This video had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! The fact it took corners flat out had me mesmerized!

  • drifterxl12
    drifterxl12 15 days ago

    million dollar car, camera mounting point worth 1 cent.
    I really dont understand why......

  • Steve D Wong
    Steve D Wong 15 days ago

    What a piece of kit that this Glickenhaus is.....Amazin'!

  • Steve D Wong
    Steve D Wong 15 days ago

    Just INSANE the talent that this driver has....WoW!

  • 9ff70f96
    9ff70f96 15 days ago

    Why don't they make the carousel smooth? Is it done to slow people down?

  • Paddy McQueen
    Paddy McQueen 15 days ago

    Who s the racer driving this beauty?

  • James Glickenhaus.
    James Glickenhaus. 15 days ago

    • Mike Middlename
      Mike Middlename 15 days ago

      James Glickenhaus. , you, sir, are the man. I love how you curse in interviews. You don't try to pretend racing is some sanitized sport like golf. I graduate law school this Saturday so I can run my own businesses. I consider you a role model, sir.

  • James Glickenhaus.
    James Glickenhaus. 15 days ago

    Today we posted a video comparison with The 918 and lambo "record" runs which you might find interesting.  If you come to the 24 please say hello.

    • James Glickenhaus.
      James Glickenhaus. 15 days ago


    • David Jessup
      David Jessup 15 days ago

      Kudos for all you guys do. You guys are amazing on so many levels.

    • James Glickenhaus.
      James Glickenhaus. 15 days ago

      Hi  We're still testing and developing our first road car.  It  will be displayed at Quail during Pebble Beach Car week. First Customer and Press test drives soon thereafter.

    • Samir Kilachand
      Samir Kilachand 15 days ago

      Amazing. Has the 003S ever posted a lap time?

  • Matthew Curtis
    Matthew Curtis 15 days ago

    is this 702 or 704? 702 led for most of the race until brake failure. phenomenal team / car. video makes it easy to see why they are so competitive. high hopes for the 24.

  • Deathbrewer
    Deathbrewer 15 days ago

    God damn that was fast!

  • FooledbyRandomness2
    FooledbyRandomness2 15 days ago

    Is this a Dacia Sandero Turbo ?

  • vanwanderer
    vanwanderer 15 days ago

    good exposure but not a good camera angle.these onboard videos rarely done perfectly

  • Bar Gym
    Bar Gym 15 days ago

    I wish i had some clever words.. Amazing car.. pure boutique race car fantasy.

  • Tack2252
    Tack2252 15 days ago

    What a lap.. the driver clearly had confidence in the car, great to watch!

  • Nino Rainier
    Nino Rainier 15 days ago

    Amazing onboad! Very nice car, the sound is very good too. I like the solution with the rearview mirros. Very neat. I hope this car can have a good 24 Hour race.

  • lowstrife
    lowstrife 15 days ago

    That's one of the more impressive laps of the ring I've ever seen.

    They should have put this guy in the 991.2 GT3 lap, his balls on the corner entry are unbelievable, specifically 1:28. He has so much trust in the downforce.

  • Julien Durand
    Julien Durand 15 days ago

    So much grip!!!!

  • BellCurve
    BellCurve 15 days ago

    What a talented driver... Also, I love how you can see both the camera on the side mirror and the two monitors in the interior displaying their feeds :)

  • SkuzzyJ
    SkuzzyJ 15 days ago

    Insane cornering speed and a dash that looks like a prop stolen from the set of _Knight Rider_.... bitchin'

  • Dolphino Egglet
    Dolphino Egglet 15 days ago

    Thing looks and sounds like an LMP1 car on the inside. Downforce even made me doubt if braking was necessary

  • Kev the Rammer
    Kev the Rammer 15 days ago

    race cars hustling road cars..big thumbs down

  • Muhluri Nkuna
    Muhluri Nkuna 15 days ago

    4:28 Overtaking on the left?

  • Sloppy 2nd's
    Sloppy 2nd's 15 days ago

    good fx

  • Cristian
    Cristian 15 days ago


    D4RMANGO 15 days ago

    pretty cool sound

  • Allen Saunders
    Allen Saunders 15 days ago

    been a fan of these cars for awhile. Comes up on traffic so fast the other drivers don't know what to do

  • Blame
    Blame 15 days ago

    the next 1.5km after the Karoussel is the scariest.

  • Utkarsh Singh
    Utkarsh Singh 15 days ago

    Make way boss is coming

  • L Taka
    L Taka 15 days ago

    Incredibly well tuned car and in particular the suspension. The way it stays composed over the rougher sections is incredible.

  • Canyon James
    Canyon James 15 days ago

    I'm so fascinated with this car ever since I saw it at this year's auto show and a journalist interviewed it's hilarious designer. The street legal version of the race car is absolutely beautiful.

  • sloergod
    sloergod 15 days ago

    The grip it has is insane

  • Mark Summers
    Mark Summers 15 days ago

    fuck me...that thing handles like shit to a blanket!

  • Tom Tomsen
    Tom Tomsen 15 days ago

    6.43 lap in traffic North ?

  • andrew gillis
    andrew gillis 15 days ago

    makes the Bellof Porsche lap time more unimaginable

    • Ctrl952
      Ctrl952 13 days ago

      I think he meant Bellofs massive testicles were unimaginable, rather than a car being able to do those lap times..

    • Malc180s
      Malc180s 15 days ago

      Modern race cars are so heavy and low powered - it's not surprising they're this slow. The 956 was not far off HALF the weight, and had another 150bhp on this car.

  • CrossedUpChris !
    CrossedUpChris ! 15 days ago

    getting through the traffic between 2:00 & 3:00 is a great example of how these multi class pro drivers earn their money. getting through that traffic like a man possessed. any would be ricer who thinks they could jump straight into a race car needs to watch that.

    • Karthoum
      Karthoum 15 days ago

      it reminded me of those videos with idiots overtaking and undertaking random traffic on motorways to show off, except in theirs the other cars weren't racing around at all. This however made it seem exactly like that. Insane skill right there

    • sam oksner
      sam oksner 15 days ago

      CrossedUpChris ! Seriously, that late dive around that hatch back before the right left took balls for sure that was a small gap and you can tell he had to think about it - great stuff

  • michael sorrells
    michael sorrells 15 days ago

    I wonder if he has Ludacris's "Move Bit#$ Get Out The Way" jamming in the background as he absolutely slays this track. Sweet car and cool video, dude can definitely drive.

  • Alex Petrenko
    Alex Petrenko 15 days ago

    The question is: if this car participates in a Best Motoring Tsukuba race, will AE86 still win?

  • l x n x r a x n
    l x n x r a x n 15 days ago

    racing line kinda sucks

  • Beardroid91
    Beardroid91 15 days ago

    Sick how fast he is going on the scary Nurbürgring, even when dealing with slow traffic.

  • Q Ba-bomb
    Q Ba-bomb 15 days ago

    That was some serious feedback he was getting around the carousel lol. Awesome!

  • sultanabran1
    sultanabran1 15 days ago


  • MyRealName
    MyRealName 15 days ago

    I want that engine in my Polo..

  • MynameisBEYONDyourComprehension

    6:05-6:30 Top gear flat out(in traffic)!! Nice 👍🏼

  • ro fl_
    ro fl_ 15 days ago

    The downforce on this thing is INSANE and the cornering speed holy shit

  • William best
    William best 15 days ago

    Notice the attitude of the cord dangling to drivers right, an apt demonstration of the drivers internal organs.

  • boy638
    boy638 15 days ago

    What time did it set?

    • boy638
      boy638 15 days ago

      oic cool, hope to see them set a time with their road-legal version one day

    • Tomek Czajkowski
      Tomek Czajkowski 15 days ago

      Not sure this car offically lapped Nordschleife but it doesn't matter as it's a race car. On VLN variant of Nordschleife Endurance (22km one) best lap times are somewhere around 8:05-8:10. Even tho SCG003 belongs to it's own SPX class it's performance is comparable with GT3 cars.

    • Jay Edlington
      Jay Edlington 15 days ago

      Like 6:59.99 lol

  • Reptilius Maximus
    Reptilius Maximus 15 days ago

    So much downforce! Really fast. I am not fan of design, but kudos for such good work!

  • Skyline FanBoy
    Skyline FanBoy 15 days ago


  • Stan Chase
    Stan Chase 15 days ago

    Looks to be a bad mother fuc#*r!

  • Jamaican Me Crazy
    Jamaican Me Crazy 15 days ago

    scary track

  • Tim Kramer
    Tim Kramer 15 days ago

    I've loved this car from the beginning, definitely one of the coolest small production hypercars

    • James Glickenhaus
      James Glickenhaus 14 days ago

      :) Stephen didn't drive a 962 when he set his record. The NS was a lot faster then changes have slowed it down over the years. Stephen got a huge tow from Jacky in an identical car. His 956 had a ground effect floor. Those are no longer allowed nor is the ride height he drove at. If you took our SCG003C racing at the Ring which set the fastest lap during the last race, lowered it, put on a ground effect floor, removed HP Restriction (our lap was set with 500), removed 100KG of required ballast we'd easily beat Stephen's record as would most GT3's and DTM's. In two weeks we'll have two cars racing The N24. If any of you are around stop by our pit and say hello. The comparison video is interesting. We're 17s faster than a 918 and 12s faster than the Lamborghini. As our S is a lot closer to other GT3's street versions I'm still of the opinion that with 200+ more HP, 250NM more torque even on street tires we'll beat the 918 and the Lambo. On a warm, dry track without traffic I still think 6:30 is possible. The key is downforce. Our race car has 1000KG of NET downforce and and pulls 2.5G's of mechanical grip. Our road car will have 900KG of net downforce and pull 2G's on road tires. The downforce is amazing. The difficult thing is believing it's there and keeping your foot in. Best Jim

    • MRFUCKOFF202
      MRFUCKOFF202 15 days ago

      Fucking hell calm down...

      Yes it does sound similar to a 962, both have a deep turbo 6 cylinder noise. Unless you have hearing problems or some sort of strange definition of "by far" then what I said is correct.

      The rest is just insane ramblings of an obsessed blind hater of a car. All these purpose built racing GTs are fantastic. There have been so many in the past, not always competitive but always great to see/hear. Saleen S7, Lister Storm, Panoz Esperante, Mosler MT900, Marcos LM600, Jaguar XK Emil Frey, Spyker C8, TVR Tuscan, Morgan Aero 8, Venturi made one. Only a sad cunt and not a true car fan would whinge about the existence of these cars.

    • SJW Maniac
      SJW Maniac 15 days ago

      +Mabb 40 Ok..., I'll try😉!

    • Mabb 40
      Mabb 40 15 days ago

      SJW Maniac calm down dude just enjoy it for what it is. Be happy and enjoy life 👍

    • SJW Maniac
      SJW Maniac 15 days ago

      No, it doesn't sound by far like a Porsche 962! That's just wrong. And a 962 would drive circles around this car. Look at Stefan Bellof's alltime lap record in a Porsche 956 on the Nordschleife in may 28. 1983, in 6 minutes and 11 seconds. Sorry man, but this Glickenhaus is just an unsuccessful poser racecar for boys, which looks comic-ish... great for schoolboys taste, indeed! The bigmouthed Glickenhaus sr. tells bullshit all the time. It's not that difficult to spec his racecar as a pseudo production car on the inside and call this a "street car" which can do laps in 6.30 minutes time. But that's just poor and doesn't count. Produced in such few numbers, this car is just like a race prototype and it surley can do the lap in under 6.50 minutes... because it's a fucking racecar...! For Glickenhaus it would be the "absolute new recordholder" on the Nürburgring... It's just bullshit.

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