Koi Pond 2010

Heres my pond a year on, with a few changes to the garden and landscape. Plus added sun sail.

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Author garden ponds (4 months)
jimmy whats the lengh and depth is that a liner inside

Author Glenn Winston (2 months)
I'm going to build one this spring but I'm kind-of concerned that the
winters get too cold and last too long for survival of the fish. That part
of " I'm going to build" means that if all goes well. I'm still in the
planing stage. I've seen a lot of good ideas here on You Tube and they'll
give me much to think on.

Author anon mtb (9 months)
awesome!.... nice chagoi too

Author Markus Kubitschek (1 year)

Author beans1975 (2 years)
Absolutely beautiful and inspiring!

Author JesSkYos (1 year)
Nice pond and a nice red bonsai to..

Author stephen connell (1 year)
why don't you add some other fish like mirror or common carp maybe even
some tench

Author Kim H (2 years)
needs more shade

Author bikerglz1 (3 years)
1st attempt at a Koi Pond u say??? WOW you have totally topped the scale,
not only with the pond but with a beautiful garden too...i am never gonna
forget this vid, i dream to have something like this one day. Well done for
an amazing job :)

Author Razgriz Belka (2 years)
So beautiful,it give me some inspiration to decorate my pond...Thanks 4

Author gangstaboy10 (4 years)
Wow nice! Well I hope it grows to 75cm :) Very nice pond

Author willy monti (2 years)
question... do the fish do fine in cold weather .. like 50* degrees f

Author antony field (3 years)
awsome i would swim with them

Author Wannes van lierde (3 years)
oooo coooo nice en cool fisch aim 14 and my pond is 7000gal

Author zozbott75 (1 year)
thats beautiful, wish we had a large enough garden to build something like

Author rtran1500 (4 years)
1 word amazing. How much it cost you?

Author TrueConservative123 (2 years)
The is a beautiful pond and landscape. I love love to have a pond like that
but with Peacock Bass instead.

Author gangstaboy10 (4 years)
whats the huge fish? And amazing pond! Subscribed and keep the good work up

Author mikevikeus (1 year)
You know, I'm contemplating how to put in my pond, and I just assumed I'd
be digging in the ground, but your raised pool is really sweet. Plus it
looks like ppl can kneel right on the side, and feed the fish. You also
have some BIIIIG koi in that pond. That yellow one is HUUUUGE. I like how
they can't slice your toes, if you're at water's edge...they tickle with
their mouths, right?

Author 郑 婷婷 (2 years)

Author barry badrinath (1 year)
how much does a set up like this set you back roughly?

Author sheathed011790 (2 years)
that's an amazing pond you got there!

Author GEORGE MENDEZ JR (1 year)

Author ivarksd (3 years)

Author kcpoynter (4 years)
Thats amazing!

Author apoltony (1 year)
excellent pond. i love it. i hope someday i can have a pond like that. now
i have a small pond with my favorite fish Giant Gouramis. it will look
great with a pond like yours.

Author Rohan Saha (1 year)
Your pond is bigger than your house

Author Hannah Lee (2 years)
I'm no pond expert, but I know that mosquitos lay their eggs in stale
puddles in such :) So running water should not be a problem.

Author amourdeparis (2 years)
Your pond is beautiful! It's the type of pond that I would want to have
someday. I'm envious.

Author madmiask (4 years)
Very good job, the pond is very beautiful.

Author Ole Husted Ditlevsen (1 year)
Nice garden and pond

Author jimmys1202 (4 years)
@terrystreehouse13 Thanks It's 5000 gallons, 6ft deep, and l cover the pond
with 2 inch polycarb in the winter which keeps it around 10c whens its
realy cold, but around 12c most other times.

Author jimmys1202 (3 years)
@grandmastermicochero thanks for the commet, no l designed it myself, it
was my first atempt at a koi pond.

Author JovialMonkee (3 years)
Great pond! But too much lawn! Get some veges growing there!

Author David Howarth (1 year)
Nice pond you have there , and healthy looking Koi

Author knicks252525 (3 years)
how did you attach the liner at the top of the wall

Author nektarios81 (3 years)
outstanding!!! well done!!! thnx to your imagination!!!

Author Brian Contreras (3 years)
i wish i had enough money for something like this

Author poetsmantra (1 year)
Your Koi are absolutely beautiful. Great color variety!

Author jimmys1202 (4 years)
@gangstaboy10 the huge fish is a 5 year old chagoi called "stumpy" she is
68cm at the moment, fingers crossed she will be around 75cm by the end of
the year.

Author dastyx (3 years)
What a lovely, lovely pond. Can i ask what filtration system you use?

Author Interestingenough4 (2 years)
How many koi do you have?

Author ceahorse56 (3 years)
Beautiful yard!

Author Mark Jones (1 year)
Nice pond

Author willy monti (2 years)
wow.. i have the space for a pound like that and still have plenty of
space.. im day dreaming now.......... one word to express this video...

Author jakoi945 (4 years)
where is the filter?

Author SC Cookie CutterZ (3 years)
can you eat them

Author VHSC1O (4 years)
Stumpys gotten big

Author jimmys1202 (2 years)
Thankyou all for the comments. james

Author jordan628trisha (3 years)
very nice chagoi cant wait for mine to put on that kind of size, she is
only about 25 cm right now

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