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Author sdorr (4 months)
re those UN-CHRISTIAN folks who keep reminding me this is a CHRISTIAN song.

Author David Holman (2 years)
How many people realize AMAZING GRACE is autobiographical, written by a
former slave trader who had a sudden insight into what he was doing?

Author PsitAgapoulaPoula (2 years)
υπέροχη φωνή!

Author Alvino Silva (2 years)
Este é um dos raros momentos de felicidade e paz que gratuitamente vivemos.

Author manuel silva (2 years)
este video está espetacularrrrr||||||||||||||||

Author juliancentella1 (2 years)
Voz Celestial...Dios todo lo hace Bien....

Author Tanvir Afzaal (2 years)
@sdorr I was phrasing my words for a comment then I saw yours. I could not
had expressed my feelings in any better words thanks @sdorr

Author nicosa01 (2 years)
Es gibt für mich nur zwei Lieder die ich nie vermissen möchte, Amzing Grace
und Ave Maria

Author elenadinsoroca (2 years)

Author Ron Parkhurst (2 years)
@sdorr They NEED to come up with a "hateful Comment Removal" filter. The
hateful comments must be coming from demonic idiots! LOL!

Author SuperLetithappen (2 years)
A very beautiful song by Nana Mouskoun, thankyou to our lovely God.

Author M. Violonist (10 months)
Θεία φωνή.

Author ReneeMonica (2 years)
A sweet, simple and incredibly moving version. Thank you!

Author sdorr (1 year)
I urge you to upload it, since its likely no one will object, and millions
will love such as recording.

Author Sophie jzk (2 years)
Cette chanson , ta chanson , Jennifer c'est pour toi tu me manque tellement
bientôt 5 ans que tu es parti rejoindre les anges et tu manque énormément
tous ces délires avec toi me manque et quand j'entand ta chansons les
larmes coulent tous seule <3 sinon magnifique chansons <3

Author fleurdelyselfique (2 years)
I'm not catholic or christian but I can reconize a beautiful song with a
beautiful message in it. With Nana Mouskouri as a singer, this song is even
more beautiful and pure.

Author Craig Bothwell (2 years)
Absolutely beautiful music performed by an equally beautiful and
accomplished artist. Thank you for posting.

Author Riia Railanmaa (2 years)
Thank you Nana, you are Angel ! / Kiitos Nana, olet Enkeli !

Author Jennifer Cooley (2 years)
I enjoyed watching the movie about the song! Everyone shouldd watch Amazing

Author Τινα Ξετη (2 years)
it's different thing to be a good artist and a good person ...

Author thenetrider7 (2 years)
@sdorr do you also have the other gospel songs she sings? thanks for this

Author Jonesy Neko (2 years)

Author david doudou (2 years)
excellent magnifique, on t'adore nana reviens

Author ronald ferreira (2 years)
beautiful video love the scenes

Author mveuropa (2 years)
sung by nana m.. absolutely GREAT !!!!!!

Author peppermintful (2 years)
look up the history of amazing grace arthur was john newton he was a slave
ship commander and was a minister in england song was wrote in the 1700's

Author mike van der meer (2 years)
she is the best singer of the eu

Author silviat32 (2 years)
SUPERB !!!!!!!!

Author Leopoldo Luís Corbett Saul (2 years)
Wondefull !!! This is a angel's voice. Can't be a human voice!!! Great!
Great! Great! Beautifull.I don't have word to say that is this voice !
Wonderfull.Beautiful.I don't search anothers words to make a descritions.

Author ROMANIA 3 (2 years)

Author SassyJohnnyDeppsGirl (2 years)
everbody needs to love this song if you dont well QUIT BEIN A HATER OF GOD

Author magneto1102 (2 years)
@sdorr the message of the song is universal and the singer is brilliant and
really timeless ... nana is a gift to people who care to listen to
beautiful and inspirational music.

Author Ilmar Varik (2 years)

Author Kim Berlie (10 months)
Beautiful song with beautiful words. A beautiful angelic voice, but walking
around in a false church....

Author suejish (2 years)
No one has as pure a sound as this lady Amazing is the only way to describe
her voice

Author Joe Jordan (2 years)

Author DinusMarius (2 years)
orthodox church!!...Proud to be christian Orthodox

Author finny james (2 years)
good & proud baby,god jesus bless you

Author Mathilda Williams (2 years)
@sdorr : Thank you for uploading this wonderful video. On a day like this,
after the tragedy in Norway, the train crash in soothes my
soul to hear this. About the haters - they will always be there, it seems
they aren't happy unless they have done their destructive work for the day.

Author Rebecca Edcar (2 years)
Beautiful song, lovely voice. This song was sung at my dad's funeral -he
liked this song...and Nana Mouskouri! I sang "Amazing Grace' all day the
day he passed, and little did I know why...until I got the dreadful call. I
will forever miss my dad, and can't wait to see him again.

Author jestczas (2 years)

Author MegaRockstar4ever (2 years)
@decideyourmusic Xara Aleksiou is one of the best singers in Greece :)

Author Jeff Skerratt (9 months)
RIP beauty

Author Leopold Zeryav (1 year)
God must exist or there would be no song or a singer as you my dear.Love
you Leo Melbourne

Author tpmetp (1 year)
This song combined with Carrie Underwood's 'How Great Thou Art' w/Vince
Gill are, imho, the most beautiful gospel songs found on YouTube. Nana and
Carrie have such beautiful voices .... voices that lift me when I listen to
these songs.

Author viorel catrina (2 years)
emotionant,ou sont les neiges d antan?

Author bitround (2 years)
@sdorr .................AMEN

Author niamhdotie (2 years)
@sdorr What a beautiful tune..... and sang so beautifully too. As the song
says.... "was blind but now I see" Anyone who can't appreciate the beauty
and purity of this song is not only deaf but blind also. How amazing to be
able to praise God with such a powerful voice and message!

Author Carlos Agudelo (2 years)
es bellísima, cada que le escucho afirmo que su voz son es un regalo
precioso de Dios.

Author paulodasfibras (2 years)
Eui adorei muito ver e ouvir Nana Mouskuri cantando.

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