Maori Action song - Te Hokioi

Maori performing arts group Te Hokioi from Hawai'i perform an action song during the whakataetae (Maori song & dance competition) at the Polynesian Cultural Center on April 29th, 2006.

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Author Igal Flint (1 year)
can we have the translation, please?

Author WhiskeyyWoman (6 years)
You know they aren't performing for Polyz when the audience is quiet.

Author joulsey cupid (7 years)
LOL some people are clueless !

Author Louisa Te'i (6 years)
we're doing it again! TE MANAHUA Maori Performing Arts Competition 2008
polynesian cultural center august 9 at 9 a.m. $8 adults/$6 kids see this
group (te hokioi) and others from oahu, kauai, london and sydney. CHUR!

Author Louisa Te'i (7 years)
Australia? We are Maori from New Zealand.

Author Cudjerie (7 years)
maori pride all dah tym

Author jodylanriley (7 years)
what can you say. te wairaua - to much

Author polypride808 (7 years)
oh sorry i waz alwaiz told it waz called poi balls da wakataetae
competition at da polynesian culture center we did da long & short pois in
our ruotine. i really want to go to da nex wun but mai group iz focusing on
samoan fire knife ryte now. but we will be bak at that competition soon:)
thank u! & dont worry u jess need practice & u will be really good:)

Author Louisa Te'i (7 years)
here in hawaii i guess they call them poi balls - to differentiate from the
hawaiian poi that you eat. but at home in aotearoa, they're just POI. yep,
the next whakataetae is in october but for kids groups only. hope u can
still come watch.

Author hakzgirls (6 years)
te atahua ... he uri au no te tairawhiti e tautoko ana au i nga ropu no
ngati porou me ngati raukawa... TE HOKOWHITU -TE WHANAU A APANUI //// but i
support all our maoriss kia ora guyzzz

Author urikohu (8 years)
I didnt know they had a maori comp in hawaii, our group was there this year
in august, had da bomb as time, spent it with a group from Mid Pac
Institute, went to PCC...proud to be polynesian is all i can say!!

Author Drew Yardley (7 years)
I have been to this cultural centre in Hawaii,its pretty cool!

Author kaiariki (6 years)
Good Luck Guys..thanks kiwiwdiva!! Love this item!!

Author Louisa Te'i (7 years)
my kids will compete this year and i will probably compete next year.
that's me in the center of this clip. head of the triangle...

Author polypride808 (7 years)
oh wow good luck for ur kidz! && ur good in dis

Author polypride808 (7 years)
i been doin polynesian dancing since i waz 3 n maori is mai favorite
culture! i am da bess at da poi balls :)

Author Louisa Te'i (6 years)
no at the polynesian cultural center in hawaii.

Author GoddessScorp (7 years)
tu meke

Author darah Kaiwai (8 years)
ummmm yes & can I help u???????? OK if itz about what I wrote in maori my
lil neice told me2 write it coz Im not fluent.

Author Waiata (8 years)
Te Hoki Oi! Woo Hoo . . . good job whanau!

Author frangipane1 (8 years)
marvellous so beautiful people

Author toamaori (7 years)
hehe and theres no 'S' im maori so the plural of poi is poi and not pois :)
hang aroung here and we will school u up hehe lol

Author meekers (8 years)
Kia Ora Thanks for sharing that...I miss the culture, more then I thought I

Author topiAshakuR (8 years)
i fink thats such a kool thang ta say! maori so holla atcha boi :P haha

Author polywater11 (6 years)
NIce performance + good voices!

Author Louisa Te'i (7 years)
good 4 u! do u do long or short? most poly groups in hawaii do long. for
comps we usually do short coz there is so much more you can do. i suck at
the poi. u should know, they're not poi BALLS - just poi!! keep it up and
maybe you can come join the next competition.

Author pukanatutaka (7 years)
mean maori mean

Author polypride808 (7 years)
r u gonna compete???

Author TYREEQ66 (6 years)
did this group take out this years comps,where are you's from? i use to
perform with ngati ranana old aunty ggurl and the crew had the best time
ever with them stink the old 2 year visa ran out didn't wanna overstay

Author John S (5 years)
thank god for the kiwis thy had heart

Author siobhansmommy (6 years)
Great video and beautiful voices!

Author Louisa Te'i (6 years)
nah bro, we took silver and ngati ra won bronze.:-) we from here (oahu,
hawaii). oh yeah, aunty gurl and the crew had a mean performance and really
enjoyed their stay. too bad you missed out but maybe next time, aye? we
hoping to do it all again in 2 years so nau mai, haere mai... e komo mai!

Author asianhabibi (7 years)

Author Makana Eaton (5 years)
cheeee heee all polynesians rock maika'i loa keia wikio

Author RE3V3R (7 years)
Hey no Waikato taua roopu?

Author seamichael (8 years)
Tau ke! Tight performance (see also MisterX ) Tautoko

Author boswellwhanau (6 years)
Can't wait to go to Hawai'i next time with Ngati Ra (:

Author KuiniPetanivv (6 years)
it is for sure pcc

Author kaiariki (6 years)
where on the 9th of august? In australia?

Author darah Kaiwai (8 years)
nah itz algud I think what I wrote did make since anyway your polynesian ay
wat poly culture r u???

Author tisu82 (3 years)
@kiwidiva do u know where i can purchase a dvd of the 2000 aotearoa dance
competition held in new zealand? if so pls. email me @
thank you.

Author dgdsd (6 years)
Maori have the most beautiful voices ... (In my humble opinion).

Author ooIROAMoo (6 years)
mean maori mint! Patai ki te roopu... no whea koe?

Author toamaori (7 years)
Ka rawe koutou! Ka mahi koutou! :D

Author BabeehMa17 (6 years)
is this PCC in Hawaii???

Author darah Kaiwai (8 years)
Oh chur chur Ka pai to mahi Louise!! Tumeke to koutou mahi Te Hokioi me
kaha tonu koutou ki te mahi kapa haka

Author brseavey (8 years)
Thanks for posting this.

Author Tmarvs (6 years)

Author mshindo1 (5 years)
man, you fullas white assss bro

Author AmaraOmShazadi (7 years)
That rocked. Beautiful. Just beautiful...made me tear up- and I'm not even
Maori! Kia Kaha guys!

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