Maori Action song - Te Hokioi

Maori performing arts group Te Hokioi from Hawai'i perform an action song during the whakataetae (Maori song & dance competition) at the Polynesian Cultural Center on April 29th, 2006.

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Author Igal Flint ( ago)
can we have the translation, please?

Author tisu82 ( ago)
@kiwidiva do u know where i can purchase a dvd of the 2000 aotearoa dance
competition held in new zealand? if so pls. email me @
thank you.

Author Makana Eaton ( ago)
cheeee heee all polynesians rock maika'i loa keia wikio

Author John S ( ago)
thank god for the kiwis thy had heart

Author mshindo1 ( ago)
man, you fullas white assss bro

Author boswellwhanau ( ago)
Can't wait to go to Hawai'i next time with Ngati Ra (:

Author polywater11 ( ago)
NIce performance + good voices!

Author Louisa Te'i ( ago)
nah bro, we took silver and ngati ra won bronze.:-) we from here (oahu,
hawaii). oh yeah, aunty gurl and the crew had a mean performance and really
enjoyed their stay. too bad you missed out but maybe next time, aye? we
hoping to do it all again in 2 years so nau mai, haere mai... e komo mai!

Author dgdsd ( ago)
Maori have the most beautiful voices ... (In my humble opinion).

Author kaiariki ( ago)
Good Luck Guys..thanks kiwiwdiva!! Love this item!!

Author Louisa Te'i ( ago)
no at the polynesian cultural center in hawaii.

Author kaiariki ( ago)
where on the 9th of august? In australia?

Author Louisa Te'i ( ago)
we're doing it again! TE MANAHUA Maori Performing Arts Competition 2008
polynesian cultural center august 9 at 9 a.m. $8 adults/$6 kids see this
group (te hokioi) and others from oahu, kauai, london and sydney. CHUR!

Author Siaosi Moleni ( ago)
it is for sure pcc

Author BabeehMa17 ( ago)
is this PCC in Hawaii???

Author hakzgirls ( ago)
te atahua ... he uri au no te tairawhiti e tautoko ana au i nga ropu no
ngati porou me ngati raukawa... TE HOKOWHITU -TE WHANAU A APANUI //// but i
support all our maoriss kia ora guyzzz

Author WhiskeyyWoman ( ago)
You know they aren't performing for Polyz when the audience is quiet.

Author ooIROAMoo ( ago)
mean maori mint! Patai ki te roopu... no whea koe?

Author AmaraOmShazadi ( ago)
That rocked. Beautiful. Just beautiful...made me tear up- and I'm not even
Maori! Kia Kaha guys!

Author Cudjerie ( ago)
maori pride all dah tym

Author pukanatutaka ( ago)
mean maori mean

Author Drew Yardley ( ago)
I have been to this cultural centre in Hawaii,its pretty cool!

Author toamaori ( ago)
Ka rawe koutou! Ka mahi koutou! :D

Author toamaori ( ago)
hehe and theres no 'S' im maori so the plural of poi is poi and not pois :)
hang aroung here and we will school u up hehe lol

Author asianhabibi ( ago)

Author RE3V3R ( ago)
Hey no Waikato taua roopu?

Author polypride808 ( ago)
oh wow good luck for ur kidz! && ur good in dis

Author Louisa Te'i ( ago)
my kids will compete this year and i will probably compete next year.
that's me in the center of this clip. head of the triangle...

Author polypride808 ( ago)
r u gonna compete???

Author Louisa Te'i ( ago)
here in hawaii i guess they call them poi balls - to differentiate from the
hawaiian poi that you eat. but at home in aotearoa, they're just POI. yep,
the next whakataetae is in october but for kids groups only. hope u can
still come watch.

Author polypride808 ( ago)
oh sorry i waz alwaiz told it waz called poi balls da wakataetae
competition at da polynesian culture center we did da long & short pois in
our ruotine. i really want to go to da nex wun but mai group iz focusing on
samoan fire knife ryte now. but we will be bak at that competition soon:)
thank u! & dont worry u jess need practice & u will be really good:)

Author Louisa Te'i ( ago)
good 4 u! do u do long or short? most poly groups in hawaii do long. for
comps we usually do short coz there is so much more you can do. i suck at
the poi. u should know, they're not poi BALLS - just poi!! keep it up and
maybe you can come join the next competition.

Author polypride808 ( ago)
i been doin polynesian dancing since i waz 3 n maori is mai favorite
culture! i am da bess at da poi balls :)

Author jodylanriley ( ago)
what can you say. te wairaua - to much

Author joulsey cupid ( ago)
LOL some people are clueless !

Author Louisa Te'i ( ago)
Australia? We are Maori from New Zealand.

Author Waiata ( ago)
Te Hoki Oi! Woo Hoo . . . good job whanau!

Author topiAshakuR ( ago)
i fink thats such a kool thang ta say! maori so holla atcha boi :P haha

Author frangipane1 ( ago)
marvellous so beautiful people

Author urikohu ( ago)
I didnt know they had a maori comp in hawaii, our group was there this year
in august, had da bomb as time, spent it with a group from Mid Pac
Institute, went to PCC...proud to be polynesian is all i can say!!

Author seamichael ( ago)
Tau ke! Tight performance (see also MisterX ) Tautoko

Author brseavey ( ago)
Thanks for posting this.

Author meekers ( ago)
Kia Ora Thanks for sharing that...I miss the culture, more then I thought I

Author darah Kaiwai ( ago)
nah itz algud I think what I wrote did make since anyway your polynesian ay
wat poly culture r u???

Author darah Kaiwai ( ago)
ummmm yes & can I help u???????? OK if itz about what I wrote in maori my
lil neice told me2 write it coz Im not fluent.

Author darah Kaiwai ( ago)
Oh chur chur Ka pai to mahi Louise!! Tumeke to koutou mahi Te Hokioi me
kaha tonu koutou ki te mahi kapa haka

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