8 Incredibly Simple Kitchen Hacks

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  • GD Drumming
    GD Drumming 2 days ago

    y u call me a waffle?

  • Amazing Poppy
    Amazing Poppy 11 days ago

    I will never even thought about doing these hack he's a genius

  • the professional loser

    2:02 words to live by

  • Lynne Riday
    Lynne Riday 15 days ago

    I like this channel overall. But please do not give your kids a glass mason jar or any kind of glass container!

  • Angelus Nielson
    Angelus Nielson 18 days ago

    dude, those knife skills suck..

  • Raymond Fearer
    Raymond Fearer 28 days ago

    your on the news

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith 29 days ago

    Always cut towards yourself!!

  • Andrew26317
    Andrew26317 29 days ago

    shake the container of sugar and continue using

  • That Pøtatø
    That Pøtatø 1 month ago

    Wooden Chopsticks? Couldn't you just leave them connected and use a finger to open it?

  • Maddie And Addie
    Maddie And Addie 1 month ago

    @EmitPoe so true

  • Manuel Gozzi
    Manuel Gozzi 1 month ago

    "If you're waffle maker is only making waffles then the only waffle is you" lol

  • Spooky Skeletons
    Spooky Skeletons 1 month ago


  • Jaden.Pereira
    Jaden.Pereira 1 month ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I came here for the thumbnail
    And so did you

  • Nuclear Atomic
    Nuclear Atomic 1 month ago

    notification squad!

  • TheDarkSeraph
    TheDarkSeraph 1 month ago

    #8 or ya know you could not suck with chopsticks
    #7 good to know
    #6 neat
    #5 awesome
    #4 or not suck at pouring salt
    #3 the trick is to not get emotionally attached
    #2 spouncered by uno
    #1 read comment number two

  • TheSuperBlockyGamer
    TheSuperBlockyGamer 2 months ago

    U play uno?

  • Connor Rauser-NNF
    Connor Rauser-NNF 2 months ago

    Pei Wei started making the cheaters chopsticks this year. Why. Just why.

  • ThatOneDankMeme :P
    ThatOneDankMeme :P 2 months ago

    I can use chopsticks with my feet XD

  • SuperSunMan
    SuperSunMan 2 months ago

    well now there is a bell

  • Chrochet Fan
    Chrochet Fan 2 months ago

    Note: I have a life and don't need a close pin string to use chopsticks, i learned!

  • Insanity Leader
    Insanity Leader 2 months ago

    I have just been called a waffle... I feel quite offended, concerned, and confused at the same time...

  • Aegis Arclight
    Aegis Arclight 2 months ago

    Who would dislike this? Idiots, that's why.

  • Sunny Ho
    Sunny Ho 2 months ago

    "If ur waffle maker is only making waffles, then ur the waffle" I'm confused, who and what is the waffle?

  • 10KGamer - Gaming
    10KGamer - Gaming 2 months ago

    I am part of the notification squad.... bow down to me

  • The Cookie
    The Cookie 2 months ago

    Ohh my arm is itchy *smacks arm*

  • Pikaworlds Yum
    Pikaworlds Yum 2 months ago

    When you say nuke it I thought a real nuke

  • Greg Fessenden
    Greg Fessenden 3 months ago

    noooo don't cut the onion root off

  • Adip Gamer
    Adip Gamer 3 months ago


  • Jefferson Louie
    Jefferson Louie 3 months ago

    You don't have to use Chopsticks to eat Chinese food.

  • uɐɯ ƃoɔ man cog
    uɐɯ ƃoɔ man cog 3 months ago

    compost, mason jars, YOU LIVE IN PORTLAND

  • Austin Nguyen
    Austin Nguyen 3 months ago

    I feel offended because of the chopstick because I'm Asian

  • Glyn Hughes
    Glyn Hughes 3 months ago

    Hehehe I can't do the uno one because I dissected my finger with a Stanley knife, I stay well away from those now 😂

  • Suhani Khanna
    Suhani Khanna 3 months ago

    I have a habit of reading the comments while watching the video 😂😂

    does anybody else has this habit 😂

  • Brenden chavez
    Brenden chavez 3 months ago

    You can also freeze the onion for a minute and won't make you cry

  • t_anky_ s_chmanky_
    t_anky_ s_chmanky_ 3 months ago

    who else's heartbeat was going with the beat of the music?

  • Seth Scranton
    Seth Scranton 3 months ago

    Guys I found the best quote ever at 2:02, "If your waffle maker is only making waffles, then the only waffle is you" - HouseholdHacker

  • Sophia Lu
    Sophia Lu 4 months ago

    your still gonna embarrass yourself if you're using the chopsticks hack...

  • Parental Advisory. Explicit Content.

    Or just put your brown sugar in a Tupperware container and pop it in the fridge to begin with, so you don't need to worry about it hardening at all.

  • Jb0ss Rocks
    Jb0ss Rocks 4 months ago

    I'm a waffle :'(

  • JazzyGinger
    JazzyGinger 4 months ago

    If you love all your fans,


  • Rabbittwisterz Aj
    Rabbittwisterz Aj 4 months ago

    Omg you have penguins of madagascar cards? I love the series and the movie :P

  • Amelia Burch
    Amelia Burch 4 months ago

    that brown sugar hack wouldn't work for me because I would just eat all of the marshmallows

  • Jerri Denuel
    Jerri Denuel 4 months ago

    You guys are such an 'upper'!

  • Percussion Pro
    Percussion Pro 5 months ago

    Did anyone think at 1:07 that it looked like a smiley face

  • Ayesha Awan
    Ayesha Awan 5 months ago

    hey a little hack that i use to soften brown sugar is to cut an apple small pieces and throw a few pieces of the apple into the brown sugar container and just let it sit there over night or even just half an hr and it works really well to soften the brown sugar.

  • TwilightJ Gaming
    TwilightJ Gaming 5 months ago

    funny you chose playing uno with your cards spreaded

  • ignore me
    ignore me 5 months ago

    did I see the girl use the banana, protector?

  • Kayla Mills
    Kayla Mills 5 months ago

    I was about to go on a rant cause I thought you made fat people hacks, than right before I sent it I saw someone else made it... XDDDDD

  • MoonTaco
    MoonTaco 5 months ago

    did any one eyes start to water 2.53

  • Rosario Gutierrez
    Rosario Gutierrez 5 months ago


  • lina Nguyen
    lina Nguyen 5 months ago

    I learn chopsticks at five.🤗

  • Mahesh Atre
    Mahesh Atre 5 months ago

    Can you please make gaming life hack

  • Jon Lam
    Jon Lam 5 months ago

    Does HouseholdHacker reply?

  • Mr KosovanGamer690
    Mr KosovanGamer690 5 months ago

    No such thing as 'NOTIFICATION AQUAD'

  • Amy 40904
    Amy 40904 6 months ago

    how do you make hash browns without a waffle iron?

  • Alex Herndon
    Alex Herndon 6 months ago

    That hash brown trick is god damn brilliant!

  • GoWithYaMarksMan
    GoWithYaMarksMan 6 months ago

    I can use chopsticks because I'm chinese

  • Ong Junwei
    Ong Junwei 6 months ago

    Onions are easy to cut I'm a boy (men are known to be terrible chefs (some))and only 14

  • Nathan
    Nathan 6 months ago

    THX for the omelet hack

  • GoWithYaMarksMan
    GoWithYaMarksMan 6 months ago

    I can use chopsticks because I'm chinese

  • Am Firecat
    Am Firecat 6 months ago

    What would you rather have, stinging eyes or a stinging nose

  • Anthony LALALA
    Anthony LALALA 6 months ago

    from the start a guy was using his left hand

  • Anthony LALALA
    Anthony LALALA 6 months ago

    is he left handed?

  • Paika ZeBaka
    Paika ZeBaka 6 months ago

    I can use chopsticks!

    Because I'm Asian

  • Ben W
    Ben W 6 months ago


  • iPanda
    iPanda 7 months ago


    • iPanda
      iPanda 7 months ago


  • Undead Unicorn
    Undead Unicorn 7 months ago

    If you can't use a chopstik use a fork...

  • Lyla B
    Lyla B 7 months ago

    3:00 Why are my eyes watering.. there's no onions around. HALP MEHHHH

  • Royce26
    Royce26 7 months ago

    Who brings an egg carton to a card game?

  • mona isawesome
    mona isawesome 7 months ago

    ok seriously when he started cutting the onion my eyes were watering and burning

  • That1guy :3
    That1guy :3 7 months ago

    ahhh........ the troubles of using chopsticks, cause I'm Asian, and I can use them somehow

  • Alpha RuleZ
    Alpha RuleZ 7 months ago

    I've known how to use chopsticks since i was 8

  • Devesh Khamitkar
    Devesh Khamitkar 7 months ago

    I love his vocabulary

  • Mr.T3ddyB34r
    Mr.T3ddyB34r 7 months ago

    you know you can chew gum and then cut garlic or is it onion and you won't have tears

  • Ender Elements
    Ender Elements 7 months ago

    "We don't know if bananas attract mosquitoes."
    There you go.

  • Rajiv K.C.
    Rajiv K.C. 7 months ago

    totally amazing

  • Star Gamer8
    Star Gamer8 8 months ago


  • Lee Jingwen
    Lee Jingwen 8 months ago

    "There are many ways to cut an onion "
    Namjoon : * cuts onion flat side up *

  • RabbitFootedKitty
    RabbitFootedKitty 8 months ago

    2:29 rip funnel the salt container already comes with

  • Gabe Kontros
    Gabe Kontros 8 months ago

    the thumbnail screams white people

  • usarrr
    usarrr 8 months ago

    What type of fertilizer did you use for that onion? Banana compost?

  • Bries dolls And more
    Bries dolls And more 8 months ago

    Hey don't have vinegar chew some gum and cut it works

  • terikotsu
    terikotsu 8 months ago

    Well, good thing he doesn't work in a kitchen, can't keep his fucking fingers out of the way of his knife blades.

  • battlefeildboss 54
    battlefeildboss 54 8 months ago

    too much waffle 2:13

  • Tooopyn
    Tooopyn 8 months ago

    Best YouTube channel out there. Much love from Sweden <3

  • miss chubby
    miss chubby 8 months ago


  • The G.O.A.T
    The G.O.A.T 8 months ago

    your girlfriend has tattoo

  • Cvo 777
    Cvo 777 8 months ago

    2:02 what the fuck does that even mean, householdhacker

  • Edoardo Giunti
    Edoardo Giunti 8 months ago

    I started to cry as He chopped the onions

  • Shlipi Bhatt
    Shlipi Bhatt 8 months ago

    Thanks for tips

  • Nuclearkibbles
    Nuclearkibbles 8 months ago

    was that the banana dildo she took the banana from??
    I love all the references

  • Jeff Bronson
    Jeff Bronson 8 months ago

    nice betta tank in the background!

  • Jeff Bronson
    Jeff Bronson 8 months ago

    nice betta tank in the background!

  • StruckOne
    StruckOne 8 months ago

    The spring loaded chopsticks are more embarrassing than not knowing how to use chopsticks

  • Scott Blacklock
    Scott Blacklock 8 months ago

    If you ever make another one of these kitchen hack videos (you probably will), add the trick to making real pasta (not freezer pasta) in a microwave.

    1. Grab some pasta.
    2. Grab ~3 cups of water.
    3. Put it all in a bowl. If all of the pasta isn't covered by the water, snap them in half.
    4. Microwave it for 5 minutes.
    5. Put it through a strainer. Now you can do whatever you want with the pasta, so if you were to make spaghetti, you would put spaghetti sauce and some other toppings on it.

  • Garry Porter
    Garry Porter 8 months ago

    Can the hashbrown thing be done with a grilled cheese maker?

  • rathtain 123
    rathtain 123 8 months ago

    2:59 ognins have layers ogers have layers

  • thetreestooges channel

    dude you are amazing'

    I AM A HUMAM 9 months ago

    are you one of those fine upstanding individuals who struggles with chopsticks... WELL GO YO OMAKASI SUSHI AND GET CHOPSTICKS HOLDERS WHICK ALSO DID WHAT HE DID FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITHOUT PAYING LIKE $100,000,000 FOR THEM THINGYS

  • Monica Jiang
    Monica Jiang 9 months ago

    "If your waffle maker is only making waffles then the only waffle is you" I guess I'm a waffle then.

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