KATO, Sigala - Show You Love ft. Hailee Steinfeld

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  • Brand new video for ‘Show You Love’ by KATO & Sigala ft Hailee Steinfeld.

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    Stream ‘Show You Love’ here: https://lnk.to/KATOSigalaSYL

    Music video by KATO, Sigala performing Show You Love. (C) 2017 Virgin EMI Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

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  • Runtime: 3:9
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  • Malwina Bialek
    Malwina Bialek 2 days ago

    Love this 😻😻😻

  • Silently Fixed
    Silently Fixed 5 days ago

    What type of love is this?

  • Aytac
    Aytac 8 days ago


  • Bagus Hutomo
    Bagus Hutomo 9 days ago

    i see sigala, i press like

  • Steven Dubuisson
    Steven Dubuisson 10 days ago

    Leuke videoclip mooi gezongen door de populaire zangeres: Hailee Steinfeld dit is een compilatie van haar nieuwste werk Show You Love heet dit..!

  • Mamata Shrestha
    Mamata Shrestha 10 days ago

    I am hearing like "soak you love"..is it just me!?

  • HAMED Ahmad
    HAMED Ahmad 12 days ago

    Great video and beautiful song

  • Phillip Vinn
    Phillip Vinn 13 days ago

    I came to this video because Hailee Steinfeld is featuring and singing

  • Queen Xtina
    Queen Xtina 13 days ago


  • Isabella's wonderful world 21

    haha trump mask be like

  • Wafa Kayal
    Wafa Kayal 14 days ago

    Who else loves this song because the beat?

  • Tiegan Mcdowell
    Tiegan Mcdowell 21 day ago

    Smell ur maw

  • Juan Pablo Ornelas Hermosillo

    They need a little more sun

  • Wanessa Marques
    Wanessa Marques 21 day ago


  • Shauna Keenan
    Shauna Keenan 21 day ago

    I'm hearing choke u love??? Like if u can hahah 😂

  • Bhavya Bhavs
    Bhavya Bhavs 23 days ago

    is that show q love?? 😂😂 lol

  • TroopzTV
    TroopzTV 24 days ago

    This played in my gym, I swear I turned into a beast

  • Maciej Konarski
    Maciej Konarski 24 days ago

    Ok so I just realised every Sigala song has the word 'love' in the title. Mindblown

  • Göktuğ Batın Arslanca

    kötü kız seni

  • Vanessa Souzah
    Vanessa Souzah 26 days ago


  • polin Play
    polin Play 26 days ago

    кто русский

  • Владуня Кисуня

    То чуство, когда читаешь коменты, и нихрена не понимаешь про что они, потомучто ты украинец, и вобще не шариш в англиском!

  • Megan James
    Megan James 27 days ago

    how does this not have more views??

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 28 days ago

    Unliked. Hailee wasn't in te video

  • Billy CORCORAN
    Billy CORCORAN 28 days ago

    love the song but the music video is a bit...

  • #YourInspiration
    #YourInspiration 1 month ago

    Where can i find acapella fro remix?Thx for help!

  • Sergio Avalos
    Sergio Avalos 1 month ago

    Es mucho mejor la versión con Grace Tither es mucho mejor la voz de Grace, lástima que está versión ya no esté disponible para México

  • Guilherme Luis
    Guilherme Luis 1 month ago

    #oliverheldens #heldeepRadio

  • bella _zhelleva
    bella _zhelleva 1 month ago

    am i the only one that searched shock your love?😂😂😂

  • 20 DAVID 09
    20 DAVID 09 1 month ago

    Joe weller Snapchat anybody ?😂

  • Daniela Abby
    Daniela Abby 1 month ago

    Love the song not the video,less interesting the music video deserve better

  • happy dog
    happy dog 1 month ago

    NEW music!!!!!!!!

  • Kimberly Rojas
    Kimberly Rojas 1 month ago

    me ddezuzckribo pork hnno tiene simetria el mianigra
    ft. pedritoRexOMG777

  • In_Vas_Por
    In_Vas_Por 1 month ago

    This song reminds me of 2010-2012 when the raves were lit and the music was FIRE.

  • lengvij speeker
    lengvij speeker 1 month ago

    banging track brav.. sounds abit like becky hill

  • Makeup by Rory
    Makeup by Rory 1 month ago

    great song, but i don't understand how the lyrics are relevant to the music video?

  • idonotnomyacc
    idonotnomyacc 1 month ago

    who loves LAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Marithei T
    Marithei T 1 month ago

    This song was released in 2015 without hailee and sigala and its pretty much the same ... So it would be fair if it was just sigala remix

  • Diverse
    Diverse 1 month ago

    Now I'm about to lose my mind 😍

  • Malwina Bialek
    Malwina Bialek 1 month ago

    such a good song 💖

  • Emilija Mikas
    Emilija Mikas 1 month ago


  • melody ou
    melody ou 1 month ago


  • I Am Your Hope
    I Am Your Hope 1 month ago

    They get a free car, he gets a free house lmao.

  • Alan M
    Alan M 1 month ago

    oh look it's TRUMP 2:04

  • Ariana Salgado
    Ariana Salgado 1 month ago

    I came here for Hailee and she's not in it 😐 Who else was here for her?

  • ibarix
    ibarix 1 month ago

    Why is cutie Hailee not in the video???? That was a bad call.

  • BIM !BAD - BOY!
    BIM !BAD - BOY! 1 month ago

    wwwow amazing song

  • Eyes In Pairs
    Eyes In Pairs 1 month ago

    Donald Trump is involved in everything (2:00)

  • Matsimus Gaming
    Matsimus Gaming 1 month ago

    Lol wow.... ANOTHER road trip video of independent women travelling across the US and being rebels.....lame. great song though

  • Snape, Snape, Severus Snape DUMBLEDORE!

    Yeah I just wanna CHOKE YOU, LOVE~ XD

  • Aphrodite
    Aphrodite 1 month ago

    Shock your love?

  • kia 2145
    kia 2145 1 month ago

    put a donk on it

  • Egrixx Zsofi
    Egrixx Zsofi 1 month ago

    Hailee 😱😍❤❤ I love this song so much

  • MsSdsd12
    MsSdsd12 1 month ago


  • Zainul Mustofa
    Zainul Mustofa 1 month ago

    Music video like DJ Snake ft Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You! :v

  • Phillip Pham
    Phillip Pham 1 month ago

    Why do EDM music videos always have skinny white girls being stupid and reckless?

  • Djakin Channel
    Djakin Channel 1 month ago

    [Verse 1: Hailee Steinfeld]
    I'll do this the right way
    Not gonna run away from these things I can't escape from
    'Cause that's how I used to play it
    Never takin' a chance, I've waited too long

    [Refrain: Hailee Steinfeld]
    But I'ma show you right now all the love that I feel
    Invite you inside, so you'll see that it's real
    Yeah this is the moment, the second, the time
    Now I'm about to lose my mind

    [Pre-Chorus: Hailee Steinfeld]
    'Cause I just wanna show you love
    Show you love
    Yeah I just wanna show you love
    Show you love

    [Chorus: Hailee Steinfeld]
    'Cause I just wanna show you love
    Show you love, show you love, oh
    I just wanna show you love
    Show you love, show you love

    [Verse 2: Hailee Steinfeld]
    I'll show you I'm not afraid
    'Cause I can't be afraid of a feeling that I don't know
    So tell me now, do you feel the same?
    'Cause if you do then I'm never gonna let you go

    [Refrain: Hailee Steinfeld]
    But I'ma show you right now all the love that I feel
    Invite you inside, so you'll see that it's real
    Yeah this is the moment, the second, the time
    Now I'm about to lose my mind

    [Pre-Chorus: Hailee Steinfeld]
    'Cause I just wanna show you love
    Show you love
    Yeah I just wanna show you love
    Show you love

    [Chorus: Hailee Steinfeld]
    'Cause I just wanna show you love
    Show you love, show you love, oh
    I just wanna show you love
    Show you love, show you love

    [Bridge: Hailee Steinfeld]
    I gotta tell you what I wanna say
    Don't wanna save it for another day, yeah
    Now it's time to give my heart away
    And now I can't stop, can't stop

    [Pre-Chorus: Hailee Steinfeld]
    'Cause I just wanna show you love, ayy
    Show you love
    Yeah I just wanna show you love, yeah
    Show you love

    [Chorus: Hailee Steinfeld]
    'Cause I just wanna show you love
    Show you love, show you love, oh
    I just wanna show you love
    Show you love, show you love, yeah, yeah

  • thegreenweirdo210
    thegreenweirdo210 1 month ago

    this is awesome! I love this song
    I heard it in an advert and had to check it out

  • Juan Carlos Catalán Nájera

    Man, that blonde girl, so hot...

  • Krogz
    Krogz 1 month ago

    what's the blondeys names

  • maya kato
    maya kato 1 month ago

    que raro mi apellido es KATO es de origen japones

  • Amanda Le
    Amanda Le 1 month ago

    This deserves so much more views....

  • PRAVEEN DedSec
    PRAVEEN DedSec 1 month ago

    sounds like "SHOW KU LOVE ".lol

  • SK3LL 21
    SK3LL 21 1 month ago

    Hey guys don't mean to self-promote but... (blahhhh).
    I'm a 13 year old music producer from India and love making music I have a new original and a remix so pls check it out XD thanks give feedback drop a like and spread the word


    Guys! ı m tellin ya! This Music will be the best one of this month!!!! Congrats👏👏

  • It's Nivu here
    It's Nivu here 2 months ago

    Go Hailee♡

  • Daniel Klimovich
    Daniel Klimovich 2 months ago

    I hear "shoke you love".

  • BxtchsLove Goku
    BxtchsLove Goku 2 months ago

    Did these three wealthy white bitches from the hills just rob a struggling small business??

  • Luchitha Jayawardena
    Luchitha Jayawardena 2 months ago


  • Slbcampeao1
    Slbcampeao1 2 months ago

    Haileeee <3

  • Skull Songs
    Skull Songs 2 months ago

    Damn deep house.

  • Hadia Saif
    Hadia Saif 2 months ago

    who's here because of hailee? 😍❤🔥💯

  • Layel Periwinkle
    Layel Periwinkle 2 months ago

    love this song

  • ETRextran
    ETRextran 2 months ago

    this video is like a car advertisement, showing you shit they paid good cash for but it doesnt make any goddamn sense.

  • Paul patty
    Paul patty 2 months ago


  • Sara Failla
    Sara Failla 2 months ago

    I literally can't hear anything other than "I just wanna choke you love" and I was really confused and had to double check the title to make sure I was not hearing this right.

  • It's me
    It's me 2 months ago

    i thought it says KYGO 😂😂

  • GG baby
    GG baby 2 months ago

    Were the hell was hailee steinfield i came here because of her

  • Sofia Castellanos
    Sofia Castellanos 2 months ago

    love sigala💖😍👑

  • danzer0
    danzer0 2 months ago

    I just wanna choke you love...

  • Tayo J
    Tayo J 2 months ago

    This Is Goging On Now 97.

  • maria olivia gonzales mamani

    me gusto el.video

  • Talha Hussain
    Talha Hussain 2 months ago

    I see Sigala, I click.

  • kyungsoo's wife
    kyungsoo's wife 2 months ago

    I'm here because of hailee.

  • Natasha Lovevevo
    Natasha Lovevevo 2 months ago


  • Angela Jacqueline
    Angela Jacqueline 2 months ago

    here for Hailee

  • Ruvin Kingi-Potangaroa


  • Vincent Segers
    Vincent Segers 2 months ago

    Nice beat

  • YourMother
    YourMother 2 months ago


  • Anny Indarti
    Anny Indarti 2 months ago

    those models are beautiful. anyone know their names?

    • Kadri Pajo
      Kadri Pajo 2 months ago

      One of the brunettes is Madeleyn Kurg

  • Ricarda Bruscato
    Ricarda Bruscato 2 months ago

    Would be so much better with Hailee in this video🔥but damn her voice😻💘

  • Andrea RichMount
    Andrea RichMount 2 months ago

    Featuring Hailee Steinfeld? She Sang The Whole Song While Theses Idiots Just Dance Around!😡 FYI Who Steals Money Then Throws It? IDIOTS

    • Marithei T
      Marithei T 1 month ago

      +GamePuzzle actualité kato did the work the song was released in 2015 and the beat,the lyrics everything is the same sigala did nothing and hailee just sang but you if you have listened the original you Will not find any differences

    • GamePuzzle
      GamePuzzle 1 month ago

      the people throwing money around is someone they got in the music video, not the actual producers

    • GamePuzzle
      GamePuzzle 1 month ago

      What the fuck are you talking about? hailee did the least amount of work here, sigala & kato made the entire song

  • Victoria Zouali Nkodia Lhoni

    "Yes, I just wanna show you love"

  • David Sistaro
    David Sistaro 2 months ago

    Hailee Steinfeld do the digital love music video for next time

  • roger viduya
    roger viduya 2 months ago

    Thought Hailee is in the MV, it's a little bit disappointment. But it's a nice song tho.

  • JLX Productions
    JLX Productions 2 months ago


  • Nicole Umbides
    Nicole Umbides 2 months ago

    where os haileee

  • Hilany Caldas
    Hilany Caldas 2 months ago

    Só to aqui pela Hailee

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