PERFECT Ramen Noodles in Osaka Japan: Ichiran Ramen

This is a BOLD claim I know, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about this place since I came back from Osaka, Japan.

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Author oooBASTIooo ( ago)
If you like spicy ramen and are in Tokyo, go to usagi ramen and try their soupless tantanmen..

Author oooBASTIooo ( ago)
ichiran is so overrated imo

Author jimmy C. ( ago)
I went here today and IT WAS THE BEST RAMEN I EVER HAD Jesus you did not hype this up for nothing. and if it wasn't for you I would have never found this place. SO THANK YOU!!!...... but I am forever broken, how will I ever eat this in Seattle.

Author Omar Tarek ( ago)
I actually went to this restaurant in my vacation in japan with my mother and trust me this ramen is gorgeous if you like ramen youll love this and if you dont this will change your mind!!!

Author Ppp Rrr ( ago)
"throw all of my instant noodles in the trash"

No you won't...

Author John Christian ( ago)
Mikey you should choose spice level 20 on the sheet

Author echo star ( ago)
It's funny how the egg was done perfectly in Japan and powdered in USA

Author sawadikin ( ago)
rich people eat >¥1000 poor people eat <¥1000.

sad but average Japanese spend <¥800 each time they eat.
this vid is representative how the rich eat.

Author iam007richie ( ago)
thats it. I am going to Japan

Author Lily Zhao ( ago)
I'm drooling over here!!! xD

Author TinyTerra xD ( ago)
The main thing in ramen is the bra

Author xAMV'Z ( ago)
I miss Ichiran ramen already. Went to japan last year and it was SUGOI :D

Author aobayylmao son ( ago)
Just got back from Japan this morning and omg I have to thank you for making this video and bringing this place to my attention, my boyfriend and I went here 4 times during our visit, we were obsessed it's so good!!

Author parttimegod 17 ( ago)
Show me the location. I am on my way

Author Kharmitas ( ago)
I don't know why I subject myself to Solo Travel Blog's douchey food commentary when yours is genuinely passionate and meaningful, and the word 'buckwild' isn't part of your lexicon.

Author Key vwj ( ago)
your food review is awesomeee

Author Isagani Concepcion ( ago)
I think that so too much green onion in the ramen

Author angel lopez ( ago)
Jackie chan eating ramen.....

Author Lety Roxtar ( ago)
I am so hungry now.

Author Alex Uzumaki ( ago)
Oh my god I'm so hungry

Author Natarajan Ramanshankar ( ago)
You look like Jackie Chan

Author Keane L. ( ago)
Wait till you try the fukuoka store............

Author Drake Sanos ( ago)
your passion for food is so awesome great video like and sub

Author Blanks ( ago)
i feel like instant noodles is already high quality so if i'm trying this ramen i might feel raped and i don't know if i'm ready

Author sher lock ( ago)
Its 4 am so hungry watching someone eating ramen 🍜 😢

Author Thejjone ( ago)
tried recently in Tokyo, it was the worst ramen we had by far during our japan trip and we had 9 meals with ramen! the soup was too "porky" and heavy, pork was not that good..

Author hilmi yahyah ( ago)
i kept missreading it as ichiraku ramen :(

Author Lia van Stevelen ( ago)
I subbed, love for Japan

Author Renata Lin ( ago)
Did you know they make them into two minute noodle now!

Author Mark Salazar ( ago)
7:22 Even their lonely ladies look good and not obese.

Author Darcel Cooper ( ago)
Kinda wanna go to Japan to taste this food💯but I heard they don't like black people😩🚮🤦🏽‍♂️don't want my ramen to come with a bit of spit😭😭💯

Author ajadventure 90 ( ago)
this reminded me of food wars! the way he has an orgasm after each bite

Author Dope Reefer ( ago)
i have never eaten a meal like this. I'm very interested.

Author toni sargent ( ago)
looks great to eat

Author Ace Victory ( ago)
3:56 look closely theres a orange spot on the matcha custard

Author vermilion gin ( ago)
imagine donald trump doing the video, LOL

Author dian sa ( ago)

Author Masanori Koyama ( ago)
Get extra "Kaedama" noodles! Ichiran is all about Kaedama.

Author Life To The Full Channel ( ago)
This makes me want to go to Japan, just to have a bowl of that Ramen soup. Even though I haven't had authentic Ramen yet, after watching this, I don't think I can ever go back to instant Ramen from a plastic package! Have to check out the spot in Brooklyn... until Japan! :-)

Author Christopher Robles ( ago)
Mike my man you know anytime you go to that restaurant again please take me with you

Author TenzoG ( ago)
naruto approves

Author William Marcoux ( ago)
I always battle my mind when i choose to add hot sauce or no hot sauce to food.

Author Dulguun Onontuul ( ago)
I enjoy watching you eat

Author Exgecko ( ago)
Wow i love how everyone has their own little space in there :DD

Author RogueBlazer ( ago)
That woman behind him is so pretty

Author Bonbon VRock ( ago)

Author September2091 ( ago)
i tried level 20 spices for my ichiran ramen before, and it wasn't too bad. i think the most i ever had for kaedama was 6? it was that good ^____^

Author Marvin Weinrich ( ago)
why are you eating in the coat room

Author Bryan Aguilar ( ago)
i swear to god this dude sure does know how to make a nigga hungry

Author Cam Eron ( ago)
I love this channel.

Author Jack da king ( ago)
I know slurping isn't a problem in Japan but I still can't shake my annoyance with it.

Author BVargas78 ( ago)
Those noodles look excellent.

Author Swordsmen ( ago)
Omg i cant believe that i didnt know about this place when i was in Osaka 😭

Author The Hydragon ( ago)
Was this the inspiration for Ichiraku from Naruto?

Author Gabriel Nyrén ( ago)
holy, this clip is SOOOO CHEESY!!

Author derrack1 ( ago)
the food description is just as vivid as a painting, it should have it's own art gallery in LA

Author Rae orri ( ago)
Four days ago, in Osaka my brother and I woke up at 2AM to have one last bowel of ichiran ramen before our flight in the morning. Thank you for your amazing videos. It really helped us on our trip to Japan.

Author Pe pe ( ago)
I don't like slimy yoke

Author Daniel Cerutti ( ago)
Dude! That looks amazing!!!

Author Michelle Leung ( ago)
Thinking about how I would I would have gotten the two extra cloves of garlic (and probably asked if I could have gotten more).

Author John Doe ( ago)
Is this the guy who does beyond science videos?

Author bobbo badfa ( ago)
Just binged all of your videos and ended up watching this one again. You rock.

Author Saint Guardian ( ago)
How do you eat so much!

Author Zavier Smedley ( ago)
I would JIZZ if I ate those noodles............I LOVE PHO OMG!!! #longlivejapan

Author Katherine Noman ( ago)
i felt so jealous of the ramen so i pretended the chips i was eating tasted like that

Author Hi I'm A Potato ( ago)
I was watching this while eating instant ramen. Atleast it was spicy.

Author Amy Na ( ago)
it's magic
defenetly magic

Author bruceliem ( ago)
Delicious ramen

Author MsMich710 ( ago)
We just had this in Yokohama and was so happy to see it was the place you ate at!!! I agree the best Ramen I've ever had!!

Author Marcus Or ( ago)
just a casual meal in japan, only around 20 dollars for what he ordered...

Author Bernie Smith ( ago)
Yeah, but did you try McDonald's while you were in the USA? That is a culinary master piece.

Author XxlizzylitxX 1 ( ago)
Dude quick question is there a machine where you trade American money to Japan money

Author DatBunker ( ago)
Damn... I need to go there...

Author Ryan Wu ( ago)
Hey mike fyi they're expanding out of Japan!

Author Buk Lau ( ago)
Thumbs up for the amount of food this guy can eat, goddamn o.O

Author Da'Mon - The World's Worst Rapper // Magician // Tech Vlogger // Gamer ( ago)
I had really good ramen around Tokyo, but this sounds like it's worth a trip to Osaka to check out. I loved pretty much everything about Japan, and the food was high on my list of loves. Another trip will be in the near future!

Author Tunacrab ( ago)
great channel, dig your style.

Author Usama DNA ( ago)
Your one video has made me subscribe to you! Good job! :D

Author My destiny K. βunNinG ( ago)
your look like Jackie chan haha XD

Author Kevin W ( ago)
Hi, Mike, I love your videos, but I was wondering if you can leave a Google maps link of the places where you are eating in the video description to help people find the places that you are referring. I am trying to find these places on Google maps for my upcoming trip to Japan but I often have to guess is it really the same location because sometimes there are multiple results with the same name. Thanks!

Author Popart Films ( ago)
I also ate here in Tokyo. I can confirm; this was by far the best Ramen of my LIFE!

Author Karl Tabby ( ago)
young jackie

Author Zak Fuji ( ago)
I love to eat my shitty top ramen while watching this and feel disappointed.

Author Auricale ( ago)
You made me so hungry xD

Author sora kazashimo ( ago)
Lol naruto got the ichiraku ramen from this place

Author Exidy YT ( ago)
That is some goddamn tasty lookin ramen. A Japan tour is on my bucket list, and I fully intend to try each prefecture's specialty dishes when I go. I am usually slightly nervous of a place that is so 'must try' for tourists that they have menus and ordering lists in English, but Mike knows his noodles, so I'll trust that this place is as good as it looks.

Author M0chie ( ago)
u remind me of naruto

Author Elijah Shadow ( ago)
where is this place?

Author rendell lee ( ago)
Dont the people sitting beside you get kinda disturbed when youre talking? Eheh just asking.

Author Jerry Chan ( ago)
So... Sniff* Until we meet again..... 1 Day Later

We Meet Again.

Author Silver Ninja ( ago)
You make me suffer!!!!!! XO

Author Slimjim Danforth ( ago)
I absolutely have to go there when I'm older

Author Sniperbacca F ( ago)
Hands Down I'm trying Ramen first THEN. imma go to Japan And try their Ramen and compare it

Author Nhi Tutorials ( ago)
Do not watch this if you are starving
Cough cough me cough
Me:drooling behind the screen 😭 I want ramen

Author Vasu Bansal ( ago)
maybe ichiran ramen inspired
ichiraku ramen

Author Vasu Bansal ( ago)
i want it now

Author Archeia ( ago)
I want this Ramen right now.

Author Christopher Robles ( ago)
Omg I'm a drolling

Author Tini Marini ( ago)

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