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Author Sanic Hegehog (4 years)
@Rdrake1413 no. people think bad of the U.S. because they need to find a
reason to hate us. we are just like any other culture in the world

Author ابو امير الاردن (5 years)
نفسي اعرف شو الاستفاده يلا سيئات حتا ونتا نايم

Author Freckle47 (4 years)
Latinas or arabs, who cares? They are whores, that's a fact.

Author Amanda F (4 years)
hahaha Hell yea Fkin ugly like a Motha Fker

Author LBB988 (3 years)

Author mendrik (3 years)

Author habebe1991 (5 years)
lmao.... what the girl doing holiding the american flag? trator! ugly trash
this is

Author Von Ursache (3 years)
@person who has uploaded this video .... Go and check your sisters ... It
will be better for you..

Author Shia Muslim (5 years)
you are fuk stupid

Author Awwadhbin (5 years)
they are not Arabs you idiot

Author Starscorpios (2 years)
Huh?, American girls those belongs to the US Army.

Author Firas Fadhil (4 years)
هؤلاء منظفات فلبينيات يعملن في قواعد الجيش العراقي, هذه القاعة في معسكر
التاجي وتضم منام الجنود العراقيين, مباني مدرسة الدروع كتيبة اليات الرشيد

Author DodgeVip3r (5 years)
@Muzafari Kurdish maybe not Afghan, Afghan girls would rather die than do
this. Arab girls are big sluts just type that on youtube youll see

Author lore reol (4 years)

Author 3ddyUS85 (4 years)

Author chillerAJ (4 years)
those girls are turkish hahah for fuck sake !

Author Rdrake1413 (4 years)
You are only ugly if you act ugly. No wonder people think bad of the US
when you say ugly things about other cultures. Open your eyes these women
are beautiful.

Author alslmi561061 (5 years)

Author Fantastic3er (4 years)
you kidding me ??? why show handikap girls and clame that they are iraqis ?

Author schej gucci (5 years)
ugly girls and pfff what they trying to represent ? their flapsss lmao

Author Ahmad Samir (3 years)
all of them are translators???? hmmm that's huge, you could just say that
they are americans and we would believe you man

Author Samie Samie (4 years)
bitches ,, arab or not it dosent mattar

Author MrMarnix (4 years)
No man would pass on this. Maybe not supermodels, but definitely attractive
girls. Calling them ugly tells something about your political views or
perhaps your sexual preference for men.

Author mohamed hakim (5 years)
من ستر عورة أخيه المسلم ، ستر الله عورته يوم القيامة ، ومن كشف عورة أخيه
المسلم كشف الله عورته حتى يفضحه في بيتة - إلغاء اى مقطع هتك اعراض يرجى
القيام بالتالي 1 - flag 2- ثم تجد جمله وهي- sexual content ثم nudity ثم ومن
ثم تقوم بالضغط على المربع المكتوب فيهFlag this Video (انشر الله يكرمك)

Author iraqzayouna (5 years)
هؤلاء البنات ليسوا عراقيات هؤلاء فلمبينيات و تايلندات those girls are
Philippenies and Thilands. They are not iraqier

Author Taher Fkri (5 years)
@yabashoof وهي احتفالات مراجعهم باحتلال العراق في 9نيسان وترونهن يرفعن
العلم الامريكي ولسن عراقيات بل هن من ال الحكيم والصدر والجلبي

Author SAMEERABDELHADI (2 years)
Not arabs they a usa

Author Jay sorry (5 years)
probably Kurdish

Author AL DULAIMI OMAR (4 years)
@cuthala والله ما في قواد غيرك ياابن القحبه .. انت قواد كمان لانك تحمل
ارقام القواويد .. ابن زنا انت .. ما شاء الله الامارت صارت ام الدعاره والزنا
في العالم والكواويد انتو يا ابن الشرموطه

Author schej gucci (5 years)
oh before i forget to write,, clean your room girls coz its messed up it
looks like a bitches hostle

Author Young Slim (5 years)

Author lore reol (4 years)
boha sind die weiber hässlig libanon weiber sind tausend mal hübscher man

Author GusBariga (4 years)
the one in the mini jeans is not bad looking but can't say the same for the
other two.

Author george kivarkes (5 years)
بيقرفو واااااااااااااااااااااع

Author sexincairo (5 years)
leopardking go and find some dog to fuck you do you know ur father name ?

Author mmtov1 (3 years)
...Jewish girls, much more beautiful

Author Abu Sofian (3 years)
u mean latin fuckin-american?

Author qumatz (5 years)
What the fuck!

Author Taqifsha Nanen (4 years)

Author Edi Bosnic (4 years)

Author jhass407 (5 years)

Author sfsfnono (4 years)
بنات القادة من اسامة بن لادن والمسيار

Author lebaneseguy111 (5 years)
not iraqis...

Author c000lb000y (5 years)
We saved the world from the communism, we defeated the soviet union and now
we are paying its price. In that time you were shouting "Islam is
communism" but we were lying in our blood to defeat the communism. Now the
arab terrorist come to my country and blow themselves to go to "Jannah". I
tell them one thing: " go and blow your ugly asses in your khawarej
countries cause your wife is being fucked by her boyfriend while you are
blowing yourself in my country to kill the inocent children."

Author c000lb000y (5 years)
You arab assholes are so biased from the holy religion of Islam that your
wives, sisters and daughters show their dumb asses and cucumber like
breasts to others in hope of getting fucked. Send them to Afghanistan so we
can help you with fucking theirs pussies( i like only pussy). I am sure you
cowards and pig like creatures would thank us doing that for you cause you
do not have "ezah". You call nakedness the modernity so in your opionion
animals are the most modern cauase they are naked.

Author DodgeVip3r (5 years)
@Muzafari Your right akhi, to them these things are normal even if its
their own mother or sister.

Author monkeyhmong87 (5 years)
must be bushing down there

Author scotty1045 (4 years)
You girls need to straighten up your dorm room. Nice video though.

Author lore reol (4 years)
@telom leidest du unter geschmack veriirung die sind total hässlig aus

Author Jeff Hays (5 years)
You are exactly part of the problem, you are a racist

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