10 All-time BIGGEST HITS in NHL History

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  • TPS
    TPS 3 months ago

    Which hit made you go CRAZY??

    Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Let us know in the comment section and we will credit you in the video if your idea is picked.

  • Tommy Slavic
    Tommy Slavic 12 hours ago

    crosby won the fight U fucking retard

  • Jordan Nate
    Jordan Nate 1 day ago

    You absolutely ruined this video by having a commentator. The hits are hard enough; let them speak for themselves.

  • François-Xavier Ringuet

    That Kevin Spacey hoody >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Jason Burk
    Jason Burk 3 days ago

    Number four

  • kdogg
    kdogg 6 days ago

    Scott Stevens and Wendel Clarke not on here?????

  • savagebeast318
    savagebeast318 6 days ago

    forgot pk destroying marchand

  • pavneet brar
    pavneet brar 7 days ago

    Sid and malkin are the best

  • Flyers Fan
    Flyers Fan 10 days ago

    im god bro

  • Austin Blochlinger
    Austin Blochlinger 10 days ago

    How did Crosby get destroyed on that fight? Lmao he had some decent punches and ended up on top

  • mmohaki
    mmohaki 10 days ago

    omg shut up and let us watch in peace....

  • NHL Compilations
    NHL Compilations 10 days ago

    all sub me i sub pak

  • Trebor Skeem
    Trebor Skeem 11 days ago

    You talk too much

  • Anouar Eltobgi
    Anouar Eltobgi 11 days ago

    Do top 10 hardest NHL slap shots

  • Eli Arthurton
    Eli Arthurton 11 days ago

    Number 2

  • Kyle Boyer
    Kyle Boyer 11 days ago

    scott stevens has atleast 3 hits that should have cracked the top 5 on this list

  • Ender Bandit23
    Ender Bandit23 11 days ago

    The one that made me go crazy is when the guy threw the other guy like 5 feet

  • Isman21 The Marble Racer

    just OW!

  • Boner Johnston
    Boner Johnston 12 days ago

    Hey faggot next time you do a hockey video wear a fucking jersey to support your team. Not some queer ass hoodie with another dude on it.

  • Philip Ranieri
    Philip Ranieri 12 days ago

    How the hit from Stevens in the '95 Stanley Cup is not in is insane. someone mentioned the Marita and Lindros hit those are good. check out the hit on Detroit from '95. Epic. Horrible list without it...

  • kieran hera
    kieran hera 13 days ago

    why does he sound so much like jonah hill?

  • hot dude17
    hot dude17 13 days ago

    no Scott Stevens this guy don't know hockey at all 😂😂

  • Noah Petherbridge
    Noah Petherbridge 14 days ago

    The term "Kronwalled" exists for a reason

  • Gooby Gamin
    Gooby Gamin 14 days ago

    This list is a price of shit were the actual fuck is the hardest hitter in the NHL Scott Stevens hita

  • Salomon Caldera
    Salomon Caldera 14 days ago

    Paul brothers r trash

  • Rob Clemente
    Rob Clemente 14 days ago

    Crosby did not lose that fight sum

  • JG179 _
    JG179 _ 16 days ago

    I liked the video but the guy narrating was so fucking annoying

  • Brandt Kopec
    Brandt Kopec 16 days ago

    Crosby beat Vallard...

  • Alex Hughes
    Alex Hughes 16 days ago

    Crosby won that fight

  • Sin Tricks
    Sin Tricks 17 days ago

    U don't shut tfu

  • Blue Rut
    Blue Rut 17 days ago

    Taking flight

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind 17 days ago

    best video ever

  • Isaac Ludu
    Isaac Ludu 18 days ago

    Subbans hit in Marchand?

  • Barbie Reynolds
    Barbie Reynolds 18 days ago

    this lists that include multiple entries in a spot are fucking lame as fuck. 2. all the old time hits..fucking cop out bullshit. pick 10 ..thumbs down and no sub.

  • Mr.Epic72
    Mr.Epic72 18 days ago

    ur a fucking dumbass, with a shitty YouTube account, get out of your mom's basement and do something with your life

  • Nick Newman
    Nick Newman 18 days ago

    most of these hits r illegal lol y even say didn't wanna put any dirty hits in if most of them r dirty

  • robert jones
    robert jones 18 days ago

    this narrator is a jackass

  • godofwar2k6reborn
    godofwar2k6reborn 19 days ago

    Just show the clips. We don't need your commentary.

  • falerdog
    falerdog 19 days ago

    since you had some silly rules about this one you should make another 10 biggest hits who led to injury/knocked out cold/ended careers.
    but i mean big hits not high sticking etc. and you should look more into the 90's than recent years which are more rare in hits, even it mean low res like some of the hits here.
    example : sammi kappenen and tie tomi

  • Matthew Collins
    Matthew Collins 19 days ago

    The last one

  • hunter long
    hunter long 20 days ago

    Where is kronwall wtf list is this

  • Ian C
    Ian C 21 day ago

    This guy doesn't know about hockey period sorry

  • Monika
    Monika 22 days ago

    I would be so scared if I was the person sitting in front of the glass

  • Matthew Frankowski
    Matthew Frankowski 22 days ago

    get on with the videos

  • Levi's Outdoors
    Levi's Outdoors 22 days ago

    Wait you forgot the hit that put Eric Lindros out of his career

  • Ethan Blouin
    Ethan Blouin 22 days ago


  • Glitched
    Glitched 22 days ago

    Nobody cares about hockey

  • John Dinkins
    John Dinkins 22 days ago

    what about subban's hit on marchand

  • The Joker_BW45
    The Joker_BW45 23 days ago

    dont fuck with people named steve smith, they are agressive af

  • Jason Dubbin
    Jason Dubbin 23 days ago

    I was at the game when phaneuf still played for the flames and knocked out okposo with a huge hit and the Scott Stevens hit on Paul karyia should be on this list

  • Todd Roisum
    Todd Roisum 23 days ago

    1,000th comment

  • Todd Roisum
    Todd Roisum 23 days ago


  • LightningBoltAlex Alex

    This was the best

  • Jim Panze
    Jim Panze 23 days ago

    best hoodie ever

  • 5LikesForMe
    5LikesForMe 24 days ago

    Bro, I came to watch a top 10, not some jackass who keeps interrupting with unfunny jokes.

  • OkayNiceOne
    OkayNiceOne 24 days ago

    3:13 Wtf are you talking about? Look up the fight and you'll see Crosby whoops his ass. The stupidity in the video is immense.

  • Daim EP
    Daim EP 24 days ago

    In that day u were able to head hunt so Messier is innocent of a dirty hit

  • emupike6
    emupike6 24 days ago

    Not a bad list, but you gotta have Marchand getting destroyed by subban

  • magburner
    magburner 24 days ago

    4:24 Where the fuck am I!???

  • Ondřej Plecák
    Ondřej Plecák 24 days ago

    OMG man you speaking so much... I just wanna see the game

  • Kyle Clayton
    Kyle Clayton 25 days ago

    His voice is annoying as fuck.

  • Jax Reda A.k.a goalie Goomba 2981

    The Stacy facy sweatshirt tho

  • BoatsNhoes 311
    BoatsNhoes 311 25 days ago

    Bad commentating and for the live of god get the players names correct

  • Steve Lattimer
    Steve Lattimer 26 days ago

    Shut the fuck up and show the clips

  • Lewis Hepburn
    Lewis Hepburn 26 days ago

    The one when they had no helmets on was how you played years ago in no that because I play hockey myself

  • letsgoheat1368
    letsgoheat1368 26 days ago

    repping the panthers with the spacey in space 🔥🔥

  • Brody Bernard
    Brody Bernard 27 days ago

    I'm a die hard penguins fan

  • The Real JrB
    The Real JrB 27 days ago

    Clint Malarchuck???

  • Kate O'Toole
    Kate O'Toole 28 days ago


  • brian neil
    brian neil 28 days ago

    how is wendel clark not on this list? lol.... still a good list

  • Hunter Battistone
    Hunter Battistone 1 month ago

    The reason they have to hate on Malkin and Crosby is because there good that's why ur happy to see them hit hard like if u agree.

  • Joey Simons
    Joey Simons 1 month ago

    Where charas hit on mat

  • Christopher Palmer
    Christopher Palmer 1 month ago

    Jenereat loses it in the buffalo broadcast when campell drills umberger.

  • Hazards Lightning
    Hazards Lightning 1 month ago

    Fuck this guy is annoying, I came here for a sports lists video not this stuttering mid-20's gay stunt double wearing a shitty joke on his hoodie.

  • Jollene Littlechild
    Jollene Littlechild 1 month ago

    yah Sidney Crosby beat him up

    DA LIL OCP 1 month ago

    This dude had not played a game of hockey in his damn life. He has no clue what he is saying

  • Josh Kochiss
    Josh Kochiss 1 month ago

    I'm a rangers fan

  • Jovan Bozic
    Jovan Bozic 1 month ago

    Milan savage

  • Dr Octagon
    Dr Octagon 1 month ago

    This guy looks like that creepy dude from ted

  • Chrnan6710
    Chrnan6710 1 month ago

    4:22 A couple years ago, I attended a hockey camp. Mr. Umberger himself was actually there for a day, as the regular coaches had invited him for fun. I asked him about this hit, and he said he doesn't remember it. I'm not surprised.

  • kwflhorns
    kwflhorns 1 month ago

    Crosby beat Ballard in the fight

  • jason perry
    jason perry 1 month ago

    no scott stevens?

  • Chris Fast
    Chris Fast 1 month ago

    Mike Cantaloupe can shut the fuck up

  • Jimmy Joe
    Jimmy Joe 1 month ago

    guy talks too much

  • G_razr
    G_razr 1 month ago

    Where was Scott Stevens he made way bigger hits that this

  • DANIEL 718
    DANIEL 718 1 month ago

    best nfl color rushes uniforms

  • Эдуард Бойцов

    Я русский

    GAGE HARDESTY 1 month ago

    I love malkin and Crosby

  • g
    g 1 month ago

    Nique ta mere tu parle trop fils de pute

  • Joey Cimino
    Joey Cimino 1 month ago

    you talk too fuckin much

  • Mr. Blurt
    Mr. Blurt 1 month ago

    Spacey in spaaaaaaaaaaaaace

  • Jakester gaming
    Jakester gaming 1 month ago

    number 4 like (I believe I can fly)

  • C Wagner
    C Wagner 1 month ago

    what about Darius Kasparaitis hit on Eric Lindros

  • Jack
    Jack 1 month ago

    2:28 was an absolute insult to injury

  • FishBait1427
    FishBait1427 1 month ago

    Where is the hit from when the goalkeeper took the legs out of the one guy forgot what team but it is amazing

  • Bill Ryan
    Bill Ryan 1 month ago


  • Daniel Olsson
    Daniel Olsson 1 month ago

    STOP TALKING AND JUST SHOW THE CLIPS FFS... never watching a vid from you again.

  • New Calm
    New Calm 1 month ago

    Holy shit stfu and show the clips

  • SmoothTheKid
    SmoothTheKid 1 month ago

    "gets destroyed in a fight" .... barely any of those punches landed and he only went down because he was pulled and lost his stance, that was barely a fight ... like 2 little kids

  • Awesome Funky Gamer
    Awesome Funky Gamer 1 month ago

    Holly gees, I really feel bad for the people in the audience who get the glass right in their freakin faces

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