Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back ) Choreography

Missionsgymnasium Bardel presents: "Bunter Abend 2007"
Backstreetboys Comeback, hottest performance at the event
recommeded act for any school/club/public performance

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Added: 7 years
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Author John Medina (7 days)
god wasting time with you ... not know whether to laugh or plead for them
not to feel sorry ... and horrible .. very bad job at least sue were
learned the choreography ... losers.

Author Indy The Great (3 months)
Terrible. Just a dumbed-down version of an already simple dance.

Author monsweet16 (6 years)
i cant lie i loved this song omg

Author RaliJ13 (7 years)
btw, if u wanna find this version of the song type in Backstreet Boys -
Everybody (My UNOFFICIAL Director's Cut). Thought u might wanna know. Bye!

Author soggy91 (3 years)

Author cutiecheeks1 (6 years)
i nkow that was soposed to be funny but wat was up with the shakein their
buts in the first bit?

Author gabomeister69 (6 years)
1:47-1:55.. pussyest moves ever, they really suck..all of then

Author Louis Eak (1 year)

Author SenseOfCompletion01 (7 years)
lol this is sooo cute! gr8 job! i just wanna get up and dance lool

Author marzuqah02 (6 years)
at the starting they looked gay 0_0 . imagine if this was the REAL
backstreet boys. ppl would've laughed their heads off.

Author Andy Wodarka (5 years)
Danke Dir

Author calebworkman98 (2 years)
not meaning to be a troll here but well......meg

Author RokettoDanFanGirl (1 year)

Author ohaiight21 (6 years)
they didnt even fuckin do it right. u should make a video apologizing to
the bsb for slaughtering this song. lol...losers.

Author Nuchling (7 years)
obageil ! backstreet gang1 - thats a good video !

Author Marwa Farouk (6 years)
Very cute...good training actually

Author eliann0212 (6 years)
i think they took u years to learn that choreography!!! :P but it was funny!

Author donaaAaaa (6 years)
HAhaahaha.NICE !!!

Author NyahNicole (6 years)

Author monydracomalfoy (6 years)
so funny congratulations

Author Gabbymadd22 (7 years)
The guy who does nick's part is cute.

Author cheesyunicorn209 (1 year)
this is so cute.

Author DinoRawrBlueLover (4 years)
OMG ahahaha i love thiss xD to be guys you damn dance well x)

Author Jesus fuentes (2 years)

Author Hema Malik (6 years)
westlife do this on a boybands tour and they do it MUCH better. all these
moves are gay, lol!! r these the actual backstreet boys or are they a
tribute???? coz if they are actualli backstreet boys they are rubbish!!!
luvvin westlife 4 eva!!!!!!!!!!!

Author mid middleton (6 years)
good try guys takes guts to do that and the crowd liked it

Author fienistelrooy (6 years)
danke jungs! ihr habt uns die vorlage für unseren auftritt bei unserem
abiball geliefert! dankeschön, echt super

Author anythinggggg7 (6 years)
dude that was freakin sweet!!!! my friend and i dance to that song all the
time!!! we love bsb <3

Author Claire (2 years)
hahahah I LOVED IT!! lol so much charisma from the "leader" guy lol

Author kelenemo (5 years)
bare jokes. loved it! thanks for that ;-)

Author litllost (6 years)
Great fun from the backflip/changemind rolly polly at the start, to the
end. The guy in the white trousers and black hat had the best timing but
really good fun.

Author KiZzMyAzzx5 (6 years)
totally gay lol

Author redsoxchic73 (5 years)
quit hatin i loved it

Author RaliJ13 (7 years)
this version of the song is better!!

Author shortstackfan4eva (3 years)
i want to learn this so bad

Author twins1729 (5 years)
Funny, but they can't really dance! :P

Author Fier182 (7 years)
I can't find it too!!! if u find, please msg me too! thanks

Author Abdu7b (2 years)
Did you record this from your sock?

Author Jamie Whitehead (6 years)
good god... marry me? ahahaha loved it!!!

Author elmarc1080 (4 years)
alto cachete muy bueno el baile

Author fienistelrooy (6 years)
ja wir haben ne andere verwendet! ist uns aber leider erst kruzfristig
während des auftritts aufgefallen und somit mussten wir ein wenig
improvisieren aber passt schon! es fehlt ja der ganze teil bei dem alle bis
auf einer am boden hocken quasi...naja egal die meisten meinten, dass die
es nicht gemerkt haben^^ könnte evtl am alkohol gelegen haben also nochmals

Author Gabbymadd22 (7 years)
Actually, the guy who does nick's part is trying to hard.

Author edda8 (6 years)
love it i cant stop laughing

Author marcelschaefer89 (6 years)
^^ it#s fucking good - the same act we will show on our abiparty ^^

Author CHERMIGNAC (7 years)
serieusement, ca la, vous avez trop géré les gents ^^

Author LOVINGxYOU41 (5 years)

Author Cassie Bell (6 years)
The real Backstreet choreography was much better..

Author davincci2291 (4 years)
You guys are good

Author Solange Thomas (6 years)
Good job guys!! I love it ;)

Author Peyton Anthony (1 year)
I loved every second of it! hahaha omg

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