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Runtime: 4:41
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Author Robert Hill (2 days)
I can't totally relate this to depression, if I could scream probably I'd
love to shout this song at the top of my lungs as it just hits so hard

Author Bring Me The Horizon (20 days)
AW HELL NAW!!!!! Fucking slender man is driving an ambulance with oliver
sykes in it!!!!!!!!!!!! Creepy pasta practically runs my life and now it's
gonna try and invade in on my music too?! Fuck no! This aint gonna work out

Author Clock got bored. (1 month)
Does anyone even want to acknowledge about how this is about suicide, and
not just harp on about the quality of the video, or how cute Oli is?

Author Pink Demon (5 months)
i'll protect you olly !

Author 97AlanD (1 month)
On 0:44 I misheard the lyrics as "Started off as a one night stand (N-word)
to a fling"

Author Angel LetLive Diaz (9 months)
xD what the fuck I love BMTH but this is the first time I actually
"watched" the video to this song and xD whAT??

Author TheGizdal (1 month)
This is my favourite song ever and the video is amaaaazing omfg the meaning
behind everything *-*

Author Blaine Hicks (4 days)
The video is about all the demons the haunt oli and that the torture of
them chasing him never ends. That fighting them off has lead to suicide.

Author metabolicbianca (1 month)
jesus dude this song is actually really depressing and this video perfectly
portrays that

Author Meggy moo (20 days)
This video isn't about suicide? This video is about everything that Oliver
and the band have been through.
The vampires represent the people that have hurt them in the past.

Author Ghost.Flowers (1 month)
This is an awesome song but they should really redo it...whoever mixed it
did a piss poor job

Author Sipho Czok (3 months)
Bring me the HURENSOHN.

Author spooky tay (18 days)
talons raised, it's different're up to no good

Author Lea Schulte (8 days)
Just sayin:glory and gore go Hand in Hand 

Author Isabel Correa Gutierrez (25 days)
está canción tiene un significado especial, pero veo el video y no puedo
parar de reír XD

Author Jordan Murphy (7 days)
the good old days

Author petal dork (1 month)
the meaning behind the song and the way that it's carried out in the video
is AMAZING. REALLY great job. although the effects... not so amazing

Author GamingWisdom - Gaming Channel (3 months)
Is he talking about his fans? "Every second every minute every hour day!
It(They)Never ends(End)!

Author Franco Davis (6 days)
''BMTH 666'' lel

Author kittieslovemeows (20 days)
He's been asking for help for so long...

Author Pixel Queen (4 months)
Dude when I first discovered BMTH, I thought he was Mitchell Musso from
Hannah Montana xD And I'm in love with Matt Nichols

Author moima Škarkys (12 days)
this song is epic

Author 123roelo (6 days)
addicted to Bring Me The Horizon

Author Luis Fernando (25 days)
escuchar esta mierda me dio cancer de oido !!! 

Author Paul Phoenix (5 months)
this video sucks aaaaaaaaaaaaaass

Author Oliver-Vic Carquinn (25 days)

Author Piercethecait xo (4 days)

Author Aryelle Siqueira (1 month)
musica bosta, banda bosta, clipe bosta... the cry is free ;|

Author Harriette Papanakos (8 months)

Author SmartCool Funguy (2 months)
Great song but possibly the worst video I've seen by them here comes the
hate btw I love the band XD 

Author Luis Fernando (25 days)
parece que le meten un dildo en el fundillo cuando grita !!! 

Author Judith Ide (4 months)

Author nabor dgentelmena (6 months)
старые добрые бринги заебись, не то что сейчас, продались с потрохами 

Author Caira Loves Bands. (2 months)
AHH! XD at 2:20 oliver looks like hes having a baby ahahahahahaha I can't
stop laughing

Author Danny Bene (3 months)
why did that voice make me laugh? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD im sorry
(please don't overreact, fans, pretty pretty please)

Author Chris Dahlke (1 month)

Author Posledniq Reg (2 months)
02:11 pause o.o
jesus oly xD

Author lea P!ATD (26 days)
bring me the horizon are lyrical geniuses. it's so weird how their music
takes me to a whole new level of emotion that i have never experienced
before. their messages are so powerful and they really do deserve a shxt
load of success (more than they have now, even though it's a lot) my
english teacher would love these guys

Author jakub federal (1 month)

Author anaya allen (3 months)
I luv this song but the company that made the video fucking sucks. i've
never even heard of them before!

Author Sr Crazyweed (4 months)

Author Unclaimedtampon (7 months)

Author Toboggan Swanger (1 month)

Author Cyanna Naomi (7 months)
my thought this for the rest of the video:
she got to touch Oliver's hair... 

Author aq shades (4 months)
i hate this band so much and its fans and everything associated with this
awful genre of music.
if it was decent rock music, that would be alright. 

Author Geisielle Cardoso (2 months)

Author Tiana Nelson (4 months)
I didn't like this video at first because I didn't really know the meaning
of it, but then i found out AND I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!! 

Author Ava Sisk (7 months)
haha i love this song. i love the bit like "theree goes my lunch" :') lol

Author MinJeong Kim (5 months)
i really like the video for the meaning in them but i just wish they
would've made the chasing scene for realistic i mean it kinda looked
awkward... or was that the point

Author Oliver Rayson (3 months)
them grapics

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