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Author T H I C C B O I ( ago)
lol The license plate says BMTH 666

Author GrayCloud FOX! ( ago)
I've listened this once,
I've listened this twice,
I've listened this a thousand fucking times.
And I'm okay,
And I'm fine,
And this song is in my mind.

Author Carlos Correa ( ago)
3k of people post Sempiternal "fans"

Author A Random Phan. ( ago)
Hey, that's pretty good!

Author LxcasCHILE GB ( ago)
me dan ganas de llorar con esta cancion

Author Asd Fy ( ago)
1:59 - 2:07 love that part

Author CCGdiana ( ago)
Omg the number was bmth 666 😏😏😏

Author Craig Davies ( ago)
Greatest BMTH track, F*#k all the thumbs down this track owns

Author Natalia Wg ( ago)
When you drive yourself to the hospital

Author Kloie Posey ( ago)
Oli has eyebrows at 0:27 who knew?

Author Justin #BT96 ( ago)
Jefree Star is the nurse....

Author frerard is real ( ago)
i dont know why i found this song is really sad and frustating

Author Luan Coutinho Santos ( ago)
What's the name of that nurse?

Author polina shapira ( ago)

Author Monochrome Sky ( ago)

Author i write fanficts not tragedies l-/ ( ago)
Damn BMTH back at it again with the terrible music videos

Author tara bird ( ago)
I feel like this could relate to so many things , it shouts out to my
depression, but i think this could relate to his addiction to ketamine the
most, in so many ways yanooooww :/

Author I KILL ADCs ( ago)
3 thousand people that Subbed to Justin Bieber

Author metal head ( ago)
I didnt know till now it was that bloody and i loved this song for a long

Author TookeinPurple ( ago)
Sometimes my music taste confuses me. I swear to God, just a little while
ago I was rapping along to It Goes Down in the DM. ???idk

Author alternative “piercetheemily” penguin ( ago)
my opinion this is the most disturbing music video by bmth but I love them
there one of my fave bands

Author gemertjeps3 ( ago)
So i know oliver can't do the deadchores anymore, but can he do this?
'cause I will go to a concert from then and this is my favourite song from
them and i really like to hear it

Author Olianna Medwed ( ago)
пиздец он тут дрысня

Author jacosaur s ( ago)
████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

Author vv autumn ( ago)
What the actual ever - loving fuck is this!!?

Author Den Derevinskiy ( ago)
песня и так на 7 максимум тянет , а после этого клипа я ее вообще слушать
не буду. фу, мерзость...

Author Lyric ( ago)
started off with a one night stand lingered to a fling

Author Amy Mouze ( ago)
I fricking love this song!!!!!!!

Author Mikhael Keehl Zero ( ago)
It looks like my worst nightmare...

Author Paul O'Rourke ( ago)
I can't relate to depression as I've never been depressed but this song and
its lyrics are just so heavy hitting it puts you in the mind of someone
with depression and it's just so sad.

Author Vanessa Olivia.S ( ago)
Wow it's awesome *-*♡

Author Sumiko ( ago)
I hate the old version of BMTH... so much damn screaming

Author Giselly Batista ( ago)
Melhooorr Musiiicaaa ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Author Lewis Ratkovic ( ago)
The lyrics in this song are absolutely beautiful

Author ashes the king ( ago)
where are the rets of the band??

Author New screamerguy ( ago)
sadly they dont play this live anymore..

Author Madison Drowned ( ago)
That was creative!!! maybe to much

Author SY ( ago)
2:50 the feels ;( <3

Author Kristina Johnson ( ago)
I remember when i could not listen to this song because it was too
"hardcore" lol.

Author Brandon Burke ( ago)
This is a war...... Like this vid

Author smoshluv123 ( ago)
if someone asks how depression feels show them this video

Author Kyra Crank ( ago)
listen to this song all the time helps me escape this horrible reality

Author tb banshee ( ago)
0:13 he just droved it man

Author msp dween shine ( ago)
Waht the shit?! :D

Author Saad Ali ( ago)
oli predicted haters gonna run after him like that when they change their

Author Sky71576 ( ago)
What the hell is Ishmael doing driving that ambulance?

Author AJ SCHMID ( ago)
Is it just me or did this video make somebody else laugh too? CGI was too
much for me xD

Author Reid Simpson ( ago)
OMG I LOVE THIS BAND. I really want to buy a ticket to see them in Aukland.
Costs $75

Author deadmau5FAN54675435 ( ago)
low budget vid

Author Oliver Sykes ( ago)
Fav BMTH song.

Author Phoebe Arnold ( ago)
ha. faster? fok off

Author um hi ( ago)
I've always loved sempiternal but lately I've been seriously loving the
older stuff like this, because holy shit it's amazing

Author CuteHipHop21 21 ( ago)
Ugh I hate rock music idk why I'm watching this

Author Odalys Cubillo (771 year ago)
He captured many aspects of depression quite accurately.

Author bluegal233 ( ago)
Is that Jean Grey

Author Nell ( ago)
The people who disliked this probably thought the dislike button meant
Dis i like

Author Towe ( ago)
I've listened to it once,
I've listened to it twice,
I've listened to it a thousand fucking times.

Author Kommentier Account ( ago)

Author Francesca Anne ( ago)
i used to listen to this shit, and now looking back on it, all of this
music made my depression so much worse. music can influence you so
strongly, even without you knowing, listen to like the beatles or a more
positive band. better yourselves and dont be as destructive as you are.
sorry i just felt the need to say that. i dont even know how my 14 year old
self would respond to this.

Author Lord Ultrimanius ( ago)
am i seriously the only fucking person who likes this along with their new
stuff? i think that the new album is beautiful.

Author Bloodsire 92 ( ago)
Burning Down Alaska

Author Loving Pizza ( ago)
How can you say that True Friends is better than this song?
What the fuck is wrong with Oli?

Author exo791 ( ago)
Why so many mistakes with the IPA? Lol...
otherwise, awesome!

Author Bonny Tar ( ago)
My mum calls this noise, I call it music

Author Noel White ( ago)
BMTH 666

Author kellic thoo c: ( ago)
When the nurse cuts oli hes actually screaming "ahhhh fuck ahhhhh shit my
guts fuck" and when nichols says brace your self hes actually saying bitch
lol and when the nurse calls oli and says lose them she actually said
faster and oli says "you wot? Faster? FUCK OFF! Lol 

Author Oliver James (796 years ago)
and now look what there like they've gon from good to great and now there

Author JokerDis ( ago)

Author jessica howelester ( ago)
why does this video make me laugh lol like the lyrics are sad but the video
is really weird

Author Jade Grainger ( ago)
Did anyone else realise the doctors are the rest of the band

Author Markus Haak ( ago)
8.000.000 VIEWS WOW BUT on the epitaph records this song has 16.000.000
VIEWS *.* <3

Author Tyler Davis ( ago)
"I've said it once, I've said it twice, I've said it a thousand fucking
times, that I'm okay, that I'm fine, that it's all just in my mind." Ugh :(

Author l'épée noir ( ago)
this music soothes me XD

Author Леон Пелих ( ago)

Author Eileen Brynn ( ago)
2:59 laugh every time 😂

Author Bhomasolini ( ago)
Now i know why he gets beaten up by architects...

Author Rafał Słoma ( ago)

Author Matt Haydock ( ago)
10 out of fucking 10 for this song and video. Perfection

Author Meep the Emo Demon ( ago)
This video is deep, and if you can't see that right away, then you'll never
figure it out.

Author Eduardo José “EduValo93” Sevilla ( ago)
Que pija de rola :D

Author MatyPlays ( ago)
After listening to the first 20 seconds of ''True Friends'' I had to turn
it off and go to this immediately

Author Luffy Joke Central ( ago)
I headbang once
I headbang twice
I headbang thousand fucking times
And I am ok
And I am fine cause it's all just in my ears!!! :DD

Author musically lost ( ago)

Author Lisa Cabang ( ago)
It took me two years of listening to this song and watching the video to
realize that Oli is driving the ambulance XD

Author Tyler Malone ( ago)

Author Bean Merchant ( ago)
This is my favorite song by BMTH and now it's my favorite music video XD

Author Selena Tovar “Nene” Selena ( ago)
I think that it was good

Author Britt Bierhenke ( ago)
Still fuckn awesome! !!!

Author Maxwell Hyde ( ago)
More like 'Never Even Started' Another shit video. 2.69/8

Author Martin ( ago)
If you're sick, if you want, if you are the death (3:31-3:48)

Author Natalie Johnson ( ago)
Love the song. But wtf even is this video. 

Author Hollyamber3 ( ago)
This song gets me every time. <3

Author Eyes Dont Blink -Official Band Channel ( ago)
This is your life
You only have one in your hands
You will fall
will lift
As often as needed
will walk alone
But you will not be alone forever
because your soul is broken inside
we are like broken records
the same people come and go in your life
and you will make it happen always ?
every year?
every day?
turn back from your mistakes
and think
think about it
and never get left behind
think of your mistakes
and fix them
not to miss again
not to lose his soul again
so with some people

Good Luck!

Author Makayla Bennett ( ago)
Ever notice how the nurses hat has an inverted cross on it and the
ambulances license plate says "bmth 666"

Author Little Jee ( ago)
This Video is a little bit creepy.. :D

Author Teral Craft ( ago)
Am I the only one who picked up in the elements of addiction as well as
suicide or abandonment issues

Author Стилиян Костадинов ( ago)
Red-haired happines. :3

Author Isabella Marie ( ago)
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day
It never ends, IT NEVER ENDS

Author Gabuscus Mason ( ago)
Does any else notice that there will be subtitles but he will mouthing the
lyrics of the song instead of the subtitles? X'D

Author Amber Whittle ( ago)
Is it weird I like trap house and deep house and this xDD

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